20 Fascinating Cook Islands Facts You Need to Know!

One of the most popular islands in Oceania is Cook Island. 🏝️ This country has several natural treasures, from coconut trees 🌴 to expensive black pearls πŸ’Ž.

However, it would help if you went through a few essential facts about Cook Island to understand the reasons behind the popularity of this country in an appropriate way. You must go through these below-mentioned 20 facts about Cook Island to improve your knowledge. πŸ”

Cook Islands Facts Discover A Treasure Trove of Wonder

Almost 150 islands build in this country

Cook Island is a gathering of many islands together 🏝️. Almost 150 islands can be found in this country. You only need to travel up to 20 minutes to reach these islands.

This way, you can easily enjoy your vacation with your loved ones. Besides, you do not need to pay massive travel expenses ✈️.

The capital city of this island is Avarua

Avarua Capital Of  Cook Island

The capital city of Cook Island is Avarua. Several facilities are making this city more popular day by day. Therefore, most people try their best to visit this place only. You can also get more flights from this place only ✈️.

This island is located in the South Pacific

The rare fact about Cook Island is the location of this country. It is situated in the South Pacific area. This country is located between New Zealand and Hawaii 🌺. The size of this country is way bigger than Greenland πŸ—Ύ.

People use New Zealand Dollar (NZD) as their currency

Currency Of Cook Island

This country does not have any unique currency for transactions. They generally use the New Zealand dollar πŸ’΅ for offline and online transactions.

Apart from this, they use several rules from New Zealand only. Even the justice system is also controlled by New Zealand πŸ’².

There are two official languages on Cook Island

People from Cook Island use a local language named Cook Islands Maori. However, they speak English and Cook Island Maori πŸ—£οΈ. They generally use English while communicating with tourists. Thus, you can certainly avoid any problems while traveling on this island.

People cannot build buildings taller than coconut trees in Rarotonga

Coconut Trees In Cook Island

Surprisingly, the government of this country only allows people to build houses taller than coconut trees 🌴. They show respect towards nature in this way. They fix a limit for local people to stay down to earth.

It would help if you showed appropriate respect to the older adults here

People from Cook Island maintain their traditions in every possible way. They call elderly men “papa” πŸ‘΄ and elderly women “mama.” πŸ‘΅ They show ultimate respect to these people to maintain their heritage and manner. You also learn a little about it before landing on this island.

One cannot buy land in Rarotonga

To keep the natural beauty of this country remain the same 🏞️, the government fixes a rule. They need to allow people to buy land in Rarotonga. Thus, the unique places of this country remain as beautiful as before.

Wearing clothes while swimming is a must

Wear Clothes While Swimming In Cook Island

Most people like to wear their favorite swimming costumes for sure 🩱. However, you should be well aware of the rules of this country before buying expensive swimming clothes for you and your family members.

You need to wear proper clothes while swimming in the coastal areas 🌊. Thus, you can easily show appropriate respect for their culture.

Black pearls are readily available in the Cook Islands

Black Pearls In Cook Island

Cook Island is famous for its black pearls. They produce a massive amount of black pearls πŸ’Ž every year. Thus, they balance the economy of this country with ease. Many tourists expensive black pearls from this island during their visit.

You must say goodbye to fast food while spending time on Cook Island

People like to grab burgers and various beverages wherever they go. However, you will not get any fast food on this island πŸ”. They serve different coastal foods and fruit salads instead of unhealthy oily foods.

Only two bus routes are available in Rarotonga

Cook Island's Rarotonga

As mentioned, you only need to travel up to 20 minutes to get anywhere 🚌. You may use buses to enjoy your journey a lot. They have only had two bus routes.

You only need to travel a little to travel anywhere on this island

This country’s smaller size and easy communication service will allow you to visit the main tourist spots quickly. You can walk to reach any of the destinations here. The shorter distances of the visiting areas will enable you to do it.

People need to paste a smiling face on their driving licenses

Generally, we need to keep a neutral face while clicking pictures for official use. However, people must smile a little while clicking the image for their driving license πŸ˜ƒ.

The photographer will indeed insist you smile as much as possible during photography. This is one of the most unique facts of Cook Island πŸ“Έ.

You do not need to worry about poisonous snakes or spiders in this country

Spiders In Cook Island

People afraid of snakes and spiders can try their best to relocate to this country. According to many surveys, this country has no poisonous snakes or spiders 🐍. Thus, you can spend quality time with your partner without fear of snakes and spiders.

The local people of Cook Island dance well

They do not need dance classes to perform simple steps at parties πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί. They can rock, for sure. They are famous for their dance moves. You may get shocked by observing familiar people dance like professionals.

They carry New Zealand passports only

New Zealand Passports Only In Cook Island

This country does not provide any specific passport πŸ›‚. Each people carry a New Zealand passport only. They are allowed to show it for official purposes. They can easily travel to many countries with this passport only.

One can walk to the middle of this island

You do not need to hire a car or buy a bus ticket to reach the middle of the island. You must walk with your loved one to enjoy the beaches πŸ–οΈ, and you will definitely get a seat. It would help if you did your research before starting your journey.

People don’t use traffic lights to maintain traffic

No Traffic Lights In Cook Island

The systematic way of driving and the humble behavior of local people run the traffic smoothly. You also need to pay attention to driving only to avoid any accidents. They do not need traffic lights, for sure πŸš—.

Consuming alcohol is only allowed for people above 21

Consuming Alcohol Above 21 In Cook Island

Both boys and girls on this island must complete the age of 21 to get permission to drink alcohol 🍻. Even the local bars will never allow kids to have alcohol. Thus, they maintain their environment quickly and simply in every possible way.

Here you get almost every detail about Cook Island with the help of these 20 facts for sure. You can also go for other related articles on this page to receive better and more accurate knowledge.

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