36 Fun Cooking Activities for Preschoolers to Get Them Interested in Food, Science, and Math

Get ready to enter the wacky world of cooking with preschoolers! It’s not just about making yummy treats; it’s also a fantastic way to get your little ones interested in food, science, and math.

We’ve compiled a list of 36 zany and fun cooking activities parents can do with their preschoolers. So, grab your chef hats, and let’s get cooking!

Fun cooking activities for your preschoolers to enjoy:

Make a fruit salad

Let your mini-chefs go wild by chopping their favorite fruits and mixing them. It’s a fruity explosion of colors and flavors!

Decorate cookies

Unleash your preschooler’s inner artist by letting them decorate pre-baked cookies with frosting, sprinkles, and other edible goodies. Warning: they might end up looking too good to eat!

Make pizza

Pizza Making Activity For Kids

Take a trip to pizza paradise with your little ones by letting them add their favorite toppings to pre-made pizza crusts. It’s a cheesy, saucy, and delicious adventure!

Bake cupcakes

Get your preschooler to the baking process by letting them measure and mix the ingredients. Then, let their imaginations run wild as they decorate their cupcakes with frosting, sprinkles, and other fun toppings.

Create a smoothie

Blend your preschooler’s favorite fruits to make a cool and refreshing smoothie. It’s a fruity explosion of flavors that’ll quench any thirst!

Make a sandwich

Teach your mini-chefs to make their sandwich by layering bread, fillings, and condiments. They’ll feel like sandwich superheroes!

Bake bread

Get ready to knead some dough with your preschooler’s help and watch it become a delicious loaf of bread. It’s a kitchen science experiment that’ll amazes your little ones!

Whip up a delicious salad.

Turn your kitchen into a veggie wonderland by letting your preschooler wash and chop veggies for a fresh and healthy salad. Add a zingy dressing and enjoy the flavors!

Flip out with pancakes.

Help your preschooler measure and mix the ingredients to create fluffy pancakes, and then put on a show flipping them on the grill. Remember the syrup!

Make homemade applesauce

Show your preschooler how to peel and chop apples and then simmer them with cinnamon to make a delicious applesauce. It’s so good; you’ll want to make it again and again!

Trail mix magic

Let your preschoolers’ creativity run wild by mixing their favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruit to create their custom trail mix. Perfect for a snack on the go!

Quesadilla fiesta

Use tortillas and cheese to make a quick and easy quesadilla your preschooler can help assemble. Add some beans, salsa, or avocado for an extra kick!

Bake a cake

Cake Baking Activity For Kids

Have your preschooler help measure and mix the ingredients for a delicious cake, and then let their imagination run wild decorating it. Watch out for the sugar rush!

Make a fruit pizza

Use a pre-made cookie crust and let your preschooler add fruit and frosting to create a tasty fruit pizza. It’s so good; you’ll sing “That’s Amore” in no time!

Smoothie bowl goodness

Blend some fruit with yogurt and granola to create a healthy and delicious smoothie bowl your preschooler will love. Decorate with fresh berries for a pop of color!

Grilled cheese galore

Teach your preschoolers to make a grilled cheese sandwich with their favorite cheese. Add some tomato soup for a classic comfort meal!

Fruit skewer fun

Let your preschooler skewer their favorite fruits to make a colorful and healthy snack. It’s like a fruity kebab party!

Pasta Party Time

Prepare for a wild ride in the kitchen with your little chef as you cook pasta together. Watch their eyes light up excitedly as they add their favorite sauce and toppings to create a delicious and hearty dish.

Rice It Up, Baby

It’s time to get creative in the kitchen with your preschooler! Mix some rice, veggies, and protein to create a satisfying and healthy rice bowl that your little one will adore.

Parfait Pals Forever

Treat your preschooler to a fun and healthy snack by layering yogurt, fruit, and granola in a cup to make a tasty and nutritious parfait. This is perfect for breakfast or snack time!

Pizza Bagel Bites Galore

Mini pizzas are always a hit with the kiddos! Use bagels and tomato sauce to make bite-sized pizzas that your preschooler can help assemble and then bake to perfection. Yum!

Fruity Popsicles of Joy

Fruity Popsicles Making Activity For Kids

Create healthy and delicious fruit smoothie popsicles by blending up some fruit and pouring it into popsicle molds. Your little one will love to help and enjoy these treats on a hot day!

Taco Tuesday Fun

Taco Making Activity For Kids

Let your preschooler add their favorite taco toppings to a tortilla bowl to create a fun and tasty taco salad. This is perfect for a family dinner!

Muffin Mania Mayhem

Prepare for some kitchen chaos as you mix and measure ingredients with your preschooler to create delicious muffins. These muffins are perfect for a quick and easy snack when hunger strikes!

Wrap It Up, Buttercup

Let preschoolers wrap their favorite sandwich ingredients in a tortilla to create a fun and easy sandwich wrap. It’s the perfect option for lunch or a snack on the go, and your little one will feel like a kitchen superstar!

Dip It Real Good

Blend fruit and yogurt to make a yummy dip that can be enjoyed with fruit or crackers for a healthy and satisfying snack. Your preschooler will love to dip and munch like a pro!

Sushi Sensation Safari

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the kitchen as you use rice, veggies, and protein to make a fun and healthy sushi roll that your preschooler will love to create and eat. It’s a kitchen safari that’s healthy and delicious!

Mac and Cheese Madness

Get your little chef to help you measure and cook the pasta, then mix in the cheese sauce. It’s a cheesy and delicious meal that your preschooler will love to make and eat!

Fruit Kabob Fun

Let your preschooler slide their favorite fruits onto skewers for a colorful and tasty snack. It’s a fun way to teach them about healthy eating and make snack time more engaging!

Granola Galore

Help your preschooler measure and mix the ingredients for a healthy and crunchy granola. You can customize it with their favorite nuts, fruits, and spices for a unique and delicious snack.

Vegetable Soup Sensation

Have your preschooler help wash and chop the vegetables, then simmer them into a delicious soup. It’s a great way to teach them about cooking and healthy eating while bonding in the kitchen!

Mini Salad Bar Magic

Set out a variety of vegetables, toppings, and dressings, and let your preschooler create their salad. It’s a fun and interactive way to excite them about eating their veggies.

Fruit Smoothie Bowl Bonanza

Fruit Smoothie Bowl Making Activity For Kids

Blend some fruit and serve it in a bowl with toppings like granola, coconut flakes, and honey. It’s a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack your preschooler will love making and eating!

Sandwich Sushi Adventure

Use bread, fillings, and condiments to make a fun and creative sushi sandwich. Your preschooler will love to get creative and make their unique rolls!

Fruity Salsa Fiesta

Chop up some fruit and mix it with lime juice and honey for a tasty and healthy salsa. It’s a fun and easy snack your preschooler will love to help make and enjoy!

Potato Stamp Party

Potato Stamp Party For Kids

Use a potato cut into a fun shape to stamp onto paper and make your custom wrapping paper for baked goods. It’s a fun and creative way to teach your preschooler about art and gift-giving!

why parents should encourage their little ones to cook:

Encourages healthy eating

Healthy Eating For Kids

Who said healthy foods are bland? By involving preschoolers in the preparation of healthy and delicious meals, parents can help their children develop good eating habits that are yummy and fun.

Promotes creativity

Cooking is like magic! With endless possibilities of ingredients and techniques, it is a great way to spark creativity and imagination in preschoolers. Get ready to see some wild and wacky dishes!

Teaches math and science concepts

Time to get nerdy! Measuring ingredients and observing the chemical reactions during cooking can help preschoolers develop their math and science skills in a hands-on and exciting way. Who knew cooking could be so educational?

Fosters independence

Watch out, MasterChef Junior! Preschoolers can develop a sense of freedom and confidence in their abilities by learning how to cook. They can make their meals, just like grown-ups do!

Builds family bonds

Building Family Bonds For Kids

Cooking together can bond families, bringing everyone together in the kitchen and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Who said cooking can’t be a family affair?

Cooking activities are great for bonding and teaching preschoolers essential life skills in a fun and interactive way. So, grab your apron, put on your chef hat, and prepare to cook with your little ones today!

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