80+ Corny Riddles That’ll Challenge Your Mind

Riddles help enhance the brain and provide a way to interact with the kids best. Have you ever tried the top corny riddles with the kids you know?

If not, you should, and you will see the fun all of you have. Check out the corny riddles stated below and have a great time!

Corny riddles for kids

Make a riddle jar for the whole family. Put the questions on paper and place them in the jar. Let everyone who gets an answer wrongly do a dare as a task.

It’s a great way to brighten up mealtime! Check out some of the coolest corny riddles below that would help you and your kid engage during leisure time.

Corny Riddles

Q. What has two hands as well as a face but no arms or legs?

A. A clock.

Q. What do buildings dress up?

A. Ad-dress.

Q. What would you do with such a sick boat?

A. Move to the dock.

Q. I have a horn, and I produce enough milk, yet I am not a cow. What am I, then?

A. It is a milk truck.

Q. How come the fly didn’t crash upon the desktop?

A. He was very much frightened of the world wide web.

Q. What rock band is comprised of four well-known persons, but not a single of them can sing?

A. Mount Rushmore 

Q. What sort of murderer has a high fiber content?
A. The answer is a cereal killer.
My Experience: Reflecting on personal experiences, I’ve learned that maintaining a balanced diet, rich in fiber, is crucial for overall health. However, humor aside, it’s important to recognize the significance of nutrition in our daily lives and how it impacts our well-being.

Q. I have hundreds of wheels, yet I don’t move.  

What am I, then?

A. A parking lot.

Q. What does a bee undertake to make it to school?

A. I am buzzing!

Q. What type of running results in walking?

A. I am out of gas!

Q. I begin with M, end with X, and have an unlimited number of letters. What exactly am I?

A. The answer is a mailbox.

Q. Why are As similar to flowers?

A. Because Bs are after them, that is why!

Q. A farmer has twenty sheep, ten pigs, and ten cows. 

How many cows will be remaining to him if they are being called the pig’s cows?

A. It will be ten cows. They are being called the pig’s cows, but they are not cows.

Q. Why did Tiger required to go to the washroom?

A. He was looking for his companion, Pooh!

Q. What do you call a ship’s snail?

A. A snailor!

Corny Riddles

Q. What animal is smarter than a talking parrot?

A. It is a spelling bee!

Q. When I change, I make a big sound. 

When I change, I grow larger but weigh less. 

What am I?

A. Popcorn

Q. Why did the skeleton not come to the party?

A. Because he didn’t have a companion to go with, that is why.

Q. I go all over the world yet never leave my neighborhood. What exactly am I?

A. I am a stamp.

Q. What genre of music do rabbits want to listen to?

A. It is Hip-hop 

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Q. What commences with the letter P and finishes off with the letter E, and comprises over a thousand letters?

A. It is a post office 

Q: Why would not a woman coming from New Zealand is ever cremated in Australia?

A. Since she is still alive, that is why.

Q. Three gentlemen are out fishing in a boat when they are all thrown overboard and buried by a rogue wave. 

Only one among them has got his hair wet. 

Why does this happen?

A. Two of them had bald heads.

Q. What would we have if everyone decided to buy just pink cars?

A. It is a pink carnation.

Q. When does a door fail to be a door?

A. The time when it is ajar.

Corny Riddles

Q. What is orange and makes a parrot sound?

A. It is a carrot.

Q. What is the major distinction between a watch salesman and a jail warden?

A. One sells timepieces, while the other sells cells.

Q. Little Jimmy hurls a tennis ball as hard and as far as he can. 

The ball is returned back to him directly. 

What causes this to happen?

A. Jimmy tosses the ball straight up.

Q. What is so fragile that simply saying its name will break it?

A. Silence

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Q. They don’t even mumble when you walk into the living. 
When you walk on the dead, they mumble and complain. 
What exactly are they?
A. Leave

Q. Two men are in a boat with three cigarettes. 

They don’t have any matches, so how do they light their cigarettes?

A. They throw one cigarette overboard, which makes the boat lighter.

Q. What month does the average individual sleep the least?

A. It is February. This month is the shortest!

Q. What is on the ground as well as 100 feet in the air?

A. A centipede on its back, of course!

Corny Riddles

Q. I have a neck but no head, and I wear a cap. What exactly am I?

A. It is a bottle.

Q. Why is a football agent like someone who borrows money but does not repay it back?
A. Because he switches between giving you a quarter and a half back, that is why.
Pro Experience: It resonates with my past encounters with individuals who exhibited inconsistent behavior in financial matters, similar to a football agent who offers only partial returns. It reflects the frustration and disappointment of dealing with someone who doesn’t fulfill their commitments consistently.

Q. Can you guess what sort of room possesses no doors or windows?

A. Mushroom 

Q. What fruit can never bring you happiness?

A. It is blueberry.

Hard corny riddles 

Riddles have a distinctive character to them. They not only make you feel happy, but they also engage your thinking. Riddles that really are interesting to both children and adults are prevalent.

They’re difficult to give up because they’re a quick thing to bring up. We can’t get more than enough, so we come up with a list of the hard, brainstorming, corny riddles we could locate.

Q. Why is England the world’s wettest country?

A. Because the queen has reigned for many years there!

Q. Mr. Blue owns the blue mansion.

Mr. Yellow lives in the yellow house.

Mr. Black lives in a black mansion.

Who is in possession of the White House?

A. Of course, the president!

Q. What causes an octopus to laugh?

A. Ten tickles (ten tentacles) sensation!

Corny Riddles

Q. What would be lacking if Apple built a car?

A. It was a window

Q. What is so delicate that just saying its name will break it?

A. Silence is the answer.

Q. A prisoner is obliged to enter one of three chambers, but he has the option of selecting which one. 

The first room is engulfed by fire. 

The second is wired with explosives that will explode as soon as he walks in. 

The third is the home of two lions who haven’t eaten in years. 

Which room should he go to in order to stay alive?

A. The final room, where any lions who hadn’t eaten in years would die!

Q. What rock band consists of four famous men, neither of whom sings?

A. Mount Rushmore’s faces, of course!

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Q. It is yours. Still, others make more use of it than you do. What exactly is it?

A. It is your name

Q. What is composed of 13 hearts but no other organs?

A. A deck of playing cards, to be precise.

Q. What makes a jeweler distinct from a prison guard?

A. A jeweler sells watches, and a prison officer keeps a close eye on the cells.

Q. How do you divide the oranges so that each child is given one, but one remains in the bowl?

A. You give each of the nine children an orange and give the tenth child the bowl containing the orange.

Corny Riddles

Q. Which letter is the most peculiar?

A. The letter is Y.

Q. Which month contains 28 days?

A. All of them, in fact.

Q. What has many holes but still holds water?

A. It is a sponge.

Q. A magician claims that if he throws a ball as hard as he can, it will stop, change course, 

and return to him.  

He claims to be able to achieve it without the ball bouncing off anything, being attached to anything, or needing the use of magnets.

What causes this to happen?

A. He shoots the ball into the air.

Q. What starts with “e,” ends with “e,” and only has one letter?

A. It is an envelope.

Q. What is able to run yet never walks? 

A. Has a tongue but never speaks? 

Q. It has a head but never weeps. 

Own a bed but never sleeps.

What is it?

A. It is a river.

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Q. There are two fathers and two sons in a car, yet only three people are in the vehicle. How?
A. They are a grandfather, a father, and a son.

Q. The creator does not want it.

The man who purchased it does not require it. 

The one who needs it is unaware of his need. What am I referring to?

A. I am a coffin.

Q. What kind of cheese is created in reverse?

A. Edam.

Corny Riddles

Q. What has three letters and begins with gas?

A. It is a car.

Q. The more of this there is, the less noticeable it is. What exactly is it?

A. It is darkness.

Q. What are two foods that you should never eat at breakfast?
A. Lunch and dinner, respectively.
Sigma Experience: Reflecting on dietary habits, it’s wise to avoid foods typically associated with lunch and dinner during breakfast hours. Maintaining meal distinctions supports balanced nutrition and healthy eating habits throughout the day.

Q. What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?

A. It is a clock.

Q. What smells better than it tastes?

A. The tongue

Corny Riddles

Q. What type of room has no doors or windows?

A. The room is a mushroom.

Q. What is orange in color and makes a parrot sound?

A. It is indeed a carrot.

Q. What is the similarity between Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh?

A. They share the same middle name.

Q. What month does the average person sleep the least?

A. It is February, the shortest month.

Q. What goes up but never comes down?

A. Your true age.

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Q. What word is made shorter by adding two letters to it?

A. The word is short

Q. Two children are born on the same day to the same mother, but they are not twins.

How is this even possible?

A. They are triplets, of course!

Q. Johnny’s mother gave birth to three children.

The first child was given the name April.

May was the name of the second child. 

What was the third child’s name?

A. The third child’s name is Johnny.

Q. Before the discovery of Mt. Everest, what was the tallest mountain in the world?

A. The answer is Mt. Everest; it has just not yet been discovered.

Q. How much soil is there in a two-foot-by-three-foot-by-four-foot hole?

A. Because it is a hole, there is no dirt.

Q. What can travel the globe yet stay in a corner the entire time?

A. It is a stamp.

Corny Riddles

Q. What flies and has four wheels?

A. It is a garbage truck.

Q. What becomes wetter as it dries?

A. The answer is a towel.

Q. Which word in the dictionary is misspelled?

A. Incorrect

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Q. What grows when it eats but eventually dies when it drinks?
A. Fire

Q. What spends all of its time on the floor but never gets dirty?

A. Your shadow.

Q. After death, what animal spins 200 times around its axis?

A. It is a roast chicken.

Q. A man goes out in heavy rain with nothing to defend him from it. His hair is never moist. How does he achieve this?

A. He has a bald head.

Funny corny riddles 

So, let’s get right to our collection of hilarious riddles. They are all provided with solutions that will make it fun for you, but try not to look at them immediately! Vote for the ones you like the best so that the best riddles stay at the top of our list.

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Q. Which is the most feathered part of the chicken?

A. The exterior.

Q. What rises up and drops yet never moves?

A. The staircase.

Q. Ten women sought to fit behind a little umbrella, and none had been wet. How did they survive it?

A. It is not even pouring!

Corny Riddles

Q. What has the sound of sneezing, and is made of leather?

A. A shoe

Q. What has always got out of bed wearing shoes?

A. A racehorse

Q. What has a bottom over the top?

A. Feet

Q. If two is a corporation and three is a mob, what are four and five?
A. Of course, nine.
Ultra Pro Experience: It reminds me of the complexity of group dynamics. While two may signify a corporation and three a mob, the leap to nine humorously emphasizes the unpredictable nature of increasing numbers in social settings.

Q. Jim stands six feet tall, works in a meat shop, and wears a size ten shoes.

How much does he measure?

A. Meat

Q. What commences with an E, concludes with an E, and contains only one letter?

A. An Envelope

Q. What is it that runs and yet never starts walking?

A. A tap.

Corny Riddles

Q. What can you give a person who seems to have no hair but would never split with it?

A. A comb.

Q. What vegetable is a chicken’s favorite?

A. It is an eggplant.

Q. Exactly what sort of veggie needs to have the skills of a plumber?

A. A Leek

Q. What does E.Y.E.S spell if Y.E.S spells “yes”?

A. The thing performs in an effective way when said to a friend rather than just being read.

Q. How far along the woods can a wolf go?

A. Halfway

Q. Which five-letter terms in the dictionary may indeed be sounded the same even if four of them have been excluded?

A. Queue

Q. What is something you would grasp readily in your right hand and never in your left?

A. It is your left elbow.

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Q. Two coins comprise 30 cents. One of them is not a nickel. What exactly are the individuals?

A. A nickel as well as a quarter. A quarter does not correspond to a nickel.

Q. I am substantially forward, but while going backward, I am not heavy. What exactly am I?

A. Ton

Q. What is red and has the odor of blue paint?

A. Paint in red.

Q. Which dictionary term begins and concludes with the letter E; however has only one letter?

A. Envelope.

Q. What has a neck but doesn’t have a head?

A. It is a bottle.

Q. Why was the man trying to bury his torch?

A. Since the batteries had worn out, that is why.

Q. Two kids are born on the same day, at the same time, in the same month, and year to the same mother. However, they are not twins. What allows this to happen?

A. They are one of three triplets.

Q. A teenager is learning to drive. He goes on the wrong side of the road down a one-way street and runs into a cop. The cop notices him and then does nothing. Why?

A. The young man would have been on the go.

Q. What commences with a T, concludes with a T, and is loaded with T?

A. The Teapot

Q. I have no weight, but if you place me in a container, I will end up making it lighter. What exactly am I?

A. A hole

Q. What has a multitude of hearts but neither of the other organs?

A. A deck of playing cards

Corny Riddles

Q. What is the world’s greatest lethargic mountain?

A. Ever-rest is the answer.

Q. What often freezes after being heated?

A. It is a computer.

Q. What is the lowest spoken form of communication?

A. Sign language 

Q. When bought, it is picked from a fruit, harsh like a root, scorching as well as robust and 

maybe even frigid. 

What exactly am I?

A. Coffee beans 

Q. What rock band comprises four males who don’t even sing?

A. Mount Rushmore 

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Q. What would have been lacking if Apple had developed a car?
A. Windows 

Q. What is black and white if not all are red?

A. It is a newspaper.

Q. What is it that you possess but that other people employ more often than you?

A. Your name.

Q. This will collapse if you do not store it. What exactly is it?

A. A promise.

Q. What are the two things you should not ever eat for breakfast?

A. Lunch and dinner

Q. What is the only word that becomes shorter when two letters are added to it?

A. The answer is the term short.

Q. What has a multitude of keys yet is unable to unlock a door?

A. It is a piano.

Q. What will become wet after it dries?

A. It is a towel.

Corny Riddles

Q. What object has a head and yet no neck?

A. It is a guitar.​

Q. Where can you locate Friday before Thursday in the world?

A. In a dictionary, of course.

Q. What traverses the world but somehow always returns to the exact same location?
A. It is a stamp.

Q. Food is served to two fathers and two sons. They both had a slice of bread each despite eating approximately three pieces of bread. 

How can this be possible?

A. One of the dads is a grandfather.

Q. What can retain water but is still covered with holes?

A. It is a sponge.

Q. What statement do you never answer positively?

A. Have you fallen asleep so far?

Q. What is that one question you really can respond no to?

A. Are you still alive?

Q. What is the connection between seasons, seconds, centuries, and minutes but just not decades, years, or days?

A. The letter N 

Q. What does have a neck but not a head?

A. It is a bottle.

Corny Riddles

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