17 Costa Rica Facts: Discover the Wonders of this Small but Mighty Country

For many people, Costa Rica is a fantasy vacation spot. It is ideal for adventure seekers because of its mysterious cloud forest, active volcanoes, and wealth of vegetation and wildlife. Sand beaches, cloud forests, and volcanoes are among the famous features of Costa Rica.

So don’t let its diminutive size deceive you. Costa Rica offers delicious meals, top-notch coffee, and adventure for the ideal trip.

From the Americas, getting to and from Costa Rica is not too difficult. Here are a few Costa Rica facts to help you learn more about the country before you travel there!

Interesting Costa Rica Facts

You can experience sunrise and sunset in one day.

Costa Rica Facts

Your trip to the beach just got better! You can see both the sunset and the sunrise in one day because Costa Rica borders the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

On Costa Rica’s Caribbean side, pick a location early in the day to catch the sunrise. Take a trip to the Pacific coast and visit an eastern beach to see the sunset.

To travel by car or bus, give yourself plenty of time. Although the journey is small in total mileage, navigating Costa Rican roadways can be difficult.

Costa Rica is appreciated for being environment friendly

You’ll appreciate Costa Rica’s commitment to renewable energy if you’re an environmentally conscious traveler.

Ninety-eight percent of the energy used in the nation today is renewable. Over a million households and tens of thousands of companies in Costa Rica are powered by hydropower, wind, geothermal, and solar energy sources.

There are many monkeys in this country.

Geoffrey’s spider monkeys

A trip to the forest wouldn’t be complete without seeing some monkeys. That won’t be a concern for you! One of the most prevalent mammals in Costa Rica is the monkey.

Many monkey species, including the howler monkey, the white-faced monkey, Central American squirrel monkeys, and Geoffrey’s spider monkeys, can be found in Costa Rica. Many monkeys can be seen roaming around in Costa Rica’s National Parks, so be sure to visit some of them.

Visit Corcovado National Park if you want to see all four of these monkey species together. You won’t see this many monkeys together anywhere else on your vacation.

You can call Costa Rica a happy country.

Costa Rica is praised for its content citizens! Costa Rica promotes a pleasant, healthy atmosphere because of its high life expectancy and government investment in the education and welfare of its people.

One of the happiest nations in the world is Costa Rica! Bhutan is ranked top due to its happiness score, although Costa Rica is behind. The country’s smiles and cheerfulness can benefit visitors and add value to their trip!

The food is easy and tasty. 

Easy And Tasty Food

Most mornings, rice and beans, a national cuisine of Costa Rica, are eaten for breakfast. This dish is referred described as “gallo pinto” on menus.

Black bean soup and other foods prepared with rice and beans are also widely available. Try some Costa Rican ceviche if you grow sick of different versions of rice and beans. They offer a distinctive spin on this well-known dish using tilapia and fresh vegetables.

During your visit, don’t forget to try plantains! They are fried as a side dish to classic Costa Rican cuisine.

Costa Rica appreciates art over everything.

Costa Ricans adore vibrant art! It won’t take much searching to find stunning artwork or antiquities.

Although the dollar is frequently accepted, Costa Rica uses the colon, which is beautiful to look at. Each denominational bill features a distinctive, vivid image that highlights the native wildlife and landscapes of Costa Rica.

At museums across Costa Rica, tourists can find various works of art. In San José, the nation’s capital, you may find:

You can see various kinds of sculptures

 Costa Rica Sculptures

If visiting a museum is not possible while you are there, pay attention to the sculptures that line many of the city streets in Costa Rica.

Governmental agencies work to protect the artwork and sculptures created by the nation’s well-known artists, like Teodorico Quiros, Isidro Con Wong, and Ibo Bonilla.

There are many hummingbirds in Costa Rica.

Wait until you see the hummingbirds in Costa Rica if you believe there are a lot of monkeys there! Some people believe Costa Rica to be the hummingbird capital of the world.

In case you get confused, Costa Rica is home to about 50 different species of hummingbirds. Only two of those species are specific to Costa Rica:

Only the mangrove woods on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast are home to the hummingbird.

You can only locate the coppery-headed emerald hummingbird in Costa Rica’s highlands along the Pacific and Caribbean. Visit La Paz Gardens to witness approximately 26 hummingbirds in one location!

This country is very famous for its coffee.

Coffee Plants

One of the top coffee exporters in the world is Costa Rica. You can’t go wrong with any cup of coffee while traveling across the nation, whether it’s free hotel coffee or coffee from a local shop—and you don’t have to spend a lot for decent coffee.

You can discover many beaches.

You won’t have trouble finding a peaceful location on the beach while visiting Costa Rica because the country has around 800 kilometers of coastline.

Some of the nicest beaches can be found in remote locations away from the crowds. Consult a travel expert to help you select the best beach for your vacation and arrange safe transportation there.

People in Costa Rica live long lives.

People In Costa Rica Live Long Lives

Nicoya, one of the top blue zones in the world, Costa Rica has residents that live to be over 100 years old!

Yet, their nutrition and the calcium in their water are both significant factors. Six percent of the world’s biodiversity is found in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is famous for its rich wildlife.

The instructors expressed great pride in the region’s wildlife on a Panama and Costa Rica cruise.

Although just making up 0.3% of the planet, Costa Rica is home to more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

Sandwiched between North and South America, Costa Rica is home to one of the planet’s richest ecosystems. It serves as a link between the two continents’ various varieties of flora and fauna.

You can find Nicaraguan nicknames very commonly.

Nicaraguan Nicknames

The term “tica,” which means “cute” or “little,” is frequently added after various words in Costa Rica. They started using it so frequently that they made it their nickname.

Compared to chiquitico and chiquitito in other Spanish-speaking nations, Costa Ricans refer to themselves as Ticos and Ticas.

Costa Rica believes in Pura Vida.

We frequently heard the expression Pura Vida while traveling across Costa Rica. Even the guides will frequently use this phrase. One of the happiest nations on earth, Costa Ricans aspire to live honest and straightforward lives.

Conflicts are settled here at a negotiating table. The former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias Sanchez stated: “Military solutions to problems should be the last choice.”

The gold rush in Costa Rica is very famous.

The Gold Rush In Costa Rica

Thoughts of a gold rush may be restricted to the Klondike or the Yukon; Costa Rica also experienced a gold rush.

With the discovery of a significant amount of high-quality gold in the 1930s, Corcovado National Park attracted miners looking for their fortune.

Costa Rica is the greenest place.

Costa Rica is one of the greenest nations in the world, with 25% of its land protected or designated as a national park, making it the leader in the world for conserving space for nature.

Information about the Costa Rican flag

The Costa Rican Flag

The Costa Rican flag is red, white, and blue but is divided into four sections with two blue lines. The French flag influenced the Costa Rican, designed in 1848.

Sky is represented by blue. Red stands for the people’s might and blood, while white symbolizes peace.

In this article, we have read various amazing facts about Costa Rica. To know more, follow this website.

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