20+ Counting Activities For Your Child: Counting Made Fun

A fundamental skill that every child must learn is counting. It acts as the starting point for developing important math abilities. It aids in their comprehension of quantity, order, and number concepts. 

I’ll discuss a few of the counting games I played with my son in this blog post. πŸ‘‡

Best Counting Activities for Your Child

These exercises are entertaining, interesting, and instructive. 

They’re a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship with your child and make learning fun.

I sincerely hope you’ll find these exercises useful. You can always mix and match these activities to suit your child’s needs.πŸ˜‡

Spill The Beans

Spill The Beans Activity For Kids

Young children will enjoy playing this basic counting game. It aids in their development of number sense and counting abilities. 🫘

Beans, a cup, and paper are required. Count the beans after shaking the beans in the cup and putting them onto the paper.

Skip Counting

The game can be adjusted for players of various ages and skill levels. For instance, you could begin by asking younger kids to skip count by smaller numbers, and as they get older, gradually increase the numbers. 

Pro TipπŸ˜„

You can include more difficulties in the game by asking kids to skip count backward or by different numbers, for example.

Counting Grids

Kids Counting Grids

The ideal game for kids to learn numbers is Counting Grids! It makes learning interesting and fun with its vibrant user interface. Children can practice counting while also honing their memory and concentration with the help of this interactive game. 


Through this, kids will explore numbers by counting objects in a colorful grid. From vibrant flowers to cute animals, each square holds a surprise.

Kids can therefore continue counting and moving after determining how many items are in the first square until they reach the end.

Match The Cotton Balls

My son and I had a lot of fun learning together while playing this counting game! 

Place a card containing a number on the table, and then the same quantity of cotton balls should be placed on the table next to the number card. The winner is the first person to match every cotton ball and number card.πŸ†

Counting Printables

Counting Printables Activity For Kids

The kids’ counting printables are an excellent learning tool! Children can practice counting and number recognition in a fun and engaging way through the game.

This printable game is the ideal addition to your child’s learning resources because it features vibrant visuals and age-appropriate activities.

Counting Cards

My son enjoyed doing this. It is very intriguing.

Place the deck of cards face down on the table after shuffling it. Count the number of shapes on each card as each person turns it over one at a time. πŸ˜…

Count Using Paper Clips

Kids will enjoy doing this. Ask them to figure out the number of paper clips in a jar by counting them. To make counting easier, they may group them into sets of ten. Children’s fine motor skills are developed while practicing counting through this activity.πŸ–‡πŸ“Ž


When kids are playing with paper clips, close supervision is necessary to prevent the risks of choking. Teach children how to use paper clips safely, such as how to hold them.

Select paper clips that are big enough to prevent swallowing. Avoid using paper clips with pointed ends.

Number Matching Games

There are several different ways to play this.

These games make learning enjoyable and engaging, whether they are used to match quantities to numbers or teach numerical order.

Children can strengthen their cognitive skills and learn to recognize numbers through interactive play. 😊

Ice Cream Cone Counting

Ice Cream Cone Counting Activity For Kids

I participated in the activity with my son, and I can say that it is a fun way for kids to practice counting. Make ice cream cones with numbers on them out of colored paper.

Set up the challenge of having your child match the proper number of pom-pom “scoops” to each cone.🍧🍦

Frog On A Log

This counting rhyme will aid in the kids’ understanding of numbers.

Teach the kids the following rhyme, and when you say “frog,” have them clap their hands in the corresponding number.

There is one frog on the log.


There are two frogs on the log.

Clap, clap.πŸ‘πŸ‘

Parking Lot Numbers

This is a fun activity for kids to practice counting and number recognition. While learning about numbers and order, kids get to park their toy cars in numbered spaces. This activity was a lot of fun for my son to do with his toy cars.

Planting With Numbers

For kids, this is a practical counting exercise. Each child should receive a small pot and number stickers. Together, plant seeds or seedlings in each pot and label them with corresponding numbers.

While teaching kids about gardening and taking care of plants, this activity helps them develop their counting skills.

Chocolate Chip Counting Game

Chocolate Chip Counting Game For Kids

This is a tasty and enjoyable way for kids to sharpen their counting abilities. Children can learn patterns, addition, and subtraction while counting chocolate chips in a cookie. πŸͺ

This game can be casually incorporated into your evening snack time. This used to make our tea time a lot of fun for my son and me.

Counting And Sorting Shapes

Young kids will enjoy playing this easy counting game.

Give them a selection of cutout shapes and ask them to count each one. Then, encourage them to group the shapes according to how similar they are. 

Cookie Counting Game

This is a game that your kid is sure to enjoy.

Give your child a batch of fake cookies to count. The addition or deletion of cookies can also be used to introduce simple addition or subtraction. 

Playing this game fosters patience, hand-eye coordination, and basic math skills.

Mystery Number Game

My son got hours of educational amusement and mental stimulation from this activity.πŸ€”

Children receive hints to assist them in deducing a secret number. Their capacity for problem-solving, logical analysis, and critical reasoning is improved by this game. You can also keep the prizes to keep it interesting.

Counting The Snacks

Counting The Snacks Activity For Kids

For kids, this is an interesting activity. Ask your child to count a variety of snacks that you have spread out.

They can categorize them or group them according to type. This exercise encourages counting abilities and categorization and offers a tasty way to learn.

Tactile Glue Numbering

This activity is very unique.

Children can strengthen their fine motor skills and number recognition by tracing and feeling the textured glue numbers.

Learning is made interesting and fun by this practical exercise. 

Number Worksheets

Worksheets with numbers are a fantastic activity for kids. Ask your child to trace, write, and color the numbers on worksheets that have been printed out with numbers. Additionally, they can work on matching numbers to objects and counting objects. 

Pro TipπŸ˜„

On the internet, there are a lot of resources. Printing out number worksheets of all kinds will help to make learning more enjoyable. The kids will be better able to concentrate and won’t get bored as easily. Make an effort to use colorful number worksheets.

Play Dough Counting Mats

Play Dough Counting Mats For Kids

My son loved participating in this activity.

Print or make a set of number-based counting mats. Provide your kid with play dough.

Have your kid shape and roll play dough to resemble the amount displayed on each mat. 

Penny toss

Kids will enjoy doing this. 

Children can practice counting and develop their hand-eye coordination by throwing pennies at a target. Depending on the numbers written on the targets they touch, they receive points.

Count Apple Seeds

This is an easy educational game for kids. Children can count the seeds after an apple has been cut open.

To separate them and practice counting, they can use their fingers or tweezers. This activity fosters counting abilities as well as fruit and nature-related curiosity.🍎

Number Counting Mats

My son enjoyed doing this.

Children can develop their skills for counting and number recognition by placing the appropriate number of small objects on each printable mat using printable mats. 

Online shops offer a variety of mat designs. 

Number Maze

Kids can practice their number skills engagingly with the Number Maze activity. Children can find their way through a maze of numbers by following a particular number sequence.

While involving kids in a fun and educational activity, you can improve their capacity for number recognition and sequencing.

Ping Pong Eggs Counting Game

Ping Pong Eggs Counting Game For Kids

Children will enjoy doing this. Children will toss ping pong balls marked with numbers into each compartment of an egg carton that contains the balls.

The numbers they come up with are counted. Your child’s counting abilities will undoubtedly improve with this game.

Counting to 100

For kids, this is an important activity. Encourage kids to count from 1 to 100 by providing number cards or a number line. To keep track, they can count out loud or with their fingers. πŸ’―

This exercise strengthens a person’s foundational counting abilities while also encouraging number recognition and sequencing.

Number Sensory Bins

This was a really fun activity that my son enjoyed.

Place objects or playing cards inside bins that have been filled with rice, beans, or sand. Children play as they explore and learn the numbers. This exercise encourages sensory development.

Gum Ball Drop

Children can practice their maths skills through the Gum Ball Drop activity, which is entertaining and engaging. Kids can count how many gumballs they get in the cup using a simple setup of a paper tube and a paper tube. 

Number Pebbles

Children can improve their comprehension of numbers by organizing and sorting pebbles in various numerical orders using pebbles with numbers on them. Kids will enjoy learning with this game because it’s both educational and entertaining. 

Number Lacing Maze

Enjoyably and intriguingly, this activity incorporates number recognition and fine motor skills. Kids can practice counting and hand-eye coordination by lacing through numbers to follow a maze path.

Pearl Counting

Pearl Counting Activity For Kids

Children will enjoy playing this game a lot.

You can engage the kids in a sensory- and knowledge-rich activity with the Pearl Counting game. 

Children can count, sort, and arrange a collection of vibrant pearls according to size or color. 

Dice Bingo

My son and his friends had a blast playing this. 

Make bingo cards with numbers on them and throw dice. Children hide the numbers that correspond to the dice throws.

Through this activity, learning is made more exciting.πŸ˜‰πŸ€­

Counting Board Games

Kids enjoy playing board games that involve counting. 

Count spaces, roll dice, and move game pieces. Games that teach counting, number recognition, and turn-taking include Snakes and Ladders and Candy Land.

They offer an enjoyable and engaging way to practice mathematical ideas and foster strategic thinking.

Swat That Number

For kids, “Swat That Number” is an entertaining game. Flashcards with numbers on them should be strewn across the ground. Call out a number and distribute fly swatters to all the kids. They strike the appropriate card. πŸ€ͺ

The winner is the one who swats the card the quickest.

Counting Fingers

Kids Counting Fingers

It is an easy and worthwhile activity for children. Encourage them to count out loud while raising their fingers.

By using their fingers, they can practice counting to ten or higher and even learn the fundamentals of addition and subtraction. 🀚

Fine Motor Threading

For my son, this was a beneficial activity. Give a string and some buttons or beads. Children improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by threading the objects onto the string. While making lovely designs, they can also practice counting and pattern recognition.

Card And Button Counting 

Make number cards and distribute a collection of buttons to each child. Each card receives the appropriate number of buttons, which are counted and placed. 

If played in groups, this activity will be most effective.

Counting Beads

This easy counting exercise is ideal for young children. The game can be adjusted for players of various ages and skill levels.

Give out a string and a jar of beads. Encourage your child to thread the beads while also counting them.πŸ“Ώ

Bug Catching Counting Game

For kids, this is an engaging activity. Make cutouts of bugs with numbers on them, then hide them all over the space.

The numbers on the bugs are counted by the kids as they look for them. This game encourages active exploration, number recognition, and counting abilities.

Counting Puzzles

Kids can practice counting and improve their number sense by playing this game.

Ask the children to count the number of pieces in each puzzle as you assemble the counting puzzles.🧩

Counting Mini Books

I made these books for my sons. I’ve even printed things off the internet on occasion.

Utilise paper and markers to make tiny counting books. Children can add drawings or pictures to match the numbers on each page, which each represents a certain number. 

Number Hunt

This game was very engaging and interesting to my child. I’m confident that your kids will also find this interesting.😊☺️

Give them a list of numbers, and ask them to look for things inside or outside that correspond to each number.

Plastic Egg Counting

The more objects an activity has, the more enjoyable it is for the kids. 

So I came up with this method to make learning enjoyable.πŸ₯š

Plastic eggs can be filled with items or playing cards. Children crack open the eggs, count the contents, and match the numbers to each item. 

Counting Stew

This is a unique way to get kids interested in learning.

Gather toy fruits or other items and set up an imaginary kitchen. By counting and adding ingredients, kids “cook” a stew.

Beans And Flower Pots

Place a heap of beans alongside numbered flower pots. Children fill each pot with the corresponding number of beans after counting them out. 🌻

This is a very interactive method for teaching numbers to children.

Feed The Hungry Shark

My son’s favorite activity was this. The game is simple to make but a lot of fun.

Make a cardboard box into the shape of a shark’s mouth and label it with numbers. Children count as they toss or feed items into the shark’s mouth. 🦈

Stack It Game

Stacking objects calls for skilled hand movements and hand-eye coordination, which aid in the development of children’s fine motor skills.

Children stack them while counting out loud while using blocks or cups. They can construct towers or designs, which improves fine motor coordination, spatial awareness, and counting abilities. 

Counting Pine Cones

This is a kid-friendly activity with a natural theme. Gather pine cones, then have kids count them individually or in groups.

They can also arrange them according to size or shape. The ability to count, observe, and appreciate the natural world is all encouraged by this activity.

Coin Counting

Children can sort, count, and add up different types of coins that you have provided. While learning the worth of various coins, they can practice fundamental math concepts. πŸͺ™

Financial literacy, money recognition, and counting skills are all improved by this activity.

Magnetic Counting Fish Game

Put the fish on a table or the ground with their numbers facing down. The magnetic fishing rods are used in turn-based games where players try to catch fish. A player reads the number on a fish after turning it over and catching it.🎣🐟

Number Flashcards

Making kids count in this way is pretty simple.

Sit your child down and gather a deck of number flashcards. One at a time, show them a flashcard, read the number aloud, and have them repeat it. Give them a small prize if they correctly get the number. 

Piper Cleaner Counting

My son thoroughly enjoyed this.

As you clean up, gather some colorful pipe cleaners and count them. Start with one, then move on to two, and so forth. Kids will have fun while learning about numbers.

UNO Card Counting

Get a deck of UNO cards and teach your children to count each card individually. As you arrange the deck, practice counting by numbers.

Together with the various action cards, these vividly colored cards add a fun and unpredictable element.

The kids can be given a task to count and arrange the cards according to color. 

Counting Cityscape

Counting Cityscape was an activity that my son and I used to explore numbers. In a picture of a cityscape, we collectively counted the number of cars, trees, and buildings.

We worked on counting up to ten starting from one. In our urban setting, it was a fun way to understand and recognize numbers.πŸ™πŸŒ†

Pop Socket Counting

Pop Sockets in various colors can be arranged, and children can count them one by one. They will be able to practice sorting and recognizing numbers as a result.

While improving their fine motor coordination and counting abilities, children will have an amazing time

Counting Fries

Simply arrange a plate of delectable fries and ask the children to count them all together. Start with one fry and add more as you go. Kids can enjoy a tasty treat while practicing counting.🍟

Corn Counting Activity

I enjoyed doing the Corn Counting activity with my son. Several corn cobs were gathered, and we counted the number of kernels on each one. We counted up from one to fifty. It was an easy way to understand numbers and value nature’s bounty.

Counting in Daily Activities

I encouraged my son to incorporate counting into his everyday activities! From brushing our teeth to preparing the table, we kept track of each action. Learning numbers became a part of our daily routine as we calculated steps while taking walks and counted socks while doing laundry.

Pro TipπŸ˜„

To practice counting, use everyday things like toys, utensils, or books. How many items does your child see or touch? Have them count them. Count the number of fruit slices, bites of food, or cereal spoons you consume. Make counting while you eat into a game.

Smack The Number

My son hit each number while we counted as I spread out number cards on the ground. It was a fun way to work on hand-eye coordination and practice counting. 

You can be sure that your child will adore this engaging counting game.

Handprint Number Line

The youngsters can be told to trace, number, and arrange the imprints of their hands. You count and touch each handprint from one to ten. The child’s senses are stimulated while learning numbers in this tactile and visual way.

Fish Finger Paint

Kids can create fish prints on paper by dipping their fingers in paint. Count all of the fish at once, beginning with one. Children will enjoy counting while engaging in sensory experiences. 

Fill The Cup

Playing this was a great time for my son and me.πŸ₯€

We took turns counting and filling the cups with various items (like beans and buttons) using a set of cups. My son was able to compare and count objects as a result. 

Counting With LEGO

Colorful, interlocking plastic blocks known as LEGO bricks can be put together and connected in a variety of ways.

Let the kids use LEGO bricks to construct towers while they count the bricks. Start with one and gradually increase. Children will work on building, sorting, and counting. 


Keep in mind that LEGO is about more than just building; it’s also about encouraging imagination, creativity, and problem-solving.

Kids should be motivated to experiment, have fun, and use their imaginations to the fullest! Promote the exploration of various connections, shapes, and structures by children. 

Bottle Top Counting 

Bottle tops must be gathered and arranged in rows. Let the kids count them one by one as they practice counting and number recognition. It’s an easy and enjoyable way for kids to learn their numbers. 🀭

Matchsticks And PlayDough

To represent numbers, you must roll play dough balls and place matchsticks. Allow the children to count and compare the right amount. Children will improve their fine motor coordination and counting skills.πŸ₯°

Count The Pattern

This pattern and number game was a favorite of both my son and me.

With various objects (such as buttons and beads), we made patterns and counted each component. It improved pattern recognition and counting abilities.

Paper Plate Number Spinner

The spinner was entirely homemade by my son.

He attached numbers to a paper plate to make a spinner. The number it landed on was then counted after we spun the wheel.

This game was enjoyable to play, and I found it to be quite engaging.

I Spy Number Game

This game will certainly be an instant favorite with kids.

They can each take a turn pointing out items and saying, “I spy something with the number ___.” Others discover items bearing that number. It makes counting exciting and helps to improve number recognition skills.🀠

Googly Eyes Counting

Googly eye counting is a lot of fun. You could, for example, add googly eyes to cartoon drawings on paper and count the results. Kids will also enjoy drawing and decorating their favorite cartoon characters.πŸ‘€

Skip Counting Lace Boards

The Skip Counting Lace Boards activity was fun.

My son and I would often sit with activity. We laced strings through the boards, skipping numbers as we went (e.g., 2, 4, 6). 

Apple Tree Counting Cards

Attach numbered cards to a picture of an apple tree. Children match the apple count with the corresponding card. It’s a fun way to exercise number recognition and counting.🍎

You can keep switching out the fruits to make it more interactive. 

Domino Counting

Dot-counting is done by lining up dominoes in a row. The sums should be added as they fall. πŸ₯°

This was a lot of fun for my son and me. We would set up the domino pieces in various patterns as well.


My son and I have enjoyed and benefited from our activities involving counting. He developed his counting and number recognition skills as well as his creativity, problem-solving, and social skills through these activities. 

Which activities did you think were the best? Please share in the comments section.πŸ˜…

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