40 Amazing Dance Activities for Kids that No One Knows

Hey there, parents and caregivers! Do you want to get your kids moving and grooving to the rhythm of the music? You’re lucky because we have many fun activities to get your little ones dancing, singing, and playing in no time!

From silly dance parties to musical scavenger hunts, we’ve obtained 40 exciting activities to entertain your kids for hours. So, please wear your dancing shoes, and let’s get started!

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Playful dance activities to get your kiddos grooving:

Freeze Dance – “Freeze Frenzy”

Freeze Dance Activity For Kids

Freeze Dance Put on some lively music and have your kids dance around. When the music stops, they have to freeze in place until the music starts again. Whoever moves is out!

Musical Chairs – “Bump and Booty Scooty” 

Musical Chairs Set up a row of chairs with one less than the number of participants. When the music starts, everyone dances around the chairs.

When the music stops, everyone sits down, but someone is left without a chair and is out.

Dance-Off – “Groove Battle Royale”

Dance-Off Challenge your kids to a dance-off and see who can create the craziest moves. Take turns being the judge and award prizes for the best dancer.

Simon Says – “Silly Simon Shakes”

Simon Says Put on some music and play a game of Simon Says. Kids have to move their bodies according to the instructions given by the Leader.

For example, “Simon says touch your toes” or “Simon says spin around.”

Musical Scavenger Hunt – “Instruments in Hiding”

Musical Scavenger Hunt Activity For Kids

Musical Scavenger Hunt Hide small musical instruments around the house or yard and have your kids search for them while music plays in the background. Once they find all the tools, they can create their band!

Ribbon Dancing – “Ribbon Rhapsody”

Ribbon Dancing Tie a ribbon to a stick and have your kids dance with it to the beat of the music. They can twirl, twist, and turn the ribbon in the air as they dance.

Hula Hoop Contest – “Hip Hop Hula Hoopla”

Hula Hoop Contest See who can keep the hula hoop spinning the longest while music plays in the background. You can even set up obstacles for an extra challenge!

Balloon Volleyball – “Balloon Bounce Bash”

Balloon Volleyball Activity For Kids

Balloon Volleyball Tape a piece of string across a room and use it as a net for a game of balloon volleyball.

The players can only use their hands to hit the balloon and must keep it from touching the ground.

Limbo – “Lanky Limbo Limbo”

Limbo, Put on some fun music, and see how low your kids can go! Take turns holding the stick and see who can limbo the lowest.

Musical Chairs with a Twist – “Soft Seat Shakedown”

Musical Chairs with a Twist Instead of traditional chairs, use cushions, beanbags, or other soft objects for a game of musical chairs with a twist.

When the music stops, everyone tries to find a peaceful spot to sit on.

Charade Cha-Cha – “Guess That Groove” 

Charade Cha-Cha: Bust out your best dance move and see if your kids can guess it! Then, challenge them to show off their moves and get their groove on.

Drumming DIY-ers – “Rhythm Makers Unite” 

It’s time to get crafty and make some noise! Transform empty containers into colorful drums, and get ready to jam out to the beat of your drum circle.

Hokey Pocus Dance-o-rama – “Turn Yourself Around, It’s Dance Time” 

Put your right foot in, put your right foot out, and shake it all about! Get ready to turn yourself around and dance the Hokey Pokey like nobody’s watching.

Sock Puppet Shimmy – “The Puppet Palooza Party” 

It’s time to put on a show! Grab paper bags or socks, and make your puppets dance and sing. It’s a puppet palooza party!

Dance-Along Disco – “Get Down and Boogie” 

Turn up the music and get ready to boogie! Follow along with fun dance-along videos online, or create your videos with your kids as the disco stars.

Bubble Bonanza Boogie – “Pop, Lock, and Bop” 

Let’s get poppin’! Blow some bubbles and pop them while busting a move to the music. It’s a bubble bonanza boogie that will leave you breathless!

Musical Statues – “Statue Shuffle Showdown”

Musical Statues are Similar to Freeze Dance, but players have to pose like a statue until the music starts again instead of freezing when the music stops.

Ribbon Twirling – “Ribbon Rhythms”

Ribbon Twirling Tie ribbons to tree branches or sticks and let your kids twirl them around while dancing. It’s a beautiful and graceful way to move to the music.

Follow the Leader – “Leader of the Dance Pack”

Follow the Leader Choose a leader and have the rest of the group follow their dance moves. Take turns being the Leader and make it more challenging with complex movements.

Drumming Circle – “Drumming Dynamos”

Drumming Circle Set up a drumming circle and let your kids play along with the rhythm of the music. It’s a great way to introduce them to different percussion instruments.

Musical Chairs Relay – “Musical Madness Relay”

Musical Chairs Relay Divide players into teams and set up a relay race with musical chairs. The first player from each team dances around the chairs and sits down on the last one. Then, the next player goes until all players have completed the race.

Dancing with Scarves – “Scarfy Shimmies”

Dancing with Scarves Dance with colorful scarves to the beat of the music. Let your kids swirl, twirl, and toss the scarves in the air.

Animal Dance – “Animalistic Anthem”

Animal Dance Choose an animal and have your kids move like that animal to the music. For example, they can hop like a bunny, crawl like a crab, or slither like a snake.

Musical Floor Puzzle – “Puzzle Party Jive”

Musical Floor Puzzle Create a floor puzzle out of cardboard or paper and play music while your kids assemble it. It’s a fun and interactive way to combine movement and problem-solving.

Dance-Along Games – “Game On, Dance Off”

Dance-Along Games Play dance-along games like Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution. Your kids can follow along with the on-screen dance moves while getting a great workout.

Musical Balance Beam – “Balancing Beat Brigade”

Musical Balance Beam Create a balance beam out of a board or a beam and play music while your kids walk across it. It’s a great way to improve balance and coordination.

Dance Party with Props – “Prop-tactic Party”

Dance Party with Props Have a dance party with fun props like hats, glasses, or boas. Let your kids use their imaginations and create their dance routines.

Musical Yoga – “Yoga Beats and Rhythms”

Musical Yoga Activity For Kids

Musical Yoga Combine music and Yoga to create a fun and relaxing activity for your kids. Play calming music and guide them through simple yoga poses.

Musical Trivia – “Music Mania”

Musical Trivia Activity For Kids

Create a musical trivia game with questions about famous musicians, songs, and instruments. It’s a fun way to learn about music while getting some exercise.

Dance-Along Story Time – “Storytime Shuffle”

Read a story and have your kids act it out through dance. Use music to set the mood and encourage creativity.

Sensory Dance – “Sensory Groove”

Set up a sensory dance area with colorful lights, textured objects, and different scents. Let your kids dance and explore their senses.

Musical Balloon Toss – “Balloon Boogie”

Musical Balloon Toss Activity For Kids

Toss balloons back and forth while music plays in the background. Add some challenges by using only your feet or elbows.

Dance Battle – “Dance Off Duel”

Split players into two teams and have a dance battle. Each team takes turns performing, and the other team judges.

Musical Obstacle Course – “Musical Maze” 

Create an obstacle course with musical stations. Players must complete a musical task before moving on to the next obstacle.

Dance with Stuffed Animals – “Stuffed Animal Shuffle”

Let’s boogie with our plushy pals! In the “Stuffed Animal Shuffle,” your kids can select their favorite stuffed animals and hit the dance floor together. Please encourage them to create a fun dance routine with their furry friends.

Musical Hula Hoops – “Hoop Hype”

Musical Hula Hoops Activity For Kids

It’s time to “Hoop Hype” with musical hula hoops! Set up a hula hoop station and watch your kids move and groove while keeping the ring in motion. Have them try hula hooping with their arms or legs for an added challenge.

Mirror Dance – “Mirror Moves”

Get ready to “Mirror Moves” with a silly and groovy game of mirror dance! Stand in front of your child and mimic their dance moves. It’s a fun and interactive way to bond, learn new activities, and dance together.

Musical Twister – “Twister Tunes”

Are you ready to twist and groove? Play “Twister Tunes” with a musical twist! Instead of spinning the spinner, players have to dance to the beat of the music before making their moves. It’s a great way to challenge your kids’ dance skills and get them moving.

Follow the Beat – “Beat Bop”

Let’s “Beat Bop” to the rhythm! Play different types of music and have your kids move their feet to the beat. You can even challenge them to move to the beat of a specific instrument in the song. Get ready to bop till you drop.

Dance-Along Charades – “Cha-Cha Charades”

It’s time to “Cha-Cha Charades” with a game of dance-along charades! Instead of acting out words, players have to dance out the answer to the clue.

It’s a fun way to challenge your kids’ creativity, dance skills, and problem-solving abilities. So please wear your dancing shoes, and let’s cha-cha our way to victory.

Sweet reasons why getting your groove on is the coolest thing since sliced bread:

Shake it Off: 

Dancing is not only a blast but also a total body workout! Get ready to feel the burn because you’ll build muscle and boost your heart health quickly. 

You’ll be light on your feet: 

Not only will you be shedding pounds, but you’ll also be improving your coordination, balance, and motor skills. So the next time you jump over hurdles or dodge traffic, you’ll do it like a pro.


You’ll be a creative genius: 

Dancing is all about self-expression, so get ready to unleash your inner artist! You’ll be busting out moves that nobody’s ever seen before. 

You’ll be on cloud nine

Dancing is a surefire way to boost your confidence and self-esteem. Once you’ve nailed those moves, you’ll feel like a rockstar! 

Mind over matter

Dancing requires a lot of mental focus, so your brain will get a workout too! You’ll be able to improve your concentration, memory, and mental agility, making you a sharper, more productive person. 

The social butterfly effect

Dancing is an excellent way to meet new people and expand your social circle. You’ll be part of a community of folks who love to move and groove to great tunes.

And there you have it, folks! Forty fantastic ways to get your kids up and dancing to the beat. We’ve covered all the bases, from Musical Trivia to Cha-Cha Charades. So wear your dancing shoes (or go barefoot, no judgment here), turn up the tunes, and let the fun begin!

And with all this grooving and moving, you may even discover the next Michael Jackson or Beyonce in your living room. But even if you don’t, one thing is for sure – you’ll create unforgettable memories and laughter that will last a lifetime!

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