50+ December Fun Facts that You Might Know

December is packed with fascinating stories and events! 

Did you know December used to be the tenth month in the Roman calendar?🗓️ 

Surprising, right?  

From the birth of Walt Disney to historical events like the end of the USSR, this month is full of surprises. 

It’s not just about holidays—there are birthdays of important documents and cool traditions. 

Also, it marks the end of the year and welcomes a new one with massive celebrations! 

So buckle up, because December is an adventure waiting to unfold! 🎉

Interesting Facts About December

December’s Roman Origin: The Tenth Month in Ancient Rome

Hey there! 

Did you know that December was once the tenth month in the Roman calendar? 

Yep, it’s true! 

Julius Caesar did some calendar magic! 

And now December’s name doesn’t quite match its place. 😄

Walt Disney’s Magical December 5: Birth of a Legend

Birth Of Walt Disney’s On December 5

Guess what?

 On December 5, a magical person named Walt Disney was born! 

At 27, he created Mickey Mouse, and later, Disneyland came to life. 

Now, your world is full of Disney magic!

From Mickey Mouse cartoons to epic movies. 

Isn’t it cool that such fun things happened in December? 🎉

December’s Day Count Journey: A Month with 31 Days

Here’s a cool fact – December used to have only 30 days! 

But then, the calendar got a makeover!

And now it’s the last month with 31 days. 

That means more days to enjoy the holiday season! 🗓️

USSR’s End: December 8, 1991, the Day History Changed

On December 8, 1991, the USSR, a big country, said goodbye. 

It was like a giant puzzle falling apart! 

The wheels stopped turning, and history took a turn 😮. 

Anglo-Saxon Twist: December’s Original Name “Winter Monath”

Back in the day, December had a cool name – “Winter Monath”! 

It means “Winter Month.” 

Can you imagine if you called December something different? 

Like, “Snowy Month” or “Cozy Time”? 

Names can be so much fun, right? ❄️

Nobel’s Legacy: The Passing of Alfred Nobel (December 10, 1896)

The Passing Of Alfred Nobel (December 10, 1896)

On December 10, 1896, Alfred Nobel, , the man behind the Nobel Prize, passed away. 

In his will, he decided that his wealth should reward those making big contributions to humanity. 

Famous folks like Albert Einstein and Marie Curie got these cool awards. 

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll do something amazing too! 🏆

Anglo-Saxon Tales: December’s Yule Monath Tradition

The Anglo-Saxons had another name for December – “Yule Monath.” 

It’s connected to burning a Yule log during pagan Yule celebrations. 

Some of these ancient customs vanished!

Yet burning a Yule log still happens in some places today. 🔥 

December’s Christian Makeover: The Holy Month (Heligh Monath)

After many Anglo-Saxons became Christians, they gave December a new name – “Heligh Monath.”

The meaning is “Holy Month.” 

It’s like giving your favourite game a new level! 

Back then, December became extra special because of their new beliefs. 

Imagine if your whole month was considered holy – that would be pretty awesome! 🌟

Bill of Rights Birthday: December 15, 1791

December 15, 1791, was a big day!

The Bill of Rights was born! ⚖️ 

It’s like the superhero rules of the United States

The rule makes sure everyone gets fair treatment. 

Those first ten amendments are like the pillars of a super cool clubhouse called “Modern US Society.” 

Winter’s Arrival: December and the Changing Seasons

Winter’s Arrival In December

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, winter begins on December 1st!

But if you’re in the southern hemisphere, it’s the opposite – December could be the start of summer! 

Isn’t that amazing having a different season depending on where you live?

It’s like a weather adventure! ☃️ 

Battle of the Bulge: December 16, 1944

The Battle of the Bulge began on December 16, 1944!

It might be a name that might make you giggle, but it was a serious fight! 🔥

German forces tried a surprise attack in the Ardennes Forest, southeast of Belgium. 

When it ended, lots of soldiers got hurt!

The number was 130,000 Germans and 77,000 Allies. 

Full Cold Moon: December’s Frosty Lunar Spectacle

In December, the full moon is known as the Full Cold Moon by many Native American tribes. ❄️


Well, it’s because chilly winter days follow this bright moon. 

December 28th: The Unlucky Day Enshrouded in History

December 28th is thought to be the unluckiest day of the year. 

A long time ago, King Herod ordered something really bad on this day. 🗓️

It was tied to Jesus Christ’s story. 

People used to avoid starting new things on December 28th, like the ultimate “nope” day. 😬

December Birth Flowers: A Double Dose of Nature’s Gifts

December Birth Flowers

If you’re born in December, you’re extra lucky – you get two special birth flowers! 

One is Holly, the festive green plant with red berries. 

They say the red berries are like Jesus’s wounds. 

The second is Paperwhite narcissus, a winter-flowering cousin of the daffodil. 

People believed holly brought good luck, and paperwhite narcissus symbolized sweetness. 

Imagine having not one but two flowers to celebrate your birthday! 🌺

Anesthesia’s Debut: A Painless Day in British History (December 21, 1846)

On December 21, 1846, something big happened in Britain. 

Dr. Robert Liston used anesthesia for the first time at University College Hospital in London. 

It’s like a magic potion that makes pain disappear! 🩹

Imagine going to the doctor and not feeling a thing – that’s what happened for the first time on December 21st. ✨

Zodiac Mix-Up: December Birthdays and Star Signs

If you’re born in December, your star sign can be either Sagittarius or Capricorn. ♑

Before December 23rd, it’s Sagittarius – known for energy and generosity. 

After the 23rd, it’s Capricorn – famous for being ambitious and practical. 

Isaac Holden: The Cosmic Explorer

Hey there, Space Explorer! 

On December 14, 1807, a “space invader” was born! 

Well, not really an alien but someone who dreamt about space. 

He was Isaac Holden. 

He was a stargazer who loved studying the stars and planets. 🌌 

Isaac even built his telescopes!🚀 

He was like a detective, uncovering secrets of the universe. 

Thanks to people like him, we know more about the mysteries above us! ✨

December Celebrations: Religious Festivals and Traditions

Religious Festivals And Traditions In December

December is a month packed with celebrations! 

Christians celebrate Christmas on the 24th and 25th, marking Jesus’s birth. 🎄 

Meanwhile, Jews celebrate Hanukkah around the same time, remembering a historic victory. 

It is a whole month filled with festive lights, decorations, and delicious treats! 

It’s like a holiday wonderland! 🕎

Louisiana Doubles Up: The US Grows Bigger (December 30, 1803)

On December 30, 1803, the USA got a giant gift! 

It was Louisiana! 

The country bought 885,000 square miles from France for $15 million! 

That’s a massive bargain. 

December’s Quirky Holidays: From St. Nicholas to Cupcakes

December isn’t just about serious holidays. 

St. Nicholas’ Day on December 6th is like celebrating the OG Santa Claus. 

Then there’s National Brownie Day on December 8th and National Cupcake Day on December 15th! 🧁

Christmas Vibes All Month: Unique December Observances in the US

In the US, December isn’t just about Christmas! 🎉

It’s National Egg Nog Month, National Fruit Cake Month, and National Impaired Driving Prevention Month! 

Imagine a whole month dedicated to festive drinks, unique cakes, and staying safe. 

It’s like a month-long Christmas party! 🍹

The Infamous Attack on Pearl Harbor: December 7th, 1941

Hey there! 

So, on December 7th, 1941, something unexpected happened at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.😮 

Some planes from Japan surprised everyone by attacking. 

It was a big shock! 

Sadly, more than 2,300 Americans passed away. 

Because of this, the United States joined World War II. 

It shows us how important peace is and being ready for surprises. 💥

The Santa Rally and holiday expenses

The Santa Rally In December

Guess what little fact finder? 

December is a month of giving and spending! 

People get super excited about buying gifts, decorations, and yummy food for the holidays. 

Even the stock market gets happy and goes up during this time. 

That’s called the ‘Santa Rally’!🎅 

On average, people spend around $900 for holiday fun. 

It’s a time of joy but can be a little expensive too.💸

Exploring the Shortest Days of the Year

December is full of celebrations, but it’s also the darkest month. 

Days get shorter, and in some places like Alaska, the sun disappears for days. 

People end up not seeing the sun for days!❄️ 

It happens because Earth moves away from the sun a bit.

It’s perfect for cozy nights with warm blankets and pretty lights! 🌑

December 12th is Poinsettia Day

December 12th Is Poinsettia Day

Little fact learner did you know about Poinsettia Day? 🌺 

On December 12th, people celebrate the lovely Poinsettia plant.❄️

It has bright red and green leaves and looks super festive. 

It’s named after Joel Poinsett, who brought it to the U.S. long ago. 

These plants make the holidays even more cheerful and colorful.🎉 

It’s a fantastic day to enjoy their beauty and share happiness with friends!

Turquoise Treasures: December’s Birthstone Bonanza

Hey, curious fact readers! 

Did you know turquoise is like your super lucky gem? 

It brings good luck and helps you achieve cool stuff! 

But guess what? 

You’ve got not just one, but two birthstones: tanzanite and zircon! 

So if December is your birthday month then the month is loaded with these lucky charms! 

It’s like having double the fun with gems! 🎉

December: A Movie Magic Extravaganza

Hey, movie lover!🎬 

December’s not just about holidays; it’s a blockbuster movie paradise!

Films in December aim for big awards like the Oscars next year!🏆 

Titanic, Avatar, and Lord of the Rings—all premiered in December!

 No wonder it’s the best time for movies!  

First Sunday of Advent: The Start of a Special Countdown

Hey there! 

December 3rd kicks off something awesome—it’s the First Sunday of Advent! 

This marks the start of Advent, a time of waiting and preparing for Christmas.🎄 

You’ll see Advent calendars, special candles, and decorations popping up all around. 

Get ready for the holiday vibes! 🕯️

Saint Nicholas Day: Santa’s Role Model

Guess what? 

On December 6th, it’s Saint Nicholas Day! 

He’s the cool dude who inspired Santa Claus! 

Saint Nicholas was super kind and loved giving gifts, especially to kids 🎅. 

This day reminds us to be generous and spread joy!🎁

It is just like Santa does during Christmas!  

Bodhi Day: Celebrating Enlightenment

Bodhi Day In December

Hey fact learners!

Have you heard about Buddhism?

December 8th is Bodhi Day in the Buddhist calendar. 

It’s all about celebrating when Buddha achieved enlightenment. 

Just like Christmas is for Jesus, this day is super special for Buddhists.🌟 

They meditate and decorate trees!

The followers also share kindness to honor Buddha’s wisdom and teachings. 🌸

Lucia’s Day: Let There Be Light

December 13th is St. Lucia’s Day! 

It’s about light and celebration.✨ 

In the past, people believed this day had the longest night!

Thus they celebrated with lots of lights.🕯️ 

St. Lucia is known for bringing light and hope during dark times. 

It’s all about brightness and joy!

Boxing Day and Kwanzaa 

Hey, there fact reader! 

December 26 is super cool because it’s Boxing Day in Canada and the UK. 🎁 

People give presents, and there are awesome sales! 

Also, it’s the start of Kwanzaa, a celebration of African heritage. 

Families light candles, share stories, and celebrate unity.

World AIDS Day: December 1

World AIDS Day In December

On December 1, the world comes together for World AIDS Day.🌍 

It’s about spreading awareness, and showing support for those living with HIV!

The day is also about remembering those we’ve lost.❤️ 

People wear red ribbons to show they care and want to end HIV/AIDS.

UNICEF Foundation Day: December 11

December 11 is special because it’s UNICEF Foundation Day!🌟 

UNICEF helps kids all around the world. 

On this day, people think about how to make the world better for children. 

They raise money, donate, and do activities to help kids have a happier life.

December Celebrations Around the World

Hey there! 🌟 

December is like a big party month!😊 

Lots of people celebrate Christmas, but there are other cool celebrations too! 

Kwanzaa is super neat—it helps African Americans connect with their history. 

And Hanukkah too!

It’s called The Festival of Lights and it’s awesome! 

Different cultures have their special ways to celebrate this time of year! ✨

Discovering December’s Stars

Hey there, stargazer! 🌌 

Ready for some cosmic fun in December? 

Look southeast—see three stars in a row? 

That’s Orion’s Belt! Rigel’s the knee, and Beetlejuice is up and left. 

Boom, you found Orion! Just don’t say Beetlejuice thrice. 😉 

Keep an eye out for Sirius too—it’s the brightest star on winter nights! 

Enjoy exploring the stellar wonders! ✨

Taking Off into History: The Wright Brothers’ First Flight

Do you know about the Wright Brothers?

December 17, 1903—remember that date! 

Orville Wright rocked history by flying the first airplane at Kill Devil Hills.🛩️  

Imagine flying from a place called that! 😅 

But wait, his brother Wilbur wasn’t bothered. 

He hopped in the plane right after Orville’s successful flight!✈️

The Birth of Basketball in December

Hey, did you know December is the birth month of basketball? 🏀 

Back in 1891, a guy named James Naismith wanted to make a new game. 

Imagine this kiddo nine guys, a ball, and peach baskets—boom, basketball’s first game! 

It all started with some creativity and a whole lot of fun! 🌟

Power of Computers: World Computer Literacy Day

Hey, it’s World Computer Literacy Day on December 2nd! 💻 

Let’s celebrate knowing how to use computers!

They’re like magic helpers for work, learning, and chatting with pals. 

Being computer literate is a big deal nowadays. 

It’s the key to learning, job opportunities, and staying in touch with friends. 

Let’s get stronger and more connected together! 🚀

International Mountain Day Celebration

Hey, little fact learners!

Get ready for International Mountain Day on December 11th! 🏔️ 

It’s a huge shout-out to the mountains—they’re epic! 

Mountains give us water, food, and homes for so many plants and animals. 

We should show love for mountains, appreciating their beauty.

And also working to keep them healthy for all! 

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

On December 2nd, we celebrate a day that fights against slavery worldwide.🌍 

Slavery means people being forced to work without pay!

It’s like a boss making you work without letting you leave. 

This day reminds us that everyone deserves freedom and respect. 

By learning about this, we can help stop slavery and treat everyone fairly.

World Day of the Handicapped

December 3rd is a day to celebrate people who are specially abled!🤝 

It’s important to understand that everyone is different, and that’s what makes us special.

Take time to learn about different abilities and how we can support each other. 

By being kind we make the world the best place for everyone.

International Volunteer Day

On December 5th, we honor the superheroes who volunteer! 

Volunteering means giving your time to help others without getting paid. 

It’s like being a real-life hero by helping clean up a park, reading to someone, or even just being a good friend. 

You can make a big difference by being kind and helping others!🌟

International Civil Aviation Day

On the 7th of December, people celebrate International Civil Aviation Day.

It is celebrated to honor the amazing world of flying! ✈️ 

This day celebrates how airplanes and air travel connect the world, helping people reach faraway places quickly. 

It’s a reminder of the importance of aviation.

International Anti-Corruption Day

On December 9th, it’s International Anti-Corruption Day! 🛑 

This day raises awareness about the problem of corruption and how it can harm societies. 

It’s like a reminder to do things fairly and honestly. 

People around the world come together to say no to corruption.

And also to work towards making the world a more fair and just place.

Universal Health Coverage Day

December 12th is Universal Health Coverage Day! 🏥 

This day is about making sure that everyone, can get good healthcare. 

It’s like saying everyone should be able to see a doctor when they’re sick. 

It’s an important day to remind us to take care of each other’s health.

World Soil Day

World Soil Day In December

On December 5th, we celebrate World Soil Day! 🌱 

This day reminds us how important soil is for plants to grow. 

Soil is like a home for plants, giving them food and water. 

It’s like the Earth’s skin! 

This day teaches us to take care of the soil!

By doing so we can have yummy fruits and veggies and keep our planet healthy.

International Migrants Day 2023

On December 18th, it’s International Migrants Day! 🌍 

This day is about people who move from one place to another>

They migrate sometimes to find better opportunities or because of tough situations. 

It’s like celebrating the courage of people who go to new places and start fresh. 

It reminds us to be kind and welcoming to everyone, no matter where they’re from.

International Human Solidarity Day 2023

December 20th is International Human Solidarity Day! 🤝 

This day is all about unity and togetherness. 

It’s like a big group hug for the whole world! 

It reminds us to help each other, share what we have, and make the world a better place. 

It’s a day to celebrate how powerful we can be when we work together.

December’s Pop Star Powerhouses

Hey there, future music sensation! 

Ever noticed something cool about December? 

It’s like a pop star factory! 🎤 

Some of the biggest female music icons were born in December. 

Britney Spears (December 2nd), Nicki Minaj (December 8th), Taylor Swift (December 13th), and Billie Eilish (December 18th) all share this awesome birth month! 🌟 

Who knows, maybe December holds a secret for future music stars like you! 🎶

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve on December 31st!

It is the day when people around the world get ready to welcome the new year! 🎉 

It’s like a huge party where everyone celebrates the end of the current year!

And looks forward to a fresh start. 

People gather with friends and family and make resolutions!

The count down to midnight to cheer and welcome the new year with fireworks and joy!


What an exciting journey through December! 

From the change in the calendar to world-changing events and festive celebrations!

This month is truly a whirlwind of history and joy. 

Each day holds its own story!

December’s diversity in celebrations, historical significance, and natural wonders make it a fascinating month to explore. 

So keep learning, keep celebrating, and enjoy the magic that December brings!

So kids did you like learning the amazing facts about months?

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