20+ Dog Facts About Man’s Best Friend! (Free Printable)

Dogs, our loyal and affectionate companions, have so many fascinating characteristics worth discovering.

Given the love, snuggles, and company they provide us, it’s only fair that we educate ourselves on what makes them so extraordinary, not that we need any more reasons to adore them. 

From the behavioral and facial expressions of small and large breeds to their physical abilities, there is a vast array of intriguing dog facts to explore.

Discover more about these remarkable creatures, who boast a repertoire of over 150 breeds and can run at an impressive average speed of 19 miles per hour.

Fascinating Dog Facts

Dogs Have an Amazing Sense of Smell

Dog's Sense Of Smell

A dog’s olfactory (smell) center in the brain is forty times larger than a human’s. This anatomical feature gives dogs an incredible sense of smell, thousands of times more potent than humans.

With millions more scent receptors, a Dachshund, for instance, has 125 million receptors, while an average human has five million. Thanks to their superior sense of smell, dogs can be trained to sniff out various substances, including drugs, corpses, bed bugs, explosives, and other odors that elude human detection.

Dogs Can Hear Sounds from 67 to 45,000 Hz

Dogs Sense Of Hearing

Dogs’ ears are another remarkable feature to consider. While their sense of smell is undeniably impressive, their hearing is equally noteworthy.

The intricate structure of their ears and muscles allow dogs to perceive a wide range of sounds beyond human capability. It is often speculated that dogs tilt their heads to pinpoint the origin of a sound, a behavior likely tied to their exceptional auditory acuity.

Dog Can Still Experience All Five of The Main Taste

Dogs Sense Of Taste

While dogs possess extraordinary sensory abilities, their sense of taste is notably less developed. With approximately one-sixth of the taste buds humans have (roughly 1,700 compared to the average of 9,000), dogs are less discerning regarding what they eat.

They may consume putrid food scraps or grass with the same enthusiasm they exhibit towards their kibble or a juicy steak. This lack of taste discrimination can be attributed to their evolutionary history, during which they relied on scavenging in the wild to survive.

Unique Nose Patterns in Dogs

Unique Nose Patterns In Dogs

Each dog has a distinctive nose pattern, similar to a human fingerprint. The grooves and folds on a dog’s nose are unique, making them identifiable and unique.

Furthermore, this fascinating aspect of canine biology raises the question of why dogs’ noses are consistently moist.

Dogs Dream Too

Dogs share a commonality with humans in that they dream. When you observe your dog twitching in her sleep, it is likely an indication that she is experiencing a dream.

Studies reveal that dogs exhibit comparable sleep patterns and brain activity to humans, with smaller breeds more likely to dream than larger ones.

According to Psychology Today, it is probable that dogs are reenacting familiar activities in their dreams, such as playing outside or chasing their tail. Explore the link provided for more fascinating dog facts about what can be inferred from your pup’s sleeping position.

Dogs Can Count and Understand Over 150 Words

Canine researcher and author Stanley Coren suggests that dogs possess intelligence equivalent to that of a two-year-old child. Furthermore, Coren reports that dogs can count, comprehend over 150 words, and employ deceptive tactics to procure treats.

It is important to note that intelligence levels among dog breeds vary, with Border Collies widely considered the most intelligent breeds.

Female Dogs’ Mating Season

Female dogs only experience the mating season twice yearly, so dog breeders must meticulously strategize their breeding practices. Follow the link to discover additional insights your veterinarian may not typically disclose.

The Meaning of Tail Wagging in Dogs

The Meaning Of Tail Wagging In Dogs

Tail wagging among dogs is a form of communication rich with meaning. Contrary to popular belief, an enthusiastic tail wag does not always indicate happiness upon seeing its owner.

As per Discovery.com, dogs wag their tails to the right when pleased and to the left when frightened. A low tail wag denotes insecurity, while a quick tail wag accompanied by tense muscles or dilated pupils can be a warning of aggression.

Puppies’ Development

Puppies Development

According to Psychology Today, puppies are born without the ability to see or hear during the early stages of their development because their eyes and ear canals are still closed.

It typically takes around two weeks for most puppies to open their eyes and become responsive to sounds.

Dogs’ Sixth Sense

According to a 2010 survey, most pet owners, around 67%, believed that their pets possess a “sixth sense” as they tend to behave oddly before a storm or something negative happens. The behaviors that indicate such intuition include whining, erratic actions, or attempting to find a secure hiding spot.

Additionally, there are instances of dogs detecting illnesses such as cancer, indicating their extraordinary abilities. To learn more about the exceptional skills of dogs, refer to the list of superpowers they possess.

Dogs’ Body Temperature Regulation

Dogs Body Temperature Regulation

Dogs primarily regulate their body temperature through panting, even though they only possess sweat glands in their paws.

Although their paw pads excrete sweat, long-haired dogs can still feel warm as panting is their main mechanism for cooling down.

Frito Feet in Dogs

Some pet owners might observe a peculiar smell akin to corn chips or popcorn emanating from their dogs’ feet. This occurrence, known as “Frito feet,” is due to the accumulation of sweat and bacteria in their paws.

Dog Breath and Dental Health

Dog Breath And Dental Health

Although “dog breath” may lead you to expect a certain odor from your furry companion’s mouth, chronic foul breath can indicate dental illness or other health concerns.

It is advisable to have your dog’s teeth checked by a veterinarian at least once a year. Additionally, be mindful of other indications that your dog may be unwell.

Dogs Eating Feces

Dogs Eating Feces

Although it may seem disgusting, dogs frequently consume their own excrement and sometimes that of other animals, too. According to the ASPCA, this conduct is not uncommon and can be traced back to their pre-domestication era thousands of years ago.

While this tendency is more frequent in puppies, most older dogs grow out of it, although some continue with it in adulthood.

Dogs Spinning Before Defecating

Have you ever wondered why dogs tend to spin before defecating? While this behavior puzzles researchers, the popular belief is that it connects with the Earth’s magnetic field.

Dogs typically prefer to relieve themselves by facing either north or south and spinning around assists them in correctly aligning their internal compass.

Dogs Exhibiting Jealousy

Dogs Exhibiting Jealousy

According to Nikki Naser, the Resident Pet Expert at Chewy, you’re not mistaken if you feel like your dog is exhibiting jealousy when you pay attention to other dogs. Although it may not be precisely how humans experience jealousy, studies have revealed that it is comparable to how an infant may become envious.

This is consistent with dogs’ intelligence, which is believed to be comparable to a toddler’s. Pet groomers frequently experience this sort of dog jealousy, among the things they desire pet owners to know.

Why Hugging Dogs Is Not Recommended

Why Hugging Dogs Is Not Recommended

Although you may adore your furry companion and wish to shower them affectionately, it’s best to refrain from giving them big hugs, as they do not enjoy it.

Russell Hartstein, CEO of Fun Paw Care, a puppy training company based in Los Angeles, mentioned that the way we show love is necessarily not the same way a dog would show back love or it wants to receive love, and hugging could be very stressful for dogs. 

Although they can get used to it and become more comfortable with their loved ones hugging them, you should still exercise caution when hugging a dog you don’t know well and letting strangers hug your pet. You may be surprised to learn about other actions you perform that your dog finds unpleasant.

Dogs Can See More Than Just Black And White

It’s a popular misconception that dogs are color-blind, but this is not true. Although dogs have difficulty distinguishing between some colors, they can see a range of colors.

While they may have difficulty distinguishing between shades of green and red, which will appear as blue and yellow, grays and browns, tones are generally clear to dogs.

Reason Behind Dogs’ Animosity Towards Mailmen

Dogs’ animosity towards mailmen is not personal. Being a protective species, dogs often perceive a person who comes near their house and puts some unfamiliar objects or things in a box as a potential threat.

This situation is usually exacerbated, not improved, by the mail carrier’s repetitive visits, as dogs can anticipate their arrival and become agitated beforehand. 

To prevent your mail carrier from facing undue canine aggression, experts suggest being friendly to the mail carrier in front of your dog, so your dog can see that you trust the mail carrier. You can also inform your mail carrier of your dog’s name to address your dog properly.

Training and Disciplining Dogs

Training And Disciplining Dogs

Dogs have a limited range of emotions compared to humans. When training or disciplining your dog, avoiding using a harsh, loud tone is crucial, as it may make your pet nervous. Instead, according to Hartstein, how you speak, including your tone, rhythm, pitch, and overall prosodic speech, is more critical than what you say.

This is why dogs often react positively to high-pitched, cute pet speak. It is also important to disregard certain popular myths regarding dog training.

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