40+ Best Easel Activities for Preschool that You Might Know

As a mother👩‍👦, I do understand the need to keep children engaged in different activities that will help them learn new things and gain more knowledge. 

They feel bored and frustrated if they have nothing to do. Instead of always being on the phone📱 it’s nice to utilize their time for some productive activities.

Kids love playing with easels. It serves as a very versatile and interesting object for kids. Many easel activities help children engage and spend their time🕜 doing some productive activities. Kids of all age groups can have fun with easels.

Interesting easel activities for Kids

If you are searching for some fun-filled and exciting easel activities for your kids you have come to the right place!

I would suggest interesting and enjoyable easel-related activities that will be fun as well as instructive, help them advance their abilities in all areas, and make them feel good while they’re doing them. These activities will help their boring🥱 day become entertaining.

In this blog post, I have compiled a list of exciting😁 and productive easel activities you can do with your kids.

Painting on the easel

Children can paint🎨 on the easel. This will help them show their creativity and innovation. They can draw different pictures🖼️, sceneries, portraits, and cartoons. Kids love to draw and paint. 

They will find this activity very interesting and motivating👍. You can provide them with an easel, paintbrushes, sheets of paper, paint colors, glue, and scissors. This activity will build their concentration and improve their creativity. 

Their mind🧠 will be polished, and they will think about things from a different perspective. I let my kids perform this activity at my home, and it turned out very productive. This activity brought joy and happiness☺️ to their face, which I yearned for.

Pro Tip

You can also help your kids while doing this activity with small tasks like cutting sheets with scissors✂️. Kids must use these sharp objects under the supervision of elders, so make sure you are looking after them in case they hurt themselves.

Alphabet Sort

Sorting the alphabet🅰️ is a very interesting and educational activity. Your kids will be able to recognize the alphabet and sort them accordingly. 

This will add to their reading and writing development. For this activity, you need an easel, magnetic letters, and a black whiteboard marker. You can give them the easel with the alphabet on it, and they will sort them. 

You can conduct this activity daily as it will help kids improve their letter recognition and concentration. As per me, you must consider conducting this activity at home as your kids will not only enjoy😊 it but will also be able to learn new things.

Match sticks and pom poms

Matching sticks to pom poms on an easel is a very interesting activity. This will help your children👦 not only enjoy their time but also learn something productive. For conducting this activity, you will need contact paper📃, pom poms, an easel, sticks, tape, and glue. 

You can arrange the easel with sticks and pom poms and let your children continue this activity. They can make shapes and lettersⓂ️, patterns, pictures of plants and animals, etc., anything they want. 

This activity will enhance their creativity and innovation and make them aware of these colors and shapes. I highly recommend this activity for your kids as it will suit their interests and help in their development.

Pro Tip:

Maybe your kids sometimes resist doing some educational activities as they want to have fun and enjoy☺️ themselves. But you must make them understand how these activities will impact their daily life and make them more intelligent.

Storytelling with the easel

Storytelling helps your kids improve their reading and speaking skills. You can make your children tell a story by explaining it through a drawing✏️ on an easel. You can let them draw anything related to their story and make them explain it. 

Provide them with an easel, colorful markers, and a duster. They will have fun and delight☺️ while doing this activity.

This will help them improve their level of understanding and their language skills. These types of activities make them gain confidence😌 and strength to speak in public places without any hesitation.

I also conducted this activity with both of my kids. They had a blast while doing this as they told me their fairy tales or stories related to their daily life. It also helped me learn about their inner thoughts and feelings.

Number sort

Sorting numbers🔢 is a very fun and educational activity for your kids. You can organize this captivity at your home with your kids👦. 

You will need an easel, magnetic numbers, and markers. You can make them sort numbers in ascending or descending orders or make them write counting or backward counting. 

This will help them in number recognition and improve their analytical skills. It will also improve their visualization skills and memory🧠.

Pro Tip:

I make my kids do this activity at least two times a week. Sometimes they resist doing this activity, but when I make them understand how important this activity is for them, they do it. I also provide them with hints and clues when they face difficulties🤔.

Rainbow Activity

Besides organizing educational activities for your children on an easel, you must also conduct some fun😆 and exciting activities. You can make them create a rainbow🌈 on an easel. 

This will also make them learn about different colors and rainbows, but they will also have fun while putting different colors together and creating wonders. 

You can provide your kids with an easel, different color strips, glue, scissors✂️, and tape. According to me, you must conduct this activity for your kids to have an enjoyable and blissful time and improve their creativity.

Ribbons and strings activity

You can conduct an easel activity with ribbons🎗️ and strings. For this activity, you need ribbons and strings of different sizes, an easel, tape, wool, and colorful markers. 

You can let your kids make different shapes, patterns, pictures, designs, words, and numbers. They will improve their recognition skills and build their concentration. You can also guide them through this activity. 

Your kid will enjoy this activity and get to know more about shapes and patterns. I also made my kids do this activity. At first, they found it difficult, but afterward, with my help, they were able to complete it. They felt proud and were entertained😌.

Pro Tip:

You should compliment your kids when they do these types of activities. Encouragement makes them feel confident👍 and happy about their work. This confidence will make them fearless of any difficulties they will face.

Sponge activity

Painting is the best pass time for kids. They feel joy and happiness when they get to paint with colors🎨. You can make your kids do sponge🧽 painting on an easel. 

Provide them with a sponge, paint, markers, and an easel. You can let them paint anything they wish for; it can be shapes, patterns, pictures🖼️, or designs. 

The main point of this activity was to let them enjoy and have fun. I made my kids do this activity last month. It was very messy, but the happiness they felt was evident on their faces.

Spray painting

Kids usually find sprays very attractive and exciting. Spray painting🎨 is the best activity for kids to perform on an easel. They will experience fun and pleasure while doing this activity. You can get your kids an easel, spray bottles, paint colors, markers, and water guns. 

Now, let your kids draw anything they want on the easel using spray paints. According to me, if your children are bored at home🏠 this is the best activity for them to enjoy and entertain. 

This will turn out as a messy activity as your kids will dirty their clothes, body, and ground, but the happiness they will experience is worth the mess.

Pro Tip:

Make sure your kids are wearing gloves🧤 and face shields🛡️ while doing this activity as if the spray gets in their eyes and can cause damage to them. This activity should be done under the supervision of elders.

Snowflake building

You can make your kids build different shapes and pictures on an easel using different objects. This will help them improve their creative skills. 

You can let them create a snowflake❄️ on the easel using popsicle sticks. Provide them with popsicle sticks, blue paint, a paintbrush🖌️, an easel, and glue. Now, let them place these sticks in order and shape them into a snowflake. 

This will make them aware of different images and colors. It will turn out to be a productive and fruitful activity for kids👦. I recommend you conduct this activity at home so that your kids’ minds can develop steadily.

Cupcake flowers

Making flowers🌸 on an easel with the help of cupcakes🧁 will turn into a very innovative and fun-filled activity. Provide your kids with color strips, paint colors, paint brushes, cupcakes, and an easel. 

Now let them keep cupcakes🧁 in the middle of the easel and draw petals around it, and it will look like a flower. Children👦 love to eat cupcakes, and now getting to have fun with them will increase their excitement for this activity. 

This activity will improve your kids’ drawing and painting skills. They will also enjoy having fun with cupcakes and colors.

Pro Tip:

I also conducted this activity at my home. My kids had fun and got to experiment with cupcakes🧁. They also got to learn a lot of things from this activity.

Christmas tree

If Christmas⛄ is arriving soon, you can make your kids create a Christmas tree🎄 on a sticky easel. Provide them with popsicle sticks, paint colors, pom poms, craft sheets, scissors, and a sticky easel. 

Now, let them start making the Christmas tree. You can help them if they face any difficulties. Your kids will enjoy this activity and will get to make a Christmas tree for the occasion themself. 

I made my kids make a Christmas tree🎄 on the easel last year. They were very happy and excited to perform this activity.

Pro Tip:

Kids love❤️ to try and explore new things in their daily lives. You must conduct new and different activities for them that will not only make them happy but also help them gain knowledge.

Sticky garden

You can make your kids create a small garden🎍 full of shrubs and herbs on a sticky easel. This will help them learn about the environment and bring them close to nature. 

Provide your kids with paint colors, paint brushes🖌️, colorful sheets, scissors, artificial leaves🍃, and a sticky easel. Now you can let them start making the garden. You can guide them if they get confused between plants, as this is something new for them. 

In my opinion, you must conduct this activity at home for your kids to gain a better understanding of the environment around them.

Sorting shapes

You can make your kids sort different shapes, classify them, and match them on an easel. This will help them gain shape recognition and build their concentration. 

Provide your kids with a sticky easel, magnetic shapes, markers, and tape. This will be a wonderful creative activity that will help your kid👦 learn and gain more knowledge about shapes. 

This will improve their problem-solving and self-correcting skills.


An easel is mostly used for educational purposes, but you can conduct some activities that combine both education and enjoyment☺️. This will attract children to perform this activity and learn new things.

Create a face

You can let your kids make a face on a sticky easel. This face-making activity will not only let them have fun but also enhance their storytelling skills. 

Provide your kids with a sticky easel, craft sheets, beads, gems, pom poms, popsicle sticks, ribbons🎗️, googly eyes, and feathers. Now let them make the face. 

You can outline a face for them and let them continue. I made my kids perform this activity, and it was a huge success. They not only made the face but also told the story behind it.

Pro Tip:

These activities will not only improve kids’ 👦 creativity but will also enhance their language skills, emotional development, and concentration. They will make them aware of their environment and their skills. They will also gain strength💪 and confidence to accomplish any task.

Drip Painting

Drip painting🎨 is one of the favorite forms of painting for kids. It is an abstract painting. They love❤️ to draw anything from paint full of their imagination. 

You can make your kids do drip painting on an easel. Provide them with an easel, paint colors, paint brushes, and whiteboard markers. 

Now let them draw anything they want inspired from their daily life. This activity will let you know your kids’ inner thoughts and feelings, and how they understand and acknowledge things. 

As per me, you must organize this activity at home🏠 as it will help add some fun and excitement to your kids’ boring day.

Collage making

You can let your kids make a collage on a sticky easel. This collage can be of plants, fruits, vegetables🥬, colors, shapes, numbers, etc., anything you wish for. 

Provide your kids with a sticky easel, whiteboard marker, colorful sheets, tape, and glue. Now, instruct them about how to make a collage and start the activity. 

It will turn out to be a very productive and interesting activity. I also made my kids perform this activity, and they not only enjoyed it but also got to learn many new things.

Sorting colors

You can make your kids sort different colors🎨 like gathering all the pink on one side and blue on the other side. 

This will help them have color recognition and improve their sorting and classifying skills. Provide your kids with an easel, color strips, markers, tape, and glue. 

Now, you can place paper strips of different colors together and let your kids differentiate them. This will be a fun-filled😆 activity that will help your kids enjoy their time and gain color awareness.

Pro Tip:

I made my kids perform this activity at home🏠, and they had fun learning more about colors. This activity enhanced their concentration and thinking ability.

You should also organize this activity at home and let your children participate in it. Do appreciate them if they identify different colors🎨 correctly.


These are some easel-related activities that will make your kids’ day more enjoyable and fun-filled. These activities will also help your kids learn new things and gain more knowledge. Your children will undoubtedly enjoy themselves and pick up a lot from these activities.

I hope you enjoyed reading the above easel-related activities that your kids can do. They will help your kids enhance their creativity🤔 and innovation skills. Children love to try new activities as they enjoy the freshness that the new activities have.

If you have any questions for me to answer, or if you have any more ideas for activities to add to this list, please leave a comment below. I would appreciate hearing from you!

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