92+ Easter Ideas for Kids that You Might Know

Easter is a time for fresh starts and a wonderful chance to spend quality time with your children and make lifelong memories. To celebrate Easter, you and your children can participate in a wide variety of activities. 

I’m going to share a few of my son’s and my favorite Easter activities in this blog post. πŸ‘‡

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creative easter ideas for kids

Let’s make this Easter a truly magical and memorable experience for our children. Common, dive into the activities with me. ‡️

Decorate an Easter Tree

Decorate An Easter Tree Activity For Kids

I made sure to display my son’s decorations because he enjoyed making them. Ask your child to make bright paper bunnies and eggs as decorations, and then let the children hang them from a small tree. While celebrating Easter, always promote imagination and creativity!😍

Easter Egg Bouquet

Your child will undoubtedly enjoy creating this one-of-a-kind decoration. Give your kid a chance to jazz up plastic eggs with paint, stickers, and glitter. To make a colorful Easter Egg Bouquet, arrange them in a vase with synthetic grass.

Jelly Bean Necklaces

Jelly Bean Necklaces Made By Kids

My son simply had fun doing this. Pretty necklaces can be made by basically placing colorful jelly beans onto a thread or string. 

Kids can create and wear their own delicious jelly bean necklaces, and they can just pick the jelly beans off at any time to eat them.

Bird Nests

Let children build bird nests out of twigs, grass, and tiny decorative eggs. Along with the nest, my son added some miniature plastic birds that I had got.

You can encourage your child to add some Skittles or chocolates to make it even more entertaining.πŸ¦†πŸ¦

Handprint Easter Lamb

Kids love to create handprints. Make a handprint with white paint after dipping your child’s hand in it. ‘

After adding cotton balls and googly eyes, trace them with a black pen. Help your child use a black marker to add more details. πŸ‘

Cone Eggs

Cone Eggs For Kids

This is a unique gift idea. My son had a great time making them. Simply shape a cone out of patterned construction paper and glue it in place. You can then fill it with mini eggs or candies and decorate it with markers, stickers, or glitter.

Kids’ Umbrella Door Hanging

I think this is a stunning house decoration. Ask your kid to use paint, stickers, or markers to decorate a small umbrella.

After that, they can add vibrant ribbons to the umbrella and hang it from a hook or adhesive on a door.πŸŒ‚

Easter Candy Popcorn

Easter Candy Popcorn For Kids

This is a specific Easter snack that my son and I made. Pop some unflavored popcorn. Melt any candy melts or white chocolate next. Help your child melt it because he might struggle to do so.

Your delectable snack is ready when you combine popcorn and melted chocolate.

Cool Whip Easter Eggs

Cool Whip Easter Eggs For Kids

These make really lovely eggs. It’s very simple. Just help your child in dying hard-boiled eggs with food coloring.

After that, coat the eggs with Cool Whip and place them in a shallow dish.

For marbled designs, let them sit for 10 minutes before wiping them off.

Salt Dough Eggs

You’ll need to supervise your child while they make this. To make a dough, combine water, salt, and flour.

Then instruct them to use cookie cutters to cut out dough in the shape of eggs.

Bake it until it is rigid, and then paint them to decorate.

Important NoteπŸ€“

You can combine salt, water, and flour in a variety of ratios to create a salt dough. Two cups of flour, one cup of salt, and one cup of water make up the most typical ratio. 

However, you can change the proportions to obtain dough with the proper consistency for your requirements.

Sheep Egg Holders

Sheep Egg Holders Made By Kids

This adorable activity was a hit with my son. He used black and white construction paper to cut out sheep shapes.

A green paper strip was then folded into a ring.

He made an egg holder with my assistance by hot-gluing the sheep to the ring.

Put decorated eggs inside the sheep egg holders after that.

Craft Paper Bunnies

Craft Paper Bunnies Making Activity For Kids

Many of these were made by my son, and we decorated them all over the house. Help your child to cut out bunny shapes from colored construction paper and then decorate them with cotton balls, markers, and googly eyes. Ask them to add a popsicle stick as the handle of the bunny for a better grip.🐰

Spring Chickens

Make spring chickens with the kids for a fun Easter activity! Small rocks should first be painted yellow. Draw on a beak and wings, then attach googly eyes.

Orange paper can be used to cut out tiny foot shapes and attach them. Create pom-poms for the chick’s head at the top.

Pro TipπŸ˜„

They make adorable spring chicken decorations that you can put in a basket or place around the house. Additionally, you can use them as paperweights and set them on the reading table.

Earful Treat Bags

Making earful treat bags was an enjoyable Easter activity for my son and me. We added bunny ears, eyes, and noses to paper bags.

Then we put sweets and treats inside of them. This a sweet and unique way to share Easter treats!

Paper Flower Eggs

This is a lovely and unique way to decorate for the occasion!

Making paper flower eggs for Easter was a lot of fun for my son and me. From colored paper, we cut out flower shapes, which we then stuck to plastic eggs. 

Egg Carton Easter Bunnies

This craft turned out to be cute and was made from recycled materials. An egg carton’s sections were painted and decorated, given bunny faces and ears, and then filled with sweets. We gave it googly eyes to make it more entertaining.πŸ°πŸ‘―πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈπŸ‡

Chick Finger Puppets

I loved making chick finger puppets for Easter with my son. We cut out small chick shapes from yellow felt and added googly eyes and tiny beaks.

We enjoyed performing puppet shows and giving life to our adorable baby chicks!

Egg Candles

A sweet and lovely Easter craft!

We carefully cleaned, emptied, and filled eggshells with melted wax before adding a tiny wick. We decorated the candles with colorful designs after the candles had solidified. πŸ•―οΈ

Pro TipπŸ˜„

Make use of environmentally friendly wax. Wax comes in a wide variety of forms, but not all of them are suitable for use around children. Use only non-toxic wax designed specifically for candle making.

Play Jelly Bean Bingo

With a variety of jelly beans, make bingo cards. Mark off the appropriate colored jelly beans on the cards by drawing them from a bag. Delicious jelly bean prizes go to the first person to complete a queue or a full card! 

Marshmallow Wreath

Take part in a Marshmallow Wreath activity with your children. Attach a foam wreath base, then let them use toothpicks to decorate it with marshmallows.

Add some bright ribbon accessories to the wreath base before hanging it for a charming and joyful Easter decoration!

Paper Easter Eggs

I enjoyed making paper Easter eggs with my son. From colored paper, we cut out egg shapes and highlighted them with glitter, stickers, and markers.

Then we presented them as Easter decorations. I can assure you that your child will enjoy making this craft.

Peeps Cupcakes

Like all children, my son loves cupcakes. So, we baked cupcakes, frosted them, and topped each one with a colorful Peeps marshmallow.

We thoroughly enjoyed decorating it together, and it was a yummy and enjoyable Easter treat.🍰

Bunny Paper Plate

Making this simple Easter craft was enjoyable for my son. He decorated the paper plates with paint, googly eyes, and cut-out ears of a bunny. After drawing a nose and whiskers, we stuck the ears. 

They were used as wall hangings.

Classic Easter Egg Hunt

It’s a cherished custom for Easter fun that is exciting and full of surprises!

In the backyard or house, hide colorful eggs. Let kids look for as many as they can and collect them. 

The game was a blast for my son and his friends to play.πŸ₯š

Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Easter Bunny Mason Jars were fun to make with my son. We used craft paper for the bunny ears and painted the jars in pastel hues with googly eyes and googly noses. You can either fill them with goodies or use them as adorable Easter decorations.

Easter Bunny Race Car Treats

I can guarantee that your children will enjoy making this because it was a really enjoyable activity.

Using toothpicks, we attached wheels to snack-sized candy bars, added a Peep in the form of a bunny as the driver, and added edible markers for decoration. 

The best is to use a variety of candy bars.

Pipe Cleaner Easter Eggs

This Easter, let your children make this craft. Pipe cleaners in various colors can be bent into the shape of eggs, with the ends twisted together and embellished with sequins or beads. Keep in mind to hang them or use them as Easter decorations.

Foam Cup Bunny

Making this was very enjoyable for my son and me. By adding googly eyes, a nose, a mouth, and bunny ears, we transformed upside-down foam cups into bunnies.🐰

I had put candies inside the cups to add to the fun.

Easter Cornhole

Use cardboard or plywood to make cornhole boards, then decorate them with Easter-related pictures. Toss around small bean bags or plastic eggs. Divide the children into groups, and start the timer to make the game more enjoyable for them.

Spoon Bunnies

My son and I made plastic spoons into bunnies by drawing faces on them, adding cotton balls for tails, and adding googly eyes. This is a fun Easter craft that can be used to make decorations or puppets.

They looked adorable when I put them on the dining room table.

Almond Chicks

These adorable almonds are perfect for kids to eat. Draw eyes and a beak on whole almonds using edible markers after coating them in yellow food coloring and letting them dry. πŸ₯🐣

You could even encourage the kids to decorate Easter cakes by placing them on top of the cakes.

Easter Bunny Handprint

I made Easter Bunny Handprints with my son. 

We traced his hand on paper, cut it out, and added ears. He then decorated it with markers and cotton balls for the tail.

It ended up being a sweet keepsake of his small hand for Easter.

Pro TipπŸ˜„

Instead of dipping the child’s hands directly into the paint, it is safer to use a paintbrush to apply the paint to their hands. It’s crucial to thoroughly wash your hands after making a handprint craft because the paint used can irritate the skin.

Easter Bunny Coloring Page Printables

Easter Bunny Coloring Page Printables For Kids

Online, you can find free coloring pages of bunnies. Let your children use colors and patterns to express their creativity. 

To make the activity more calming and enjoyable, they can also add glitter. My son enjoyed coloring, and we displayed his artwork in his study area.

Doughnut Bunnies

Doughnut Bunnies Making Activity For Kids

My son and I made a snack that had a very lovely appearance. We baked the doughnuts first, then added candy eyes, pink marshmallow ears, and licorice whiskers to finish them off. 

I made some hot chocolate to go with the doughnuts to make it even tastier.

Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

With your children, make Easter eggs with peanut butter. Mix butter, powdered sugar, and peanut butter. Sprinkles should be added after shaping into eggs and dipping in melted chocolate. πŸ₯š

This delicious homemade Easter treat will be an instant hit with kids.

Hanging Egg Centrepiece

Encourage the kids to use paint, glitter, and stickers to decorate the eggs that have blown out. Each egg should be tied to a branch with a string that is threaded through it.

You can hang it as a lovely Easter decoration for your home.

The decorating will be fun for the kids.

Party Animal Hats

Easter would be lacking without accessories. So, my son and I created some matching party hats.πŸŽ©πŸ‘’

We added bunny ears, googly eyes, and pom-pom noses to the party hats. The kids thought they were cool and enjoyed wearing them.

Bunny Bread

This bread has a fun and delectable Easter-themed twist.

Create bunny heads and ears out of dough. Serve with butter or various spreads after baking until golden brown. 

To go with it, you can also add a milkshake or hot cocoa.

Easter Egg Sun Catcher

With your kids, create an Easter egg sun catcher. Cut colored tissue paper into the shape of eggs.

Tissue paper is stuck to a plastic sheet with glue. For a colorful Easter decoration, hang them in the window.

Gumball Machine Easter Eggs

My son made these cute little eggs, and they served as adorable gifts. A small clear plastic cup is simply glued to the bottom of red-painted plastic eggs. Following that, he filled them with vibrant gumballs. 

They were adorably cute.

Cartoon Character Easter Eggs

Cartoon Character Easter Eggs For Kids

I created a cartoon character, Easter eggs, with my son. Using paint and markers, we decorated eggs to resemble our favorite characters. This, in my opinion, is a creative and enjoyable way to bring our favorite Easter cartoons to life.

Easter Treat Calendar Countdown

With your children, make a countdown to Easter treats. Add numbered boxes or pockets to a calendar. Put something fun or small inside every day. As Easter approaches, excitement grows.

My son enjoyed doing this.πŸ“…πŸ“†

Simon Says Easter Egg Game

With your children, play the Simon Says Easter Egg Game. Utilize colorful plastic Easter eggs. Give instructions such as “Simon says touch a pink egg.”

This Easter-themed variation on a traditional game will keep the fun going and put their listening abilities to the test.

Egg Topiary

The interest of my son was piqued by this enjoyable activity.

With your children, make an egg topiary. Plastic eggs should be painted in different colors and then adhered to a foam cone. Include finishing touches such as ribbons and glitter. 

Rice Krispie Pops

Your child is certain to love this tasty and enjoyable Easter treat. Prepare Rice Krispie treats with your child, roll them into balls, and insert a stick. 

Sprinkles can be added after the rice krispie pop has been dipped in chocolate.

Jelly Bean Bark

I made Jelly Bean Bark with my son. 

We set jelly beans in various colors on top of melted chocolate. Set it down and let it crumble. 

We all enjoyed this sweet and effortless Easter treat.

Felt Easter Eggs

Cut out felt eggs, decorate with fabric markers, and add finishing touches with glue. My son genuinely loved doing it. To ensure their safety, I would suggest that you supervise your child as they cut the felt.

After that, you can decorate your house with your child’s artwork.

Bread Bunnies

Engage your kids with Bread Bunnies. Create bunny heads and bodies out of dough. Bake for a golden brown finish. Add chocolate chips, raisins, and icing for decoration. 🍞πŸ₯–

This will undoubtedly make for a delightful and adorable Easter treat.

Tape Resist Easter Egg Art

You and your kid can try this project. This was truly fascinating to my son.

Paper egg shapes should be cut out and taped in different designs. Peel off the tape to reveal a lovely design after painting over the tape, allowing it to dry.

Sock Bunny

Sock bunnies were a cuddly and adorable Easter craft that my son and I made. To create a bunny, stuff a sock with rice, tie the top, and then shape it. Include goofy features like pom-pom ears, eyes, and a nose.🐰

Easter Egg Roll

Easter egg rolls are a great way to enjoy Easter and the springtime sunshine. Kids can either hunt for eggs that have been hidden in the grass or roll their eggs down a grassy hill. 

Marshmallow Rabbits

With your children, create marshmallow rabbits. To create the bodies and heads, toothpicks are used to join marshmallows.

Include jellybean eyes, licorice whiskers, and candy eyes. This adorable edible Easter treat is fun to make and eat, and your child will love it.

Decorated Cookies

For Easter, my son and I decorated cookies. We made bunny, egg, and chick designs on sugar cookies using colored icing, sprinkles, and edible decorations.

This is undoubtedly a creative and tasty Easter activity.

Simple Easter Peeps Centrepiece

This festive and simple Easter table decoration looks great.

This was a lot of fun to make with my son. We placed Peeps marshmallow bunnies in a glass vase with colorful Easter eggs, then wrapped it with ribbon. 

We placed it on our dining room table.

Sparkling Glitter Easter Eggs

With this simple craft, kids can create their own glittery Easter eggs that sparkle. Simply use glue to draw designs on the eggs, then top with glitter.

You can use these lovely, festive eggs to adorn your Easter basket after the glue has had time to dry.

It’s a fantastic way to exercise your creativity and have fun. 😍

Egg Toss Activity

Kids of all ages will enjoy and find this Easter activity simple. Kids can simply fill plastic eggs with sand or water before tossing them to one another. Whoever drops their egg first loses!

My son and his friends had a great time playing it.

Easter Egg Race

This Easter, my son and I had a lot of fun racing plastic eggs down a ramp. To see who could get their egg to the bottom first, we used eggs of various colors.

We could enjoy this simple activity together, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate Easter.

Easter Sponge Painting

Kids will enjoy and find sponge painting to be a simple art project. Sponge shapes can be easily cut out, painted, and stamped onto paper. Easter eggs, bunnies, or any other design you can think of can be made. 

Salt-Painted Easter Eggs

For children of all ages, salt painting is a simple and relaxing art project.

Simply use glue to create a design on paper, sprinkle salt over it, and then paint watercolor over the salt. A lovely, textured effect will be produced by the salt. πŸ–ŒοΈπŸŽ¨

Painted Easter Sign

This year, my son and I had a lot of fun painting an Easter sign. A pleasant sign that reads “Happy Easter!” was made by us using acrylic paint, brushes, and paper. We enjoyed this simple activity together, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate Easter.

Stencil Easter Eggs

Kids can easily and with fun decorate Easter eggs by stenciling. Pick out a stencil, some paint, and a brush, then start creating! 

You can design straightforward patterns like polka dots or stripes or more intricate patterns like bunnies or flowers. 

Bunny-in-the-dirt Cups

Bunny-in-the-Dirt Children can enjoy a quick Easter craft using cups. In small cups, simply layer custard, crumbled cookies, and green coconut.

Finish with a Peeps bunny. Your kids will enjoy sifting through the dirt to find the bunny! πŸ€—πŸ˜ƒ

Torn Paper Easter Eggs

This year, my son and I had a lot of fun making Easter eggs from torn paper. We tore small pieces of various colored paper into egg-shaped shapes and adhered them to an egg template. 

The finished eggs turned out beautifully, and it was fun to create various patterns and designs.

Easter Egg Banner

With this simple craft, kids can create their own Easter Egg Banner. Simply use construction paper to cut out some eggs, and then decorate them with crayons, markers, or stickers.

To celebrate Easter, string the eggs together with yarn or ribbon and hang them in your home.

Read Easter Stories

You can read to your child Easter stories. They can discover more about the religious significance of Easter as well as its history and customs.

Children can also become engrossed in the magic of Easter tales, which frequently include bunnies, eggs, and other springtime symbols.

Handprint Easter Chick

Making handprint Easter chicks this year was fun for both my son and me. For the chicks’ eyes, beaks, and feet, we added black paint after using yellow paint to create their bodies.

The finished chicks were adorable, and it was fun for us to give them different facial expressions.πŸ₯πŸ‘πŸ€—

Speckled Eggs

With this simple craft, kids may create their speckled eggs.

Simply add a few drops of food coloring to a cup that has been filled with a few tablespoons of cooked beans or rice, then gently swirl the cup to coat the beans or rice.

Shake the egg gently after dipping it in the cup to produce speckles.Β 

Feed the Bunny

Playing the game “Feed the Bunny” with my son was very enjoyable. After creating a bunny face out of a cardboard box, we cut out some carrots from construction paper. 

It was enjoyable to take turns feeding the carrots to the bunny, and it was a great way to exercise fine motor skills.

At-Home Scavenger Hunt Printable

With the help of this printable scavenger hunt, kids can enjoy themselves looking for Easter eggs.

Print the hints out, hide the eggs around your house, and then send the kids on a search for them. Depending on the age of your children, the clues may be easy or difficult.

Potato Stamped Easter Eggs 

Making Easter eggs with potato stamps was very exciting for my son and me. We used potatoes that had been cut into simple Easter designs, painted them, and then stamped them onto paper.

The finished eggs turned out beautifully, and it was fun to create various patterns and designs.πŸ₯”πŸ 

Sing Easter Songs

One enjoyable and joyful way to celebrate Easter with your children is to sing Easter songs.

You can sing a variety of traditional Easter songs, including “He Rises,” “Jesus Loves Me,” and “Easter Parade.” Create your own Easter songs with your children to encourage creativity.


The story of Jesus’ resurrection, which is a crucial component of the Christian faith, is frequently told in Easter songs. Children can learn about this significant event in a fun and interesting way by singing these songs. 

Easter Basket Cupcakes

I had a blast baking Easter basket cupcakes with my son.

We made cupcakes, frosted them, added shredded coconut, jelly beans, and licorice, and then decorated them. The cupcakes, which resembled Easter baskets, tasted great.

Popsicle Stick Chicks

Make beautiful popsicle stick chicks with your kids for Easter.

Popsicle sticks can be glued together to form an egg shape, which can then be painted yellow, embellished with feathers, googly eyes, and a beak.

You can use them for decorating your home.

Fleece Bunny

This is one of my favorite activities to do with my son.

Create a bunny shape from fleece, stuff it with cotton, and sew it up. Your bunny will be ready to hop once you’ve added googly eyes, a nose, and a bow.

Bunny Toss

This Easter, my son enjoyed playing Bunny Toss thoroughly. A cardboard box, some paper bunnies, and some bean bags were all needed to create an easy game.

Tossing the bunnies into the box was enjoyable for him and a great way to develop hand-eye coordination.

Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family

With your kids, create a cute family of bunny rabbits out of cardboard tubes. Cardboard tubes can be cut into the shape of bunnies, then colored with markers, and given googly eyes.

To make the family more enjoyable, you can encourage your child to make a variety of bunny sizes.

Handcraft a Table Cloth

Your children are going to cherish making it, and I can promise you that. Create a fun and festive design by using various colors of fabric paint. Let your children’s creativity fly!πŸ‘Ό

Keep in mind to place it on the dinner table so your guests can see it. 

Carrot Balloons

Inflate orange balloons, and for the tops, twist green pipe cleaners into carrot shapes. Use markers to add faces. With their carrot balloons, kids will have a blast playing being bunnies.

This is a fun activity for kids to participate in at an Easter party.

DIY Bird Feeder

Use paint and stickers to decorate used toilet paper rolls. Roll the rolls in birdseed after spreading peanut butter on them. The kids can enjoy watching the birds eat by hanging them outside to attract them.

It was a favorite activity of my son’s, and he regularly fed the birds.πŸ¦‰

Easter Word Scramble Printable

Print a word search puzzle with Easter-related words. Uncover the hidden words by unscrambling the letters. It’s a fun way to improve vocabulary and analytical abilities. 

This activity allowed my son and I to spend some quality time together over the holiday.

Egg Garland

Cut colored paper into the shape of eggs. Use stickers, glitter, and markers to decorate them. Make holes in the tops of each one, then connect them with ribbon.

In order to add some festive flair to our Easter celebrations, we hung the lovely garland that my son had made.

Plant An Easter Garden

Kids can enjoy and learn from planting an Easter garden. They can discover the value of gardening, the various plant species that emerge in the spring, and the significance of Easter flowers.

By adding Easter eggs, bunnies, and other decorations to their gardens, kids can also express their creativity.

Easter Bunny Treats

Making these was an absolute blast for my son.

Pretzel rods are coated in melted white chocolate, then sprinkled with a variety of colors. For the bunny tails, attach miniature marshmallows. Allow them to harden and cool. 🍬

Enjoy these with some hot cocoa.

Carrot Garland

These are just right for giving your Easter decorations a carrot-themed flair. 

Cut orange paper into the shape of carrots. Use green paper tops to decorate. Make holes in them, then tie twine through them. 

We hung this simple craft, which my son enjoyed making, at the front door.

Crack the Egg

Taking part in this activity will be an instant favorite with kids, I’m sure.

Place small gifts or treats inside plastic eggs. Around the garden, hide them. To find the eggs’ hidden treasures, kids hunt for them and crack them open. This Easter egg hunt has a unique twist and is fun and rewarding.

Napkin Bunny

This was quite fascinating to my son, and he loved it.

A white napkin is folded in half after being rolled up and folded into a triangle. Bunny ears can be made by tucking the top corners. Put on some goofy eyes and a pom-pom nose. πŸ‘€

Kids will love this cute and simple Easter table decoration featuring bunnies.

Paint Egg-Shaped Rocks

Get the kids involved in decorating Easter eggs out of rocks.

Assist them in gathering smooth rocks while accompanying them on a nature walk, painting them bright colors, and allowing them to dry. Use patterns and designs to decorate.Β 

You can either put them on a tabletop or place them as decoration near your entrance gateway.


Walking through nature is a wonderful way for kids to exercise. They can aid kids in strengthening their muscles and bones, lowering their risk of obesity, and enhancing their cardiovascular health. 

Marbled Easter Egg Banner

A shallow tray should be filled with water and colored food drops added. Hard-boiled eggs can be dipped, rolled to create marbling, and then left to dry.

To create a colorful Easter egg banner for decoration, string them together!

Painted Egg Cartons

My son really enjoyed working on this artistic and useful craft project.

Dry and clean empty egg cartons. Paint them in vivid hues and patterns. Use them as a fun organizer for small toys once they have dried or to hold Easter treats. πŸ˜‹

LEGO Easter Eggs

My son enjoys doing this during the Easter holiday. He created bright, original Easter egg designs out of LEGO blocks.

For more fun, you could add a few LEGO minifigures. It’s a wonderful way to incorporate imagination, creativity, and the joy of Easter celebrations.

Magic Balloon Treats

My son loved creating Magic Balloon Treats. White glue mixed with a few drops of water was used to fill water balloons, which were then covered in glitter.

The balloons burst when the glue dried, scattering a mystical glitter trail in their wake. 🎈

My son could complete this enjoyable and simple craft by himself.

Pom-Pom Bunny Wreath

Kids will love making Pom-Pom Bunny Wreaths because they’re inviting and simple to make.

The yarn can be dyed in any color they prefer, and the bunnies can be made in any size. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate Easter and bring a hint of spring to your house.

Pro TipπŸ˜„

To make pom poms, wrap yarn around a cardboard circle or pom pom maker until it’s densely covered. Cut the yarn along the outer edge of the circle.

Take another piece of yarn, slide it between the cardboard or pom pom maker, and tie a tight knot. Remove the cardboard, fluff the yarn, and trim any uneven strands.

Easter Egg Slime

This is a gooey, entertaining Easter activity. Clear glue, liquid starch, and soft food coloring should all be combined. For an interactive sensory experience, bury tiny plastic eggs in the slime. 

To ensure that the proportions of the ingredients are appropriate, I would advise helping your children while they make this.


You’ll need 1/2 cup clear glue, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1/4 cup warm water to make Easter egg slime. If you like, you can also include glitter and food coloring.

After you’ve made the slime, thoroughly wash your hands. After creating slime, it’s crucial to thoroughly wash your hands because the ingredients can irritate the skin.

Paper Pinwheels

Paper pinwheels were a favorite Easter craft for my son. With stickers depicting bunnies, eggs, and chicks, he decorated them in vivacious springtime hues.

The pinwheels on our front porch looked so festive as they fluttered in the wind.😍

Easter Egg Sensory Bag

Making Easter Egg Sensory Bags is a simple and relaxing craft for kids. The bags can be filled with a variety of items, including glitter, water beads, and small toys.

The bags are a fantastic way for kids to have fun and explore their senses.


There are many different activities that you can do with your kids to celebrate Easter. I hope you’ll enjoy some of the ideas I’ve shared in this blog post.πŸ˜‹

Which activity do you think would work best for your child? Please share in the comments.

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