35+ Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas that You Might Know

Doesn’t everyone get excited about Easter? 

As a child, I remember looking forward to Easter because of the festive atmosphere, the thrill of hunting for eggs, the artistic process of decorating eggs 🥚, and just about everything else that goes along with it. 

At the tail end of last Easter, I would have already begun making preparations for the next one. 

My goal is for my children to have the same enthusiasm for Easter as I do, and to help them achieve this goal, I have come up with some Easter scavenger hunt ideas 💡 that are not only enjoyable to participate in but also exciting to plan. 

And since I care about your children and want them to experience the joy 😄 that Easter can bring, I am sharing these suggestions with you today.

Fun Fact: There is a great range of variety in the foods traditionally associated with Easter, but lamb is a popular choice because it represents Jesus as the “Lamb 🥩 of God.”

Spiced sweet buns topped with icing in the shape of a cross are known as “hot cross buns” and are popular in many different cultures.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Your Kids

Here are more than 40 suggestions for Easter-themed scavenger hunts that you may host for your own and your friends’ children 🧒. 

Your Easter celebration is sure to come to life with the help of these scavenger hunts, and you shouldn’t forget that people won’t stop talking about your party until the following Easter because it will be so much fun for the children to attend. 

Without further ado, let’s get started by grabbing some chocolate bunnies and getting this party underway ⤵️

#safetyfirst- Get information on the children’s food allergies and any dietary restrictions 🚫 they may have, and make sure that the meals you offer can accommodate all of their needs.

Easter Egg Hunt Adventure

This one is very similar to the traditional treasure hunt. For this hunt, the children will carry pastel-colored baskets while dressed in adorable pastel 🩷 clothes. 

They will have to use the clues that have been given to them in order to locate eggs and presents that have been hidden throughout the setting. The items that the children discover are theirs to keep and use.

Bunny Trail Scavenger Hunt

The Bunny Trail Scavenger Hunt is enjoyable for children as it is both easy and fun to play. Start by 

  • Disguising colorful eggs throughout a predetermined path or location, each egg should hold a puzzling 🧩 clue or a tasty reward of some kind. 
  • The participants will follow these bunny-themed clues as they hop from one location to the next until they reach the final destination, where they will find a unique Easter surprise waiting for them. 

Pro Tip: You can make it more challenging by using different hiding places or by adding in some questions❓. 

The purpose of this activity is to provide children of all ages with an experience that is both entertaining and interesting, and the goal is to do this by combining the thrill of a typical scavenger hunt with the whimsicality of a bunny’s adventure.

Springtime Hunt Extravaganza 

To play “Springtime Hunt Extravaganza,” sprinkle colorful eggs around your region. A little letter in each egg leads to the next hidden egg. Kids find eggs and solve riddles to find the prize. Adjust clue complexity to suit the age. 

The spectacular is fun for kids as they go on a spring adventure. This easy but engaging activity is excellent for a memorable Easter excursion for kids.

Egg-cellent Hunt Quest

Because my children never get bored of this quest and continue to ask me to organize it even when there are no holidays approaching, I feel quite confident in recommending it to you.

Your kids will have a blast participating in the Egg-cellent Hunt Quest, 

  • Where they hunt for eggs placed throughout a specific territory. 
  • Before the hunt, you are supposed to distribute colorful 🩵 eggs across the room, each carrying a little toy or candy. 
  • Children head out with baskets or bags in hand to find as many eggs as they can within a given time limit. 
  • Clues or riddles leading to hidden eggs can be introduced as an extra difficulty. 

The winner is the kid who collects the most eggs or discovers the golden egg. It’s a great Easter tradition that people of all ages may enjoy together.

Hoppy Hunt Frenzy

This hunt is a solid 🔟/🔟 from my side. Get the kids together for a high-energy “Hoppy Hunt Frenzy.” Place a number of eggs strategically about the environment, then equip each one with a unique treat. Let the kids loose in a race against the clock as they skip, hop, and jump around. 

The catch? Add some extra fun by incorporating bunny-themed activities like hopping on one foot or wiggling your ears. 

When the timer goes off, whoever has the most eggs is declared the Hoppy Hunt Champion and receives not only rewards but also the honor of being called the best hare raiser in the competition.

Jellybean Jungle Expedition

Create a candy jungle by strewing brightly colored jelly 🫘 beans around the playing field. Each player receives a basket and a list of jelly bean colors to find. Finding and collecting the designated jelly bean colors is the objective. 

Children learn as they discover, sort, and collect. Incorporate hints or mini-challenges to up the ante; whoever finishes the jellybean maze first or collects the most wins. 

It’s a delightful journey that mixes the excitement of exploration with the sugary delight of a jungle full of jelly beans.

Pastel Paradise Hunt

Get the kids to wear soft pastel-toned outfits for this hunt. 

  • Pass out baskets 🧺 and tell everyone they’re on a hunt for eggs in pastel colors. 
  • There’s a little something special or a clue to the next location in each of the eggs you find. 
  • Kids venture off in search of eggs and other delights. 
  • Throw in some easy puzzles or riddles for some added excitement. The first person to find all of the eggs or decipher all of the clues is awarded a bonus. 

The “Pastel Paradise Hunt” is a delightful, simple-to-plan event that combines the sweetness of pastels with the excitement of Easter discovery for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Whisker Wonderland Egg Hunt

A map with bunny whisker clues pointing the way to secret egg locations is given to each player. Following the cute whisker 😺 tracks, children can find eggs tucked away in snowy crevices. 

The hunt encourages children to follow the whiskers to collect the riches, combining the fun of discovery with a dash of winter enchantment. 

The challenge is just right, providing plenty of thrills without any undue stress. It’s a fun outing that takes the traditional Easter egg hunt and sets it in a wintry wonderland.

Sunny Bunny Scavenger Stroll

My kids love this scavenger hunt, and here’s how it can be played –  

  • Add a twist to the “Sunny Bunny Scavenger Stroll” by adding some golden eggs to the traditional egg search.
  •  These unusual eggs include colorful slips with unexpected challenges or amusing dares. 
  • When discovered, the child reads the message aloud 🗣️, and everyone joins in the fun—a bunny hop race or a happy song. 
  • With this tweak, the stroll becomes an interactive, hilarious Easter egg hunt with surprises at every turn. 
  • Golden eggs make the “Sunny Bunny Scavenger Stroll” exciting and fun for everyone.

Rainbow Hunt Quest

For this – 

  • Gather kids and deliver color-coded clues according to the colors of the rainbow—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 
  • As they follow each hint, they uncover the corresponding colored goodies at the following stop. 
  • A location having red-wrapped goodies 🍬 , for instance, might be indicated with a red clue. They’re building a rainbow of treats as they shop. 
  • When all the valuables have been found, the search is over. 

The “Rainbow 🌈 Hunt Quest” turns a basic quest into an entertaining color-filled journey, great for celebrating Easter with excitement and a variety of fun discoveries.

Did You Know ❓  It is common to call those who actively seek out and photograph rainbows “rainbow 🌈 chasers” or “rainbow hunters?” Some even travel to specific sites noted for regular and beautiful rainbow displays.

Chick Chase Scavenger Hunt

In order to play “Chick Chase Scavenger Hunt,” 

  • Little items or photographs related to chicks 🐤 must be hidden around the playing area. 
  • Give the players a collection of hints and puzzles to solve in order to find the hidden chickens. 
  • The kids’ mission is to find the eggs and bring them home. 
  • Whoever collects the most eggs from chicks wins. 

This Easter-themed exercise is great for kids of all ages since it blends the thrill of discovery with a lighthearted vibe.

Basket Bonanza Egg Hunt

  • Grab a basket for each child and assemble them. Put brightly colored eggs all throughout the area. 
  • Place a timer ⌛ on it. Tell the kids to go out and find eggs and put them in their baskets. 
  • To boost the fun factor, give eggs of varying colors varied point values. When the clock runs out, whoever has the most points wins. 

Make it fun by promoting cooperation and equality. It is an easy and entertaining way to attract kids of all backgrounds and beliefs together to share in the spirit of Easter.

Peep-a-Boo Hunt Adventure

The “Peep-a-Boo Hunt Adventure” is an entertaining Easter game for kids. 

  • Place brightly colored paper or stuffed “peep” (chick) 🐣 cutouts or toys all throughout the space. 
  • Wrap each peep with a letter or clue to help kids figure out what to do next. 
  • Finding each peep reveals the next clue on a fun trail for kids to follow. 
  • The fun of the hunt is combined with the thrill of discovery in this exciting game. 
  • Vary the challenge by changing the level of detail in the clues provided. 

This Easter egg hunt is perfect for kids since it promotes positive emotions like curiosity and joy while also being a lot of fun.

Candy Carrot Quest

Children take part in the “Candy Carrot 🥕 Quest,” in which they seek a predetermined location for candies that have been smartly concealed in places shaped like carrots. Each carrot is filled with a variety of candies and goodies. 

Participants are tasked with – 

  • Finding as many candy-filled carrots as they can by either following a set of hints or simply exploring. 
  • Finding the carrots that have been concealed is the difficult part of the game, which adds an element of surprise and excitement. 

The mission is straightforward: the kids should have a good time searching for candy-filled carrots, which will turn the hunt into a fascinating and flavorful experience for them.

Marshmallow Meadow Egg Hunt

How to play? 

  • Kids participate in an egg hunt called the Marshmallow Meadow Egg Hunt, which takes place on a field that is filled with marshmallow-themed prizes. 
  • Participants are each given a basket to use in their quest to gather eggs hidden throughout the field. 
  • Each egg either contains a delicious marshmallow treat or a piece of information that will lead to the next discovery. 
  • The objective is to gather as many marshmallow treasures as you can. 

The hunt promises to be a lovely experience for your kids as they explore the meadow in search of hidden treats and bask in the sweetness of an Easter adventure centered on marshmallows.

Did You Know? The practice of toasting marshmallows over a campfire gained popularity in the early 20th century. S’mores, the classic campfire 🔥 treat, were born from the union of toasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

Daisy Delight Hunt Quest

With the “Daisy Delight Hunt Quest,” you can rest assured that your child will have a wonderful time participating in an Easter egg search because the quest can be modified to accommodate children of varying ages.

  • Spread throughout your chosen play area a variety of colorful plastic eggs that have been adorned with daisies 🌼. 
  • Attach cryptic messages or hints to a few of the eggs. Children armed with baskets can be seen scouring the area in search of eggs. 
  • The information that is hidden on particular eggs will lead them to the next set of hidden goodies. 
  • It’s a mix of stumbling into new things and going on adventures, all set against the cheery backdrop of daisies.

Sprout Surprise Scavenger Hunt

In the “Sprout Surprise Scavenger Hunt,” kids get to explore nature. Place little sprout-shaped signs or markers in a park or backyard to lead to the next clue. 

Every sprout gives kids a clue to the next place. Treasures or delights await the end. It’s an easy and fun method to get kids outside and eager about the next surprise. 

Follow the sprouts, solve the clues, and enjoy the “Sprout Surprise Scavenger Hunt.”

Chickadee Chase Egg Hunt

Rally the young’uns for the “Chickadee Chase Egg Hunt.” 

  • Disperse brightly colored eggs, each bearing the image of a smiling chickadee, around the region. 
  • Give each kid a basket. 
  • When the egg hunt starts, the kids run around like crazy to find all the eggs. 
  • The catch is that some of the eggs contain chickadee stickers, and the lucky finders earn a special reward. 
  • At the end of the hunt, the number of eggs found is tallied, and the kid who found the most chickadees is awarded a prize. 

It’s a simple and fun pastime that blends the thrill of the hunt with the anticipation of finding the elusive eggs identified by chickadees.

Garden Gala Hunt

Create an enchanted world in your own backyard by organizing the “Enchanting Garden Gala Hunt.” 

Scatter a bunch of eggs, each bearing a hint or a funny riddle leading to the next concealed surprise. Little hunters with baskets go out on a mission to solve puzzles and find prizes hidden among the blossoming marvels. 

The garden is transformed into a magical playground where each find adds a new dimension of mystery and adventure thanks to this hunt. 

Puddle Jump Hunt Adventure

In the “Puddle Jump Hunt Adventure,” children embark on a joyful adventure. Disperse waterproof clues or goodies around puddles. 

Provide rain boots to participants and encourage them to splash in puddles, revealing hints or prizes hidden within. The adventure is in their splashy trek, and each puddle contains a surprise for them. 

It’s a simple, enjoyable adventure that blends the delight of jumping in puddles with the excitement of discovery, providing a wet and beautiful Easter for all.

Happy Hopper Scavenger Hunt

Happy Hopper Hunt Adventure is an easy and fun Egg Hunt game for kids. 

  • Put colorful eggs in your yard or another place you choose. 
  • As kids are jumping around with joy, they try to find as many eggs as they can. 
  • Each egg is a fun surprise that makes people smile and get excited. 
  • The adventure is over when all the eggs are found, and the hunt turns into a carefree, happy Easter party. 
  • Change how hard it is by putting eggs in different places. This way, kids of all ages can enjoy it.

Flutterby Fiesta Scavenger Stroll

  • Each player follows the bright butterfly markers and finds secret treasures as they go. 
  • The goal is to enjoy the lively atmosphere while collecting as many surprises as you can. 
  • The stroll is easygoing, so kids can explore at their own pace. This makes it a fun exercise that everyone can do. 
  • The whimsical flutterby theme adds a fun touch to the treasure hunt, making it an experience that people will remember.

Butterfly Bliss Scavenger Hunt

The “Butterfly Bliss Scavenger Hunt” has kids follow butterfly-themed hints to find things. 

  • With each clue, they get closer to the riches that are hidden. 
  • Picture bright butterflies leading the way and flying close to each surprise. 
  • The hunt is a fun adventure that combines the thrill of finding with the beauty of butterflies. 
  • The Butterfly Bliss Scavenger Hunt is a lot of fun for kids because they have to follow the hints and find the treasures. 

It’s an easy and fun thing to do to add a little magic to your Easter celebrations.

Eggstravaganza Hunt Quest

Kid’s “Eggstravaganza Hunt Quest” is fun. 

  • Hide clues in colorful eggs around your selected region. 
  • Children trace the clues to find Easter riches. 
  • Add challenges or themed stations at each egg location to spice things up.
  •  The search promotes creativity and teamwork while being exciting. 
  • Adjust difficulty by age for a fun, engaging experience. 

The “Eggstravaganza Hunt Quest” offers a fun Easter exercise that builds teamwork.

Floral Fantasy Egg Hunt

In the “Floral Fantasy Egg Hunt,” children look for hidden eggs in a flower-filled setting. 

  • Each blossom hides an egg. Children collect the eggs they find as they explore. 
  • The goal is to find as many eggs as possible in the allotted period. 
  • It’s a simple and enjoyable pastime that transforms the lawn into a whimsical Easter fantasy. 
  • The child who has the most eggs at the conclusion of the hunt wins, making the “Floral Fantasy Egg Hunt” a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate Easter with a natural touch.

Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt

  • To play the “Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt,” get some kids together and give them a list of spring-themed things or clues. 
  • Then, the participants look for these things in the designated area. They cross each one off the list as they find it. 
  • You could add a twist by hiding gifts or using colorful eggs. 
  • When all the things are found, the hunt is over, creating a lively and happy atmosphere. 

The goal is to keep things simple and fun so that everyone can have a fun springtime adventure.

Radiant Rainbow Egg Hunt

  • Spread eggs of different colors across your area for a lively show. 
  • Assign points or prizes to each color. 
  • Provide baskets and challenge participants to collect as many eggs as possible in a set period. 
  • Use rainbow-themed clues or challenges to generate excitement 😁. 
  • The winner is the child with the most points or baskets. 
  • It’s an exciting hunt that blends the thrill of discovery with a vibrant rainbow palette for a memorable experience.

Bunny Bop Scavenger Quest

The “Bunny Bop Scavenger Quest” is a fun Easter game that kids get together for. 

  • Each child receives a bunny-themed list of hidden 🥷 things. 
  • They “Bob” from clue to clue like bunnies on the trail. They tick items off their list. 
  • Hoping about and finding Easter treasures makes the hunt fun.

It’s a fun Easter activity for kids. Customize clues for each age group to make Bunny Bop Scavenger Quest fun for everyone.

Spring Fling Treasure Hunt

Get kids and bury colorful treasures throughout the house or yard. Help them find each prize with a list of hints or simple puzzles. 

Start with easy clues and get harder. Encourage teamwork and laughing while finding concealed delights. Discovery and spring joy are the goals 🥅. 

Adjust complexity by age to make it exciting and engaging for everyone. Happy hunting!

Flutter Friends Egg Hunt

For the “Flutter Friends Egg Hunt,” 

  • Assemble kids. 
  • Hide butterfly-themed 🦋 eggs around. 
  • Each egg has a clue or symbol. 
  • Children analyze hints to find the next egg. 
  • Kids work together to find all the butterfly-themed prizes. 

Choosing age-appropriate hiding sites and hints might increase complexity. Teamwork, problem-solving, and finding hidden goodies with a fluttery twist make the hunt enjoyable.

Peep-a-Palooza Scavenger Hunt

The “Peep-a-Palooza Hunt” is a relaxed and enjoyable activity. 

  • Place brightly colored Peep marshmallow candies 🍬 all over the lawn or inside the house. 
  • Give each kid a basket, and then send them out into the backyard to search for as many Peeps as they can find. 
  • To ratchet up the tension even further, attaching obstacles to certain Peeps can serve as a plot twist. 
  • The child who brings in the most Peeps or who finishes all of the challenges first will be awarded a token gift. 

The “Peep-a-Palooza Hunt” is an activity that is enjoyable and delightful for children of varying ages since it is a straightforward and ecstatic adventure that is filled with laughter! 

Jellybean Junction Quest

Do you remember the colorful beans filled with jellies that we would binge eat as a kid? Yes, this hunt uses just that. While organizing this hunt, don’t forget to relish one or two of those.

For this, 

  • Kids should be gathered at the beginning location, where a small basket should be given to each of them. 
  • Spread jelly beans all around the playing field, with each color denoting a separate checkpoint on the map. 
  • Children navigate a predetermined course and answer a few straightforward questions in order to obtain jellybeans. 
  • They give the collected jellybeans to the attendants at each checkpoint in return for a hint that will take them to the next checkpoint 🏁. 
  • Once they have arrived at the ultimate destination, the journey is over, and they can trade any remaining jellybeans for various prizes. 

Tell me this is the most fun hunt you’ve ever come across! If not you, at least your kids will say that after playing this! 

Hopscotch Hunt Adventure

The “Hopscotch Hunt Adventure” takes the classic children’s game hopscotch and gives it an Easter spin. 

For this, 

  • Create a hopscotch board with numbered squares 🟫, each of which will stand for a hint or a surprise that will be concealed for Easter. 
  • The children take turns hopping through the obstacle course, landing on various hints and surprises along the way. 
  • They discover the ultimate Easter prize once they get to the finish of the game. 

It’s a classic game of hopscotch mixed with the excitement of looking for Easter riches, so it’s an engaging and pleasant pastime for children of all ages. Because it’s interactive and joyful, it combines the best of both worlds.

Sweet Treat Scavenger Hunt

This one I will totally recommend to you if your kids have a sweet tooth 🦷 like mine do! 

How To Play? 

  • Collect a selection of individually wrapped candies and other types of treats. 
  • Disperse them all throughout the area that has been selected. 
  • Give each participant a brightly colored basket, as well as a list of clues or riddles that indicate where the prizes are hidden. 
  • The children travel the region while deciphering the clues, and along the way, they find secret caches of delicious delicacies.
  • The objective is to amass as many treats as you can within the allotted amount of time. 

Everyone will have a great time participating in the “Sweet Treat Scavenger Hunt” since it is an effortless and exhilarating activity that combines the excitement of finding new things with the pleasure of pleasant revelations.

Storybook Easter Hunt 

  • Conceive of a narrative or a string of hints that are connected to Easter. 
  • Each clue leads to the next section of the story, which ultimately leads to the location of a prize or treasure that has been buried inside the story. 
  • The participants are the ones who follow the story and figure out the clues as they go along.

Easter Bunny Challenge 

  • Create a series of challenges or chores that are associated with Easter, such as completing physical activities, answering trivia questions, or solving riddles. 
  • There are many options available. As each challenge is finished, a clue will be provided that will lead to the next site. 
  • Upon completion of the last challenge or hint, the location of the Easter Bunny and the ultimate gift will be revealed.

Egg Puzzle Hunt 

  • Conceal the components of the puzzle by writing or printing them on separate slips of paper and concealing them inside plastic Easter eggs. 
  • It is necessary for the participants to locate and put together the puzzle pieces in order to discover the location of the ultimate prize or the subsequent set of clues.

Color Coded Hunt 

  • Each individual participant or team should be given a certain color. 
  • Construct hints or puzzles that lead to things or places that correspond to the color that has been assigned to them. 
  • In order to finish the hunt, participants are required to gather items of the color that they have been assigned.

Photo Scavenger Hunt 

Participants are encouraged to snap photographs of Easter-related objects or settings rather than collect real products. 

Make a list of things or situations that the participants are expected to shoot and include them on the list. Any individual or group that is the first to finish the photo list is the winner of the hunt.

Blooming Basket Hunt

To prepare for this hunt- 

  • Assemble a group of children and disperse colorful eggs or other prizes around a predetermined territory. 
  • Give them some baskets or bags 🎒 to carry their items in. 
  • Explain that each hunt has a different theme, such as colors or polka dots, and give examples of each. 
  • The children look for items that have been hidden and then collect them in their own baskets. 
  • You can either provide them with clues or just let them explore. 
  • The objective is to unearth as many valuables as you possibly can. 
  • Add some excitement by throwing a few unexpected obstacles or problems into the mix. 

These hunts are all about having fun and uncovering new things, encouraging children to go on adventures, and getting into the Easter spirit. 

Maintain a straightforward approach and give the thrill of the hunt room to develop on its own.

Sunshine Seeker Egg Hunt

To me, there is nothing more relaxing than soaking up the warmth of the easter sun. The fresh Easter sun, which, for some reason, feels so refreshing on the face, inspired me to devise this hunt. 

  • Eggs will be hidden in a variety of locations, but the catch is that each child will only receive three clues to find them. 
  • If they follow the directions 🗺️ and locate the eggs, they will receive a reward; otherwise, they are out of luck. 

Both the ability to solve problems and the ability to make decisions are highly crucial life skills that everyone should have, and this search will help your children develop both of those abilities.

Polka Dot Parade Scavenger Stroll

Imagine going on a fun and enchanting journey this Easter with the “Polka Dot Parade Scavenger Stroll.” 

Imagine a joyful setting that is covered in a wonderful procession of polka dots 🔵, and children are walking through this setting. As players follow the trail of polka dots that lead them to hidden prizes, this treasure hunt turns into a visual feast for them. 

Along the scavenger hunt course, each polka dot acts as a marker that can be followed to find the next clue. 

For an Easter celebration that will live long in the memory, the “Polka Dot Parade Scavenger Stroll” promises a beautiful combination of visual delight and fascinating adventure.

Tiptoe Tulip Hunt Quest

In order to participate in this search, you will need to take your children to a lovely tulip garden and hide as many lovely eggs and presents as you possibly can around the entire area. 

The children will each have a basket in their hands, and they will have ten to fifteen minutes to make their way through the garden on their hands 🫰 and knees while collecting as many eggs and presents as they can along the route.

Happy Hues Egg Hunt

Children participate in this exciting hunt by trying to locate eggs of various bright colors that have been strewn around a merry landscape. 

  • Each egg is a brilliant explosion of color, which contributes to an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and upbeat. 
  • Participants eagerly journey through the kaleidoscope of colors 🌈, discovering hidden gems along the way, beginning with the softer pastels of dawn and progressing to the bolder hues of noon. 
  • This hunt promises to be not only a pleasurable excursion but also an enchanting celebration of the joyful spectrum of colors that characterize the essence of a really spectacular Easter experience. 

Daffodil Dash Scavenger Hunt

Easter marks the start of springtime celebrations. In the springtime, you may also find a large number of daffodils flowering and moving their yellow-colored petals about. 

The daffodils that we have here could be put to good use. Hide some presents in beautiful daffodils 🌼 parks, and then provide the kids with hints that will lead them to the hidden presents. 

Whoever of the children finds all of the gifts first will be awarded a crown fashioned of paper daffodils. 

Puddle Splash Hunt Adventure

I don’t think it’s ever a big deal if there’s a little bit of chaos. Your kids’ clothes may get a little muddy and dirty throughout this hunt, but that’s okay because it’s Easter! 

In your backyard, try making a few puddles 🌊 and placing a present at the far end of them. In order for the kids to make it to the finish line and make it back within the allotted amount of time, they will need to jump in each puddle. The child who finishes the race in first place is the winner and will receive a gift of clothing as their prize.

Pastel Peep Parade

Make a procession of Easter-themed things in a variety of pastel colors. Peeps, eggs, and bunny decorations are among the goods that children look for and collect as they follow the road towards their destination. 

A reward will be given to the child who compiles the most items.

Enchanted Egg Expedition

Stow away beautiful eggs that have been embellished with special patterns. Each design is associated with a different prize. 

Children go on a hunt for eggs, try to match the patterns, and then claim their prizes based on whatever patterns they have matched.

Carrot Capers Quest

Create a treasure map that features carrots as symbols that lead to other treats or prizes that are concealed. 

As they make their way along the carrot trail, children solve mysteries and uncover secret treats along the way.

Fuzzy Friend Fandango

This one is the cutest, most fuzzy scavenger hunt! I love it. 

Place little, cuddly creatures that are fuzzy and signify friends in various locations about the space. Kids look for these stuffed animals and collect them when they find them. 

The winner is the child who is able to make the most friends.

Eggstra Special Safari

Egg-shaped clues that lead to different “wildlife” in the backyard might be used to create a search with a safari theme. 

Kids follow the trail and solve the puzzles that are printed on each egg in order to discover Easter surprises that have been concealed and to finish the safari experience.

Bunny Bonnet Scavenger Quest

I love this scavenger hunt so much because…well, I’ll tell you why. 

For this, 

  • Give each of your children a hat in the shape of a rabbit- a bunny bonnet 🐰! 
  • In this Easter-themed activity, you’ll need to hide a number of small gifts throughout your flat, and the kids will have to ‘hop’ from room to room in search of them. 
  • However, we can show some form of compassion towards the children by not hiding the presents in locations that are inordinately remote from where they are standing.

Isn’t that just the cutest thing ever ❓ 

Radiant Raindrop Egg Hunt

The adults are going to have to put in some effort to complete this hunt 🤷. 

For this hunt, 

  • Grab some chocolate eggs or eggs that have been hard-boiled 🪺 and give them a coat of paint. 
  • There should be raindrops on fifty percent of the eggs, and the other fifty percent should be completely random. 
  • You should hide these eggs all over the house and give the children ten minutes to find as many of them as they can. 
  • The child who is successful in finding the most raindrops on the eggs is the winner and will receive a giant chocolate egg along with a decorating kit that they may use to show off their artistic abilities.

That was our last Scavenger Hunt for Easter.

#safetyfirst- Make sure there is a designated adult 👩🏼‍💼 in charge of each activity so that you can keep a close eye on the kids at all times.


Those were all the suggestions we could come up with for an Easter scavenger hunt. 

My children look forward to Easter more than any other holiday 🥳, and I have found, after putting a number of these scavenger hunts to the test with them, that they like participating in them with all their hearts.

I want the same thing for your children as well, because who doesn’t like to see a giant smile light up on their face, and when you realize it’s because of you, there’s nothing better than that, is there?

If you are feeling particularly creative, feel free to leave a comment below ⤵️ with your views, questions, or further recommendations. To be honest, I can’t wait to read them, so feel free to send them my way. 

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