20 Egypt facts: Land of Ancient Wonders and Modern Marvels

Several human civilizations mainly take support from a river to improve gradually. Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest and most magnificent civilizations in human history.

This was established right around the Nile River Valley. Here are some of the crucial yet fun facts about Egypt that can provide an overall idea about this country for sure. One can actually get interested in this country after going through these facts.

  1. Tombs and pyramids are only for Pharaohs
Tombs and pyramids in Egypt

Egypt is famous for its pyramids and tombs for sure. This does not mean all people can rest in peace in these prestigious areas. These tombs and pyramids were used for only Pharaohs.

After their death, the slaves and religious people usually put their bodies under the ground and built a tomb or pyramids.  

  1. Almost 130 pyramids have been found now

This country is considered the most appropriate place for archeological research. Many people found a number of pyramids almost every year. According to many expert historians, we got only 130 of them till now.

We keep looking for more pyramids in every possible way. Thus, we will easily get to know more detailed information about this civilization.  

  1. Slaves do not build these pyramids for sure
Egyptian pyramids

We may listen to the common myth regarding pyramids that this amazing historical architecture was mainly built by slaves only. This is not accurate information at all. The ancient people actually appoint laborers to build this architecture. They pay a good labor charge for it. They also provide them with proper food.   

  1. The Great Cairo is the greatest city in Egypt
Great Cairo City Of Egypt

The largest city in Egypt is the Great Cairo. Most people live in this city to run their various businesses apart from this, tourists visit this city to receive almost every facility with ease. This is why this city is also called the most populated city in Egypt.  

  1. Football is the most popular game in Egypt
Football is the popular game in Egypt

People over here show enough interest in games or sports. However, most people love to involve in football. This is the most popular game or sport in Egypt. They also have a national football team to represent this country in a prestigious way.  

  1. The official language is Arabic here

The local people in Egypt use many languages. However, the official language is Arabic. They generally use English for international purposes. They use Arabic for official purposes.   

  1. They preserve dead bodies in a unique way
Egyptian Mummy

Right after hearing Egypt, we all create a picture of a Mummy in our mind instantly. Some of you may consider this word as a ghost as well. However, Egyptian people preserve the dead bodies of famous people to make them remind for a long time. They usually deep thin cloths in some medicinal liquid and then wrap dead bodies with the same.    

  1. The Nile River was the main source of life 
The Nile River In Egypt

People generally lived on the bank of the Nile River. With the help of this river, they improve their cultivation. Apart from this, the bank of this river was appropriate for human beings. Thus, people consider this river the main source of their life until today. 

  1. They discovered that moldy bread can healed

We generally consume medicines and lotions to heal wounds or health issues. Egyptian people first invented moldy bread can easily heal any serious wound. Apart from this, this ingredient actually stays the wound away from any further infection. However they cannot be able to explain the actual reason behind this magic for sure.  

  1. Using various make-up products is common for both men and women

Egyptian people use different kinds of makeup products to make them more attractive. Even in ancient time people from this country first discovered makeup products. We can easily get an idea by observing the older books and paintings to realize the popularity of make-up products in both men and women.

  1. They invented many daily essentials that we use nowadays a lot

They discovered many useful gadgets which we use even nowadays. Different kinds of musical instruments, locks, paper, pens, cosmetic products, medicine, and many more things were invented by this country only. 

  1. The alphabets were hieroglyphs
Alphabets were hieroglyphs in Egypt

Each and every language has its own alphabet. They applied different shapes and pictures in term of communication at first. Gradually, they invented their alphabet to improve their communication skill. The alphabets were well-known as hieroglyphs.

Most historical books were written in this alphabet only. After many years we learn the skill to understand these alphabets. Thus, we understand what was written in those ancient tombs, pyramids, or statues.   

  1. Cats are quite special in Egypt
Egyptian Cats

Egyptian people love cats a lot. They believe that a cat can bring good luck to their home. This is why these people usually keep cats in their houses as pets. You may also observe statues or pictures of cats in many hotels or inns. 

  1. There are many gods and goddesses believed by people here

Spiritually brings strong believes among Egyptians regarding several gods and goddesses. They generally worship most of them to stay away from any natural dilemma.

Apart from this, this strong trust in god and goddess makes them pray for them daily.  The god of living beings is Osiris. Apart from this, the god of the sun and radiance is the Ra. Besides, they have many other gods and goddesses who they worship a lot. 

  1. There are 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Egypt

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites have branches in almost every country in this world. Egypt has 7 of them.

  1. They play a number of board games

Different kinds of board games can help us spend our sphere time with family and friends easily. We use them as our indoor games. People from Egypt actually invented board games. They usually play a lot of board games for entertainment purposes. 

  1.  Cleopatra is not Egyptian at all

We all know about the beautiful lady named Cleopatra for sure. Especially, when we start any conversation on Egypt and its beautiful women, Cleopatra remains at the top of the list.

However, Cleopatra is not an Egyptian at all. She actually has born in Alexandria. She belongs to the Ptolemaic Dynasty. This dynasty ruled over Egypt for a long time. Thus, we got a relationship between Cleopatra and Egypt for sure.    

  1. Egypt gets two seas on its border

Border-wise, Egypt gets two seas. The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea are two of them. This geographical location of Egypt helps this country stay connected with other neighboring countries easily. The ships are allowed to sail in both seas for sure.     

  1. Egypt has one of the biggest water damn in it
Biggest water damn in Egypt

You may think of a dry desert while thinking about Egypt. However, it has one of the biggest water damns to supply sufficient water for its own and other countries as well. This water damn also helps people use sufficient water for cultivation.

  1. Egyptians invented 12 months of the year 

The general 12 months calendar was invented by Egyptians only. They discovered that one single year has 365 days. After that, they decide these days into 12 months and create this calendar. We are using the same calendar for years now.

Here we found some amazing and important facts about Egypt. We can now list a few famous places in Egypt to enjoy our next trip with ease. Apart from this, you can easily avoid any serious mistakes while planning your vacation to Egypt.   

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