22 Amazing Facts about Burkina Faso: The Heart of West Africa

Any country’s economic and political situation is directly connected with the overall improvement. The impoverished economy and unstable political issues are decreasing the quality of Burkina Faso day by day.

Several educated and well-minded people in this country try their best to control the situation. Although there are a few good and pure qualities of this country still shines.

Facts about Burkina Faso

This country belongs to West Africa

This is a landlocked country in West Africa. It has no connection with the sea. Drylands surround this country in every direction. It has five partial states, which make this country.

This country is influenced by French culture

Historians say this country is the first home for cultured French people. Thus, the culture of Burkina Faso is almost similar to French culture.

However, they have their own unique culture and rituals, which make them different from any other countries. You may find a blend of French culture, mostly in the border areas. 

Unfortunately, Burkina Faso is not safe for tourists 

The unstable political situation of this country is suitable for foreign tourists at all.

Apart from this, the extreme poverty of Burkina Faso is not allowing people to improve the tourism industry at all.

In this scenario, tourists must face several issues while traveling here. Apart from this, they may also get caught by several serious problems. 

The meaning of Burkina Faso is the land of honest men

The Mossi culture is the base of this country. In this way, the name of this country also belongs to this culture only. The meaning Burkina Faso is the land of honest men.

The flag of this country is red and green in color with yellow stars

This country has a colorful flag. It has striped red and green color in it. Apart from this, it has many yellow stars for some specific reason.

The flag’s yellow color stands for this country’s mineral wealth. The red color stands for revolutionary struggles. Similarly, the green color stands for hope and patients.    

The most serious issue in this country is recurring droughts

The efficient struggle of recurring droughts killed many people in 1970-1980. This is the most crucial reason for the demotion of the country.

Many people face this problem in their lifetime for sure. Apart from this, this issue can be seen even in modern time as well. 

The famous guitarist named Sankara wrote the national anthem of this country

The national anthem of Burkina Faso is quite soothing and meaningful. A famous guitarist in this country wrote this song.

The name of the guitarist is Sankara. This guitarist also shows this country several policies to improve the overall situation with ease. 

It has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Many countries in this world have UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Burkina Faso is one of them. It has almost 3 sites for this institution. 

The national symbol of this country is the white stallion

Each and every country has its own national symbol to express its pride and main motivation. Burkina Faso also has a national symbol which is the White Stallion.

It has stallion in many terms of its own culture. The nickname of the national football team is the stallion. Besides, the most common surname in this country is the stallion.  

The average age for people in this country is 17-20

Due to poor healthcare and education system, people are not well-aware of their health. In this way, you won’t be able to find people of older ages here.

The average age of the citizens is 17-20. This is why Burkina Faso is also known as the youngest country the world. 

The Sindou Peaks are responsible for the unique geological formation

Sindou Peaks and the Sahara Desert surround the whole country. Thus, the overall structure, as well as the geological situation of this country, is quite unique. It doesn’t match with any other countries in this world at all 

The main occupation of Burkina Faso is the cultivation

Most people in Burkina Faso devote their time to cultivation. They grow many crops by applying different cultivation tools and ideas.

Apart from this, they also do farming to improve their dairy industry more smartly.  

Situated at the southern part of the Sahara Desert

The southern part of the Sahara Desert is named Burkina Faso. This is why the average temperature of this country is quite high and humid. 

The biggest ethnic group in Burkina Faso is the Mossi

There are several folk groups available in Burkina Faso. Mossi is the oldest and purest group among all. Most folk songs even the name of the country come from the Mossi group only. 

This country produces cotton in a massive amounts almost every year

Burkina Faso is famous for cotton cultivation for sure. It produces cotton in a huge amounts every year.

Thus, cotton production is directly connected to the overall economy of this country for sure. They also produce many cotton-related products to improve this industry more smartly. 

People focus on different sports such as cycling, basketball, soccer, boxing

The people of this country are well-known for sports. They involve in different kinds of sports such as basketball, football, soccer, boxing, cycling, and many others sports. 

African art and culture generally belong to Burkina Faso only

The rich and pure culture generally reserve by the local people here. Ancient African art and culture are genuinely born in this country only.

They have different forms of folk songs for entertainment. They are also famous for their rich and pure culture in all over the world.

The butterfly-shaped masks are quite famous here

They paint their masks with different colors. After that, they cut it into the shape of a butterfly. They use these masks in their festivals. Thus, these butterfly-shaped masks are quite useful and symbolic for them.  

The interest in education is quite low in Burkina Faso

The percentage of educated people is quite low in this country. Most people stop. They study at 4th standard only.

The poor educational infrastructure and low income force them to do so. Apart from this, they don’t have anyone in their families who can make them understand the value of education. 

This country also exports gold and animal products to balance the economy

The improved farming process helps them to produce animal products more simply. Apart from this, they are good in gold import as well. These two import businesses help them to improve their economy with ease.  

Poverty can be seen in almost everywhere in this country

The weather condition and soil quality, stop them from producing more crops quite easily. Also, low educational infrastructure and poor social conditions keep them away from smart business ideas.

Thus, they cannot be able to improve their economy at all. As a result, you can observe poverty almost every corner of this country.

The previous name of this country was “Upper Volta”

There are many rivers in this country. The longest river is the Volta. This river helps this country to cultivate many crops.

This is why people called this country “Upper Volta” early days. This is on the upper side of the river for sure.       

These facts will help you to understand Burkina Faso’s situation very well. You can also go for some more genuine information on this page to observe the effort of people to preserve the purity of this country difficultly. 

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