20 Interesting Facts About Freetown that Will Leave You Amazed

Welcome to Freetown😃, the cool capital city of Sierra Leone!

From its captivating natural landscapes to its rich history of colonization and cultural heritage, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover.

This article will offer some amazing facts😲 about Freetown that will amaze you. Let’s begin this exciting journey!

20 Interesting Facts About Freetown

The capital of Sierra Leone: Explore the largest city and vital part of Sierra Leone

Freetown Is The Capital Of Sierra Leone

The city of Freetown is world-famous as one of the big cities in Africa!

Freetown is not only the capital of Sierra Leone but also the largest city of this beautiful African nation.

Moreover, this beautiful city is also the major urban, financial, economic, political, cultural, and also educational center of the country. 

In addition to this, the city of Freetown is also the seat of the Government 😲of Sierra Leone.

The government of Freetown: It is governed by a directly elected council

Are you wondering who governs this beautiful city??

The city of Freetown is locally governed😲 by a Freetown City Council. This council is elected directly. 

The head of this elected council is the mayor and some members of the City Council. 

These members are directly elected by the people of Freetown in an election that takes place every four years. 

In May 2018, the mayor of the city was Yvonne Aki Sawyerr, who became victorious✌️ in the Freetown Mayoral election in 2018.

Also, you will be amazed to know that this city council has its own force of Municipal police.

City of Freetown: It has traditionally been the homeland of the Sierra Leone Creole people

City Of Freetown

Want to know about the people of city?? Me too😃…so, let’s start!

The city of Freetown has traditionally been the residence of the Sierra Leone Creole people. 

However, this African city is still culturally, ethnically, and also religiously diverse.

Freetown City is home to a major population of all ethnic groups of Sierra Leone, with not a single group forming over 27% of the city’s population. 

The city’s early history: It was founded by an abolitionist, Lieutenant

I have always loved exploring 😊 early history of any place!! If you are like me, then you will surely love Freetown!

 Freetown City was founded on March 11, 1792, by an abolitionist, Lieutenant John Clarkson. 

He founded it as a settlement for the freed Afro-Caribbean, African American, and also Liberated African slaves.

Their descendants are mainly called the Creole people. 

In addition, the local Loko people and Temne were residing in villages in the land that came into light as Freetown prior to the arrival of the Europeans.

Meet Crown Colony: Explore the British’s relationship with the city

Freetown has quite an interesting relationship with the British!

In the year 1801, indigenous Africans 😎 attacked the city and were repulsed. 

So, the British took control of Freetown and made it a Crown Colony. This act led to a major expansion, which resulted in the creation of Sierra Leone.

From the time 1808 to 1874, the city served as British West Africa’s capital. 

Also, it was the base for the West Africa Squadron of the Royal Navy, and the squadron was charged with enforcing the ban on the practice of the slave trade.

Freetown and Sierra Leone Civil War: The city faced some fierce fighting 

Freetown And Sierra Leone Civil War

Have you heard about the fierceness of the Civil War😲?? Freetown can show you some…

 The beautiful city of Freetown was the scene of some fierce fighting during the Sierra Leone Civil War in the late 1990s.

The place was captured by ECOWAS troops that tried to restore President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah in the year 1998. 

Later, it was attacked by rebels of the Revolutionary United Front, but they did not 🙄succeed. 

Explore the devastating mudslide disaster: It occurred due to heavy rain

Freetown's Mudslide Disaster

Oh God! What a cruel and unfortunate thing the city of Freetown had to face!! 

 In a fine morning on 14 August 2017, after heavy and continuous rain🌧️, some part of Mount Sugar Loaf on the edge of the city collapsed in a gigantic mudslide

It drowned more than 300 people in Regent Town. 

Many people blamed deforestation as the main reason behind this unfortunate landslide.

Sierra Leone fuel tanker explosion: Meet another unfortunate incident 

Another disaster that left me quite depressed!! What about you??

On November 2021, a truck with a fuel tank collided 🚚with another truck in the city of Freetown.

This unfortunate incident resulted in an explosion and killed at least 99 people, along with injuring about 100 individuals.

The border of the city: Freetown shares its border with the Atlantic Ocean

Border Of Freetown

Are you wondering what countries are located beside Freetown??

The capital city of Sierra Leone shares its border with the Western Area Rural District and also the Atlantic 🌊 Ocean.

Queen Elizabeth II Quay: A part of Freetown that is the city’s poorest part

The municipality of the city of Freetown is politically divided into three regions, such as Central, East End, and also West End of Freetown.

The wards in the East End contain the largest population of the city and are usually the city’s poorest part. 

Also, in this East End, you will get to see the Queen Elizabeth II Quay.

The climate of the city: Explore the tropical climate with the rainy season of Freetown

Climate Of Freetown

If you love rain☔..just like me! Then this secret about Freetown will leave you amazed!!

Similar to the other parts of Sierra Leone, Freetown has a tropical climate with a rainy season . It lingers from the month of May through November; however, the balance of the year carries the dry season. 

Both the beginning and end of the rainy season in the city are marked with strong and loud 🌩️thunderstorms. 

Freetown has a tropical monsoon 🌩️climate, under the Koppen climate classification, mainly because of the heavy amount of precipitation it gets during the rainy season.

Freetown’s population: Meet the people of the city

Are you curious to know about the people of Freetown??

The African city of Freetown is home to a large population that includes both Christians and Muslims. However, Muslims make up the majority of this population.

Similar to the other parts of Sierra Leone, the capital city of the country also has a significant liberal influence.

Interesting landmarks of Freetown: Take a look at the city’s interesting culture

Oh! The captivating museums of Freetown! I really love those!!

The capital city of Sierra Leone has famous attractions, such as Sierra Leone National Railway Museum and the Sierra Leone National Museum. 

Also, there are several historical buildings that are connected to the history of Freetown City. 

Here you will get to see the Cotton Tree that represents the christening of the city in March 1792.

Also, in downtown Freetown is the Connaught Hospital🏥, which was constructed in West Africa, and it also incorporated Western medical practices.

Freetown’s famous festival: Enjoy the beauty of the ‘Tangays’ festival

Love cities with festivals ?? Freetown is perfect for you!!

One of the very famous festivals in the city is “Tangays.” It takes place in November, with a traditional theme that includes almost every aspect of the Sierra Leonean culture 👏.

This festival occurs at the National Stadium. Towards the end of this cultural festival, a few musical concerts are generally held in the stadium’s main bowl, with performances from both international and local artists.

The city also has its own tradition of Christmas street parades that are organized in several areas in the city.

Be awed by Freetown’s architecture: Take a look at the King’s Yard Gate

Freetown is the famous African City that is home to the King’s Yard Gate. 

It was built in stone with an inscription that reads “any slave who can pass through this gate will be declared a free man.” It was the famous gate through which the liberated African people passed.

Fourah Bay College: The oldest university in West Africa is in Freetown

Freetown City is home to Fourah Bay College🎓, which was founded in 1827. 

This educational institution is famous as the oldest university in West Africa. It played a vital in the colonial history of Sierra Leone.

Place of worship in Freetown: Some important places of worship in the city

Place Of Worship In Freetown

Strengthen your faith while exploring some beautiful places of worship in Freetown. 

Some notable places of worship here are the United Methodist Church⛪ in Sierra Leone, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Freetown, the Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone, etc.

Sport and Freetown: Discover some playful views of the city

If you are a big fan of soccer just like me, then this unique secret will leave you amazed!

Football ⚽is the most popular sport in Freetown, just like the rest of the country. 

The national football team of Sierra Leone is famous as the Leone Stars. It plays almost all its home games at the National Stadium of Freetown, the largest stadium in the country.

Also, around eight of fifteen clubs in the Sierra Leone National Premier League are from the city of Freetown. Those include the two most successful clubs, Mighty Blackpool and East End Lions.

Accessing Freetown by sea: Explore the famous harbor of the city

Accessing Freetown By Sea

Did you know that the country of Sierra Leone has the largest natural harbor 🌊 on entire Africa? 

Also, ships from all over the world, including cargo and passengers, utilize the Government wharf that is located near central Freetown. 

Also, here passengers can enjoy riding transports like speedboats, water taxis, banana boats, etc. However, the ferry is the cheapest option in the city.

Air transport in Freetown: Meet the Freetown International Airport

I am quite amazed to know that Freetown International Airport ✈️plays a vital role in serving the city! Sounds impressive, right??

Yes, it is the airport that serves not only the city but also the rest of the country.

Located in the town of Lungi, the airport serves as the main airport for international and domestic travel from and to Sierra Leone.

Summing up

So, little knowledge hunters, now you know that Freetown is a city that proudly celebrates its modern advancements, stunning buildings, and natural beauty.

From its interesting museums 😲and festivals to its unfortunate disasters and exciting history, what in Freetown attracts you more?

Get back to us with your questions, and we would love to hear from you.

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