17 Fun Facts About Jeddah That Will Leave You Amazed

Welcome to Jeddah, 🕌 the vibrant city of Saudi Arabia!

From its captivating natural landscapes to its rich cultural heritage, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover!

This article will offer some amazing facts about Jeddah that will amaze you!

Let’s begin this exciting journey!

Interesting Facts About Jeddah

King Fahd Fountain: We can see it throughout the vicinity of Jeddah City

King Fahd Fountain in Jeddah

Have you heard about the famous King Fahd Fountain? It is located in this beautiful Saudi Arabian city!

In the year 1985, gifted by King Fahd 👑to the people of the city, this beautiful King Fahd Fountain can be seen throughout the vicinity of the city.

The fountain can jet water to a maximum height, according to various sources, of either 853 feet or 1024 feet above the Red Sea.

This attractive fountain is the tallest such fountain which I really wish to visit. What about?

Jeddah City: It is the largest city in Makkah Province

Oh!  The mesmerizing streets of the city 😲of Jeddah!

It is the largest city in Makkah Province as well as the largest city in Hejaz.

It is also the ninth-largest in the Middle East and the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia after Riyadh. Quite impressive…right?

The Jeddah Waterfront: The city is home to a 4-kilometer waterfront

Jeddah Waterfront

The city of Jeddah is located on the shores of the Red Sea 🌊 and has a total of about 30 kilometers of coastal area. 

An area close to Al-Nawras Square was refurbished in 2018 at a total cost of SR800 million and became famous as the “Jeddah Waterfront.”

This interesting waterfront hosts beaches 🏖️, water-sport parks, 🌊 interactive water fountains, children’s play parks, and restaurants measuring over 4 kilometers in length.

It even hosts a floating marina dock, hosts kiosks, larger-than-life art and animal sculptures, and also phone charging stations and restrooms.

The Historic Balad: Explore the historic buildings in the central part of Jeddah

The Historic Balad in Jeddah

Love history? Then you will surely love the historic buildings in Jeddah. One of the oldest areas in the city, with some of the buildings being over 100 years of age, is a famous place called Balad. 

In 2014, Balad was offered the status of “UNESCO World Heritage Site” because of its historical buildings and culture, among others. 

The modern parts of Balad still get crowded, mainly during the month of Ramadhan, although most of the population has moved.

Also, there are many Bazaars and markets around the area. Thus, Jeddah’s Balad is a perfect place for 🛍️ shopping.

Masjid Al-Rahmah: Behold the beauty of a floating mosque 

 Floating Mosque in Jeddah

Oh! I really wish to explore the famous floating mosque

In Jeddah, there is the famous Masjid Al-Ramah, which is often referred to as the floating mosque. 

The mosque 🕌 is unique of its kind and was built above water in the city of Jeddah in 1985. 

This incredible mosque appears to be floating in the Red Sea during the time of high tide.

The mosque is constructed at the edge of a 30-kilometer stretch of coastal land filled with tourist attractions called the Jeddah Corniche.  

The mosque even has a modern lighting and sound system for worship.

The tallest Flagpole in the world: It is here in Jeddah City

Tallest Flagpole of Jeddah

Little fact-lovers, explore the secrets of the world’s tallest Flagpole

One of the latest additions to the list of amazing things to explore in Jeddah is the Flagpole. It was completed in 2014.

The Flagpole is the tallest of its kind around the globe since its erection in King Abdullah Square as it has a height of about 171 meters.

During the national day of Saudi Arabia, A flag of the country with a size of 49.5 meters by 33 meters with a weight of 570 kilograms was raised on the Flagpole for the first time.

Fakieh Aquarium: Explore this amazing aquarium of Jeddah City

Have you heard about the Fakieh Aquarium, which is located in Jeddah?

It is the only aquarium in the country of Saudi Arabia for the common people to enjoy. 

The aquarium started operations in 2013 and holds over 200 species of marine life.

Several of the marine animals in the aquarium include Sting Rays, Sharks🦈, Dolphins, Groupies, Sea Horses, and Napoleon Wrasse.

The Fakieh Aquarium is a unique tourist attraction in the city. Many families enjoy a dolphin show here which is held twice per day. 

The world’s tallest lighthouse: We can see it here in Jeddah City

World’s Tallest Lighthouse in Jeddah

Jeddah City is home to the world’s tallest lighthouse!! Surprised??

Located on the north side of the Jeddah Islamic Seaport, the Jeddah Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in the world. This active lighthouse stands 436 feet or 133 meters tall.

The lighthouse is taller in structural height than any other non-traditional and traditional lighthouse in active use, as per the Guinness World Records. 

Jeddah Lighthouse looks stunning, particularly at night. It looks really gorgeous from nearby tourist spots, such as Corniche Commercial Center and Central Fish Market.

The Jeddah Tower: It will become the world’s tallest building once it is completed

The Jeddah Tower

The city of Jeddah has become more famous because of the Jeddah 🌆 Tower! 

Once completed, the Jeddah Tower will be the world’s tallest building. 

It is the brainchild of Saudi Arabia’s billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, and the tower will stand at over 1000 meters in height.

This record-breaking tower will be the crown jewel of an urban oasis known as Jeddah Economic City. 

However, only a third of the project has been constructed. It seems to have temporarily stopped due to Covid 19 shutdowns and Saudi political intrigue.

Globe Roundabout: One of the top attractions in Jeddah City

Jeddah is loved by many fact-lovers like us because of its globe roundabout😲! Right??

Situated at the intersection of King Abdul Aziz Road and Assalam Street, the Globe Roundabout is one of the most famous attractions in the city.

Surrounded by the flags of Saudi Arabia, this gigantic metal globe sits in the middle part of the intersection.

The silver and black globe is lit up with green and blue lights showing the map of the world at night.

The Bicycle Square: Explore this interesting part of the city of Jeddah

Located near King Fahd Road, the Bicycle Square is essentially a roundabout that features a 50-foot metal sculpture of a bicycle. It is famous as Midan Addarajah.

This huge metal sculpture is one of Jeddah’s most eye-catching and famous art installations, first installed in 1982.

We can drive to the park and roundabout to explore the sculpture closely and take a quick drive by the Bicycle Square or take pictures.

Interestingly, the bicycle structure in Bicycle Square and the gigantic globe 🌎 and some other large art installations in Jeddah were designed by the same Spanish architect, Julio Lafuente.

Etymology: Know the secrets behind its name

Want to know about the secrets behind the name ‘Jeddah?’ There are about two most important etymologies of Jeddah, as per the chief of the Quda’s clan, Jeddah Ibn Al-Qudaa’iy.

The more common account is that the name of Jeddah is derived from the Arabic word ‘Jeddah’, meaning ‘grandmother.’ 

According to Eastern folk belief, the Tomb of Eve, regarded as the grandmother of humanity, is situated in this beautiful city.

However, famous traveler Ibn Battuta visited the city during his world trip in around 1330, and in his diary, he wrote the city’s name as “Jiddah.”

Location of Jeddah City: Reveal the geographical location of this beautiful Saudi Arabian city

Little fact enthusiasts, what about exploring the geographical 🌎 secrets of Jeddah City??

The city of Jeddah is situated in the coastal plain of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea 🌊 or Tihamah. 

The city lies in the region of Hijazi Tihama, which is located in the lower Hijaz mountains. 

Politically, culturally, and historically, the city of Jeddah was a major city of Hejaz Vilayet.

Hejaz Vilayet was a part of the Kingdom of Hejaz and some other political entities, as per Hijazi history books. It is famous as the 100th largest city on the planet by land area.

The climate of Jeddah: Explore the climate of this important part of Saudi Arabia

The beautiful Jeddah City has an arid climate, with a tropical temperature range, according to Koppen’s climate classification. 

Unlike other cities in Saudi Arabia, this city retains its warm temperature even in winter, which may range from 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Here summer temperatures are extremely hot and sometimes break the 118 degrees Fahrenheit mark in the afternoon. 

Also, summers in Jeddah are quite steamy, with dew points exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit, especially in the month of September.

Jeddah City: It has been a port city of the country for many years

Even before being famous as the port for Mecca, Jeddah has been a port city and also a trading hub for the region. 

In the 19th century, goods like tortoise shells, mother-of-pearl, spices, and frankincense were routinely exported from the city. 

Also, many imports into the city were destined for further transport to Africa, Europe, or even Suez. 

Many goods that passed through Jeddah City could not even be seen in the city or even in Arabia. 

Also, all capitals of North Africa or the Middle East are within just two hours flying ✈️distance of Jeddah. 

Tahaliyah Street: Meet this vital fashion and shopping street in Jeddah

Little fashionistas, just like me, will surely love to explore this fashionable true part of Jeddah! 

Tahaliyah Street is a vital fashion and shopping 🛍️street in the central region of Jeddah. 

It has many high fashion brand stores and upscale departments as well as boutiques. This famous street even has some fine dining options.

The cuisine of Jeddah: Treat your taste buds here

The Cuisine Of Jeddah

The food culture in Jeddah is both vibrant and strong. The city is famous for its unforgettable seafood dishes. 

The people of Jeddah also love to enjoy dishes containing lamb 🥩and yogurt. 

A few famous dishes of Jeddah are Madfoon, Kabsa, Matazeez, etc.

Summing up

So, little knowledge hunters, 🤤now you know that Jeddah is a city that proudly celebrates its cultural heritage, famous monuments, and modern advancements.

From famous floating mosques and amazing waterfronts to famous towers and shopping streets 🛍️, what in the beautiful city of Jeddah attracts you 😃more?

Happy reading till we serve you with more facts!!!

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