18 Fun Facts About Jerusalem that Everyone Should Know

Welcome to Jerusalem, the historical and religious epicenter of the world!

From its rich cultural heritage to its captivating natural landscapes, it offers fascinating facts 👏 for you to discover!

This article will offer some amazing facts about Jerusalem that will amaze you!

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Interesting Facts on Jerusalem

Jerusalem: The city has been conquered over 40 times

The secret about the contenders of Jerusalem is very interesting!

 The city of Jerusalem had several contenders, each wanting it for themselves! 

Jerusalem is located in a troubled region with constant wars of culture, religion, politics, and commerce. Also, the history of the city is a tumultuous one.

There have been around sixteen wars fought over Jerusalem in its history, and even the city was destroyed twice😲!!

Jerusalem has been besieged 23 times and was under attack 52 times, captured, and even recaptured 44 times. 

Romans, Persians, and the Ottoman Turks 👑were among some notable conquerors. 

Jerusalem: Know about the largest city in Israel

Jerusalem: City In Israel

The city of Jerusalem is both the capital and also the largest city in Israel

This beautiful and large city covers almost 50 square miles and is a significant cultural center with more than 70 institutions teaching the arts. 

The people of the city are around 801000 in number.

The Jerusalem emblem: Look at the meaningful emblem of the city

The Jerusalem Emblem

The emblem of Jerusalem features an olive branch, a lion 🦁, and a wall. Quire surprising! Right?

The Jerusalem emblem holds deep symbolism and significance. The olive branch represents peace and harmony, reflecting the city’s aspirations for coexistence.

The lion, a symbol of strength and courage, embodies the city’s resilience throughout history. The wall represents the historical fortifications of Jerusalem, signifying its rich heritage and the protection of its sacred sites.

Together, these elements in the emblem encapsulate the essence and unique character of Jerusalem, a city of peace, strength, and profound historical legacy.

Mount of Olive: Unravel the secrets of the world’s oldest active burial site

Mount Of Olive in Jerusalem

Little adventurers, let’s explore the secrets of the oldest burial site in the world

Some of the greatest Jewish leaders, rabbis, and prophets have been buried ⚰️on Mt. Olives. 

This makes it the most important and largest Jewish cemetery around the globe. Also, Mount Olive has more than 150,000 Jewish graves.

Jesus is believed to have ascended to heaven from Mt. Olives. 

This beautiful mountain hosts the Garden of Gethsemane, the Church of All Nations, and the Russian Orthodox Church of Maria Magdalene. 

Today, Mt. Olive is an important site of pilgrimage for the Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestants.

The Holy City: Jerusalem is an object of devotion for three religions

I love this holy secret about the city of Jerusalem! 

According to Christians, it is the place where Jesus suffered and even triumphed✌️. 

However, Muslims believe this city is the goal of the mystic night journey of the Prophet Muhammad. It is the site of one of the sacred shrines of Islam.

Several religions, like Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, have their roots in Jerusalem. Jerusalem has 33 Muslim mosques, over 50 Christian churches, and 300 Jewish synagogues. 

Here we can see some notable religious sites, like the Church⛪ of the Holy Sepulcher, Temple Mount, Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque, etc.

Museums in Jerusalem: Explore the mysteries hidden behind the museums of the city

Museums In Jerusalem

Little fact-lovers, if you love to explore museums like me, then you will surely love the secrets behind the museums of the city! 

Jerusalem City boasts over 60 museums. So, we will need a whole month to visit those interesting places. 

There are Science museums, Art museums, History museums, and many more.

The well-known Dead Sea Scrolls📚, where the oldest Biblical manuscripts were found, are housed in the Israel Museum. 

Also, there is an array of about 179 million pages of documents and 450,000 photographs in the Holocaust museum and archive called Yad Vashem.

Jerusalem: Meet the fully walled city in the world

Wall Of Jerusalem

I am quite surprised after discovering this amazing secret about this beautiful walled city! 

Real estate in Jerusalem City is punctuated with high walls, and hence, it is famous as a fully walled city. 

The walls are almost 40 feet tall, about 2.5 miles long, and even 8 feet thick. 

The high wall of the city has the prospect of watchtowers, and hence, about 34 watchtowers are spread out along the walls😲 of Jerusalem. 

This wall even offers protection to the city, and people can get into the city through one of the seven gates along with it.

Olive trees in Jerusalem: Some of those trees are over 800 years old

Olive Trees In Jerusalem

Did you know this amazing secret about Jerusalem!?

The Olive tree is even written in the Bible-the Garden of Gethsemane, where it is believed that Jesus prayed prior to his crucifixion, has numerous olive trees. 

Also, it is a vital component of the Israeli and Jewish culture throughout history.

The most surprising truth is that some of those trees are around 900 years or older! 

The olive tree grows as a large shrub or small tree 🌳 with pale, oblong, silvery-green leaves, which remain on the tree year-round. 

Those trees often become twisted into interesting shapes as they grow older.

Public parks and gardens: The city has more than 1500 of these places

Little fact-lovers, let us take a close look at the beautiful public parks and gardens of the city of Jerusalem! 

Though this city is located in a desert area, it has quite some greenery to offer its visitors.

There are over 1500 gardens and public parks in Jerusalem. You can even get to see some interesting flora 🌳 and fauna and also enjoy the greenery in them. 

King David Hotel: Meet this hotel in Jerusalem that has international repute

King David Hotel in Jerusalem

Have you heard about the internationally famous hotel in Jerusalem!? No!!?? Then let me tell you!

 In the city of Jerusalem, you will get to see the famous five-star hotel is the preferred venue for hosting dignitaries, hosting heads of state,  and other personalities during their visits to the city.

The King David Hotel has hosted Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor, Hillary Clinton, Madonna, and Prince Charles, among other dignitaries.

Wineries and Jerusalem: Take a look at the city that hosts over 26 wineries

Let’s enjoy a sip of the world-famous wine🍷!

Several interesting stories in the Bible involve wine drinking, made from various wine presses. 

Modern procedures of winemaking may be used today, but the wine culture in Jerusalem and Israel is only fortified. 

Jerusalem City holds an annual wine festival, where over 26 wineries in and around the city are free to exhibit.

Jerusalem: It has an American football stadium

I really love this interesting fact about Jerusalem City!

 American Football is now garnering interest in Israel, and it is even played at the international and amateur competition levels in Israel. 

The first regulation-sized American football⚽ field of Israel was opened in Jerusalem in 2017 and was donated by the Kraft family, owners of the New England Patriots.

Situated near the Machane Yehuda outdoor market, the interesting sports complex is a multimillion-dollar facility. 

It was built in partnership between the Krafts, Jerusalem City, and the lottery authority of Israel.

Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo: Behold the Bible animals in this amazing zoo

Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo

Little animal lovers, be amazed by this amazing secret about Jerusalem! 

In the city of Jerusalem, the Biblical Zoo 🦁 is located in the Malha neighborhood. 

Well-known for its Afro-Asiatic collection of animals, the zoo is an interesting place to explore. It logged a record of around 738,000 visitors in the year 2009.

The Bible has told about some of the animals that can be seen in this zoo. 

Also, the zoo has successfully bred endangered animals, like the golden lion tamarin monkey. Thus, this zoo is, no doubt, one of the top attractions of the city.

Festivals in Jerusalem: Explore the amazing festivals of this festive city

Oh! beautiful Jerusalem! A city full of amazing festivals!

From Passover, Shavuot, Purim, Lag b’omer, Christmas, Eid ul-Fitr, Hanukkah among others, Jerusalem City is a great place to be and to enjoy different festivals. 

This beautiful city lights 💡up itself for different festivals, including both modern and international ones.

The city hosts over 30 festivals annually, spanning disciplines and religions, like opera, art, film, books, and even wine tasting. 

For instance, the Maccabiah games, which is a sporting event that opens up to several other events simultaneously, like Israeli folk music 🎼and jazz festivals.

Tourism and Jerusalem: A charming city for Explorers

Love exploring new things? You will surely love this amazing truth about Jerusalem! 

In the city of Jerusalem, tourism is a big contributor to its economy💰. 

It is one of the significant sources of income, with a minimum of 3.5 million tourists visiting the city every year.

With an attractive city like Jerusalem, the tourist attraction is quite predictable. 

It is a city of religion, tradition, and history but also of modern heritage and culture. Like the famous but chaotic Mahane Yehuda Market, which will have people thronging it, for its variety of colors, food, and noise.

Temple Mount: This holy site for Jewish believers can be seen in Jerusalem

Temple Mount In Jerusalem

The Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jewish believers. It is the site of both the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem. 

The First Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587-586 BCE, while the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City is actually the western retaining of the compound of the Temple Mount. 

This wall is believed to be sacred because of its proximity to the site of the Holy of Holies, the most sacred place for the Jewish people.

Jerusalem City: Explore the parts of the city that do not belong to Israel

Little fact lovers, I am quite sure that this amazing fact about the city of Jerusalem will definitely leave you amazed! 

Though most of the land in Israel is administered by the ILA or Israel Land Authority, there are still some places of land that are owned by other entities, like churches⛪. 

A lot of people in the city of Jerusalem are living on land that is owned by several Christian denominations. 

The Ticho House: Enjoy some amazing paintings

Located in downtown Jerusalem, the Ticho House is perfect for you if you wish to enjoy some amazing paintings!

It has paintings of Anna Ticho as well as the Judaica collections of her husband. Sounds interesting, right?

Summing up

So little knowledge hunters, now you know that Jerusalem is a city that proudly celebrates its natural beauty, religious and cultural heritage, and modern advancements.

From amazing museums to interesting mosques 🕌 and churches⛪ to attractive festivals and captivating Biblical zoo, what in Jerusalem attracts you more?

If you have any questions, just contact us! We would love to hear from you!

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