15+ Amazing Fall Nature Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

As a mom of 2, I know how cozy my kids fall in the fall season 🍂, and can I blame them? Not really, because Fall brings with it lots of comfort and the feeling of snuggling up in blankets and sipping hot cocoa☕. 

But let’s be real: I cannot let them laze around all day, every day.

I’ve learned that engaging my kids in exciting scavenger hunts is a great way to keep them from getting all lazy and lethargic. This will keep them productively occupied. My children greatly enjoy the hunts I set up for them. 

Why not give it a shot with your kids—who knows what can happen? Perhaps they will also love them❤️.

Fun Fact: One of the most commonly celebrated fall holidays is Halloween🎃, a day for costumes, trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and eerie decorations. 

Fall Season Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Your Kids

So here’s a bunch of fall and autumn scavenger hunt ideas to keep your little one occupied in the most fun way possible. Trust me, it took me a crazy while to come up with these, but I am equally sure that your kids are going to love every bit of the Scavenger Hunt🔎!

I’ll urge you to keep a play date at your place. Call your kids’ friends and their parents over, set up a barbeque, and enjoy smoky pineapples 🍍 while also watching your kids have the time of their lives.

Let’s get started now, shall we❓

Leaf Color Hunt

This is a great activity because it is fun as well as informative. Your child will learn about the beautiful autumn foliage while having fun🤾. The goal of this activity is to collect a single leaf of every color to illustrate the range of leaf pigments. 

After the quest, children can compare and discuss the different tones and admire the beautiful palette of nature during the autumn season.

What can you do? 

  • Make a list of the many different autumn leaf hues. 
  • Ensure that you have leaves in a variety of colors, including red, orange, yellow, and brown🍁. 
  • Have your kids go outside and collect one of each of these leaves.
  • Every kid gets their own color chart or list to use as a guide in finding leaves of the right hues, and they may tick off the ones they’ve already found.

Pro Tip: Sticking the leaves in a journal or notebook and writing 20-30 words about each leaf will make the activity more engaging, and you can reward them with something like candy cane 🍭

for their efforts.

Acorn and Pinecone Scavenger Hunt

The Acorn 🎍 and Pinecone Scavenger Hunt is a fun and educational outdoor game for kids to do this autumn. It’s going to be super informative to know what acorns and pinecones are, where they’re found, and if or not they have any significance and/or uses. 

My kids love this hunt the most because they get to make their own wreaths out of the acorns and pinecones they collect.

What can you do?  

  • Children participating in a scavenger hunt should be told how many acorns and pinecones they need to gather.
  • Encourage kids to explore the allocated area and seek acorns and pinecones, normally found on the ground under trees.
  • Tell the kids to put any pine cones or acorns they come upon in a bag. 
  • Collect the kids for a debriefing after the quest. Describe the ecological functions of trees 🌲 like oaks and pines that yield these products, such as providing food and shelter for wildlife and enhancing the diversity of the forest.

Mystical Mushroom Marvel

Discover mushrooms that have been concealed in the forest during this enthralling adventure. As you uncover the mysteries that lie beneath the forest canopy, each fungus provides you with a hint that leads you to the next one, which in turn leads you deeper into the magical realm.

Secret Garden Stroll

Become completely submerged in a garden that is brimming with surprises. Discover clues that are concealed inside flower beds and hidden corners, which will lead you on a delightful adventure filled with the joys and secrets of the natural world.

Cinnamon Spice Scavenger Soiree

This scavenger hunt smells like FALL! Weird, though, right? 

While you are searching for secret hints related to spices, you should follow the enticing aroma of cinnamon.

You are getting closer and closer to discovering the fragrance trail that will lead you to the ultimate treasure of the autumn harvest with each discovery that you make today.

Rustic Ribbon Rendezvous

Set off on an enchanting adventure to discover secret ribbons that are dispersed over a rustic environment.

Each ribbon reveals a clue, leading you down a beautiful path and bringing you closer to the ultimate destination of the meeting.

Woodland Whispers Quest

Take a deep dive into the mysteries that the forest has to offer. While you are searching for clues that are concealed amid the trees, leaves, and critters that inhabit the forest, pay particular attention to the utterances of nature. 

Every new piece of information that you uncover reveals a new piece of the puzzle, bringing you closer to the core of the enigma that is the forest.

Costume Hunt 

Seek to discover the bright world of fall costumes. Find people or groups decked up in imaginative costumes, such as scary monsters, heroic superheroes, or hilarious animals. Ask people in each costume about their character or story to get hints. 

Challenge your fellow treasure hunters to figure out the source of each ensemble. Take pictures of the best outfits if you can. 

Exploring the colorful and imaginative world of autumn costumes with this activity will encourage kids to engage with others and use their imaginations.

Animal Tracks Hunt

During the autumn, many animals come out, such as mice, foxes, deer, and hedgehogs. 

Identifying the tracks 👣 left behind by these animals is an activity that I know I would have thoroughly enjoyed doing as a child, which is why I consider this to be my all-time favorite treasure hunt to do with my little ones. 

What can you do? 

  • Make a list of the tracks left behind by common animals in your local area, such as squirrels, foxes, or deer 🦌, and include a brief description of each.
  • Give the children either photographs or descriptions of the tracks so that they’re able to spot them easily. 
  • Encourage children to look for these tracks in the dirt, the mud, or the fallen leaves. 

Safety Tip: Set guidelines to ensure safety. Keep the hunt area safe and tell the kids to stay in defined zones or not cross busy roadways.

Painted Rock Hunt 

Hide twenty numbered rocks around your backyard, the playground down the street, or the trail through the woods. Then, have your child find all of the rocks. 

Once you’ve gathered enough rocks, paint them with bright designs and hide them for someone to find. The fact that our kid is learning to count and recognize numbers while they play is a bonus.

Baking Hunt 

Discover a tasty treat at the conclusion of this treasure hunt! Use your senses to help you find the ingredients for a tasty meal in this scavenger hunt. Please jot down your most-loved autumn dish. 

Then, have your little helper find everything you’ll need from the places you’ve stashed it throughout the house. Take a taste of each ingredient and notice how the flavors emerge once they are baked together.  

You don’t have time to make a cake? Have your kid scavenge for their preferred snack items, then mix them into a delightful trail mix. 

Fall Scents Scavenger Hunt

I set up this hunt for my kids and the kids of my friends one time, and they loved it so much that they played it four times. 

Well, it explains why this one is so engaging and entertaining, doesn’t it? You can learn useful information about your children’s sense of smell 👃 through this scavenger hunt.

What can you do? 

  • Create a list of scents that come to mind when you think of autumn, such as:
  1. cinnamon, 
  2. pine,
  3. wet earth,
  4. Oranges 🍊, 
  5. cloves and 
  6. crisp apples 🍎. 
  • Prepare several little containers, one for each fragrance or object connected with it, such as a handful of pine needles, cinnamon sticks, or wet earth, and place them throughout the room. 
  • Hide these in various parts of the space for the kids to find using their sense of smell.

Shape and Texture Scavenger Hunt

The Shape and Texture Hunt is a fun and educational way for kids to learn about and appreciate the natural world during the Fall 🍁 season. 

It encourages observational skills and helps kids develop an appreciation for the natural world’s diversity and complexity.

What can you do? 

  • Describe the goal of the hunt, which was to look for autumn shapes and colors in nature.
  • Make a list of shapes and textures you want to find, like heart-shaped leaves and uneven leaves.
  • Give the kids the lists and tell them to look for things that match the textures and shapes.
  • Kids put the things they find in a bag 🎒 or container.
  • After the hunt, have a group discussion about what they found and ask them to describe what they saw. This will help them appreciate nature and improve their observation skills.

Safety Tip: Check the places you plan to hide things or clues before the scavenger hunt to make sure they are safe and easy to get to. Make sure the things are where you want them to be.

Birdwatching Scavenger Hunt

During this time of year, it is more likely to witness certain species of birds 🐦, such as kingfishers, robins, and a variety of sparrows. 

What could be a more ideal opportunity for your children to gain some knowledge about exotic birds than this one? 

What can you do? 

  • Make a list of the common birds that are found in your region throughout the autumn season, such as sparrows, kingfishers, robins, hummingbirds, and so on. 
  • Please provide either photographs 📸 or descriptions of these birds as well as their unique characteristics.
  • During the course of the hunt, instruct the children to keep their eyes and ears open for these birds and have them tick them off as they are located.

Fun Fact: On May 24th, people all across the world celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day. This is a wonderful chance to honor the fun of treasure hunts.

Turkey Hunt 

Create or find an image of a turkey with plenty of white space to fill in with feathers. Then, spread “feathers” made of felt or paper in bright shades of red, yellow, green, brown, and orange throughout your home. 

After collecting all of the feathers, your child can use glue to attach them to the turkey, making a cute craft for the autumn season. 

Marshmallow and Hot Cocoa Hunt

Make s’mores and hot chocolate with your kid by having them draw the necessary components. For example — marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, milk, sugar, and cocoa powder. 

Then, have your kid go on a treasure hunt to find the photographs hidden about the house and yard. This combination of seasonal desserts is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Cone Collection Hunt

Cones and conifers are sometimes written off as insignificant, but this misconception is false; conifers are an essential aspect of the forest’s 🌴 ecology, and it’s vital that the next generation understand this in order to do their part in protecting it.

This scavenger hunt will focus on the function of cones, including their storage and dispersal of seeds.

What can you do? 

  • Give kids the task of gathering cones from the numerous species of conifers (pine, fir, spruce, etc.) that can be found in your region.
  • Ask them to identify 🔎 and distinguish between the various sorts of cones that they find. 

Pro Tip: Be flexible during the scavenger hunt. If kids need help or extra time, give clues or lower the challenge to keep them entertained.

Fall Scavenger Hunt Bingo 

Bingos and scavenger hunts are two of my children’s favorite activities, as you can probably tell. Sitting by the fire 🔥 one fall evening, I had the inspiration to combine two of their favorite activities into one truly one-of-a-kind hunt. 

If you are nervous about sending your child far from home, you can organize this hunt in your own backyard as well. 

Want to check out ❓

What can you do? 

  • Make bingo cards with pictures or descriptions of different things associated with Fall, such as a pumpkin 🎃, a scarecrow, an acorn, or a particular sort of leaf, and hide these items in your backyard. 
  • Give the children the bingo cards and urge them to seek the items listed on the cards so that they can cross them off when they find them and know what items to associate with fall/autumn. 

Scarecrow Hunt 

Place a flannel shirt, some old jeans, a cap, a bandana, and other items hidden throughout your home and yard.

After your child has located all of the items of clothing, you can assist them in creating their very own scarecrow by stuffing the clothing with straw. 

A bonus is that you will end up making a charming ornament for your front porch. 

Spooky Hunt 

Well, my 9-year-old loves the gothic aesthetic and, therefore, also loves everything that’s spooky, so this hunt is dedicated to him. It’s very fun. 

All you have to do is go on a hunt yourself on a fall night and collect a few spooky items that won’t scare your kids too much but eerie articles like a broken twig, or you could get extremely creative and combine Halloween with this idea and look for carved pumpkins that have a spooky smile. 

Perhaps you could crumble a piece of paper and stick two black eyes on it, or you could find a wobbly head and just hide these in different places around your house or backyard and have your kids find them and have fun coming across spooky items.

Fall Seed Collection

Fall is a regular time for harvesting many of the seeds and nuts that are staples in the average diet. Butternuts, macadamias 🌰, almonds, black walnuts, etc., are all examples of nuts that fit this description. 

My kids and I eat these a lot, but I found out that they don’t know much else about them. I think that’s sad, so I came up with this fun and educational hunt idea for them and the other kids around me.  

What can you do? 

  • Tell kids to gather fall nuts and seeds, such as maple “helicopters,” chestnuts, and sunflower seeds.
  • Let them look for these things in a natural place.
  • Kids put the nuts and seeds they find in a jar 🫙 or bag.
  •  Gather after the hunt to talk about how seeds and nuts are important for plants and trees to survive and grow.
  • Stress how important nuts and seeds are to the environment and how they feed animals.

Fall Fungi and Mushroom Hunt 

The Fall Fungi and Mushroom Hunt is an instructive and exciting exercise for children that connects them with the marvels of the fall forest floor. 

The various mushrooms and fungi that flourish in the autumn are first introduced. You can find a list of different colored and shaped mushrooms to look for, such as the traditional fly agaric and the earthy chanterelles. 

Children venture into the restricted area, keeping a sharp eye out for these fascinating creatures as they examine the soil, fallen logs, and tree trunks. 

The crucial role fungi play in decomposition, nutrient recycling, and the health of the forest ecosystem are all highlighted when children participate in this exercise. It’s an interactive learning experience that piques interest in the mysteries of the natural world.

#TipTime: After the scavenger hunt, talk to the kids about what they learned and liked. Celebrate their accomplishments with a small celebration 🎊 or goodie.

Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt 

Is Fall even without some pumpkins !? 

Get the kids out for some outdoor fun with a Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt! 

What needs to be done?

  • Children can go pumpkin picking in fields that are a burst of color, from bright orange to green to golden, and find everything from tiny sugar pumpkins to enormous squashes for carving. 
  • Encourage sharp observation skills by having them search for the smallest and most peculiarly shaped pumpkins. 
  • Activities like estimating the weight of a pumpkin or counting its ridges are great ways to spark imagination. 

This fun hunt not only celebrates the season of autumn but also incorporates the thrill of Halloween festivities, making it a unique and instructive outdoor experience for children.

Sweater Weather Scavenger Hunt 

How much I love this scavenger hunt, oh boy! 

Small objects such as leaves, acorns, and pinecones should be concealed inside giant sweaters that are dispersed over the play area. Every little one is given a jumper, and they are tasked with finding items that are concealed within it. 

The prize for the child who discovers the most items hidden within their jumper is a warm and fuzzy fall-themed item.

Cider Sipping Scavenger Hunt 

Fall calls for cider-tasting, don’t you think so? Well, I do! 

Set up stations throughout the play area, each of which should have a cup of apple cider or apple juice available for consumption. 

Every little one is given a map or a list of the sites to reference. On the way to each stop, students will have the opportunity to have a drink of cider. A gift with an autumn beverage theme will be awarded to the child who visits all of the stations first.

Apple Orchard Adventure

If you have a backyard or a play area, you should conceal miniature apples made of foam or plastic.

Every little one is given a basket and a list of activities that are associated with apples, such as locating the apple that has the most luster or the apple that still has the stem attached. 

An apple-themed reward will be awarded to the child who was the first to finish all of the tasks.

Haystack Hide and Seek 

Using a haystack or a pile of hay, conceal small items such as miniature scarecrows or plastic animals and hide them. The haystack is a treasure hunt, and each kid gets a chance to look for hidden gems within it. 

The child who discovers the greatest number of items in the shortest length of time is awarded a gift that is related to the harvest.

Maple Madness Mission 

Do you like maple syrup or honey? I am simply curious to know! Leave it down in the comments below. 

Leaves of maple trees in a variety of colors should be dispersed in a specific location. If you want each child to collect specific color combinations or patterns, you should give them a basket or bag and a list of such combinations. 

A delicious autumn treat will be awarded to the child who finishes their collection of maple leaves first and who does it in accordance with the requirements.

Cornucopia Quest 

Small items that depict a cornucopia, such as miniature versions of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, should be dispersed throughout a room or an outdoor location. 

Make sure that every child has a basket, and during the allotted amount of time, they are required to seek and gather as many items as they possibly can. 

The winner is the child who has the most abundant cornucopia.

Cozy Cabin Challenge 

I think if Fall had to have another name, it’d definitely be ‘COZY.’ 

Using items with a fall theme, construct a “cabin” or playhouse and place them inside. Within the cabin, each little one is given a checklist that contains either photos or descriptions of items that they are expected to locate. 

A COZY and inviting gift with an autumn theme is awarded to the child who is the first to find all of the items on their list.

Cinnamon Stick Challenge

Too many cinnamon sticks lying about your house? Try this scavenger hunt and make the best use of them! 

Cinnamon sticks should be hidden in a variety of areas throughout the play area. Give each child a treasure map or a series of clues that will take them to the cinnamon sticks that have been hidden. 

The child who, according to the clues, discovers the greatest number of cinnamon sticks is the winner of a reward that smells like cinnamon.

Warm Cocoa Challenge

Let me take you through my favorite memory of winters. It would be waking up early in the morning when everyone was asleep and making myself a cup of warm, peppermint hot cocoa and enjoying it by the window. 

Throughout the play area, conceal little items that are associated with cocoa, such as miniature marshmallows and chocolate kisses. 

Each child should be given a mug or container, and they should be given the task of unearthing as many chocolate sweets as they possibly can. The prize that is delicious and warm and has an autumn theme is awarded to the child who has the most sweets in their mug.

Seek & Sketch 

This is for all the moms and dads who want to instill creativity in their kids! 

A sketchbook and a pencil should be given to each child. Challenge the children to locate and draw each of the fall-themed objects that you have hidden around the area. 

Some examples of these objects include scarecrows, pumpkins, and leaves. In the autumn, a prize that is inspired by art will be awarded to the little one who has the most imaginative and accurate sketches.

Golden Harvest Hunt

Use metallic gold paint to paint or spray-paint small objects (such as acorns, leaves, and pinecones) and then conceal them in various locations throughout the play area. 

Make sure that every child has a list of golden prizes that they need to find. A regal fall-themed reward will be awarded to the child who compiles the greatest number of golden objects.

Mystical Mushroom Hunt 

This is a solid 10/10 from my end. 

It is recommended to position objects in the shape of mushrooms or photographs of mushrooms in various spots.

Each child should be given a checklist or map that contains difficulties relating to mushrooms, such as locating the mushroom that is the tallest or one that has the most spots it has. 

The reward, which is centered around mushrooms, is given to the child who finishes the trials first.

Broomstick Bonanza 

Mini witches’ broomsticks, either craft or toy versions, should be dispersed throughout the backyard or in a specific region inside the backyard. 

Every little one is given a checklist in the shape of a broomstick, and they are tasked with locating as many broomsticks as they can within a predetermined amount of time. A mystical prize with a fall-themed motif is awarded to the child who has the most broomsticks.

Squirrel Squad Scavenger Hunt 

Place acorns and other items with a fall theme in a play area and hide them. Each child should be given a fluffy squirrel tail and given the role of a “squirrel” to play in the game. 

A certain amount of time is allotted for the child to collect as many “nuts” as they can. A nut-themed autumn reward will be awarded to the child who has the fullest tail.

Fireside Friendship Hunt 

In a certain location, disperse goods that are associated with activities that take place around a fire, such as marshmallow skewers and cozy blankets. 

Each child is given a list of goods to locate, and the child who is able to collect the most items that are related to a meeting by the fireplace is awarded a prize that is themed around friendship during the autumn season.

Potion Scavenger Hunt 

I love this one and would totally recommend you add this to your favorites list!! 

Locate little containers that are labeled as ingredients for a magical potion (colored water, glitter) and conceal them all about the play area. Every kid is given a formula for a potion, and they are tasked with locating the components necessary to make their own magical concoction. 

A prize for preparing a potion in the autumn is awarded to the child who is the first to collect all of the ingredients.

Frosty Fairy Tale Scavenger Hunt 

This is my favorite of them all!! 

In order to create the impression of a winter wonderland in a play area, you might use fake frost or snow spray. The children should each be given a map with a frosty theme, and you should hide winter-themed items such as snowflakes and snowmen. 

An autumn prize that is inspired by fairytales will be awarded to the child who discovers the most frosty treasures.

Quilted Quest 

Fabric squares with an autumn motif can be used to form a makeshift quilt. As well as providing each little one with a quilt square or design, you should conceal little items in the spaces between the squares. 

The little one is tasked with searching the quilt for hidden riches, and the child who discovers the most items will be awarded a warm and inviting reward that is themed around autumn.

Batty Bat Scavenger Hunt 

Cover the play area with bat-shaped cutouts or little bat toys and hide them somewhere. Every kid is given a set of challenges that are associated with bats, such as locating the bat that is the opposite of upright or the one that has the widest wingspan. 

The child who is the first to finish all of the challenges will be awarded a batty autumn prize.

Owl Scavenger Hunt 

This hunt certainly tests my creativity skills. 

Owl-shaped cutouts or little owl toys should be placed in a variety of different settings. Identifying the owl with the largest eyes or the one that shoots the loudest is one of the owl-related difficulties that are included on the checklist that is given to each kid. 

Any child who is the first to finish all of the challenges will be awarded an autumn prize with an owl theme.

Moonlight Mysteries Scavenger Hunt 

You should carry out the hunt in the evening with the assistance of lanterns or the gentle light of the moon. 

Each kid should be given a map or clues that will guide them to the moonlit mysteries, and glow-in-the-dark or reflecting fall-themed trinkets should be hidden throughout the neighborhood. 

One of the prizes for the moonlit autumn is awarded to the child who finds the most objects.

Nutty Hunt 

Nuts of varying sizes, such as walnuts, almonds, and pecans, should be hidden all throughout the play area. A nutcracker figurine is given to each little one, and they are tasked with locating as many nuts as they can within a predetermined amount of time. 

An autumn prize with a nut-related theme will be awarded to the child who uses their nutcracker to crack open the most nuts.

Crispy Candy Corn Challenge

As you go around the play area, scatter candy corn or things that are shaped like candy corn. Each little one is given a container of candy corn, and within a certain amount of time, they are required to collect as many candy corn pieces as they possibly can. 

An autumnal treat will be awarded to the child who has a full candy corn container.

Autumn Alphabet Scavenger Hunt 

Hide objects that are related to Fall for each letter of the alphabet (for example, an apple, a bonfire, or an acorn). Find the things that are associated with autumn. 

Every child is provided with a list that contains the alphabet, and it is their responsibility to find one item that corresponds to each letter on the list. 

If a child is able to successfully complete the Autumn Alphabet Adventure, they are entitled to receive an educational gift that has a fall-related theme.

Whimsical Wizard Hunt 

Hide things in the shape of sticks or wands that are employed by wizards by employing symbols that are associated with magic. Each and every child is provided with a magic book or guide that has indications that will lead them to the wands that have been concealed. 

The child who finds the most wands and correctly recognizes any magical symbols or spells during the course of the autumn season will be rewarded with a trophy that is both whimsical and symbolic of the season.

Mushroom Manor History 

In order to participate in the game “Mushroom Manor Mystery,” you will need to construct a fairy ring or a mushroom manor, which is a fantasy world that contains hidden treasures. 

The children are each provided with a map or a series of hints that will assist them in navigating the mystery mushroom manor and locating the prizes that are hidden within it. 

A prize that is centered on the autumn season will be given to the children who discover the items that are the most captivating.

Autumn Safari 

When implementing the Autumn Animal Safari, it is recommended that small animal figurines or images of autumn creatures, such as owls, foxes, and deer, be concealed in various locations throughout the play area. 

Each child is provided with an animal guide, and they are faced with the mission of locating as many fall animals as they can within a certain length of time that has been decided in advance. 

The little one who is able to successfully complete the safari and discover the greatest number of animals will be presented with a present that is drawn from the natural world.

Rusting Riddle Rally 

During the Rustling Riddle Rally, kids are required to write puzzles on cards that have a fall-related theme and then conceal those riddles in a variety of locations. 

In order to get the children to move from one location to the next, a set of riddles is given to each child to solve. 

This is done in order to direct the children. An autumn-themed reward will be given to the little one who is the first to solve all of the riddles and arrive at the ultimate destination. This reward will provide the child with a sense of accomplishment.

Bountiful Butterfly Bonanza

It is possible to create a bountiful butterfly bonanza by concealing butterfly-shaped cutouts or toys in a number of different areas. 

A butterfly net or a handbook that has photos of butterflies that the children are looking for is provided to each and every child. 

Those little ones who are able to collect the greatest number of butterflies or correctly identify them will be presented with a trophy that is centered around the autumnal season.

Gleaming Gemstone Gathering 

In order to take part in the Gleaming Gemstone Gathering activity, you will need to paint small rocks or stones in autumn colors and then conceal them across the play area. 

A gemstone map or checklist is provided to each of the children. The children are tasked with completing a series of challenges, such as discovering the gemstone that is the most shiny or the one that has the most odd shape. 

One of the prizes for the sparkling fall season is given to the little one who completes the gemstone challenges first. This is one of the available prizes.

Riverside Adventure 

In order to take part in the Riverside Rock Adventure, you will need to conceal painted pebbles or stones in close proximity to a river or another type of water feature. 

A river-themed map or guide is provided to each of the children, and it contains clues that will lead them to the rocks that have been concealed. 

A prize with an autumnal theme will be given to the child who finds the stones that are the most tastefully arranged. The prize will be based on the riverfront.

Falling Leaves Limbo

Using a limbo stick, attach cutouts or photographs of leaves that are related to the autumn season. Kids are required to pass under the falling leaves while they play the conventional game of limbo, but instead of a bar. 

The stick should be lowered after each round. A flexible prize with an autumn theme will be awarded to the child who is able to limbo dance under the very lowest leaves.


And with that, I’d like to wrap up this blog. People all over the world love fall because it marks the start of winter⛄. These exciting scavenger hunt suggestions will make the experience much more memorable for your kids. 

Grab this scavenger hunt list and get into the spirit of the season by sending your kids out on an adventure full of discovery and delight in the natural world💙.

Please leave a comment below if you have done a treasure hunt before and have more ideas. I would love to hear them. Also, keep an eye out for more blogs just like these.

Happy (scavenger) Hunting🕵️!

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