30+ Best Festival Activities that You Might Know!

Even though we humans have progressed to unimaginable heights, we all still stick back to enjoying and resting for a couple of days on the occasion of certain festivals. 

As we humans are emotional beings, we repeatedly stick back to our man-made cultures. And to celebrate this variety of cultures and beliefs that we have, we create these festival days. 

So, to transfer the value of these festivals to our younger generation, here are a few festival activities that will help your kids understand the value of these festivals in a fun and interactive way.

Interesting Festival Activities For Your Children

I would suggest that these few festival activities will be very fun and enjoyable for your kids. It will also bring with it lots of information about our unique and widely celebrated festivals, which should be known by the newer generation 👦. 

On top of this, your kids will also be able to experience and improve a bunch of new skills and abilities that will also help them in the long run.

So, in this blog post, I compiled a list of festival activities that are fun as well as valuable for your kids.😁

Pumpkin Golf

Here is an easy and simple task that I believe has some unique attributes to further improve your kid’s learning 🧠. 

According to me, everyone loves fall! Fall brings with it comfort food, changing colors, and hot drinks. So, this activity is a perfect addition to any fall festival. 

In this activity, your kid just needs to collect pumpkins to create a miniature golf course. This is surely a great activity for all the little learners out there who want to learn about festivals.

Pro Tip:

You can easily replace the pumpkins with some other items according to your or your kid’s preference. This will, in turn, help your kids to focus on this activity more freely.

Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

This is another very awesome activity that I tried with my little son, and he loved it. Just like me, all of us have surely played this amazing game of tic tac toe. 

This activity revolves around this game, and instead, it is a huge version of tic tac toe, and it is also a great way to entertain festival-goers. 

In this activity, your kids need to create a big board with the help of a tape and then give each player five white and orange pumpkins. Then, their challenge is to plate three of the pumpkins in a row to win.

Punch Cup Game

My son loves any kind of activity surrounding art, so this bus artwork, which I found, will surely give him so much joy 🤩! 

This activity will challenge your kids to find sweet treats or prizes that have been hidden in cups. After this, your kids need to buy a ticket to punch a cup. 

Your kids can punch through the top of any cup and keep the surprise that is inside. This is a wonderful interactive activity that all of the little learners must try.

Pro Tip:

You can put any sweet dish or favorite gift as a prize for this activity. The prize can change according to your kid’s liking.

Guessing Game

This activity is another great way to include learning as well as fun in a simple but exciting manner. 

This simple activity is the perfect activity suitable for any fair or festival. In this activity, you need to place pieces of candy in big glass jars, and then your kids need to guess how many pieces of candy they contain. 

If your kids can guess them correctly, they will win a prize offered by you.

Pro Tip:

Your kids can also receive the jar of candy instead of the prize according to their choice. This will help them to maintain their interest in the activity.

Duck Race

This is yet another interesting activity that will surely make a place in every kid’s heart ❤️. This activity just involves your kids participating in a duck race. 

In this fun activity, your kids will need two rubber ducks, two bowls which are filled with water, and a few drinking straws. 

Then your kids need to pace the ducks at the one end of the bowl, and then you need to let two kids blow on the ducks to move them over the finish line.

Fishing Game

This is yet another great activity that I got approval from my son through his excited and joyful face 😆while he was performing this activity. 

As we all know, a fishing booth is always a super hit at any festival! 

So for this activity, your kids first need to set up a small pool with real goldfish or toy fish and then host a tournament where the person who catches the most fish wins a prize.

Pro Tip:

You can choose any prize according to your kid’s preferences. This will not only keep your kids interested and focused on the game but also give them a dose of dopamine, which, after earning the reward, will surely be a confidence booster.

Ring Toss

I would suggest that this is another great activity that will not only excite your kids during the preparation but also make them overjoyed upon seeing the results. 

Your kids will be easily able to perform their ring toss activity, which they might share at any upcoming school event. For this activity, your kids need to first simply gather sticks or dowels, a few plastic rings, glue, and a circular base. 

After assembling everything, your little learners can enjoy tossing rings in an attempt to loop them over the dowels. 

Relay Race

This is, again, one of those interesting and unique activities that almost every kid loves to perform. Relay races have always been a very fun activity that can be so versatile in terms of your approach! 

Thus, a relay race with a pumpkin at a fall festival will be perfect for your kid. 

For this activity, you need to first simply grab a pumpkin and then create a course where your kids can run and then hand the pumpkin to whoever is next.

Pro Tip:

You can replace the pumpkin with any other item according to your or your kid’s choice. This will again be helpful for your kid as he or she will enjoy performing this activity.

Knock’ Em Down

Another craft activity under my recommendation is the very entertaining and interesting Knock ‘Em Down” craft activity. 

This cheap and easy activity can be prepared by gathering a total of six plastic cups and then stacking them one on top of the other. 

Then you need to set a spot where your kids need to stand and give them three balls to try and knock the cups over. 

This is a very fun activity that can be performed with minimum effort in preparation. 

Pro Tip:

If your kids can complete and win this activity, then you can also reward them with their favorite dishes or gifts. This will make them more focused and excited about this activity.

Pop-A-Balloon Game

This is yet another wonderful activity that I tried out with my little son. Both of us loved this activity. For this fun carnival activity, your kids will just need a corkboard, a few balloons, a tape, and a few darts. 

Then, your kids need to blow up a few balloons and stick them to the board. If your kids can successfully pop three balloons, they will win a prize.

Pro Tip:

You can increase the difficulty of the activity by placing the balloon a bit higher. After passing each level of difficulty, you can reward your kids with different prizes, each leveling up with the hardness level.

Children’s Craft Table

My son loves any kind of activity surrounding craft,t so this children’s craft table activity,y which I found will surely give him so much joy 🤩. 

These kinds of activities, which include arts and crafts, provide kids with a wonderful opportunity where they can express their creativity. 

Thus, this activity is surely great if you want to improve your kid’s fine motor skills and crafting skills.

Fun Run

In my opinion, this is another good activity that everyone should try with their little ones to improve their running skills. 

This activity is one of the most interactive group activities! These fun run activities are a great way to get your kids’ attention and make them join in, and it is also a very fun way to motivate your kids to participate in such amazing activities. 

Therefore, this is another great activity that I will recommend to every little learner.

Face Painting Booth

This is, again, one of those interesting and unique activities that almost every kid will love to perform. In this activity, you can let your kids go all out with a flair for painting

For this activity, your kids will need to gather a few of the colors and paint brushes to paint beautiful patterns or animals on other’s faces! 

This is a great activity that will not only teach your kids about painting but also enhance their creative skills.

Cookie Decorating Contest

If your kid is a foodie 🤤just like my son, then this is one of the best activities for him or her. 

As we all know, a festival is nothing without some delicious foods to feast upon. Thus, this activity revolves around this specific aspect of the festivals. 

In this activity, you need to host a cookie decorating contest where your kids need to decorate the cookies. After completion, you will judge your kid’s cookies based on taste, display, and teamwork.

Pro Tip:

You can let your kids decorate the cookie entirely by their own choice. You can let them pour all of their creativity to make this cookie look more beautiful and tasty.

Apple Toss Game

According to me, this is another very awesome craft activity that your kids will love to perform. This apple-tossing activity will surely be another great addition to any Fall festival! 

For this activity, you will need three different-sized buckets, a few pieces of paper to write points on, and, at the end, the apples to toss. 

Then, your kids can stand behind a line and try to get as many apples in the buckets as possible. This is surely a very fun and interactive activity that you should let your kids perform.

Pro Tip:

You can also reward your kids with additional gifts if your kids can complete the activity. This will again help them boost their confidence and will also make them more focused while performing this activity.


My son and I have done these activities together to teach him about this interesting concept of festivals in a fun and exciting way. This also helped him learn and improve various varieties of skills while enjoying the fun and excitement that the activities provided 😍. 

In addition to all of it, he also could learn more about these special yet interesting days known as festivals, which have so much importance in our lives. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post of mine, and I hope that my suggestions were helpful for all of you🥰.

 Please leave a comment below if you want to add more activities to this list related to this topic regarding the activities I mentioned – I would love to hear from all of you! ❤️

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