25+ Fascinating Fish Activities that You Might Know

In this world, we are not the only creatures to exist. There are various kinds of living organisms who are just as or are more unique and interesting than us. One of those creatures includes a very well-known aquatic animal named a “fish.”

So, just like some popular animals like dogs and cats, this interesting aquatic creature also deserves to be known by the newer generation as well.

Thus, here are a few fun fish activities that will provide a better understanding of this creature for your kids. 😊 

Interesting Few Fish Activities For Your Children

I would suggest that these few fish activities will be very fun and exciting for your kids. It will also bring with it tons of information about this unique and special creature living deep in the water bodies, which will surely amaze the newer generation 👦. 

In addition to this, your kids will also be able to experience several varieties of new stuff, which will also help them to develop various skills.

So, in this blog post, I compiled a list of fish activities that are not only entertaining but it is also informative.😁

Flannel Fish Puppets

According to me, this specific activity showcases a very fun 🤩way to introduce the structure of a fish to the kids. 

With the help of these adorable flannel fish puppets, any fish-themed book can come to life. Children usually love to play with puppets, and I am quite sure these flannel fish puppets would be no exception to that rule. 

Thus, I highly recommend this activity for all the little learners who want to learn about fish and are also fond of puppets.

Pro Tip:

Your kid can use any kind of color which he or she likes the most. This will not only make the kid more excited but also maintain your kid’s interest during the entire activity.

DIY Fishing Pole

I would suggest that this is another great activity that will not only excite your kids 👶🏻during the preparation, but it will also make your kids overjoyed on seeing the results. 

This is an activity that revolves around the preparation of an artificial fishing pole similar to that of the real one. 

This DIY Fishing Pole 🎣 is a hands-on way activity that not only gives a unique crafting experience to the kids but also helps to develop coordination and fine motor skills.

Pro Tip:

You can also add some flannel fish puppets to the activity, which the kids will capture with their DIY Fishing Pole 🎣. This will enhance their fishing experience and give them a realistic feel towards the activity.

Handprint Fish Activity

In this activity, your kids have to use any color of their choice, immerse their palms in the color, and then they just need to place their hands on a piece of paper 📝. 

After making this foundation of the painting, your kids can easily use all of their creative knowledge to paint the features of a fish 🐟 through their handprint foundation. This is a great activity filled with lots of fun and joy.

Pro Tip:

Your kids can also add some bubbles, seaweed, and coral to further elaborate and enhance the look of the deep ocean waters. This will not only be much more fun and interesting to do, but it will also provide the kids with the knowledge of the deep oceans🌊.

Preschool Fish Theme Activity

In me, this is another great activity that will not only help your kids understand fishes🐟 better, but it will also teach your kids several other lessons. In this fish counting activity, you need to repurpose the colorful goldfish crackers. 

With the help of this activity, not only will your kids get additional knowledge 🧠about fish, but it will also teach them sorting, counting, and graphing skills. This is the reason I would suggest this activity for all the little learners.

Matching With Paper Fish

Another great activity that I tried with my little son was the “matching with paper fish” activity. 

It is a very fun activity that can be easily performed within a few minutes, and the kids will love to do this activity over and over again. In this activity, the kids just need to match the colorful paper fish. 

With the help of this, the kids will not only learn to visually discriminate among the different fishes🐠, but it will also help them develop and boost their memory 🧠skills.

Pro Tip:

You can let your kid choose multiple different colors to make the paper 🐠. Once it’s done, you can also let your kid sketch a fish bowl 🥣 where the paper fish are kept. This will enhance their experience and make it seem more realistic to the kids. 

Fish Pattern Collage Craft

This activity is another great way to include learning as well as art in a simple but exciting manner. 

In this activity, the kids need to make the complete structure and scales of the fish by using scraps of old scrapbook paper 📝. 

And I am pretty sure, after observing my son’s 👶🏻reaction during this activity, that most of the kids will love ripping out scraps of old scrapbook paper 📘 to decorate this adorable, textured, and colorful fish.

Pro Tip:

You can also let your kids add a pair of googly eyes and a cute little smile 😊 to complete the design of the fish. This will give a complete look to the collage-patterned fish, and it will also look much more goofy and adorable at the same time.

Porcupine Fish Paper Plate Craft

According to me, this is a very interesting and fun activity for all the little learners. In this activity, your kids have to make a porcupine🦔 fish with the help of a paper plate. 

Your kids will not only enjoy the process of making this beautiful and fascinating creature but will also get to know about its characteristics. This adorable and fun activity is a wonderful opportunity for the kids 👶🏻 to learn about the porcupine fish. 

With the help of this, they can also learn about their characteristics, like how they blow themselves up to double their size just to scare away their enemies.

Pro Tip:

Your kids should use several pieces of paper to make the porcupine’s spines, and then they should color it according to their choice. And to complete the look, they can also add a pair of goofy eyes 👀 and can also draw the remaining features of its body. This will provide the kids with a better understanding of a porcupine fish when it blows itself up.

Craft Stick Fish 

Another craft activity under my recommendation is the very entertaining and interesting “craft stick fish” activity. In this activity, your kids need to create fish art with the help of a couple of popsicle sticks 🍡. 

This is a very interesting activity that will surely develop your kid’s crafting skills and will also help him or her explore and know more about the fish. 

Although sticking together the popsicle sticks for this craft can become a little problematic at certain times, the addition of fish lips, googly eyes 👀 , and pops of color will not only be fun but will also give completion to this beautiful art.

Pro Tip:

You can let your kids pour all sorts of creativity while doing this activity. You can also let your kids decide and paint the background around the craft stick fish 🐟. Through this, you can also check their recently learned knowledge 🧠regarding fishes and their habitats.

Paper Bag Fish Craft

This is yet another wonderful activity that I tried out with my little son. Both of us loved this activity, although both of our likings👍🏻 were due to different reasons. 

I liked this activity because it taught a good lesson along with the crafting of the fish, and my son liked it because its preparation was a very fun experience. 

This activity requires the usage of a repurposed paper📝 bag stuffed with old newspapers. So this is a great activity to also teach the children about the importance of cycling.

Pro Tip:

You can also let your kids use a few pipe cleaners or sequins or glitters to give the repurposed paper bag fish an extra eye-catching look. This activity will surely become your kid’s favorite❤️ in no time, and you will also love it for the unique and good message this activity provides.

Fish Word Building 

I believe this is one of the best activities to teach your kids about basic or different varieties of words. 

This activity requires the usage of several cutouts, mainly consisting of words or pictures 🖼️. Then, these cutouts need to be matched with their suitable counterparts, forming an actual letter. 

Thus, this activity, consisting of several adorable cutouts in the shape of a fish, is a great way to teach the kids about consonant and vowel words while building core literacy skills.

Pro Tip:

You can either print out the cutouts through the internet or make them on your own. Then, you can write or draw different letters on each of the fish 🐟 cutouts. At the end, you need to give it to your kids so that they can perform the activity of matching each one of the correct words.

Color Match Sticker Activity

This is yet another matching activity that I thought I would add to this list because of its simplistic and easy-to-perform features. 

In our busy lives and with the limited period of our kids, we can barely perform any ability correctly. 

This activity perfectly revolves around the idea of being quick and simple. In this activity, all you need to do is match the different colored fish cutouts ✂️with their respective colored dotted sections. 

This is a very simple and easy fish puzzle activity that will also help your kids improve color recognition, sorting, and matching skills.

Fish Count and Clip Cards

This is yet another activity that requires little to no preparation, and along with this, it is a very effective and simple activity, which I highly recommend. 

This activity requires pom-poms, cubes 🟥, or dot stickers. With the help of a few of these materials, your kids will be able to perform this activity in no time. 

This will also help the kids develop or improve their number recognition skills.

Sing a Slippery Fish Song

In my opinion, songs are a very crucial part of our lives. Most of us can surreally feel a song, and our emotions 😄and understandings can change according to it. The same goes for the kids. 

They can learn a concept way more easily when it is taught in the form of a song. Thus, in this activity, you are going to sing a slippery fish song for the kids. 

This fun song will surely make the kids laugh throughout the whole activity. But through this musical teaching, the kids will quickly learn about all sorts of underwater creatures. 

Along with this, they will also develop or improve their oral language skills, 🗣️ as well as their speaking confidence will increase.

Pro Tip:

You can easily search for any fish song with the help of the internet. There are tons of information-filled fun songs related to marine life 🐋which can be easily performed in front of the kids, which will help you to pass on all sorts of information surrounding it.


My son and I have performed all of these activities together to provide him with knowledge about fish in a fun and exciting way. With the help of these activities, he could improve various skills while enjoying the adventure and excitement that these activities provided. 

And in addition to all of it, he also could learn more about his favorite aquatic organism 🐬. I hope you all also enjoyed reading the above list of activities.

Please leave a comment below if you want to add more similar activities related to this topic to this list or have questions for me regarding the activities I mentioned – I would appreciate all of your responses! ❤️

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