15+ Flower Activities for Preschoolers to Explore and Enjoy!

I am the mother of two kids, and here, I want to say how the extra activities 🧩have added value to my kids’ lives. It not only provided them with a break-free moment but also developed their basic skills so that they became self-resilient to understand their surroundings at a very early age.

The activities let the children explore new things, take experiences, learn, and grow. You can see them active as they are physically involved in these games and I assure you that it will also make them think maturely at an early age.

Amazing Flower Activities for Preschoolers

Is this the time of vacation, and are you wondering how to keep your kids engaged with a simple and easy game? Then, of course, you have landed on the right page.  

Be it painting the flowers 🌺or making the scrapbook, the easiest and most entertaining activities 🎮for preschoolers have been listed below to help your kids get easily interested and learn many new things.

These activities will help them to enhance their recognition skill, and motor skills and let their creativity and imagination come to life.

So, let’s quickly move ahead with some amazing activities.

Patterning with Flowers

I introduced this activity to my kids, and they just made it perfect. Kids can draw any patterns using small flowers 🌺of various colors and stick them on the paper. 

Let the paper dry and the flowers set. This activity helps them to enhance their motor skills and improves their imagination.

Flower Dough

My daughter loves playing with the flour dough and making something creative out of it. Kids can try making flower 🌺petals and their stems using dough and then can add colors to make them more beautiful.

This activity improves their creativity and imagination and enhances their coordination skills.

Pro-tip: I always ensure that my kids are safe enough while they play with dough. I suggest you do the same to be careful that they do not taste the dough.

Painting Flowers

My kids love painting, and they always make it beautiful. Kids can do a flower painting using colored pencils, sketch pens, watercolors, and many more.

And later, they can frame it and hang it on a wall for a show. This activity helps to improve creativity and drawing skills.

Flower Hair Band

My daughter and I made a flower hairband as she loves wearing those. Kids can collect small, beautiful, and colorful flowers, stick them on the hair band, and wear them.

This beautiful and fun activity helps them to enhance their imagination and motor skills.

Flower Sensory Bags

Kids can have a great time with the sensory bags. The bags would contain the flower🌺 items, and they can play using those for different purposes.

I believe this activity helps them to understand various objects and improves their creativity and coordination skills.

Grow Flowers

My kids have a fun time growing different flowers in our garden. Kids can join parents and help them with their little hands to do the sapling and water it daily. This activity improves their motor skills and makes them learn about plantation and care for nature.

Pro-tip: I always ensure that my kids remain hygienic. I suggest you do the same to make sure that kids wash their hands after they are done with sapling.

Petals Patterns

Kids can try making patterns out of flower petals🌺. Kids can take any number of colorful flowers and pluck the petals one by one.

By drawing patterns of their choice, they can stick those petals and make a beautiful craft. This activity helps improve their imagination and creativity.

Flower Stamps

My kids love stamping using any items to make an amazing craft. Kids can try marking or stamping on paper using flowers by dipping them in paint.

This beautiful craft encourages kids to learn new names of flowers and also helps them to have an easy painting.

Handprint Flowers

My kids love making the stamps, even using their hands. Kids can dip their hands on fabric paints and make a print on the paper.

Then, write or draw the names of flowers or any nature-related items. This activity helps them to be more creative and intelligent.

Pro-Tip: I make sure that the colors my kids are using are chemical-free, and I recommend the same.

Part the flowers

I introduced this activity to my kids when they were on the edge of learning. Kids can tear the parts of the flowers🌺 and learn the names.

Kids can make their own study time into a fun one, and it also helps in fostering great imagination and creativity.

Flower Scrap Book

Kids can collect various flowers, cut them into pieces, and separate them from the unwanted stems or leaves.

Then they can paste those flowers in a book and write a name below each flower, making an amazing science scarp book. This activity helps kids to understand nature and learn the names.

Paper Flower

My kids recently made a flower out of paper, and it came out beautiful. Kids can try making flowers using tissue paper or any soft paper by squishing them and gluing them from the bottom of the flower.

This activity helps them to enhance their imagination and coordination skills.

Petal Counting

Kids can learn the numbers with the help of flowers. Kids can count on the petals and speak out loud about the number of petals a flower has.

I believe this fun math activity helps kids learn faster and also helps them learn the flower names.

Flower Printable Coloring Pages

My kids love coloring the pages. Kids can try coloring the appropriate flowers🌺 using various color pens or watercolors and filling the printed flowers.

This activity helps them to foster motor skills, learn drawing with ease, and enhance creativity.

Press the Flowers

My kids recently tried this, and the results were amazing. Kids can collect fresh flowers from the garden or take the fallen ones.

Then, separate the unwanted items and keep them inside the book. Once the flowers turn brownish, they can stick to any cover page for decoration.

Pro-Tip: I always ensure that my kids are not using any heat while pressing the flowers. I also recommend that you keep a close check if iron is being used to press the flowers.

Flower Pot Decorating

Kids can try decorating the flower pot with simple and easy designs. They can use fabric paints or sketch pens to mark various patterns.

I believe this activity helps them to enhance their creativity and make simple-looking objects more beautiful.

Change The Color of the Flower

My kids tried this amazing activity, and the outcome was amazing. Kids can collect any light-shade flowers🌺.

Add those flowers into a cup of coloring water and leave overnight. The next morning, they can see the flower changes. This activity helps them understand nature in a better way.

Wall Hanging Using Egg Carton

Kids can try turning the leftover egg cartons into a meaningful one. Kids can paint the opposite side of the carton with various colors and make patterns on them to give a floral look.

I believe this activity helps them to enhance their creativity and imagination.

Popsicle Flower

Kids can try making flowers using leftover popsicles. Kids can make paper flowers 🌺or can take real flowers and glue them on the top edge of the popsicle.

And then color the popsicle green. I believe this activity helps them to be more creative and use the waste in the best way.

Flower Sticker Collage

My kids love collecting the stickers and pasting them in a copy. Kids can make the same by collecting flower stickers that are easily available and can paste them in such a way as to make a beautiful collage out of them.

This activity makes kids more imaginative.

Slime Flower

My kids are introduced to this through me as I found this to be very easy and affordable. Kids can try adding the flowers to a slime and play and make a beautiful dough. This activity helps them to explore different playable items and get to know the various flowers.

Pro-Tip: I make sure my kids do not taste the slime as it contains chemicals. I suggest you make sure that slime is kid’s safe and they do not eat or stick to their body as it might irritate the skin.

Assemble Flower Bowl

My kids help me in a very different way. Kids can help their elders in decorating the flower 🌺pots to be kept in different rooms.

Kids can separate the flowers from the stems and place them in the water pot. This activity helps them to be social and improves motor skills.

Flower Dice Game

Kids can try playing with dice and throwing to see the outcome and, as per that, stick the flowers on the soil or the dough.

I believe that this activity would foster fine motor skills and improve mathematical calculation among children. 

Size of the flower

I recently introduced this activity to my kids, and they loved it. Kids can try practicing and understanding the shapes and sizes of the flowers🌺 drawn on paper.

The size can vary from small to medium and large. This activity helps children enhance their recognition skills. 

Smell the Flowers

Kids can try this activity by smelling different flowers and categorizing them based on the fragrance.

I believe this activity will help kids in enhancing their five senses and their recognition skills. Not only this, but also they can explore the science behind the fragrance of the flowers. 

Pro-tip: I would recommend having strict supervision on your kids while they smell the flowers because the particles inside a flower might cause irritation or can bring infection to your kids. 

Flower Garland

My kids and I love making flower 🌺garlands. Kids can get help from the elders to make flower garlands.

Kids can have a great time choosing various colorful flowers to be added and decorating them as per the occasion. This activity helps kids be social and improves their creativity. 


These flower 🌺games and activities will keep your child entertained while also teaching them important developmental skills that should be incorporated into their daily routine.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the activities 🧩listed above and gained some ideas for how to engage your children in a fun way.

Please leave a comment below if you have any additional activity suggestions or questions for me to answer – I’d love to hear from you! ❤️

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