31+ Foods That Start With J Are Absolutely Unmissable!

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Interesting Foods Starting With J

J is for juicy juice, jumping jelly sandwiches, jolly popcorn and a joyful pizza party! They’re not just tasty – they’re also wobbly fun! Are you excited to explore more tasty treats that start with the letter J?

Stay hungry, stay curious, and let the foodie fun begin!



Jelly is a wiggly, sweet treat made from fruit juice, sugar, and gelatin, creating a wobbly delight loved by kids. 

Origin: Jelly’s origin dates back centuries, with ancient people using natural fruit pectin to create preserves. 

Taste: Jelly bursts with fruity flavours like strawberry, grape, and orange, bringing a joyous explosion to taste buds. 

Nutrition: While it’s a sugary treat, jelly contains some fruit goodness, but enjoy it in moderation. 

Cooking: Simple to make, mix fruit juice, sugar, and gelatin, then chill to create wiggly, jiggly jelly fun. 

Benefits: Jelly adds fruity fun to snacks, making sandwiches, toast, and desserts extra delightful for kids. 

Fun Fact: Jelly wobbles because of gelatin, a magical ingredient making it wiggly!

Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa Cakes are delightful treats with a soft cake, zesty orange jelly, and chocolate coating—perfect for kids’ snack time! 

Origin: Originally from England, Jaffa Cakes bring joy with a zesty twist of orange goodness. 

Taste: Sweet and tangy, Jaffa Cakes burst with orangey joy, embraced by a soft cake and chocolate. 

Nutrition: A fun treat, Jaffa Cakes offer a small burst of joy with a touch of sweetness. 

Cooking: No cooking needed! Just unwrap and enjoy the delightful combination of cake, jelly, and chocolate. 

Benefits: A cheerful treat, Jaffa Cakes bring smiles and a tiny burst of energy to kids. 

Fun Fact: Jaffa Cakes are often debated: cake or biscuit? They’re officially cakes!

Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is a fragrant, fluffy, and aromatic rice variety loved for its sweet fragrance and soft texture. 

Origin: Grown in Thailand, jasmine rice is known for its beautiful scent and delightful taste. 

Taste: It has a delicious, mild flavor with a hint of floral sweetness that kids find delightful. 

Nutrition: Packed with energy, jasmine rice provides carbohydrates for active kids, promoting growth and vitality. 

Cooking: Easy to cook, jasmine rice needs water and a bit of patience for perfect fluffiness. 

Benefits: It fuels energy, aids digestion, and supports overall health, making it a wholesome choice for kids. 

Fun Fact: Jasmine rice gets its name from the delightful jasmine flower fragrance it releases while cooking.



Jiaozi, Chinese dumplings, are delightful little pockets filled with tasty ingredients, enjoyed by kids and adults alike. 

Origin: Originating in China, Jiaozi have been savored for centuries, symbolizing wealth and prosperity during celebrations. 

Taste: Filled with savory meats or veggies, Jiaozi bursts with flavors, creating a yummy and satisfying taste experience. 

Nutrition: Jiaozi, when steamed, offers a balanced blend of protein, vegetables, and carbs, making them a wholesome treat. 

Cooking: Cooking Jiaozi is a joy! Boil, steam, or pan-fry, and watch these dumplings transform into delicious bites. 

Benefits: Jiaozi encourage creativity in the kitchen, fostering teamwork and cultural exploration, making mealtime an exciting adventure. 

Fun Fact: Jiaozi served during Chinese New Year symbolize good luck and wealth for the coming year.



Delicious Jalebi is a spiral-shaped Indian sweet soaked in saffron syrup, offering a crispy, syrupy delight. 

Origin: Originating in India, Jalebi is a cherished sweet in festivals, symbolizing joy and celebration. 

Taste: Its sweet, tangy flavor and unique swirls make Jalebi a delightful treat for taste buds. 

Nutrition: While a sweet indulgence, Jalebi is best enjoyed in moderation due to its sugary content. 

Cooking: Made by fermenting batter, Jalebi is fried to perfection, then soaked in fragrant syrup. 

Benefits: Moderation is key; Jalebi brings joy but is high in sugar and calories. 

Fun Fact: Jalebi’s spiral shape represents the continuous, sweet moments in life’s celebrations.

Jicotea (turtle soup)

Jicotea (Turtle Soup)

Jicotea, or turtle soup, is a tasty dish made from turtles, with a rich and savory flavor. 

Origin: Originating from Caribbean islands, jicotea has been a traditional delight for generations. 

Taste: It boasts a delicious blend of flavors, combining savory notes with a hint of earthiness. 

Nutrition: Packed with nutrients, jicotea provides protein, vitamins, and minerals for a healthy and balanced diet. 

Cooking: Prepared with care, jicotea involves slow cooking to bring out its unique taste and texture. 

Benefits: Jicotea offers nutritional benefits, supporting growth, energy, and overall well-being for those who enjoy it. 

Fun Fact: Did you know? Jicotea was once considered a special treat during festive occasions in some cultures!

Jaggery Cake

Jaggery Cake

Delight in Jaggery Cake, a sweet treat made with jaggery, offering a wholesome and scrumptious experience for kids. 

Origin: Rooted in Indian traditions, Jaggery Cake is a sweet baked delight loved by families for generations. 

Taste: Its rich and caramel-like flavor makes Jaggery Cake a delightful blend of sweetness and warmth. 

Nutrition: Packed with natural goodness, Jaggery Cake provides energy and essential nutrients for growing bodies. 

Cooking: Simple to bake, mix jaggery with flour, butter, and love to create a heavenly Jaggery Cake. 

Benefits: Jaggery adds sweetness with health benefits, supporting digestion and providing iron and antioxidants for kids. 

Fun Fact: Jaggery Cake’s fun twist – it’s like a hug in a slice, spreading joy with each bite!

Jidori Chicken

Jidori Chicken

Jidori Chicken is a special breed known for its juicy and flavorful meat, perfect for yummy dishes. 

Origin: Hailing from Japan, Jidori Chickens are raised with care, ensuring tasty and wholesome meals. 

Taste: Jidori Chicken delights taste buds with its rich, savory flavor, making meals extra scrumptious. 

Nutrition: Packed with protein, Jidori Chicken helps you grow strong and stay healthy with every bite. 

Cooking: Easy to cook, Jidori Chicken turns into delicious meals that make dinnertime fun and tasty. 

Benefits: Jidori Chicken brings joy to your plate, offering a natural and nutritious option for family dinners. 

Fun Fact: Jidori Chickens are happy birds, raised with love, making them the cluckiest, luckiest chickens around!



Jalea is a scrumptious Peruvian seafood dish, a crispy delight featuring fried fish, calamari, and shrimp. 

Origin: Hailing from Peru, Jalea captures the vibrant flavors of coastal cuisine, celebrated for its seafood abundance. 

Taste: Delightful and crunchy, Jalea bursts with flavors of the ocean, a tasty adventure for little taste buds. 

Nutrition: Packed with protein and omega-3, Jalea fuels growing bodies with healthy goodness from the sea. 

Cooking: Simple to make, Jalea involves frying seafood to golden perfection, creating a crispy and flavorful dish. 

Benefits: Jalea supports strong bones and brains, offering essential nutrients that promote healthy growth and development. 

Fun Fact: Did you know? Jalea’s name means “jelly” in Spanish, reflecting the dish’s crispy and delightful texture!

Jibarito (Puerto Rican sandwich)

Jibarito (Puerto Rican Sandwich)

A yummy Jibarito is a Puerto Rican sandwich made with flattened, crispy plantains instead of bread, filled with deliciousness! 

Origin: Originating in Puerto Rico, Jibarito celebrates the island’s love for plantains, creating a unique and tasty treat. 

Taste: Taste the crunch of plantains hugging savory fillings, offering a delightful blend of crispy, chewy, and flavorful bites. 

Nutrition: Packed with goodness, Jibarito provides energy from plantains, and its fillings offer a balanced and tasty meal. 

Cooking: Cooking a Jibarito is fun! Flatten plantains, fry until golden, add favorite fillings, and voilà – a scrumptious sandwich! 

Benefits: Enjoy a Jibarito for a boost of vitamins and energy, combining the joy of plantains with nutritious fillings. 

Fun Fact: Did you know? The Jibarito’s name comes from “jíbaro,” a Puerto Rican mountain dweller, reflecting its roots!

Jardiniere (vegetable dish)

Jardiniere (Vegetable Dish)

Jardinière is a colorful vegetable dish bursting with fresh veggies, making meals a delight for everyone. 

Origin: Jardinière originated in France, where cooks turned gardens into tasty dishes full of vibrant vegetables. 

Taste: Jardinière’s taste is a veggie party in your mouth—crisp, flavorful, and brimming with garden goodness. 

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins, Jardinière keeps you strong and healthy, like a superhero for your body. 

Cooking: Cooking Jardinière is a breeze; chop veggies, sauté with love, and voilà—your rainbow on a plate! 

Benefits: Eating Jardinière boosts energy, helps eyes sparkle, and keeps tummies smiling with its nutritious magic. 

Fun Fact: Jardinière means “gardener” in French, celebrating the joy of turning fresh veggies into tasty treasures!

Jackfruit Burger

Jackfruit Burger

Jackfruit Burger is a tasty, plant-based delight filled with juicy, flavorful jackfruit goodness, perfect for a fun and delicious meal! 

Origin: Jackfruit, a tropical fruit, hails from Asia, loved for its bountiful flavor and versatile nature. 

Taste: Jackfruit boasts a sweet and savory taste, blending fruity goodness with a hint of savory delight. 

Nutrition: This wholesome treat is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, promoting a healthy and balanced diet. 

Cooking: Create a Jackfruit Burger easily by cooking jackfruit with your favorite seasonings for a scrumptious veggie burger. 

Benefits: Jackfruit is a nutritious meat substitute, providing a tasty, cruelty-free option for plant-based eaters. 

Fun Fact: Did you know jackfruit is the largest fruit, growing as big as 80 pounds? It’s a fruity giant!

Jhinga Biryani (Prawn Biryani)

Jhinga Biryani (Prawn Biryani)

Delightful Jhinga Biryani is a flavorful rice dish filled with prawns, aromatic spices, and happiness. 

Origin: A tasty dish from India, where families share the joy of cooking and savoring this delightful meal. 

Taste: Its magical blend of spices creates a burst of flavors – a dance of joy on little taste buds. 

Nutrition: Jhinga Biryani offers a protein boost with prawns, veggies, and aromatic basmati rice for healthy tummies. 

Cooking: Cooking this magical dish involves a playful mix of ingredients, creating an enchanting aroma in the kitchen. 

Benefits: Packed with goodness, Jhinga Biryani brings joy with essential nutrients, promoting a happy and healthy mealtime. 

Fun Fact: Did you know? The word “Jhinga” means prawns in Hindi, adding an extra dash of fun to your plate!

Jook (Chinese rice porridge)

Jook (Chinese Rice Porridge)

Chinese rice porridge, or Jook, is a comforting dish made by simmering rice in water until soft. 

Origin: Originating in China, Jook has been a warm and soothing breakfast for centuries. 

Taste: Deliciously mild, Jook is like a cozy hug for your taste buds, perfect with tasty toppings. 

Nutrition: Filled with goodness, Jook is gentle on tummies and provides energy for the day. 

Cooking: Simple to cook, Jook is made by simmering rice until it turns into a comforting porridge. 

Benefits: Jook is easy to digest, soothes the stomach, and keeps you fueled with essential nutrients. 

Fun Fact: Did you know? Jook is often called “congee” and can be enjoyed sweet or savory!

Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese Cheesecake

A fluffy, dreamy dessert, Japanese Cheesecake is a light, airy treat that melts in your mouth. 

Origin: From Japan, this delightful cheesecake originated, bringing smiles with its soft texture and delightful taste. 

Taste: Sweet and spongy, Japanese Cheesecake delights taste buds with its creamy, vanilla-infused flavor. 

Nutrition: Moderate in sweetness, it offers a lighter option with a touch of calcium and protein. 

Cooking: Baked to perfection, Japanese Cheesecake requires a careful blend of ingredients, ensuring a fluffy outcome. 

Benefits: Enjoying Japanese Cheesecake in moderation offers a tasty treat with a hint of nutritional goodness. 

Fun Fact: Japanese Cheesecake is known for its “jiggle,” a playful bounce that adds to its charm.

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Delicious soup made from earthy, nutty Jerusalem artichokes, bringing warmth and smiles to your belly. 

Origin: Native to North America, these bumpy veggies have been cherished by Native American tribes for centuries. 

Taste: Sweet and nutty, like a mix between a potato and an artichoke, making a scrumptious soup. 

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins and fiber, Jerusalem artichokes boost your tummy and keep you healthy and strong. 

Cooking: Chop and boil these knobbly wonders, add broth and spices, blend to perfection – a tasty adventure! 

Benefits: Supports digestion, keeps bones strong, and helps our tummies with its friendly fiber content. 

Fun Fact: Jerusalem artichokes are not from Jerusalem, and they’re not even artichokes – they’re sunflower roots!



Delicious Japchae is Korean stir-fried noodles, a colorful dish with veggies, meat, and chewy noodles, loved by kids! 

Origin: Japchae hails from South Korea, created in the Joseon Dynasty. It’s a festive treat for celebrations! 

Taste: Japchae is a tasty blend of sweet and savory, with colorful veggies and tender noodles. Kid-approved yumminess! 

Nutrition: Packed with healthy veggies and lean meat, Japchae provides energy for play and growth. Nutritious and delicious! 

Cooking: To make Japchae, stir-fry veggies and meat, mix with noodles, and add a special soy sauce. Easy and fun! 

Benefits: Japchae is rich in vitamins, promoting strong bones and good eyesight. It’s a yummy, healthy choice! 

Fun Fact: Did you know? Japchae’s vibrant colors represent happiness and good fortune in Korean culture!



A Jambon-Beurre is a French sandwich with ham and butter, perfect for a tasty treat! 

Origin: Originating in France, this sandwich is a classic favorite enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike. 

Taste: Deliciously simple, it boasts a delightful combination of savory ham and creamy butter.

Nutrition: Packed with energy, it provides a good balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates for growing bodies.

Cooking: Easy to make, just spread butter on a baguette, add ham, and voilà—lunch is ready!

Benefits: It fuels active play, offering a yummy source of energy for playtime adventures and fun. 

Fun Fact: Did you know? Jambon-Beurre is so popular in France; they even have a day dedicated to it!

Jaggery Halwa

Jaggery Halwa

Jaggery Halwa is a sweet Indian treat made with jaggery, ghee, and semolina, offering a delightful taste and rich texture.

Origin: Hailing from India, Jaggery Halwa is a cherished dessert enjoyed during festivals and celebrations.

Taste: Its sweet, caramelly flavor makes Jaggery Halwa a favorite among kids, bringing joy with every bite.

Nutrition: Loaded with energy, Jaggery Halwa provides a wholesome treat with essential nutrients for growing kids.

Cooking: Simple to make, mix semolina, jaggery, ghee, and water, and cook until it forms a delicious halwa. 

Benefits: Jaggery Halwa offers a sweet source of energy, supporting healthy growth and providing a delightful indulgence.

Fun Fact: Jaggery Halwa’s golden color comes from the natural sweetness of jaggery, making it extra special.

Jalapeño Corn Chowder

Jalapeño Corn Chowder

Creamy Jalapeño Corn Chowder is a warm soup bursting with corn sweetness and a hint of spice. 

Origin: Rooted in American kitchens, it’s a comfort soup, loved for its flavors and heartiness. 

Taste: Deliciously rich and spicy, kids love the combination of sweet corn and a mild jalapeño kick. 

Nutrition: Packed with veggies, it’s a wholesome bowl full of vitamins, fiber, and warmth. 

Cooking: Simple to make, kids can help stir and add ingredients, creating a tasty family meal. 

Benefits: Boosts immunity, aids digestion, and keeps you warm – a perfect, healthy winter treat. 

Fun Fact: Did you know? Corn chowder was a favorite among American settlers, passed down through generations.

Jollof Couscous

Jollof Couscous

Delicious Jollof Couscous, a playful twist on a classic dish, combines fluffy couscous with vibrant African flavors. 

Origin: Hailing from West Africa, Jollof Couscous is a joyful fusion of local and international culinary traditions. 

Taste: Bursting with lively spices, Jollof Couscous offers a zesty and delightful flavor that kids adore. 

Nutrition: Packed with veggies, Jollof Couscous is a nutritious choice, providing energy and essential vitamins for growing kids. 

Cooking: Simple to make, kids can join the kitchen fun by helping mix, pour, and stir while learning culinary skills. 

Benefits: Jollof Couscous promotes a healthy diet, offering a balance of grains, vegetables, and tasty goodness. 

Fun Fact: Kids love Jollof Couscous parties – a playful way to share smiles, laughter, and scrumptious bites!

Jicama Salad

Jicama Fries

Crunchy and refreshing Jicama Salad is a mix of jicama, veggies, and zesty dressing—perfectly delightful for kids! 

Origin: Jicama hails from Mexico, its crunchy roots loved for ages in Mexican cuisine. 

Taste: Jicama’s sweet and juicy flavor resembles a mix of apple and pear, delighting young taste buds. 

Nutrition: Packed with fiber and vitamin C, jicama is a healthy, crunchy snack for active kids. 

Cooking: Easy to prepare, just peel and chop! Jicama’s crispiness adds a fun twist to salads. 

Benefits: Boosts immunity, aids digestion, and keeps little tummies happy and healthy. 

Fun Fact: Jicama belongs to the bean family, surprising right? Crunchy like veggies but related to beans!

Jerk Tofu

Jerk Tofu

Jerk Tofu is a tasty dish with spiced tofu, bringing flavors of Jamaica to your plate. 

Origin: Hailing from Jamaica, Jerk Tofu is inspired by the island’s vibrant and spicy culinary traditions. 

Taste: Bursting with exciting flavors, Jerk Tofu offers a zesty and savory experience kids will love. 

Nutrition: Packed with plant-based protein, Jerk Tofu supports growing bodies and provides essential nutrients. 

Cooking: Easy to make, Jerk Tofu involves marinating tofu in a blend of spices before grilling or baking.

Benefits: Jerk Tofu promotes a healthy diet, offering a delicious alternative to traditional meat-based dishes.

Fun Fact: Jerk seasoning’s name comes from “jerking,” a traditional cooking method that involves marinating and slow-cooking meat.

Jujube Tea

Jujube Tea

Jujube tea is a sweet drink made from dried jujube fruits, filled with fruity goodness and warmth. 

Origin: From China, jujube tea has a rich history, loved for centuries for its comforting taste. 

Taste: Sweet and soothing, jujube tea delights with a gentle fruity flavor, perfect for cozy sipping. 

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins, jujube tea is a healthy treat, supporting growth and keeping us strong. 

Cooking: Simply steep dried jujubes in hot water for a tasty tea kids can help prepare. 

Benefits: Jujube tea boosts immunity, aids digestion, and brings calmness, making it a splendid sip for kids.

Fun Fact: Jujube trees can live for hundreds of years, creating a legacy of deliciousness!

Jicama Fries

Jicama Fries

Jicama fries are crispy, tasty snacks made from a crunchy, mild-flavored root vegetable called jicama. Perfect for munching!

Origin: Jicama originates from Mexico, where it has been enjoyed for centuries as a refreshing and crunchy treat.

Taste: Jicama fries taste like a mix of apples and water chestnuts—crispy, juicy, and slightly sweet!

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins, jicama fries are a healthy choice for kids, promoting strong bones and immunity.

Cooking: Easy to make, jicama fries are baked or fried for a crispy texture, making a delightful snack.

Benefits: Jicama fries boost fiber, keeping tummies happy, and provide vitamin C for a healthy immune system.

Fun Fact: Jicama belongs to the bean family and is often called the “Mexican potato” due to its versatility!

Jalapeño Corn Muffins

Jalapeño Corn Muffins

Delicious Jalapeño Corn Muffins are savory treats with a hint of spice, blending corn goodness and jalapeño kick!

Origin: Hailing from the USA, these muffins bring a Tex-Mex twist to traditional cornbread, adding excitement to snacks. 

Taste: Kids love the zesty flavor of these muffins, a dance of sweet corn and a gentle jalapeño kick. 

Nutrition: Packed with whole corn goodness, these muffins offer fiber and a touch of spice for a tasty treat. 

Cooking: Easy to make, kids can join the fun in mixing, pouring, and baking these muffins for a flavorful experience. 

Benefits: Jalapeño adds a vitamin C boost while corn provides energy, making these muffins a tasty and nutritious snack. 

Fun Fact: Jalapeños change color as they ripen, starting green and turning red, bringing vibrancy to muffins!

Jalapeño Lime Chicken

Jalapeño Lime Chicken

Jalapeño Lime Chicken is a spicy, tangy dish kids love, bringing a zingy flavor to mealtime fun. 

Origin: This dish was inspired by Mexican flavors, mixing jalapeños and lime for a tasty kick. 

Taste: It’s a mix of spicy jalapeños and tangy lime, making taste buds dance with excitement. 

Nutrition: It’s full of good stuff like protein and vitamins, helping kids grow healthy and strong. 

Cooking: Making it is easy—cook chicken with jalapeños and lime for a delicious, flavorful meal. 

Benefits: It helps build strong bones, keeps bodies energized, and supports a strong immune system. 

Fun Fact: Did you know jalapeños are actually berries? They add a berry fun twist to dishes!

Jollof Sushi

Jollof Sushi

Jollof Sushi is a playful twist, blending the savory goodness of Jollof rice with the fun of sushi. 

Origin: Inspired by West African Jollof rice, this sushi adds a colorful, tasty twist to traditional flavors. 

Taste: Combines the rich taste of Jollof rice with a delightful sushi experience—yummy and exciting! 

Nutrition: Packed with veggies and rice, it offers a balance of nutrients for a tasty and healthy treat. 

Cooking: Roll and assemble Jollof rice, veggies, and seaweed for a creative and delicious sushi adventure. 

Benefits: Promotes veggie intake, fuels energy, and adds a playful touch to mealtime for happy kids. 

Fun Fact: Sushi doesn’t always need raw fish—try it with rice and veggies!

Jerk Chicken Skewers

Jerk Chicken Skewers

Jerk Chicken Skewers are tasty bites of grilled chicken infused with Caribbean spices for a flavorful experience. 

Origin: Inspired by Jamaica, these skewers bring the exciting taste of the Caribbean to your plate. 

Taste: A dance of spicy and sweet, Jerk Chicken Skewers create a flavorful fiesta for your taste buds. 

Nutrition: High in protein and vitamins, these skewers make for a healthy and tasty meal. 

Cooking: Simple to make—just marinate chicken with jerk spices and grill for a delicious, smoky flavor. 

Benefits: Boosts energy, supports muscle growth, and adds a tasty twist to a balanced diet. 

Fun Fact: Jerk seasoning uses allspice, thyme, and Scotch bonnet peppers, bringing a Caribbean carnival to your palate!

Jaggery Energy Bites

Jaggery Energy Bites

Jaggery Energy Bites are yummy treats filled with natural sweetness, perfect for a quick and healthy snack. 

Origin: Hailing from India, these bites bring together traditional flavors with a modern twist for delightful snacking. 

Taste: Sweet and rich, they burst with caramel-like goodness, making snack time a tasty adventure. 

Nutrition: Packed with iron and energy-boosting nutrients, these bites keep you strong and active. 

Cooking: Simple to make—mix jaggery, nuts, and seeds, roll into bites, and enjoy a wholesome treat. 

Benefits: Boosts energy, supports digestion, and provides essential nutrients for growing bodies to stay healthy. 

Fun Fact: Fun fact—Jaggery Energy Bites are like nature’s candy, a delicious and healthy treat for kids!

Some Other Foods That Start With J

JellybeanJalfrezi CurryJapanese Cucumber Salad
Javanese SatayJägersuppe (hunter’s soup)Jagerschnitzel Sandwich
Jhalmuri (Bengali puffed rice snack)Jardinière SauceJook with Century Egg
Jus (meat juice)Jelly-filled Doughnut 


And there you have it, little explorers—our journey through the marvelous world of “Foods That Start With J” is a wrap! From juicy jelly to jumbo jambalaya, we’ve hopped, skipped, and jumped through a jamboree of flavors! 

So, the next time you’re feeling a bit hungry or curious, don’t forget to jazz up your plate with some jalapeño poppers, jam-filled donuts, or maybe even a jubilant jicama salad! 

The kitchen is your playground, and the alphabet is your guide to endless culinary fun. 

Until our next delicious discovery, stay curious, stay hungry, and most importantly, stay jamboree-tastic!

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