15+ Fascinating Football Activities for Kids that You Might Know

Being a mother of two active children, I’m all about integrating essential life skills into our regular activities, which are also a great way to keep them entertained and occupied.

My son and I have been exploring the fun world of football lately. Football ⚽️ helps them stay active and boost their physical health. The activities also cultivate a sense of discipline and hard work as kids work towards winning the game.

From dribble relay races to DIY mini soccer fields and even soccer-themed crafts, these activities aim to boost teamwork, coordination, and creativity while having fun.

Best Football Activities for Your Kids 

In this blog post, I’m pleased to share a variety of fun football ⚽️ activities with you that my son and I have done together. 

These activities are super easy and fun, aiming to boost teamwork and improve your kids’ skills. These activities aim to encourage your children’s teamwork and skill development while promoting their enthusiasm for the game. 

Dribble Relay Race

To kick off our soccer fun, I started with a really cool Dribble Relay Race🏃‍♂️ in our backyard. 

I put down some markers and gave my son a small soccer ball. We took turns moving through the markers, practicing our dribbling skills just like the soccer players do.

Pro Tip:

You can turn it into a friendly competition by using a timer ⏱️ to see who can dribble through the markers the quickest. This not only makes them quicker and more agile but also adds a bit of friendly competition, making the whole thing super fun and a great way to improve their soccer skills. 

DIY Mini Soccer Field

Turn your living room into a mini soccer field 🥅 is a blast for indoor play with your little ones. 

All you need is some tape to create goalposts at each end of the room. To keep it safe, use a soft, inflatable ball to prevent any accidents. 

This indoor soccer game isn’t just about kicking and dribbling; it’s a fantastic way for your kids to burn off their extra energy, especially on days when the weather keeps you indoors.

Pro Tip:

I recommend that you clear away any obstacles and breakables and maybe set some soft cushions around the playing area for added safety. 

Soccer Math Fun

Bring the fun of Soccer into learning with Soccer ⚽️ Math Fun! I make simple math ➕➖ flashcards and stick them on the wall. Every correct answer means a chance to kick a soft ball ⚽️ at the “goal.” 

Trust me when I say that it’s a cool way to make math fun for your kids, improve shooting skills, and keep their minds sharp while scoring goals.

Pro Tip:

Begin with easy problems and make them a bit trickier as your little ones get better. This not only makes their brains 🧠 sharper but also turns math into an exciting goal-scoring game. 

Obstacle Course Challenge

You can design an obstacle course in the backyard to enhance your kids’ agility and coordination. I use cones, hula hoops, and even a small ladder to create challenges. The kids dribble the ball through the course, mastering quick turns and fancy footwork. 

It’s a wonderful way to improve their ball control skills while having a blast navigating the soccer-inspired obstacle course.

Pro Tip:

I suggest that you change the course every now and then to keep it exciting for your kids and to help your little ones improve their Soccer moves even more! 

Soccer-themed Arts and Crafts

Kids can get creative with soccer-themed arts and crafts🎨! They can paint 🎨 rocks to look like soccer balls, make team flags, and design soccer jerseys👕 using plain white t-shirts and fabric markers. 

This arts and crafts activity is not just about being artsy; it’s about kids feeling proud to be little soccer fans. 

Pro Tip:

Let your kids make their jerseys unique by adding their favorite numbers, imaginary team logos, or even special player names. This extra touch not only brings out their creativity but also makes each jersey extra special. 

Soccer Scavenger Hunt

Turn an ordinary day into a soccer-themed adventure for your kids with a fun Soccer Scavenger Hunt 🔎. 

You can hide soccer-related items around the house or yard – a mini ball, a whistle, or a soccer-themed toy. Armed with a list of clues 🕵🏽‍♀️, the kids embark on a mission to find all the hidden treasures. 

It’s a fantastic way to combine physical activity with problem-solving skills, and the joy on their faces when they uncover each item is priceless.

Pro Tip:

You can incorporate favorite player names, iconic moments, or memorable soccer quotes to add a personalized touch. This not only makes the hunt more engaging but also deepens their connection to the sport.

DIY Mini Goalpost Crafting

I recommend this activity to boost your kids’ imaginative skills with a DIY Mini Goalpost Crafting session. 

My son and I gathered materials like cardboard, paint, and glue to create our own mini goalposts. Once the crafting is complete, we use them for mini soccer matches in the backyard. 

This hands-on activity not only reinforces their love for the game but also teaches kids the value of resourcefulness and creativity.

Pro Tip:

You can encourage your kids to personalize their creations with colors, patterns, or even stickers of their favorite soccer teams. This not only adds a unique touch to their mini goalposts but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride in their creations. 

Soccer Story Time:

You can combine the love for reading with Soccer through Soccer Story Time. 

I recommend you explore children’s books 📖 centered around soccer themes, diving into tales of teamwork, perseverance, and the joy of playing the game. 

This activity not only nurtures their reading skills but also imparts valuable life lessons to your kids that extend beyond the soccer field.

Pro Tip:

After reading, chat with your kids about the stories. Ask them what they liked and what they learned. It’s a great way to make the soccer stories even more special and share some awesome moments together! 

DIY Penalty Shootout

Transform the backyard into a penalty shootout arena with a simple DIY setup. Using chalk, draw a goal 🥅 area on a wall or fence, and let the kids take turns being the goalkeeper and shooter. 

This activity enhances your kids’ shooting accuracy and goalkeeper skills while adding an element of friendly competition. 

The cheers and laughter that accompany each successful goal make it a favorite among my little football enthusiasts.

Pro Tip:

You can vary the shooting distances to challenge different skill levels, keeping everyone engaged and excited! 

Soccer-themed Snack Time:

My son and I get creative with the snacks for snack time using cookie 🍪 cutters and turning sandwiches 🥪 into cute soccer balls. We also arrange fruits like a mini soccer field, and sometimes, we even bake soccer-themed cupcakes together.

Pro Tip:

Involve the kids in making these snacks; it adds an extra layer of fun and teaches them basic kitchen skills. 

Soccer Bowling

I introduce a delightful game of Soccer Bowling 🎳 for my little champions. Using plastic pins as goals, we take turns rolling a soft soccer ball to knock the pins down. It’s like bowling but with a soccer twist!

Pro Tip:

Make it even more enjoyable by keeping score and turning it into a friendly competition. This Soccer Bowling game not only enhances their shooting accuracy but also turns a regular day into a laughter-filled, skill-building soccer adventure right in our living room.

Soccer Memory Game

I create cards with pictures of soccer balls ⚽️ , goals, and more. My son and I take turns flipping the cards 🎴 over, trying to find matching pairs. 

I would describe this as a soccer-themed treasure hunt for their minds! 

This game not only enhances their memory 🧠 skills but also brings a sense of excitement and discovery to our playtime. 

Pro Tip:

You can personalize the cards with your kids’ favorite soccer players or team logos to make them even more special. It’s a simple yet delightful way to infuse a bit of soccer magic 🪄 into our daily routine.

Balloon Soccer 

You can replace the regular ball with balloons 🎈, creating a light and bouncy atmosphere. 

The challenge is to keep the balloon in the air using only our feet– it’s like dancing with a soccer ⚽️ twist! It’s a fun and simple way to share the love of Soccer with your kids.

Pro Tip:

You can get the whole family involved in a game of balloon soccer. Balloon Soccer not only boosts coordination but also turns our living room into a soccer-field dance floor. 

Soccer Tic-Tac-Toe

I recommend you play soccer tic-tac-toe as a fun game for your kids to enjoy. I draw a big tic-tac-toe grid on the ground using chalk or tape, thus adding a soccer twist to a classic game. 

Each team gets different-colored cones as markers. The kids take turns dribbling a soccer ball and placing their team’s cone to get three in a row. It’s like a strategic dance on the field, combining soccer skills with the excitement of the game. 

Pro Tip:

Enhance your kids’ excitement by introducing small challenges for each square, such as a quick spin before placing the cone or dribbling the ball with specific tricks.

Pass and Score

I introduce a thrilling game we call “Pass and Score.” With a goal set up in the backyard, my kids take turns passing the ball ⚽️ to each other. ]

The player receiving the pass gets a chance to score a goal! It’s a laughter-filled activity that not only hones their passing accuracy but also lets them experience the joy of scoring. 

Pro Tip:

Encourage your kids to experiment with different passing techniques – from short, precise passes to longer, strategic ones. This not only enhances their passing accuracy but also fosters creativity on the field.


Having fun with Soccer, as per me, is more than just kicking and scoring goals; it’s like learning really important things for life. So, get those little soccer shoes 👟 on, get a ball, and play with your little ones. What they learn while playing today will help them be even better at Soccer in the future. 

If you have stories or games to share or any activity that you would like me to cover, please write them in the comments below. ⚽️

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