21 Amazing France facts: Unveiling the Magnificent Secrets

Many newly-wed couples try their best to arrange their first honeymoon trip to France. Apart from this, many tourists from different corners of the world visit France every year to experience its heritage and antique museums.

Here are some crucial facts about France that can make you fall for it. One must review all these facts to assume an overall trip budget easily. 

Cycle races are quite famous in France

Different kinds of sports are equally supported by France just like other European countries. Cycle races in this country are incredible.

People have an extra craziness for this sport. They perform the most prestigious cycle race in 1903. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they must reschedule this race in 2020.

You can easily enjoy your sphere time here by riding a cycle at any time of the day. They actually create different tracks on their roads for cycling.       

Most novel prizes in literature received by this country

They have a deep knowledge of literature from the beginning. Most Novel prizes in literature were won by France only.

They pay more attention to literature than any other country in the world. There are certain places in France where you can only observe writers all around you.

Thus, you will surely understand their attention to literature with ease. 

It has the famous museum named the Louvre in Paris

This is the best place for art-loving people. Paris has the most famous museum in it. The name of this museum is the Louvre.

People worldwide visit Paris every year to check out new collections and vintage pieces of art in this museum.

People with a good sense on art can easily understand the effort of the artists by observing the unique pieces for sure.   

Mobile phone with the camera was invented in this country only

We almost forget cameras after using mobile phones with built-in cameras. We are almost used to this particular feature nowadays.

Surprisingly, these mobile phones were invented in France. They show us the way of using cameras even on mobile phones.

As a result, we can share any of the clicked pictures within a few moments. The quality of those cameras is improving day by day to reach professional quality.  

The motto of France is Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity

Every country follows its motto to drive the country toward prosperity and peace. France also has a motto to stick with the usual unity and bondage.

Their motto is Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

They used this motto since the Revolutionary period. Even nowadays they are following the motto to grow in every possible way. 

Most tourists show the highest interest to visit France

There are several countries that attracts tourists every year no matter what the situation is. France has the highest ability to attract people for traveling and many other purposes.

The popularity of France among people is quite noticeable.

Its natural beauty as well as artificial monuments always amazes us. Apart from this, the unique museums show a number of art pieces quite easily.   

The coastline of this country is up to 3427 KM

You will surely find sandy beaches and rocky caves in this country in the coastal area. The coastline of France spread from Paris to Petra.

The length of its coastline is approximately 3427 km. this is why you can observe beaches in France in almost every shape and size.   

You should not turn the baguette upside down

This country is actually ready to amaze you with different delicious street foods. The baguette is one of the most famous ones.

However, you should keep a quite important point in your mind while eating a baguette in France. You should not turn this food upside down. They find this activity quite unlucky. 

France is the largest country in the EU series

European countries are not that big in size. France is the largest country in the EU series. The land area of France is 547000 sq. km.

You may easily get a chance to enjoy champing at any beautiful Part of this country for sure. 

It is smaller than even Texas

American countries are bigger in size compared to Europe. France is smaller than even Texas.

French toast is not belonged to France for sure

By the name of French toast, we assume that this dish may invent by French people only. However, French toast actually belongs to New York.

A great foodie named Joseph French invented this food. According to his name, the name of this dish is French toast.

Croissant is actually invented in Australia

Croissants are also not belongs to France at all. Australian people invented this food which almost everyone usually loves.

Especially the filling inside the croissants can be changed according to your choice. Most coffee shops sell this food in almost every country now.  

Publishing cooking book is quite common in this country

The passion for cooking can be seen in this country. They publish cooking books every now and then.

According to a general survey, two cookbooks are published in France daily. Thus, you can realize their love and respect for cooking with ease. They don’t just cook for filling empty stomachs. They consider cooking as a form of art for sure. 

You should not waste food in France; it is illegal

Throwing food is considered a crime here. Many restaurants and coffee shops distribute their excessive food to people for free who cannot be able to buy food.

Thus, you should not waste food in this country. You may have to face serious legal issues by doing it. 

You will find almost 400 types of cheese in France

Cheese always brings water to our mouths. Cheese lovers can put cheese on any of their dishes to make it more delicious. France is an appropriate destination for cheese lovers.

You will definitely find almost 400 kinds of cheese here.

You may get confused while buying cheese for yourself. This is why you should do your homework on cheese very well.  

Different kinds of snail dishes are quite famous here 

It is quite common to observe snail dishes in coastal areas. French people love to eat snail dishes a lot.

They generally put this dish in the topper position at any festival or function. They generally have this snail dish with garlic butter and lemon. 

French is the official language of England

In many European countries, French is used as an official language. They also prefer English in almost every sector.

Apart from this, people use many other languages in France. Thus, tourists do not have to face any kinds of difficulties while speaking with the local people in France.

French people consume wine in a massive amounts every year

Consuming wine is a quite natural thing in France. Not only occasionally but also daily people consume different kinds of wine here.

The process of making wine is massive. However, this amazing drink is easily available in France. Thus, France is the best destination for wine lovers for sure.

Marrying dead people is absolutely legal here

People can marry a dead person here. They have a specific law for this circumstance. There should be a few considerations to make it happen.

You need to go through more detailed information about their law on this matter to realize the importance of this matter.  

Cinema was invented in this country only

We all love to watch cinemas. Cinema is considered the biggest version of entertainment nowadays.

This amazing way of entertainment was invented in France in 1895. They introduce this incredible sector in our lives for the first time. 

The shortest reign was recorded in France only

The shortest reign was observed in this country only. Louis XIX was taken the dynasty for 20 minutes. According to this way, his son also repeats the same and took the dynasty for 40 minutes. This is quite funny and unique at the same time.   

All these facts can help you a lot to realize the actual reason behind the popularity of France among tourists for many years.

Apart from this, you should also go for other relevant articles on France to receive more detailed knowledge easily. In this way, you can visit this country and have an overall idea about it.

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