20 Mysterious French Polynesia Facts that You Should Know

The mesmerizing beaches and relaxing black sand of French Polynesia make it one of the most amazing countries in Oceania. πŸ–οΈ

Apart from this, the diverse cultures and manners make it more unique than others. Here are a few essential facts to make you aware of this beautiful country. Thus, you can accumulate proper information about this country.

French Polynesia Facts Discover The Hidden Marvels of the South Pacific

This country mainly divided into five island groups

This country is divided into many groups. Several islands create different land structures accordingly. Thus, the five main island groups assembled 🏝️ this island named French Polynesia.

The groups’ names are the Tuamotu Archipelago, Society Islands, Gambier Island, Tubuai Island, and the Marquesas Islands. You must read about these groups to realize the necessity with ease.

Almost 118 islands make up this island.

118 Islands Make Up French Polynesia

The general area of this country is massive. Almost 1200 miles area of the Pacific Ocean is covered by French Polynesia. There are nearly eight islands in this country 🏝️.

People need to pay the plane fares to travel to other islands of the same country ✈️.

Most people originated from this country.

Almost 69% of people are born and brought up in French Polynesia. Other than this, many people emigrate from other countries to stay here. Apart from this, some people stay here temporarily due to work purposes 🌏.

The flag of French Polynesia has a rising sun.

Flag Of French Polynesia

Five red asterisks border the national flag of French Polynesia. These asterisks represent the five island groups. Apart from this, the upper half of this flag has a rising sun πŸŒ…. The lower half of this flag has blue waves to represent the Pacific Ocean for sure.

The security and justice system is controlled by France only.

Security And Justice System Of French Polynesia

Many people assumed that French Polynesia was a part of France. However, this country is not a part of France at this moment.

Since 2004 French Polynesia has become an independent country itself. However, this country’s justice and security system is followed by France even nowadays βš–οΈ.

This country has two official languages: English and Tahitian.

You may observe that people are using different languages on different islands here. They have two official languages.

One is English πŸ—£οΈ, and the other one is Tahitian. They speak these two languages with tourists to ensure understanding. Besides, they use these two languages for official purposes as well.

The word “tattoo” came from the Tahitian word “tatu.”

Tattoo is quite a famous fashion nowadays. People from French Polynesia create tattoos on their bodies in ancient times. Each people had different tattoos based on their life journey and traditional values. This word came from “tatau,” which is a Tahitian word.

Greetings are not necessary in this country.

Greetings Are Not Necessary In French Polynesia

People from French Polynesia do not like to talk with strangers. They do not even believe in any formal greetings as well. They convey their thoughts and needs without hesitation and formality. It would help if you were an extrovert to gel with these people for sure 😊.

However, the tourism industry of this country is improving day by day. This is why they are getting better in their communication skills 🌺.

The primary source of income is tourism services in French Polynesia.

Tourism Services In French Polynesia

A large amount of income from the tourism industry balances French Polynesia’s overall economy πŸ’Ό. This is why most people devote their valuable time to this industry. Besides, the job market has many tourism roles nowadays.

Most people run their expenses by a pension.

Local people receive a good amount of pension every month πŸ’°. With the help of this amount, people can quickly pay their expenses.

However, there are a few considerations one needs to follow for sure. Indeed, you should be a permanent resident of this country.

The highest waterfall in French Polynesia is Fautua Waterfall.

This country has a massive waterfall named Fautua Waterfall 🌊. According to many surveys, this waterfall is about 900 feet long. The general area of this waterfall is also huge.

Many people visit this country to witness this waterfall every year. In this way, this country’s popularity is increasing daily. Tourists want to see this country now and then.

The highest point in this country is Mt. Orohena.

Highest Point Of French Polynesia

Each country has its highest and lowest points for sure. French Polynesia also has its highest peak in Tahiti. The name of this peak is Mount Orohena ⛰️. The height of this point from sea level is 7352 feet. Many hikers visit this country to enjoy their hiking skills properly.

A dream destination for experienced hikers

The type of mountain helps people to hike at almost every peak. However, you should contact reliable hiking agencies to avoid any major accidents.

These people will provide virtually all possible security equipment to enjoy your holidays properly β›Ί. It would help if you did the research for this hiking experience way before you plan for a trip to French Polynesia.

One can also enjoy surfing on this island for sure.

Surfing In French Polynesia

Surfing is also another fantastic sport that can provide instant enjoyment and relaxation at the same time. However, you must definitely learn this skill to enjoy your holidays in French Polynesia.

The waves on this particular island are way bigger than we can imagine. This is why surfing lovers choose this country as their travel destination almost yearly πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ.

People who have a phobia of snakes can easily enjoy this country.

This country has no snakes at all 🐍. Due to many biological reasons, this country is not appropriate for poisonous snakes. Thus, you can easily enjoy your vacation with your family without fear of snakes.

This island has mosquitoes in a reasonable amount.

It would help if you carried enough mosquito protection during your journey to French Polynesia. You may have to face serious mosquito issues 🦟 in some places here. Thus, you should always bring something that can help you stay away from mosquitoes in this country.

Various underwater species are always ready to surprise you.

Underwater Species Of French Polynesia

Some people also go for underwater diving 🀿 to quickly explore different water creatures. Several aqua species can amaze you under the deep sea for sure. You will find several diving instructors to help you a lot.

They try their best to bury the dead bodies of loved ones in owned land.

People from this country believe in several superstitions. They generally bury the dead bodies of their relatives in owned lands.

This is why they usually buy vacant lands for this purpose. They also correctly show their love and respect to the dead person πŸ’”.

The delivery service of French Polynesia is the best.

You will receive an excellent delivery service on this island. From bread to more significant items, you will get the products in better condition on time. They will also put it beside your main door if you are not available at home at the time of delivery 🚚.

Tahiti is the most oversized island in French Polynesia.

Tahiti In French Polynesia

The most oversized island in this country is Tahiti. This is why most people only try to visit this particular island 🏝️. You will receive almost all possible facilities on this island as a tourist. You can also see other islands in this country to enjoy with your loved ones.

Here you receive average information regarding French Polynesia with the help of these 20 facts. To enrich your knowledge, you must go for other related articles on our page about other countries. 

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