15 Fun Games Like Simon Says that Will Make You Amaze

‘Simon Says’ is a classic and timeless game. It is a simple and fun game that a group of people of any size can enjoy. The game is played by following the instructions of “Simon,” the game’s leader.

Simon gives commands, and the other players must follow them only if the command starts with “Simon says.” If the command does not start with “Simon says,” the players must not follow it.

The player who makes a mistake is eliminated from the game, and the last player standing is the winner.

Many games are similar to ‘Simon Says’ that are just as fun and easy to play. These games offer a new twist on the classic game, which makes the game even more exciting and entertaining.

Most popular and fun games like ‘Simon Says.’

Follow the Leader

As the title implies, “Follow the Leader” is a game where one player takes the lead and sets the pace for the others to follow. In this game, one participant acts as the leader, and the rest must imitate their actions.

The leader can perform any step of their choosing, such as jumping, spinning, or touching their toes, and the other players must imitate them.

So when the player makes a mistake, they are no longer in the game, and the last player standing is declared the winner.

Mother May I

Mother May I” is a classic children’s game that is much like, “Simon says. “It’s a fun and simple game that requires players to follow instructions given by the “Mother.”

The game’s objective is for players to complete a series of actions or tasks as instructed by the “Mother.” The “Mother” stands at one end of the playing area, and the players line up at the other end of the playing space.

The “Mother” then gives a series of instructions to the players, such as “Take three giant steps forward” or “Hop on one foot to me.”

The players must complete each task to the best of their ability and ask, “Mother, may I?” before moving on to the next job in the game. If the “Mother” says, “Yes, you may,” the player can proceed with the task.

However, if the “Mother” says, “No, you may not,” the player must return to the starting line and try again. The first player to reach the “Mother” will be declared the winner.

The Whisper Game

The Whisper Game adds excitement to the beloved childhood game of ‘Simon Says.’ Instead of shouting commands, the leader whispers tasks like ‘stand up’ or ‘touch your toes’ to the player next to them.

That player then whispers the same job to the next player, and so on. The game’s objective is to keep the chain going without making mistakes. If a player falters, they are sadly out of the game. The goal is to remain the last one and take the coveted winner title.

Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light is another game similar to “Simon Says” but with a few tweaks and changes. This game, comparable to “Simon Says,” appeals to children and adults with its straightforward and entertaining nature.

The game’s objective is for players to successfully reach the finish line without getting caught by the “traffic cop.” The “traffic cop” stands at one end of the playing area, and the players line up at the other. The “traffic cop” then turns their back to the players and says, “Green light!” to signal the start of the game.

When the “traffic cop” says, “Green light!” the players can move forward. However, when the “traffic cop” says “Red light!”, the players must stop immediately and not move until the “traffic cop” says “Green light!” again.

The “traffic cop” eliminates players who move during “Red light!” calls. The first player to reach the “traffic cop” without getting caught wins the game.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo” is a popular swimming pool game that people of all ages can play. The game is similar to hide-and-seek, but it’s played in the water. The game’s objective for players is to find and tag each other by calling out “Marco” and listening for the response “Polo.”

The game opens with one player being selected as “It.” This player closes their eyes and calls out, “Marco.” The other players respond by calling out “Polo.”

The ” It ” player then listens to the other players’ voices and tries to swim toward them to tag them. So, when a player is tagged in the game, they become “It.”

The game continues to the point when only one player remains untagged, and the same untagged player is announced as the winner.

In conclusion, “Marco Polo”  is a fun and active game that encourages exercise and communication and provides hours of entertainment for anyone who enjoys playing in the water.

Do as I Do

Do as I Do” is a classic children’s game that is easy to learn and play. The game also contains similar attributes to “Simon Says.” The game is usually played with a group of people, and the objective is to follow the leader’s actions as closely as possible.

The game begins with one person chosen as the leader. The leader performs a simple action, such as clapping their hands or touching their nose, and then says, “Do as I do.”

Then, the other players must imitate the leader’s actions as closely as possible. The leader then performs another physical activity, and the other players must follow along again.

The game continues this way, with the leader performing different actions and the other players following along. The player who makes a mistake is eliminated from the game, and the winner is the last player standing.

In the River, On the Bank

“In the River, On the Bank” is a classic outdoor game that children often play. It is a variation of the traditional game of tag and requires physical movement, teamwork, and quick thinking.

The game is simple enough to comprehend, and you can start by choosing two areas to be designated as the “river” and the “bank.” The river is a safe area where players cannot be tagged, while the bank is an open area where players are to be tagged.

First, select one player to be “it.” This player starts on the bank and must try to tag the other players.

Meanwhile, all the rest of the players start on the river. When “it” calls out “In the River!”, all players must run to the bank. If “it” tags a player before they reach the bank, that player becomes “it.”

If all players reach the bank without being tagged, then “it” must call out “On the Bank!” All players must run back to the river.

The game continues until all players have been tagged and become “it.”

Red Hands (Clapping patterns)

Red Hands” is a playful take on the classic game of Simon Says, incorporating a physical component that adds an extra layer of excitement. The players are seated in a circular arrangement, with one player designated as the leader.

The leader initiates the game by clapping their hands, and the other players must mimic the rhythm of the claps. The leader can switch up the rhythm at any point during the game, and the other players must adapt and follow along.

If a player fails to keep up with the rhythm, the particular player shall be eliminated from the game, and the last player remaining is declared the winner.

This game challenges players’ ability to follow directions, react quickly, and stay focused, making it a fun and engaging activity for all ages.

Red Hands Variation: Hot Potato

Hot Potato is a variation of Red Hands played with a soft object, such as a ball or stuffed animal, passed around the players’ circle while music is playing.

When the music stops, the player who’s seen holding the object is out of the game. It continues until one player remains and becomes the winner.

Duck, Duck, Goose

“Duck, Duck, Goose” is one of the classic childhood games typically played by young children that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors.

The game is played with a group of children sitting in a circle. One child is chosen to be “it”, then walks outside the ring, tapping each player on the head and saying, “Duck, Duck, Duck.”

Then, the child who is “it” taps a player on the head and says “Goose”, which is the signal for the tapped player to get up and chase after the child who is “it”.

The game’s purpose is for the child “it” to make it around the circle and sit in the spot previously occupied by the player they tapped.

If the player who was tapped can successfully tag the child who is “it” before they reach the open spot, then that player becomes “it” for the next round. If not, the child who is “it” takes the spot, and the tapped player goes back to their spot in the circle to start over.

Red Hands Variation: Hot Lava

Hot Lava” is a game that resembles “Red Hands”, and it requires a spacious area like a room or a yard as the playing field. The game’s objective is to avoid stepping on the “hot lava” (the floor) while jumping from one safe spot to another.

If a player touches the “hot lava, ” that player is out of the game. The last player who remains without touching the “hot lava” is declared the winner.

Follow the Sequence

Follow the Sequence is a memory and strategy game usually played with two or more players. The objective is to recall and repeat a sequence of actions, adding one move per turn in the process.

To play the game, the first player starts by performing a simple action, such as making a specific gesture. The next player must repeat the first player’s action and add one of their own. The sequence continues, with each player repeating the entire sequence and adding one new action of their own.

The game becomes more challenging as the sequence gets longer, and players must use their memory to recall the correct order of actions.

If a player makes a mistake and does not perform the sequence correctly, they are eliminated from the game, thus, making the last player remaining to win the game.

The Mirror Game

The Mirror Game” is a “Simon Says” variation emphasizing physical movements. In this game, a single player takes on the mantle of the leader, and the rest of the players must imitate their actions.

The leader can make any body movement they desire, such as waving their arms, tapping their feet, or nodding their head.

If players fail to mirror the leader’s actions accurately, they are out of the game. The player who remains until the end of the game without making a mistake is declared the winner.

The Animal Game

The Animal Game focuses on the sounds and motions of many animals. One player is the leader in this game, while the others are tasked with imitating the animal’s voice and action.

For instance, the participants must emulate a lion’s movement and roar when the leader calls out “lion.” The player who makes an error in judgment gets removed from the game, and the last one standing is declared the winner.

The Charades Game

The Charades Game” is a fun and interactive activity that involves acting and gestures. In this game, one player is chosen to be the leader, and they act out a word or phrase without speaking.

The other players must then guess what the leader is trying to convey, using only their gestures and movements as clues. The first player to correctly guess the word or phrase is declared the winner.

The Category Game

The category Game is a fun and educational activity that helps children develop their vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and ability to categorize information. The game is typically played in a group setting, and one player is selected as the leader.

The leader starts by naming a category, such as “types of fruit” or “animals that can fly.” The other players then take turns naming items that fit into that category.

For example, if the category is “types of fruit,” players might say “an apple,” “banana,” “orange,” etc. If a player cannot think of an item that fits into the category or repeats an item that has already been said, they are out of the game.

These games are all fun, accessible versions of the classic game called ‘Simon says.’ They are perfect for children and adults and can be played in any size group. They are great for parties, picnics, and other social events and are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

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