11 Fascinating Greg Mortenson Facts that Will Leave You Amazed

Let me introduce you to Greg Mortenson!

He is an American professional writer, speaker, veteran, and even former mountaineer😲!

He is also the founder of the educational charity Pennies for Peace and the former executive director of the Central Asia Institute!

So, let us take a look at the life and contributions of this famous American.

Interesting Greg Mortenson facts

Birth of Mortenson: This famous writer was born in Minnesota

Birth Of Greg Mortenson

Hey there, little friends! Did you know that Mortenson was born in Minnesota 🤔?

Greg Mortenson was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on December 27, in the year 1955.

His parents were Jerene and Irvin. In 1968, they went to Tanganyika, or Today’s Tanzania😲!

Mortenson spends his early childhood and adolescence in Tanzania! He was even quite fluent in speaking Swahili!

Early childhood of Mortenson

In the early 1970s, when Greg was just 15 years old, his family 👩 👨 left Tanzania and moved back to Minnesota!

Between the years 1973 and 1975, Mortenson attended Ramsey High School in Roseville, Minnesota!

Also, he graduated from there!

After that, he served in the U.S. Army from 1975 to 1977 in Germany and received the Army Commendation Medal!

After being discharged, he attended Concordia College 🏛️, in Moorhead, Minnesota, on an athletic scholarship!

He studied there between 1977 and 1979!

Greg Mortenson: A supporter of literacy and education for girls’

I am quite amazed to know this wonderful fact about Greg Mortenson! Want to know?

Mortenson has spoken and even written widely about the importance of girls’ education and literacy around the world!

He even added that girls’ education📚 is the most crucial investment all nations can make to create stability, decrease infant mortality, and bring socio-economic reform!

It can even improve hygiene, health, and sanitation standards!

He further added that ‘fighting terrorism’ perpetuates a cycle of violence, while global peace can be promoted through education and literacy among girls👧.

Origin of Mortenson’s humanitarian work

Mortenson’s Humanitarian Work

In his best-selling book, Three Cups of Tea, Mortenson described the origins of his humanitarian work!

He wrote that he traveled to northern Pakistan in 1993!

He went there to climb K2, the world’s second-highest mountain, as a memorial to his sister Christa!

However, after 70 days on the mountain, he still couldn’t reach the summit⛰️. Morten and his fellow climber Scott Darsney were even involved in a life-saving rescue of another climber, Etienne Fine. 

So, they became quite weakened! Later, they were rescued and set out with a local Balti porter, Mouzafer Ali, to the nearest city.

Three Cups of Tea describes his travels and experiences in Pakistan

Have you heard this amazing fact about Greg Mortenson?

According to his book, Three Cups of Tea, Mortenson Went to Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province. 

He even escaped from a dangerous firefight in 2003 between Afghan opium warlords!

Also, he was the subject of two fatwas by conservative Islamist Clerics! He got those for educating girls!

He even got threats and hate mail from fellow Americans for helping educate Muslim children!

Despite these dangerous circumstances, he still supported more than 300 projects, including 191 schools! 

He established those in rural and volatile areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan!

Mortenson’s books were seriously criticized

Want to explore a unique secret about Mortenson? Let me tell you.

Mortenson and David Oliver Relin wrote the book Three Cups of Tea, which was a New York Times bestselling book📚!

However, Mortenson has been criticized by writers like Jon Krakauer and Peter Hessler for financial mismanagement of his charity!

He was also criticized for “dodging accountability” and for writing a book that is, according to Krakauer, “riddled with lies.”

Later in 2011, author Krakauer even accused Mortenson of fabrication in his non-fiction books and also of financial improprieties at his charity at Central Asia Institute!

Investigation of Bullock and his settlements with Mortenson

I am really surprised to explore this not-so-good fact about Mortenson!

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock investigated for one year. 

After that, he reached a settlement with Mortenson and agreed not to file criminal charges against Mortenson!

However, he sought restitution for book royalties, travel and speaking fees, etc., that Mortenson charged to the CAI!

Under these settlement terms, Mortenson agreed to reinstate $1 million💰 to the charity!

In October 2013, Mortenson completed his repayments to the CAI and hence, fulfilled the terms of the settlement with Bullock!

Tara Bishop: Meet Mortenson’s wife

Greg Mortenson's wife

Did you know about Mortenson’s family? No? Let’s explore!

Mortenson lives in Montana’s Bozeman with his wife 👰‍♀️Tara Bishop.

Tara is a clinical psychologist, and they have two children, Amira and Khyber!

Mortenson’s apologized in January 2014

Mortenson was interviewed by Tom Brokaw, on Today, in January 2014! 

There He acknowledged that he had let a lot of people down!

He even said, “I failed in many ways, and it’s an important lesson.”

Mortenson was diagnosed with hypoxia 

In the year 2011, Mortenson was diagnosed with hypoxia!

So, he had surgery for an atrial septal defect and an aneurysm!

It was an event that coincided with the airing of the 60 Minutes expose!

Mortenson received many awards and honors

I am quite amazed to learn this surprising secret about Mortenson!

Mortenson received many awards🥇 for his charitable works, such as, 2008 Courage of Conscience Award, 2008 Sword of Loyola, St. Louis University, MO, 2008 Graven Award-Wartburg College, and 2009 Academy of Achievement Award.

He even received 2008 Citizen Center for Diplomacy National Award for Citizen Diplomacy, 2009 National Education Association Human & Civil Rights Award, 2009 U.S. News & World Report: America’s Top 20 Best Leaders 2009, and many more…that it is really tough to say all those names😲!!

Mortenson even got some honorary degrees as well. 

Summing up

So, little fact explorers, now you have known quite a lot about Greg Mortenson😲!

How are you feeling after knowing so many interesting facts about this famous person?

We have to gather as much information about Mortenson, and hope you are satisfied.

Looking forward to get your feedback really soon! 😊!

Greg Mortenson Facts
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