16 Guyana Facts: Discovering the Land of Many Waters

Traveling is a great way to quench your thirst for discovering nature. Each part of this world is waiting to amaze us with various surprises.

From wildlife to amazing food and even giant waterfalls of Guyana will make you fall for it. Apart from this, it has other important and noticeable facts that can help you easily plan a successful trip to any particular country.

Here is some of the crucial information about Guyana for your concern. 

Interesting Guyana Facts

Real rainforest wildlife: Meet with wild animals for real


The presence of various wild animals and huge trees usually attract people to Guyana for many years. One can actually experience encounters with jaguars, black caiman, river otters, and many more.

Apart from this, you can also easily learn about various species of frogs, snakes, and turtles. This particular region will also surprise you with different kinds of birds of many colors and sizes.    

Variety of geographical diversity to experience various regions

You can easily enjoy Guyana’s highlands, coastal areas, and even clay regions.

This much variety in a single country is quite rare. This is why different types of animals and birds choose this region as their home.

Apart from this, you will also observe several rivers which help this country to improve in cultivation and transportation.

Several waterfalls to click elegant and beautiful memories

Dingle Drop Waterfall

We all want to store many memories whenever we plan a trip. A number of waterfalls in Guyana will certainly help people enjoy their journey to this country.

The “single drop waterfall” with definitely drop your jaw. It will be a milestone for you and your family member’s life. 

Soothing climate conditions all over the year

The average temperature of Guyana is 15 – 33 degree Celsius. Thus, people mostly get comfortable weather to travel and easily enjoy coastal food. 

Apart from this, tourists do not need to choose any particular season to visit.   

Local people usually wear lightweight and comfortable cloth.

Guyana Facts

You do not need to carry heavy and expensive jackets or several warm clothes to survive here. Besides, the local people of Guyana wear light and loose cotton cloth to perform their daily tasks.

You can also bring your comfortable light weighted cloth to match the climate condition for sure. This fact will eventually decrease the overall weight of your luggage with ease.    

Fantastic Georgetown and its heritage to gain more knowledge

The capital city of this country is Georgetown. This is a must-visit for people who like to observe various cultural rituals.

You will surely notice a Caribbean and American blend in each and every sector. The famous colonial buildings, botanical gardens, cathedral, and various museums will surely easily remind you of South American culture.

People should not miss a variety of food carts in this area to enjoy their tour in full.      

Visit rural areas to realize cultural and traditional values 

Guyana Cultural And Traditional Values

Guyana has many religions and influencers to enrich cultural diversity. You should visit rural areas of this country to realize the cultural and traditional values.

They perform different kinds of rituals to live their life in a proper way. Thus, you will understand the cultural values of the people of this country with ease.   

The aroma of the historical touch of Dutch, French, and many other cultures

British, Dutch, and French rulers ruled this country; in this way, many core cultures generally influence the base culture of this country.

Thus, you may observe a fascinating mixture of religion, food habits, and even ritual practices. The influence of history is basically present in this culture for sure.     

A blend of many cultures together offers a variety to enjoy  

Guyana Facts

As mentioned earlier, due to the presence of many religions and communities, you can easily experience an amazing blend of the base culture of this country for sure.

The influence of Dutch and French culture is quite prominent.  

Famous for cricket performances on the  world basis

Guyana is famous for its cricket performance all around the world. Several renowned cricket players belong to this country only.

According to International Cricket Council, these cricket players help the West Indies cricket team to be at the eighth rank.   

Surprisingly located below sea level.

Guyana Facts

It is quite impossible to even think of living under sea level. However, Guyana is located at sea level only. The defense sea system helps these people from heavy floods every year.

With the help of several advanced technology and basic ideas, these people control river water flow during the rainy season.   

Sufficiency of gold and diamond to balance the economy

Guyana has a sufficient amount of diamond and gold deep inside its heart. Every year they rescue a good amount of resources which improves their economy in a positive way.

They usually apply different advanced equipment to get these precious things better. 

People speak English mostly.

Guyana Speaking Language

The official, as well as casual language of Guyana, is English. Thus, they do not need to face any kinds of difficulties while communicating with travelers from different countries.

You can easily express your needs or queries to them for sure. Some people speak French. However, the number is quite low.   

The crime rate is quite high.

According to several social surveys, the crime rate in Guyana is really high. Compared to other countries of the world, people may get affected by any sudden criminal activity quite easily.

Not only robberies but also murders are taking place in business places. Apart from this, purse snatching and pick-pocketing are the most common incidents here. 

The medical system, as well as facilities, are average

Guyana Facts

Most Western countries try their best to improve their medical system to help people in every possible way.

However, Guyana’s medical issues always fail to help local people in need. The medical facilities that they get are quite average.

Due to this reason, the death rate in this country is increasing day by day. They should improve on this point a little to observe the overall progress.  

The economy depends mainly on agriculture.

The economy of Guyana depends on cultivation. They grow sugarcane, rice, and many other crops. Apart from this, the sufficient percentage of gold and diamond in this country is the backbone of the economy. 

Here we discussed 16 facts about Guyana that can help you to explore this country without facing any further problems.

You may also go for other relevant articles on this page to receive more accurate knowledge easily.

Guyana Facts
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