50+ Mysterious Halloween Art Activities Your Little Artists

Family get-togethers and creative expression are encouraged during the special holiday of Halloween. Each child eagerly awaits this festival. The key is to let your children participate in various crafts while also decorating your home. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

With my son, I’ve done a lot of crafts, and it was an absolute blast.

You can make spooky decorations and more by following this blog as I walk you through a variety of entertaining and enjoyable DIY projects.πŸ‘‡

Fascinating Halloween art activities

Spooky Silhouettes

Black construction paper can be used to cut out haunting shapes like bats, witches, and cats to create spooky silhouettes. For an eerie appearance, fasten them to a white wall or a window.πŸ¦‡

Haunted House

Haunted House Made By Kids

Your child will adore doing this. 

Using the cardboard, help your child in cutting out the different parts of the house and assemble them. Kids can cut out shapes like bats, ghosts, and pumpkins and stick them to the walls to make the experience even more entertaining. 🏚️

Word Of Caution

It can be quite challenging to cut out intricate shapes like bats and ghosts. Help your kids in cutting them.βœ‚οΈ

To make the cuttings more precise, try drawing simpler patterns. 

Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin Decorating Activity For Kids

Pumpkin carving and painting are traditional Halloween activities. πŸŽƒ

Get some pumpkins, then use all of your creative imagination. You may decorate them with vibrant patterns or eerie faces, or you may carve intricate designs into them. 

Paper Monsters

By giving children a variety of art tools, including colored paper, scissors, glue, markers, and googly eyes, you can encourage them to make their original monsters. πŸ‘Ή

To create their distinctive creations, they can combine and contrast various features.

Zombie Masks

Simply draw zombie faces on some cardboard and cut them out. Ask the kids to color them however they like.🎭

Make holes for the eyes and attach strings. I enjoyed watching my son and his friends act out stories while donning the mask. 

Halloween Themed Collage

Halloween Themed Collage Making Activity For Kids

This task is very simple. I had done it with my son, and it was quite fun.

Print out Halloween-related images from the internet, then cut them out. Then ask that your child make a collage on poster board or paper with a Halloween theme.πŸ“‹

Paper Spiders

An enjoyable and simple craft project for kids is making paper spiders. To create an eight-legged circular body, simply cut a black paper strip, glue the ends together, and then shape. 

For added amusement, kids could either draw eyes on or attach googly eyes.πŸ‘€

Witch Hat

Witch Hat Making Activity For Kids

The whole point of Halloween is preparation. Furthermore, I’m confident that your kid will adore wearing a homemade witch hat. 

Using black cardstock or construction paper is, in my opinion, the best choice. Help him make the hat so that he can proudly wear it.

Paper Cat

My son particularly enjoyed putting the googly eyes on the cat’s wobbly head. Simply cut out a cat shape from black paper, add a smaller oval-shaped head, and attach a tail.

To encourage your children, put it on the tea table.


It is crucial to support your child in everything he does. To inspire them, always try to display his artwork in the house.πŸ‘

Remember the joy and sense of accomplishment your child experiences when they see their handmade decorations. 

Spider Webs

Spider Webs For Kids

There are many things you can do with a spider, which is perhaps the most popular Halloween component.πŸ•ΈοΈ

My son made intricate spiderwebs out of black paper or string. You could add a plastic spider to them and hang them around the house.

Pumpkin and Apple Stamps

Paper, colors, and the fruit or vegetable of your choice is all you need for this. I recommend a pumpkin or apple because they reflect Halloween. 

The vegetables will simply be cut into slices, painted, and stamped on paper by your children.

Fun Fact πŸ€—

Create designs on the vegetables that the kids can stamp on the paper to make the activity more enjoyable. Vegetables can be carved with eyes and teeth to resemble Halloween ghosts.πŸ‘»

Paper Cup Puppets

Using paper glasses and other accessories, my son and his friends created puppets. You can ask that they create characters, such as pumpkins or bats, from which stories will be made later. πŸ¦‡

The kids could then participate in an interactive storytime.

Halloween Cards

Halloween Cards Played By Kids

Either buy blank cards from the market or fold blank paper. Because there are so many different color options, I gave my son folded colorful papers.

Making cards is a never-fail activity. πŸ’―


Give your kids the option to customize their cards however they wish and present them to their friends.

You can help them to write small notes on the cards. πŸ˜„

Paper Plate Crafts

Paper Plate Crafts Activity For Kids

The simplest product on the market to acquire is a paper plate. To decorate the plates, have your children draw various Halloween-themed objects on them. 

You could join all the plates together and hang them from the window to make it even more entertaining.πŸ€™

Pumpkin Painting

Give children small pumpkins and allow them to decorate them with scary or humorous faces using acrylic or washable paints. 

My son simply loved seeing his work displayed as I used the painted pumpkins to decorate our home for Halloween.

Spider Handprints

Although it can get a little messy, the fun makes up for it. This is one of my favorite activities to do with my son.πŸ•·οΈ

Make handprints on paper with black paint on children’s hands. To make the handprints into adorable spiders, draw spider legs and add googly eyes.

Spider Web From Salt

This is a simple and enjoyable activity. I would advise you to use glue to draw the spider web’s outline because young children might find it challenging. 

The kids can trace the border with watercolors and watch the color bleed after applying salt.

Ghost Footprints

Make footprints on black construction paper with white paint on the soles of children’s feet. To transform the footprints into amiable ghosts, add eyes and mouths.

The imprints can then be cut out and hung around your home.πŸ‘»

Pumpkin Stencils

With my son, I’ve done this several times, and he enjoys it. Although you can experiment with other shapes, pumpkin is the best for Halloween.

Make a cardboard stencil and place it on a piece of paper after that, and then encourage your child to use spray paint.😁

Mummy Collage

Give children white paper, white tissue paper or gauze strips, and glue. Allow them to use glue to stick the strips to the paper, then let them add googly eyes or other eerie details to make mummy collages.😎

Halloween Themed Doodles

All you need is some paper, pens, and colored pencils. Ask your child to let his imagination run wild and create doodles with a Halloween theme. 

Let him explore his creative side with a little encouragement.πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

Egg Carton Crafts

You can use your egg cartons to create a variety of crafts rather than throwing them away. In Fact, my son and I created a variety of items from it. πŸ₯šπŸ£

We created wall hangings with Halloween themes, small witch puppets, and many other things.

Rock Painting

I came up with this different craft idea with my son. You must first gather some pebbles.

Your child can then create ghost faces on the pebble with paint and markers. Glitters are another option for decorating them. 

Later, you can use these stones as paperweights.😎

Pumpkin Salt Painting

I had a great time creating this art with my son. πŸ‘Œ

Take a piece of paper and use glue to outline a pumpkin.

 After that, season it with salt and wait. Have your child paint the watercolors onto the salt outline using the paintbrushes. πŸ–ŒοΈ

Kids can display their artwork with pride on a wall.

Draw Spider Webs

Allowing your child to simply draw spider webs is probably the simplest way to include spiders because Halloween wouldn’t be complete without them. πŸ•ΈοΈ

I cut the spider webs my son drew and strung them up all over the house. You could follow suit.πŸ–οΈ

Witch Handprints

Handprints are a lot of fun. I’m confident that every kid loves them. πŸ‘

Your child can do this by making the witch’s hat out of the palms of their hands. He can then simply paint a face and add additional details.

Blow Paint Monster

Children can have fun and be creative while making blow-paint art. Having done this with my son, I advise using non-toxic paints and working in a well-ventilated area.

Ask your child to draw faces on the blowing patterns so they resemble cute monsters.

Bat Handprints

My son simply adores painting his hands and leaving handprints. πŸ¦‡

So once your child has done a handprint, you can assist him in cutting them out and joining them to create bat wings. πŸ‘Ό

Then he can illustrate the bat figure on the wings

Word Of Caution⚠️

Make sure to use paint that is suitable for your child’s skin because he will be dipping his hand in the paint. 

Kids might just have allergies to regular posters or acrylic colors. πŸ˜₯

Halloween Lanterns

Cut out eerie shapes from black paper, such as bats or ghosts. Arrange them in a glass jar with glue. Add some lighting inside.

My son was overjoyed to see his creation on display when I set the lantern he made on our dining room table.🍽

Halloween Sensory Bottles

Simply ask your child to fill a transparent plastic bottle with water, glitter, and Halloween-related items like plastic spiders or miniature pumpkins to create this. The bottle must be tightly sealed. 

Your children can enjoy themselves while shaking the bottle and watching the magic happen.πŸ€—

Halloween Pots

Halloween Pots Made By Kids

Your child simply needs to wrap the pots in colored paper and draw ghost faces on them for this craft. You can plant small plants in the pots after they have been decorated, and these will function as hairs.🌿🌱

My son enjoyed taking care of and watering these plants.

Tissue Paper Ghost

Your child only needs to crumple a tissue paper ball and wrap it in white tissue paper. However, you could use a rubber band to assist him in fastening it. πŸ‘»

Then, once he has added ghostly eyes, your little ghost is prepared.

Spider Pencils

My son enjoyed making the pencils as well as using them to write.πŸ•·οΈ

With glue, attach black pompoms to the pencil’s top and stick eyes. Your spider pencil is then ready for writing after woolen arms are added.✏️

Q-Tip Skeleton

Your child must arrange Q-tips in the shape of a skeleton in order to accomplish this. To join them together, use tape or glue. Draw a mouth and add goofy eyes. πŸ’€

This was something my son and I had done, and it made a nice wall-hanging decoration.


Because Q-tips are so tiny and delicate, you should handle them carefully and prevent your children from accidentally swallowing them.

You can even insert strings through the Q-tips for additional support. πŸ˜…

Halloween Fridge Magnet

I would advise including this on your list of must-do crafts because your child will adore seeing his artwork on the fridge.😁

Ask your child to cut out from craft foam Halloween-themed shapes like bats or pumpkins. 

Place it on the refrigerator with a small magnet attached to the back.

Hot Glue Spider Webs

While doing this, use caution. With the aid of hot glue, assist your child in outlining a spider web on a plastic sheet. You could also add it with glitter. πŸ•ΈοΈ

Peel it off once it has dried, then hang it as Halloween decor in your home.

Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks Making Activity For Kids

Simply cut out faces from cardstock and attach strings to create Halloween masks. You can encourage the children to draw their own silhouettes of a ghost or a pumpkin.

I had made several masks with my son.🎭

Halloween Characters On Stick

One of the cutest crafts I ever made with my son was this. In basic terms, he cut out small paper shapes of characters like pumpkins, ghosts, and witches. After that, we stuck toothpicks to the characters’ backs.

So we placed these out on the dining room table as a replacement to forks.πŸ½οΈπŸ›

Ghosts From Handkerchiefs

This is among the most popular crafts. You can hang the creations throughout your home, and your child is free to make as many as he wants.πŸ‘»

Simply wrap a white handkerchief around a pebble, and give it eyes and mouth. Your little ghost is ready.

Coffee Filter Ghosts On Stick

All your child needs to do is fold a coffee filter in half. Use markers to create scary mouths and eyes. Attach it to a straw or a popsicle stick.β˜•

You can simply make a lot of these adorable ghosts and hang them in front of your door.πŸšͺ

Ghosts From Bed Covers

Making these was an enjoyable experience for my son and me. They serve as wonderful Halloween decorations.πŸ‘»

Just wrap a balloon in a white bed sheet to make it look ghostly. Secure with rubber bands or string. Mark the mouth and eyes. 

Fun Fact πŸ€—

These bed cover ghosts can be placed in front of the entrance of your house. You can even add some extra support, like a bamboo stick.🎍

To make it look more attractive, you can add some light bulbs as well. πŸ’‘

Mummy From Mason Jars

Simply wrap a mason jar in white cloth strips and draw eyes on it to create this artwork.

If you want to enhance the appearance even further, I would advise adding a few lights inside the jar. πŸ’‘

Monsters From Popsicle Sticks

My son simply loved creating these and later using them to tell stories. 

Your child just needs to draw various monsters on a piece of paper and then color them as he pleases.

You can assist him in cutting them, and then once the popsicle sticks are attached, the little monsters are ready.πŸ€“

Halloween Slime

Children love playing with slime.

As proportions are crucial, I advise you to guide your child while they make it. Mix clear glue, liquid starch, and Halloween-themed glitter or confetti. 

Stir until slime forms.πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

Fun Fact πŸ€—

To make it even more fun, include plastic spiders or other spooky items. You can also add some autumn spices for that extra aroma. πŸ‘ƒ

However, make sure to store the slime in an airtight container. 

Newspaper Witch

It was a hit with my son, and I’m sure it will be with your child as well.

Make a witch out of crumpled newspaper by shaping the paper into a head, hat, and arms. 

Use black paper to cover, then let your child add any additional details and styling they like.πŸ€“

Bat Corner Bookmarks

Your child will have fun making this unique piece of art.πŸ¦‡

Half-fold a black paper rectangle. Make a bat shape by cutting it out while maintaining the bottom fold. Add eyes and a mouth for decoration. 

Then your child can use the bat bookmark by slipping it onto a page corner. 

Pool Noodle Craft

For Halloween, my son and I made many creatures out of pool noodles! πŸ€“

You can encourage your child to create various creatures, such as a bat or even a pumpkin. They simply need to cut the pool noodles and color them. 

Simply add eyes and a mouth after that. πŸ™Š

Although it is very simple, the results are very attractive.


Noodles for swimming pools can be challenging to cut. Therefore, I advise against letting your kids cut them. You cut them out for your kids to paint and decorate. 

Cutting with a paper cutter is a better option as compared to scissors. βœ‚οΈ

Juice Box Jack-O-Lantern

Juice Box Jack-O-Lantern For Kids

Your child can make a bunch of these and hang them because it’s so simple to do. Simply wrap a juice box in orange construction paper, leaving the top unwrapped. 😁

From black paper, cut out the mouth, nose, and eyes. Attach them to the juice box, and the lantern is ready.

Fingerprint Witch

Ask your child to make imprints on paper by dipping his fingers in pain. Ask him to draw a hat and any other necessary details, such as eyes, a mouth, and broomsticks, after that. 

My son and I completed this enjoyable activity using a variety of colors.

Bottle Monsters

This artwork can be recycled. This is an effective way to teach kids about sustainability.🀘

In short, they paint plastic bottles and create monster faces on them. 

The bottles can later be used as holders for pencils.

Pom Pom Spiders

Making some soft pom pom spiders is something that every kid would enjoy. It really is very effortless. They only need to wrap a little bit of string around the pom pom’s center. πŸ•·οΈ

Add pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes.

 The pom pom spider is ready.✌️

Pro TipπŸ˜‰

If you are not sure how to make a pom pom, I have highlighted the procedure below. πŸ‘‡

To make a pom pom, wrap yarn around your fingers or a fork. Tie a string tightly around the center. Cut the loops and fluff. Trim to the desired shape. Your pom pom is ready! πŸ₯°

CD Crafts

Old CDs can be decorated with Halloween designs by your children with paint or crayons. To create a wall hanging, my son painted about three CDs, which we attached. πŸ’Ώ

Fun Fact πŸ€—

In order to make the CDs appear more animated, they can even glue on googly eyes or other details. For best results, use hot glue. ☺️

If hot glue is not available, double-sided tapes just work fine. πŸ˜‡

Posters For Halloween Decoration

Halloween decorations for your home can include posters.

This artwork is always a hit, whether it is written Trick-or-Treat or simply depicts different Halloween-themed objects. ✏️

Welcome, and Happy Halloween posters were prepared by my son. ✍️

Popsicle And Wool Spider Web

After using the popsicle sticks, do not discard them. Encourage your child to arrange some popsicle sticks in a row on a solid surface.πŸ•·οΈ

The sticks can then be joined together with wool to create a spider web. 

Ask them to place plastic spiders to make it more entertaining.

Mason Jar Jack-O-Lanterns

I made this lantern with my son, and it took very little time. Just wrap the Mason jar in orange cellophane paper, then cut out eyes and a mouth from the paper and stick them on.🌚

Both a candle and light bulbs are options to be put inside.

Cotton Ball Ghosts

This craft is very adorable and simple to make. Simply give cotton balls to your child with glue to stick googly eyes on them. πŸ‘»

They can even add a mouth if they decide to do so.

The cotton balls can then be hung by attaching a string to them. 

Paper Fan Characters

Making this craft with my son was delightful. It’s very simple to make paper fans. To finish, simply fold the paper into tiny pieces. πŸ“ƒ

After that, color it and add extra details, like hands or eyes. You can make bats or ghosts out of paper fans for Halloween.

Mason Jar Spider Lanterns

Why use a standard lantern when your kids can jazz it up more?πŸ•·

They only need to add googly eyes to the lid and wrap black pipe cleaners around the neck of a Mason jar to make spider legs. πŸ‘Œ

To complete the work of art, place a battery-operated tea light inside.

Yarn Wrapped Mummy

My son had many alternatives for making mummies, but this was by far the simplest. 

Therefore, all he did was simply outline a mummy on paper, glue it to a piece of cardboard, and cut it out. πŸ€™

Simply wrap yarn around it at that point, and then add eyes.

Paper Bag Witch

My son used this craft to collect his treats on Halloween. Your kid can decorate a paper bag with markers or paper cutouts for a witch’s face. Attach paper or fabric for hair. 

Then they can use it to fill with treats.🍬

Glow Stick Broom Stick

This craft is fantastic. Black pancake paper or straw should be wrapped around the glow stick. It will resemble a broomstick.πŸ€—

My son enjoyed making it very much. 

You could also set it next to the paper bag witch you created.

Halloween Paper Chain

This works well as a Halloween decoration. Cut out colored paper strips that feature Halloween-related objects like ghosts and pumpkins. 😎

Using glue, create a circle out of one strip and pass another strip through and glue it.

My son added fairy lights to it to make it even more lovely.✨

Pine Cone Bats

Encourage your child to gather pine cones for this.

Then all they have to do is paint it black and add googly eyes.

My son used paper plate cutouts as the wings. Newspapers could also be used to create the wings.πŸ¦‡

Fun Fact πŸ€—

Encourage your child to collect autumnal leaves and use them to make the bat’s wings. This way, your child gets to explore the seasonal vibe.

To do this, take your child outside for a nature walk. 🚢

Black Cat With Paper Strips

Personally, I think this is a very creative form of art. Help your child cut black paper into thin strips. Apply glue to a cat-shaped template and layer the materials to add texture. Then add whiskers, a nose, and eyes.

A string for hanging can also be added.

Ghost Jars

It’s very simple to make this craft. Ask your children to use handkerchiefs to cover the jars. After that, they can add some light bulbs. 

Eyes can be placed on it as well.πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

My son had made this, and we had placed it on his study table.

Cardboard Tube Mummies

Simply roll cardboard into tubes for this purpose. After that, add a pair of eyes and cover the tubes with cotton or yarn. Your child can make several of these and hang them all over the house.😎😘

PomPom Spider Rings

Make pompom spiders for this, as I mentioned earlier. The final step is to simply glue or tape it to the base of a ring. πŸ’

Your child will love nothing more than wearing the ring he made; I can assure you of that.πŸ•·οΈπŸ’

Halloween Play Dough

Playdough is available in the market or can be made at home. Since your kids are going to enjoy it, I would advise making it at home.πŸ€—

With playdough, children can create a variety of objects, including ghosts, bats, and pumpkin faces.

Fingerprint Spider

This process is very simple. Simply have your child paint his finger black and stamp it on some paper. πŸ•·οΈ

Your child can add eyes and even spider webs to it once it has dried. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Coffee Filter Spider Webs

Making this craft with my son was so much fun. So, you must fold a coffee filter in half, then in half again. Along the edges, cut out a few tiny notches. Reveal a spider web shape as it unfolds.😎

Encourage your child to look at as many different designs as they can.😍

Milk Carton Haunted House

An entire milk carton should be painted black. Add doors and windows after that. To make it a bit more creative, you can also add some lights inside.πŸ₯›

To make it look more genuine, my son had the doors and windows cut out.πŸ’―

Fun Fact πŸ€—

You can make the doors and windows out of popsicle sticks to make it more entertaining. This also helps to add fine details to the house. 😁

To give some additional support, you can actually fill the inside of the milk carton with sand.

Jack-O-Lantern Faces On Oranges

This piece of art is very basic. Before performing it on an orange, your child can practice doing it on paper. So encourage them to decorate oranges with Jack-O-Lantern faces using a black permanent marker. 🍊

After letting it dry, arrange them for decoration.πŸ’«

Tape Skeletons

Making tape skeletons is a lot of fun. Just draw a skeleton on a black background using white tape. Incorporate a skull, arms, and legs by sticking tape strips for the bones. 

My son and I attached glow sticks to it to make it even more entertaining. 

Paper Box Frankenstein

Shoe boxes or any other extra box can be used for this. Fold the box after you’ve colored it green. 

The black paper should be cut out and adhered to the hair, eyes, nose, and mouth. Your craft is finished when you add bolts made of silver paper.πŸ”©


These were just a few of the Halloween crafts you could make. By involving your child in these crafts, you not only foster their creativity and fine motor skills but also strengthen the bond between you.

If you tried anything new, please let us know in the comment section.πŸ‘‡

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