100+ Halloween Riddles to Test Your Intelligence Quotient

Halloween is approaching fast, so just get your decor out and fill it up with sweets! After the scorching summer, the weather changes and becomes colder and dimmer.

Fang-fully, we have conjured up a selection of good Halloween riddles for children and adults of all ages to keep the creatures under your spell. Almost all of the riddles here are extremely good for school-age children or really any teenagers.

Halloween riddles for kids

Halloween is a holiday on which ghosts, goblins, friends, and families from all around the world gather to relax and enjoy themselves by getting dressed up, going trick-or-treating, and deciphering scary riddles.

These witty Halloween riddles will prime your mind as you try to figure out these Halloween riddles; be careful of black cats, vampires, and unending laughter!

Halloween Riddles

Q. I sit down and wait with protruding fangs.

I deliver fate with cutting intensity.

I claim my dominance over bloodless victims, stating that I can tie them for all time with a single bite.

So who am I?

A. Dracula

Q. I do, but it is not my name.

Once you are fit and active, you don’t regard me.

People cry when they come across me.

I lie with other individuals every day and night.

So who am I?

A. A tombstone.

Q. By the light from the moon, you could be able to spot this hairy creature.
You can begin fleeing, but it is certainly going to close the gap to you soon.
With the sun rising, you could aspire for escape.
But if you possess a gun and silver bullets, your chances are much greater.
So who am I?
A. A Werewolf.ย 
My Experience:ย In tales of the night, I’ve learned that the werewolf prowls under the moon’s eerie glow, its relentless pursuit fueled by primal instincts. With dawn’s arrival, hope for escape emerges, but it’s the possession of silver bullets that offers the greatest chance of survival against this formidable foe.

Q. Whoever creates it does not need it.

The customer won’t necessarily make use of it.

It won’t make any difference who uses it.

So who am I?

A. A coffin.

Q. A disguised man went outside to grab his evening beverage, but he soon died recently because his watch stopped working. What took place?

A. Even though the time on Count Dracula’s watch showed that it was 3 a.m., it was actually 3 p.m. The vampire departs for a drink, thinking that it will be night but is murdered by sunlight after having been caught in it for a brief while.

Halloween Riddles

Q. I stand tall and defend.

My aim is to terrorize everybody.

So who am I?

A. A scarecrow.

Q. While I lack lungs, I still want air.

I put on weight as I consume more food.

I dance, I live, and I drink until I eventually die.

I am always starving and eager to eat.

I hardly ever feel the need to consume anything.

I don’t care if you kill or stab me.

I won’t last long if you sink me or suffocate me.

So who am I?

A. Fire.

Haunted Historian ๐Ÿ“œ๐Ÿ‘ป
Delve into the annals of history as a haunted historian. Your research uncovers chilling tales of terror and tragedy that linger in the shadows, waiting to be revealed.

Q. Few people nowadays have access to historical knowledge, yet I traverse the night.

I seize vermin during my holy flight.

Nobody can escape my view.

Who am I?

A. An owl.

Q. I come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and hues.

My veins are apparent to many.

I refuse to go inside.

I live where the trees are.

I am going to pass away if I land on the ground.

So who am I?

A. A leaf.

Q. There is a woman who drinks alcohol each evening. 

She stays out until the early morning hours, but she never gets hungover, no matter how much she drinks.

Her preferred drink is well-known, rarely consumed, and commonly served warmly straight from the source.

She can’t live without drinking, and she’s a sucker for a free drink, so she’s never thought about quitting.

What does she devour?

A. She is a vampire who feeds on blood.

Halloween Riddles

Q. It is due to this item that

That you are capable of sweeping the floor

Witches use it as well.

As a matter of fact, they can fly and soar.

What exactly is it?

A. It is a broomstick.

Q. Newt’s eye and frog’s toe

Wool from a bat? 

Simply a spot

All of these are mixtures of witches.

Within this large black pot.

What exactly is it?

A. It is a cauldron.

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Q. What are the favorite swimming spaces for ghosts, mummies, as well as zombies?
A. The Dead Sea

Q. What do mummies, zombies, vampires, goblins, and witches all share?

A. The letter I

Q. Commonly used by witches to cast a spell, I am a slimy and ugly creature

What exactly am I?

A. A toad.

Halloween Riddles

Q. Individuals consider me Jack; I have a head but no such body.

What exactly am I?

A. A Halloween pumpkin.

Q. Why are graveyards encircled by fences?

A. Because individuals are desperate to gain access.

Q. Read or write me; I’m decent for a panic.

I can really be creepy, but only during the night.

What exactly am I?

A. A frightening tale.

Q. I am one’s shelter with another’s enemy.

I am as smooth as silk, but still, I am never desired.

So who am I?

A. A web of spiders.

Q. A chef’s favorite ingredient, yet a vampire’s deadliest nightmare.

What is it?

A. Garlic.

Q. A house out from the past, one located on the road, a horrific dwelling interwoven with elm trees. So who am I?

A. The Elm Street House.

Q. I am terrifying, whereas the more of me that you have, the less of me that you will perceive. So who am I?
A. Darkness.
Pro Experience: In moments of introspection, I’ve realized that darkness holds a paradoxical nature. Though it may evoke fear, the more it envelops us, the less we perceive its depth. It’s in confronting our fears that we illuminate the path to understanding and clarity.

Q. Entertaining with kids each night; she is shiny and white but also somewhat creepy. Who am I?

A. Friendly ghost Casper

Q. In the cemetery, there are two males. 

A person asks, “Whose grave is that?” while referring to it. 

The other man turns to face him and says, I do not possess any brothers or sisters, but still, the father of this person is the son of my father.

Who is cremated there?

A. The first man has a conversation with the spirit of the second man, who is in the grave.

Q. We do not possess bones, flesh, scales, and feathers. 

We do possess our own fingers and thumbs. What is it?

A. Gloves.

Q. Glance at me; I am someone. 

Look behind me; I am nothing. So who am I?

A. A mirror

Halloween Riddles

Q. There are more of me the further you take. So who am I?

A. Footsteps.

Q. A man received a heart shot. He is not murdered, and no individual tries to save him. What did take place? 

A. He was totally dead.

Witchy Wonders ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฎ
Stir cauldrons and weave spells as a practitioner of witchy wonders. Your mystical brews and incantations create an aura of magic and mystery that enchants all who encounter it.

Q. Why is it not permissible to bury a man who resides in California in Canada?

A. The living is not cremated.

Q. What has three wheels, is massive, and has been frightening?

A. A giant riding a tricycle

Hard Halloween riddles

You can test your intelligence with these creepy Halloween riddles if you don’t like the eerie ghost stories that are told on Halloween. Once you have acquired them all, check with your friends and family to determine how many are correct.

Check out the hardest riddles ever if you are looking for a greater task, or try out these Halloween riddles to appreciate the humorous side of Halloween.

Q. Dirt, cobwebs, and squeaky floorboards have all been evident.

Secrets, paranormal activity, odd noises, and occasionally slammed doors.

So who am I?

A. A possessed dwelling.

Q. People cry and lie in this spot.

Everyone in this place asks why.

People here sleep, people here grieve, people here preserve their isolation.

Where is this situated?

A. A cemetery or graveyard.

Q. Sometimes, during the dead of night, in the darkness.

I prefer floating around and startling everyone.

I am a ghost of the dead and a shadow of the living.

When people are sitting in bed, they frequently fear me.

I like to utilize your bedding. I float, I scream, I have been through walls.

You see, I am also open.

So who am I?

A. A spirit.

Halloween Riddles

Q. There is a ghost in the room where you might be, but there is no one else present. How is this even possible?

A. As you are the ghost.

Q. A young lady visits her mother’s funeral. 

While there, she meets a man she has never met before and immediately falls in love with him. 

She tries to find him after the funeral but is ineffective. 

She kills her sister a few days later. Why did she try to kill her sister?

A. She killed her sister in the vain hope of seeing this man at her sister’s funeral.

Q. Every morning, I appear to be lying at your feet. I will follow you all day, no matter how fast you run, but I will nearly perish in the midday sun. 

What is it?

A. A shadow.

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Q. Two females got to share a meal.
They both ordered iced tea.
One girl drank them instantly, finishing five in the time it took the other to drink one.
One of the girls died, while the other lived.
All of the drinks had been poisoned.
How is this even possible?
A. The poison was concealed in the ice.

Q. In a small cottage, a wealthy man lives alone. He had everything delivered to his cottage because he was partially disabled. 

On Friday, the mailman was delivering a letter when he noticed the front door was ajar. 

He could see the man’s body lying in a pool of dried blood through the opening. 

When a police officer arrived, he investigated the situation. 

Two bottles of warm milk, Tuesday’s newspaper, a catalog, flyers, and unopened mail were on the porch. 

The officer suspects there was foul play.

Who and why does he suspect?

A. The delivery person. The absence of the newspaper on Wednesday and Thursday indicates that the delivery person was aware that no one would be available to read it.

Q. It is something that is available to the poor. It is permitted by the rich. If you eat it, you will die. What exactly is it?

A. Nothing.

Halloween Riddles

Q. My bones are white all the time, day and night. What am I, then?

A. It is a skeleton.

Q. Dracula gets to enjoy drawing this and accumulating it in the bank. What is it, then?

A. Blood.

Q. I am wrapped, but I am not a gift; I am neatly stored in a chamber, and archaeologists consider me a great treasure. What exactly am I?

A. It is a mummy.

Q. What does a vampire have if the witch has a broom and the jack o’lantern has a candle?
A. A hound of blood.
Sigma Experience: In the realm of Halloween lore, I’ve discovered that each creature possesses its unique emblem. Much like the witch’s broom and the jack o’lantern’s candle, a vampire’s characteristic companion is the hound of blood, a loyal companion in the shadows of the night.

Q. Oz had some great ones from the north and south.

And wrongdoers from the east and west,

Although flying around on a broomstick

This is most likely how I am best known.

What am I, then?

A. A witch.

Q. Made up of many different body parts

Electricity is what helps to bring things to life.

Neck bolts and yellowish skin

Why can’t people feel sorry for me?

What am I, then?

A. Frankenstein.

Q. Even though I am dead, I like to eat the brains in your head.

What exactly am I?

A. It is a zombie.

Q. As an undead creature buried with fabulous wealth, I am all wrapped up in myself.

What exactly am I?

A. It is a mummy.

Q. This is a common small bug.

That many people are afraid of

This anxiety has a unique name.

It is called arachnophobia.

What am I, then?

A. It is a spider.

Funny Halloween riddles

Keeping the family entertained when the sun sets sooner can be serious. By answering these spooky, hilarious Halloween questions, one can escape the horrible experience of the restless as well as turn this year’s Halloween joyful.

This compilation of the best Halloween riddles contains tough questions about witches, humorous ghost Halloween riddles, and much more.

Q. I am both present and past. I am enclosed, although I am not present. I was given the name after a parent, even though I don’t even have any children.

A. It is a mummy.

Q. I have a body, arms, legs, as well as a head, and yet I lack heart as well as guts. What exactly am I?

A. It is a skeleton.

Halloween Riddles

Q. I sleep on my back as well as take a flight through the night. I end up living in dark areas and even have poor vision. What exactly am I?

A. A bat.

Q. I am tall whenever I am youthful, short whenever I am old, as well as I make heavy pumpkins light once every year. What exactly am I?

A. A flame.

Q. I always leave behind a trail of the places I have been so you can see exactly where I have been. I have additional legs that make all the people scream. What am I?

A. A spider. 

Q. The father of Frankenstein has three sons. Snap and Crackle are the names of two of them. What is the name of the third son?

A. Frankenstein.

Pumpkin Prodigy ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ”ช
Master the art of pumpkin carving as a pumpkin prodigy. Your skillful hands transform ordinary gourds into works of art that light up the night with an otherworldly glow.

Q. I move through each and every living being, from the head to the toes. Some people might indeed pass out if they come across me! What exactly am I?

A. Blood.

Q. I am a room in your residence where you can watch TV and even have fun, but ghosts, ghouls, as well as vampires would never, ever attend. What exactly am I?

A. The living room.

Q. A broomstick race has been held by a gang of witches. The third-place witch surpasses the second-place witch. What did happen to her?

A. In the second position

Q. Why don’t mummies take a long break?

A. They are absolutely terrified of refreshing and unwinding.

Q. I am well-known for bringing bad luck if you come across me in the dark, as well as I loathe rain. However, one thing is almost certain: you won’t be hearing my bark. What exactly am I?

A. It is a black cat.

Q. Dracula appears to enjoy drawing this and transferring it to the bank. What exactly is it?

A. Blood.

Halloween Riddles

Q. What is cold, heavy, and surrounded by a cemetery?

A. A wall.

Q. What is cruel, homeless, white, as well as up and down?

A. Existence of a ghost in an elevator

Q. What is red, succulent, as well as delicious but could also be poisonous if provided by the wrong woman?

A. The apple of Snow White.

Q. When I am thirsty, I will come and look for you no matter who you are or wherever you are. What exactly am I?

A. It is a vampire.

Q. Who is elderly, appears to be wearing a white beard, as well as accomplishes magic but is neglected on Halloween?

A. Santa Claus

Q. What could be sour, sweet, hard, as well as gentle all at the same time?

A. Candy.

Do You Have This Kind Of One? Share With Us! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Q. Even when you transform me into a pie, I am the center of attention on one day of the year. What exactly am I?
A. It is a pumpkin.

Q. Where are Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, as well as Thomas Jefferson to be discovered?

A. In the cemetery.

Q. On a dark autumn night, ghosts, as well as vampires, will come looking for me and, with a ding and then a buzz, will patiently await me with arms wide open. 

What am I?

A. Treats.

Q. I have a thousand ears, and even though I can’t hear anything. 

What exactly am I?

A. A field of corn.

Q. What’s the big deal regarding twin witches?

A. It is impossible to determine which witch is which.

Halloween Riddles

Q. In two letters, how would you spell candy?

A. C and Y.

Q. Nobody has a head like mine. My smile brightened up the night. 

What exactly am I?

A. A Jack-O-Lantern

Q. What rhymes with “Ha, ha, ha, THUD?”
A. A zombie pops out, howling with laughter.
Ultra Pro Experience: Reflecting on unexpected rhymes, I’ve found that creativity thrives in the most surprising connections. Just as the zombie’s laughter rhymes with the thud, embracing unconventional pairings can lead to delightfully eerie outcomes.

Q. It must have been auctioned by the person who created it. 

It was never utilized by the person who acquired it. 

It was never noticed by the person who employed it. 

What exactly is it?

A. A casket.

Q. I am a body with a leg, an arm, as well as a head, and yet no flesh or eyes. 

How is it even possible?

A. I am a skeleton 

Halloween Riddles

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