91+ Happy Birthday Riddles That’ll Make You Think Twice

In earlier days, everyone recognized that people aged as time passed, but they made no special note of it.

Only when ancient peoples began to pay attention to the moon’s cycles did they notice the changing seasons and the pattern that repeated itself over and over, and thus, they began to mark and note time changes.

Happy Birthday riddles for kids

We’ve been celebrating our birthdays every year for so long that it feels like a tradition!! But there is a birthday history, as well as a place and time when it all began.

When there was no way of keeping track of and marking time (except by the moon, sun, or some important event), the anniversary of a person’s birth received little attention.

Happy Birthday Riddles

Q. When it’s alive, we sing; when it’s dead, we clap. What exactly is it? 

A. A candle for a birthday.

Q. What made the birthday cake so hard? 

A. It was a marble cake, after all!

Q. You may have a lot of me, but you never have enough. There will be no more after the last one arrives. What exactly am I?

A. It is my birthday.

Q. What did the witch do to celebrate her birthday?
A. She spellabrates.

Q. Why are candles placed on top of birthday cakes?

A. Because it’s too difficult to put them at the bottom!

Q. How old would you be today if you were born exactly 12 years ago?

A. 12

Q. I just turned 18 three days ago; next year, I will turn 20; when is my birthday?

A. Their birthday is on January 1.

Q. On a birthday, what do penguins sing?

A. Freeze is a jolly wonderful fellow!

Happy Birthday Riddles

Q. A girl turned ten on her last birthday and will turn twelve on her next. What makes this possible?

A. Her eleventh birthday is today.

Q. On her first birthday, a girl was eight years old. How is that feasible?

A. On February 29, 1896, she was born. Because 1900 was not a leap year, her eighth birthday fell on February 29, 1904. On her second birthday, she was twelve years old.

Q. What does the cat do on its birthday?

A. Enhances the volume of the mewsic.

Q. What was the importance of the balloons in the bathroom?

A. There was a birthday loo!

Q. What does it mean to be a true friend?

A. Somebody who knows your birthday but not your age!

Q. Why was the boy so hot on his birthday?
A. Because everyone was toasting him!

Q. Why are candles so fond of birthdays?

A. They only want to get lit!

Q. What is Elsa’s favorite type of birthday cake?

A. The kind with a lot of icing and frosting!

Q. Why can’t kids remember their past birthdays?

A. Because they are overly engrossed with the present.

Q. On your birthday, what do you always get?

A. Another year older!

Happy Birthday Riddles

Q. What happens at the end of every birthday?

A. The letter Y happens.

Q. What caused the student to eat their homework?

A. Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake!

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Q. Why are birthdays beneficial for you?
A. According to statistics, those with the most birthdays live the longest!

Q. On her cub’s birthday, what did the tiger say?

A. It’s a roaring birthday!

Q. Have you heard about the birthday of the tree?

A. It was a sappy one!

Hard Happy Birthday riddles

I don’t know about you, but whenever someone has a birthday, I feel like birthday riddles are completely essential. But riddles can be hard to come up with at times!

So we’ve gathered a list of the best birthday riddles to include in cards, tell in person, or over the phone. These birthday riddles are sure to make everyone laugh, regardless of whose birthday it is.

Q. What are the common characteristics between cakes and baseball teams?

A. They both require a good batter.

Happy Birthday Riddles

Q. What did the elephant want as a birthday present?

A. A trunk full of presents.

Q. In which year did Christmas and New Year coincide?

A. Each year. New Year’s is at the start of the year, and Christmas is near the end.

Q. Contemplate that you were born in an odd-numbered year (like 1995). 

Will your 50th birthday fall in an odd or even year?

A. In an unusual year. Your first birthday falls in an even year, you are second in an odd year, 

You are third in an even year, and so on.

Q. Even though I’m only yours once a year, you still cut me up without hesitation. 

What exactly am I?

A. Birthday Cake

Q. What do you call an international spider birthday party?
A. World Wide Web.

Q. Where can you get a cat a birthday present?

A. In a cat-alogue!

Q. What do the residents of hell give each other on their birthdays?

A. Hotcakes.

Q. On your goldfish’s birthday, what do you say?

A. Have a fin-tastic day, everyone.

Happy Birthday Riddles

Q. How do people in volcanic areas celebrate their birthdays?

A. With a birthday quake.

Q. What do pickles do on their birthdays?

A. They are savoring the moment!

Q. Why was the shipping vessel so eager to return home?

A. Because it was his berth’s berth-day.

Q. What did the teddy bear say when presented with birthday cake?

A. No thanks, I am stuffed.

Q. Why did Snow White want the dwarf to have a good time at his birthday party?

A. Because life is short.

Q. What urged the birthday cake to pay a visit to the psychologist?

A. Because it was a little crumby!

Q. Why did the birthday cake feel inadequate at the party?

A. He didn’t have the necessary ingredients.

Q. What do you get a coffee lover for a birthday cake?

A. Choco-latte.

Q. What caused Mike Tyson to storm out of the birthday party in anger?

A. They had run out of the punch.

Q. When does a birthday cake resemble a golf ball?

A. When you slice it!

Q. What did the grape say to his birthday party guests?

A. Devour, drink, and be berry.

Happy Birthday Riddles

Q. On a kangaroo’s birthday, what do you say?

A. A very hoppy birthday!

Q. What rises and never falls?

A. Your age.

Q. Why do golfers prefer donuts over birthday cakes?

A. Because one has a hole in it.

Q. What did the elephant want as a birthday present?

A. A trunk full of presents!

Q. Why didn’t the hen show up to the rooster’s birthday party?

A. She was too chicken.

Q. On his birthday, what does a cat like to eat?

A. Cake and ice cream.

Q. How do you know when it’s simple to plan a birthday party?

A. When it’s a piece of cake.

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Q. After blowing out his birthday candles, what did the Teddy Bear say?
A. No cake for me… I’m full!

Q. Moby Dick’s birthday was celebrated in which manner?

A. He had a whale of a time.

Q. Susie was 17 the day before yesterday. She will be 20 years old next year. How is this possible?

A. The date is January 1. Susie’s birthday is December 31. Susie turned 17 the day before yesterday. She turned 18 years old yesterday. She will be 19 this year and 20 the following year.

Q. What is the average man’s birthday count?

A. There is only one. Every year, we celebrate it.

Q. How many birthdays does a typical Jehovah’s Witness have?

A. They do not celebrate birthdays.

Happy Birthday Riddles

Q. What takes place when you cross Santa Claus with a duck?

A. A Christmas quacker.

Funny Happy Birthday riddles

Birthdays are special, personal, and unforgettable traditions. Some people prefer not to think about them. Others prefer smaller gatherings.

However, for some, the day must be a day of flag-waving, band-playing, and joyous merrymaking.

Q. You have a lot of me, but never enough. 

Your life will be over soon after the last one. 

You may have one of me, but once a year, when the last one dies, your life fades away. 

What am I, then?

A. Birthday

Q. How can you get a man to remember your anniversary?

A. On his birthday, get married.

Q. What kind of birthday treats do ghosts prefer?

A. I scream cake!

Q. What do they serve at heaven’s birthday parties?
A. Cake made from angel food.

Q. Doctor, doctor! Every time I eat birthday cake, I get heartburn.

A. Next time, take off the candles!

Q. What are the similarities between George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Christopher Columbus?

A. They all were born during the holidays.

Q. For a hunter’s birthday, what do you get him?

A. A happy birthday pheasant!

Happy Birthday Riddles

Q. On his thirteenth birthday, what did Mozart become?

A. A teenager

Q. What is the simplest way for you to remember your wife’s birthday?

A. Once forgotten!

Q. Why don’t birthday candles ever get exercise?

A. They exhaust themselves far too quickly! 

Q. On their birthdays, what mussels do?

A. They have a shell-ebration!

Q. On his 80th birthday, what did the pirate say?

A. Aye, sir!

Q. Clara Clatter was born on December 27, but she always celebrates her birthday in the summer. 

What makes this possible? 

A. She is a resident of the Southern Hemisphere.

Q. Even though I’m only yours once a year, you still cut me up without a doubt. 

What exactly am I? 

A. Birthday Cake

Q. When I asked a woman her age, she smiled and said cryptically, “The day before yesterday 

I was 22, but next year I’ll be 25.” 

When was her birthday, and when did we talk? 

A. We spoke on January 1, and her birthday is on December 31.

Q. How old would you be today if you were born exactly 12 years ago?

A. 12

Q. What did the bald man say when he received a comb as a birthday present?

A. “Thanks. I’ll never abandon it.”

Q. What did the birthday girl hear from the ice cream?

A. “Go ahead, girl, today is sherbert day.”

Q. For a lawyer’s birthday, what do you get him?

A. Briefs!!

Q. On his birth anniversary, what would a clam perform?

A. He shellabrates!

Q. What type of birthday cake does an elf tend to favor?

A. Shortcake!

Q. What is the average birthday one has?

A. There is only one birthday, and also the rest are merely birthday celebrations or gatherings.

Q. Chris transformed seven years old the day before yesterday. 

She will also be ten years old next year. 

What allows this to happen?

A. Today is January 1. Chris turned eight years old on December 31. 

She had been seven years old on December 30. 

She will be nine this year and ten the following year.

Q. You may have a huge amount of me, but it is never enough.

There would be no more after the last one shows up.

What am I?

A. Birthday

Happy Birthday Riddles

Q. What did the bald man say when he was given a comb as a birthday present?

A. Thank you; I’ll never give it up.

Q. When it’s awake, we sing; 

When it’s dead, we clap. 

What exactly is it?

A. A candle for a birthday.

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Q. What actually occurs when you cross Santa Claus with a duck?
A. A Christmas quacker.

Q. What did Adam say on the eve of Christmas?

A. Christmas Eve has arrived!

Q. John was 17 the day prior to yesterday. 

He will be 20 years old next year. 

When is his birthday?

A. December 31 is John’s birthday. 

Today is January 1, as well as yesterday was December 30. 

So, John was 17 the day before yesterday. He turned 18 yesterday. 

He will be 19 this year and 20 the succeeding year.

Q. I was 25 the day before yesterday and will be 28 the following year. 

This is true only one day out of the year. 

When is my birthday?

A. His birthday is December 31. On January 1, he made the statement. 

He turned 25 the day before yesterday (December 30). 

On December 31, he turned 26. He would be 27 that year, so “next year,” he would be 28.

Q. Little is the same, but everyone parties differently.

What is it, then?

A. Birthday

Q. On the day before Christmas, what did Adam say?

A. Christmas Eve has turned up.

Happy Birthday Riddles

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