24 Interesting Hawaii Facts That Will Leave You Speechless

Adventurous trips can make anyone feel more energetic and joyous. Besides, it also helps people to swipe away any unnecessary trauma instantly. Hawaii can provide you with uncountable natural sight scenes and ultimate adventures simultaneously.

This is why many people save money to visit Hawaii at least once in their lifetime. Here are some crucial and amazing facts about Hawaii for your concern.

It will surely encourage you to plan a family tour to Hawaii.

  1. It has the longest island chain
Hawaii has the longest island chain

There are many countries and state in this world which carries islands. However, Hawaii has the largest island chain which draws the border of this state.

The length of this chain is almost 1523 miles. There are almost 100 islands together in this chain. This is why people can easily experience amazing and cozy islands by visiting this state of the USA.  

  1. Plastic bags are not allowed in this state
Plastic bags are not allowed in Hawaii

Plastic is one of the hardest waste which needs a massive time for disposal. Due to this reason, plastic is becoming the main reason for world pollution. Therefore, many states of the USA start reusing this material in many ways.

Hawaii took the most serious step against plastic usage many years back. They literally banned this material.

People can use only reusable plastic bags in need. You may need to face some serious issues by using thin plastic material in this state.      

  1. This state of the USA has its own time zone

Generally, a state follows the standard time of its country. However, Hawaii has its own time zone.

They need to face a few problems while balancing international deals sometimes. However, they manage to overcome those minor issues in smart ways. Some of the islands of Alaska also follow Hawaii’s time only in winter.

  1. Gambling is restricted in Hawaii

Many countries as well as states have strict gambling rules nowadays. Hawaii is one of them. No one can play gambling in this state of the USA.

The government will instantly take serious steps against that team that will even try to break the rule. However, some companies are trying to get permission for at least online betting games. 

  1. The highest point of this state is the peak of Mauna Kea
The highest point of Hawaii

Hawaii is full of volcanoes and mountains. The highest point of this state is the peak point of Mauna Kea. According to the experts, it is situated at almost 13800 feet above sea level.   

  1. The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu

The capital city of this state is Honolulu. More than 350000 people live here. One third portion of the total population lives in the capital city only. Thus, you will be able to realize the standard of this city with ease now.

Most tourists visit Honolulu to watch the amazing landmarks of this state. Thus, people who connect directly or indirectly with the tourist industry need to live in this city only. In this way, this city’s population is increasing daily.

  1. A great destination for surfing lovers
Surfing in Hawaii

After visiting Hawaii you must try surfing at least once. Some surfing lovers visit this state of the USA to fulfill their dream of surfing in a full. Many people come here to participate in surfing competitions only.

Some of the high waves can actually lift you up to 30 feet. So, be ready with your surfing boat this time for sure. 

  1. People use wind power a lot which is quite rare

The whole world is facing a crisis in power supply. This is why almost every country is taking the serious step to replace the energy source. Hawaii chooses air power to save a huge amount of power more smartly.

This natural source of energy control almost 8% of the overall power supply. You can hardly observe this type of solution for the energy crisis issues.  

  1. The lava of Kilauea Volcano increasing the area of this state gradually
The lava of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

This is one of the most unique and amazing facts about Hawaii for sure. The hot and liquid lava of Kilauea Volcano is actually creating new lands for this state. Hawaii receives almost 570 acres of land in this way.

However, several lands are destroyed due to many reasons. Thus, nature creates and destroys the land pieces in its own rhythm.  

  1. Possibilities of experiencing even 100 degrees Fahrenheit is quite high

The hottest area of this state is Pahala. By visiting this area of this state you may experience up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It was recorded on 27th April 1931. The temperature of this place must increase a lot now.

  1. Hawaii has the oldest catholic cathedral, which is still working
Hawaii has the oldest catholic cathedral

You may observe many decorative and historic catholic cathedrals in many states of the USA. However, they are not in working condition nowadays.

Hawaii keeps the oldest catholic cathedral in a workable condition with great surprise. They need to invest a lot in this cathedral’s repair and preservation process.  

  1. The rare monk seals can be seen only in this state
Hawaii 's rare monk seals

One of the endangered animals of this world is the monk seal. You can easily find them in this state. The government takes special care of these animals as they play a vital role in balancing the ecosystem. Only 15000 of them are remaining now.

The effort of the government is helping these animals to stay alive and the number of these seals is increasing which is good news for sure.     

  1. Surprisingly staying far away from neighboring states

Hawaii is made of island chains as we all know. Thus, it doesn’t have any state on its border. All of its neighboring states are situated far away from it. Thus, Hawaii is being isolated naturally only.

California is 2390 miles away from this state. Apart from this, China and Japan are also far away from the state of the USA.  

  1. The state flower of Hawaii is the yellow hibiscus
The state flower of Hawaii

Yellow hibiscus can be found only in Hawaii. This is the main reason t designated this flower as the state flower. There are many colors and varieties available for this flower. However, the yellow-colored hibiscus receives official prestige.  

  1. They use only 13 alphabets mostly

The people of this state deduct several English alphabets due to many reasons. They use only 13 of them to communicate verbally and in a written way. 

  1. People speak English and Hawaiian.

Most Western countries use English for both official and casual purposes. However, you can communicate with local people in English. You must learn Hawaiian before visiting the rural areas of this state. Those people will only understand Hawaiian for sure. 

  1. This is the newest state of the USA

While attaching to the USA, this state came last. You may say that this is the newest state which joins the USA. 

  1. Coffee grows here in a commercial way

Coffee is considered the second biggest crop in this state. The climate condition allows people to cultivate coffee with ease. Coffee cultivation actually contributes to the overall economy of this state with ease.

  1. The Dole Plantation attracts visitors a lot to Hawaii
Hawaii 's The Dole Plantation

One of the must-watch in Hawaii is the Dole pineapple plantation which attracts many visitors every year. The vast area covered with pineapple plantation makes it incredible. Cans of fruit juice generally being filled by people in huge quantities.  

  1. The national flag of this country is a mixture of the UK and the USA

The national flag of this state is a combination of the UK and the USA. The upper portion of the flag is almost like the UK’s flag. Similarly, the lower part of the flag is almost like the USA’s flag.

  1. Mauna Loa is an active volcano in this state
Mauna Loa is an active volcano in Hawaii

Active volcanoes are quite rare in the world. Hawaii has an active volcano named Mauna Loa which makes people fall for this state. With the help of liquid lava, nature is keep creating new islands more slowly.  

  1. The state gem of this state is Black Coral

Hawaii also has a state gem called black coral. The sufficient availability of this gem makes it the state gem for sure. People generally harvest this gem deep inside the sea. It’s actually a living creature.  

  1. You cannot bring your pet snake in this state because most snakes are banned here

Almost every species of snake are banned in Hawaii. According to the zoologist, the presence of many snakes can damage the natural ecosystem of this state. There are a few snakes in this state.

However, the government keeps special observations on those snakes every now and then. 

  1. The haunted highway of this state is named Pali

Some people consider the Pali highway area as haunted. However, people cannot show any proof for this thought.

It is said that many years ago many men were pushed over bright on this highway. Thus, people are afraid while crossing this highway at night.  

Here we have accumulated 24 fun and unique facts about Hawaii, which will help you assume the overall condition of this state of the USA. You may go for other related articles to enrich your knowledge with ease.  

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