20+ Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids To Rise with Rainbow Foods!

Being a mom of two, my day starts with thinking of healthy and tasty breakfast options for my kids that are easy ✅ to prepare in the chaotic morning hours but also meet the nutritional requirements. 

In this article, I have shared breakfast ideas that fuel the day of my children with energy and nourishment ⬇️. 

Amazing Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

These breakfast recipes 🥞 not only qualify for the taste test but also contribute to the journey of building lifetime healthy eating habits. 

So, I would like to begin by sharing my favorite recipes with all the moms out there and make your family’s day brighter ⬇️. 


Coconut Banana & Mango Smoothies

This smoothie🥤 is a perfect mixture of the goodness of fruits and refreshment of coconut. 

In a blender jar, mix chopped banana and mango along with coconut milk and ice. You can keep the consistency according to your liking. 

My kids love this smoothie as it is very tasty. 

Bananas help in maintaining muscle 💪 growth along with good gut health, mango adds flavor to it, and coconut milk improves digestion. This combination is perfect for breakfast as it kick-starts the day with energy. 

Pineapple & Banana Smoothie 

Start with blending pineapple and bananas with coconut milk and ice🧊. Blend until everything is incorporated well, and the consistency is according to your kid’s liking. 

Bananas are very filling and nutritious, while coconut milk provides a creamy texture to the smoothie. Pineapples help in building immunity, as well as aid digestion, as it is rich in fibers.

Pro Tip: 

You can add vanilla extract to this smoothie to enhance its flavor. Also, using frozen bananas🍌 can be a replacement for ice. 

Strawberry Oats Smoothie 

My kids love this delicious recipe as it is tasty as well as comes in a pretty color.

 In a blender, add strawberries, bananas, and rolled oats along with milk and blend it well. Oats are a perfect option for breakfast as they are rich in fiber and enhance the taste of smoothies. 

Adding vanilla extract or powder is optional and subject to the taste palate of your kids. 

Apple Orange and Pear Smoothie 

In a blender jar, mix chopped apples🍎 and pears with orange juice and ice. Blend it till it is mixed well. Keep the consistency thick, so add orange juice accordingly. You can add sugar or honey as per your wish. 

This is a delicious smoothie that my kids love and is a very healthy breakfast option.

Carrot Smoothie

Start with boiling milk. While the milk is boiling, peel some soaked almonds and chop carrots🥕 into thin slices. When the milk is boiled, you can add a little quantity of sugar to it and wait till the sugar is dissolved. 

Then, add almonds, carrots, and cardamom powder to it and switch off the flame at that instant. Cover it with a lid and leave it till it cools down. After it comes to room temperature, blend it well and serve it chilled. 

Pro Tip:

Keep the carrot slice as thin as possible to ensure it is cooked well. Also, you can use milk of your choice. 

Dry Fruits Smoothie

It is a very healthy and nourishing breakfast option for kids. Dry fruits are an essential component of a healthy diet. Having this smoothie in the morning☀️ is the perfect breakfast option. 

Pro Tip:

I recommend you soak all the dry fruits separately overnight for the best results. 

Avocado and Yogurt Smoothie

This breakfast option is suitable for a summer morning as it is refreshing and nutrition-rich. Both the main ingredients used in these smoothies increase bone strength, improve immunity, and make skin glow. 

Your kids will love the taste of it because of the added sweetener – honey🍯. 


Potato Sandwich

My kids just love sandwiches for breakfast. 

For this potato sandwich, mix all the veggies that you want to feed your kid without them knowing. It is super delicious and healthy as you can add carrots🥕 and other green vegetables🥦 that kids generally don’t like. 

The recipe is super easy, and you can make the food presentation fun according to your kid’s liking.

Cottage Cheese Sandwich

What is better than cottage cheese for breakfast? A perfect source of protein for your kids in their growing stage.

It is tasty as well as healthy with little effort to make. This breakfast will keep your kid’s stomach filled for a longer time.

Egg N Cheese Sandwich🥪🧀

I would say this is the simplest breakfast option that is healthy as well as tasty. Just toast pieces of bread, make an omelet and assemble it together with a cheese slice in between. 

This basic and simple breakfast option is satisfying and delicious, and my kids always enjoy eating it.

Pro Tip:

An egg can be used as an omelet or scrambled egg🥚 with vegetables in it.

Field Fusion Sandwich

The flavors and textures of this sandwich create a symphony that will make your kid happy.

With Tomato, Cucumber, and Onion Sandwich, you enter the garden of flavors, where each mouthful is a taste bomb of nature’s best ingredients.

Curd Sandwich

A Curd Sandwich is well-known for its nutritious benefits in addition to its flavorful taste. It offers an excellent supply of calcium, probiotics, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is a combination of freshness, simplicity, and natural goodness in every bite. 

My kids sometimes don’t like eating mayo or cheese. So, curd acts as the best replacement in this case.

Make your Own Sandwich

As a mother, making breakfast is subject to the availability of ingredients at home. So, this option is for those days when you have minimal ingredients. Here are some alternatives-

  • Bread Base – Choose a type of bread that is available, like multigrain, brown, white bread, etc.
  • Sandwich Spread – Pick a type of spread that your kid likes. It can be homemade or market-bought. The spread provides a creamy texture to the sandwich.
  • Stuffings – Add stuffings like vegetables, chicken, or any other filling.
  • Seasoning – Add seasonings, like salt, pepper, chili flakes, etc.

Toast the bread and serve it to your kids.

Other Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Fruit Bowl with Honey

Fruits🥭 are the ultimate source of nutrition. My kids enjoy colorful bowls of fruits drizzled with honey. You can add fruits like apples, kiwis, etc., according to your kid’s preference.


The ultimate favorite of most kids is pancakes🥞. This is a quick and healthy option for breakfast as the batter can be pre-prepared. 

To make the batter healthy, I recommend you use oats, etc. These fluffy cakes are very filling and mouthwatering. You can also choose toppings like fresh cream and nuts.

 Egg Muffins

Egg muffins are like little foodie gifts. These delicious egg muffins are simple to make in your spare time and will be useful for breakfast. 

The building blocks for your toddler’s muscles, tissues, and general growth are found in eggs. These muffins give their bodies, which are constantly changing, a light protein boost.

Oatmeal Muffins

Making muffins with a substantial oat base is a great way to quickly whip up a healthy morning treat that your children will love. It’s a pleasant change from the standard bowl of muesli.

 Additionally, these oat-filled muffins are a sneaky source of fiber and complex carbs, providing an increase in nutrition without compromising flavor.

Boiled Eggs

As simple as it sounds, boiled eggs🥚 are a great option for breakfast. It is an example of simplicity with a protein powerhouse. Your kids will get all the essential protein requirements at the start of the day.

Also, from the point of saving time in the morning, this is a perfect breakfast option.

Pro Tip:

To make it more flavorful, you can lightly pan-fry the boiled eggs and add onions and tomatoes on top of it. Your kids will just love this addition.

Salty Porridge

Salty porridge includes the following nutritional benefits – a protein that helps in muscle building of toddlers, fibers that help in better digestion, and healthy fats from nuts added to it that help in maintaining a healthy weight. 

I guarantee your kids will love this recipe instead of traditional porridge, and it is a very healthy option.

Pro Tip:

You can prepare this when your kids are sick or not willing to do it much. This is a nutrition-packed food.

Peanut Butter Toast

Peanut butter toast is a simple yet healthy breakfast option for your kids. I would say a complete source of protein is provided by whole-grain bread and peanut butter. 

Proteins are essential for tissue growth and repair, immune system support, and the maintenance of hair and skin that are vibrant. Additionally, it supports keeping your kids satisfied and full, which can help reduce overeating later in the day.

Tortilla Wraps

Tortilla wraps🌯 are a staple diet in many countries. The filling that you add completely depends on you. For example, adding shredded carrots increases the nutritional value of the tortilla. Likewise, you can add and remove fillings according to your wish. 

The main ingredient in tortilla wraps is flour, which contains complex carbs. These carbohydrates serve as the body’s major energy source, supporting daily activities and preserving steady blood sugar levels. 

A modest amount of protein can be found in some tortilla wraps, particularly those produced with healthy grains. You may further boost the protein composition of your wrap by adding protein-rich foods like lean meats, beans, or tofu to the filling. 

The upkeep, repair, and overall health of muscles💪 depend on protein for growing kids. 

Scrambled Tofu

Although tofu can be eaten in various forms, scrambled tofu is a classic breakfast recipe. My kids like having this light breakfast on a holiday morning.

In my opinion, tofu is very healthy and a must-add in diets. It can be eaten in a scrambled form or as a filling in a tortilla, and it can also be prepared with a creamy base or just with vegetables.

Pro Tip:

Kids love a good presentation. So, you can try to present it in a fun way and be as creative as you can.

Granola Bars

When chosen or prepared with care – granola bars can be a healthy breakfast option for your children. It provides a combination of necessary nutrients, energy, and convenience to help them start off their day well. 

Granola is adaptable, so you can make it to suit different tastes and nutritional requirements. Granola, which is low in added sugar, is best for kids.

Gram Flour Pancakes

Yes! You heard it right. These gram flour pancakes🥞 are savory.

 It can be made by preparing a batter with salt, gram flour, water, or curd. The cooking style is the same as pancakes, and it is delicious and tasty.

Pro Tip:

I sometimes add small chopped veggies to the batter to make the pancakes much healthier.

Tortilla Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? From kids to adults, everyone shares a common love for pizzas.

You can make tortilla pizzas🍕 with all kinds of vegetables and pizza spreads. I suggest you make it as presentable as possible for your kids. 

These tortilla pizzas are a very healthy option for breakfast. The wheat base is a healthy alternative to the regular pizza base. It is also an interesting way to feed vegetables to your kids.

Strawberry Oatmeal

A bowl of strawberry oatmeal can be a great start to your kid’s day. Depending on the texture they want, you can use either rolled oats or steel-cut oats when making strawberry muesli for children.

 If your child prefers a sweeter flavor, you may also add a tiny bit of honey or maple syrup. 

Overall, I would tell you that this strawberry muesli can be a tasty and nourishing addition to your child’s diet, providing a balanced amount of carbs, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to support their development and well-being.

Broccoli Pasta

I know from personal experience that broccoli and kids don’t go well together, right? So, here’s a way to feed your kids broccoli pasta. 

Making pasta delicious is a creative task for moms, and adding broccoli can make the dish a healthy addition. With pasta, broccoli, and Parmesan cheese🧀, this kid-friendly broccoli pasta combines the goodness of all three foods while being delicious and nourishing for your little ones.

Pro Tip:

To make it into a tasty and healthful dinner, I suggest you modify the flavors and ingredients to match your child’s preferences and dietary requirements.

Blueberry Muffins

Muffins for breakfast will make your kids hungry for breakfast. Choosing healthy alternatives for preparing this cupcake will not only make it healthy but tasty as well. 

Blueberry raises the health meter, hence making it more nutritious. Blueberries🫐 are good for the eyes as well.

Almond Flour Waffles

You can treat your kids with a delicious waffle 🧇 breakfast to start their morning on a sweet note. These waffles made with almond flour are filling and more protein-rich than regular flour. 

I guarantee that if you have kids who have a sweet tooth like my kids, they will definitely love these almond flour waffles.


There are several recipes listed above, and I believe every mom will find at least one recipe that will be suitable for them and their kids.

I do agree that sometimes kids get very dramatic when it comes to food. So, all the options listed above will definitely satisfy their cravings as well as fulfill their nutritional requirements. 

Please let me know in the comment box below if you have anything more to share or if you have any doubts for me to solve!

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