15+ Healthy Desserts for Kids that Will Make Them Smack Lips

Finding a balance between enjoyment and nutrition is crucial in today’s environment when kid obesity and sugar-related health problems are on the rise. 

My top responsibility as a mother is to nurture my child’s health. I am well aware of the appeal of sugary 🍭 snacks that call to our children, frequently resulting in arguments over dessert. 

In this blog post, I want to share my experience learning how to make healthy sweets for kids, which are tasty alternatives that sate their hunger while enhancing their health.

Healthy Desserts for Your Kids

I’ve discovered through trial and error that cooking nutritious desserts doesn’t mean denying our children their favorite sweet treats; rather, it means choosing βœ”οΈ wisely. 

You’ll discover a selection of delectable dessert recipes in this section that I’ve developed over time and that have stood up to the strictest of taste tests: those of my child. 

These goodies, which range from yogurt parfaits to whole-grain muffins and fruit-based popsicles, are not only delicious πŸ˜‹ but also nutrient-rich, making them perfect for after-school snacks or special occasions.

Blueberry and Orange Pancake

You can combine pancake mix, fresh blueberries, and a dash of citrus 🍊 zest in a bowl. Pour the prepared pancake batter on a hot griddle.

When bubbles appear, flip to reveal golden perfection. You can add maple syrup to the pancakes πŸ₯ž and serve.Β 

I would say that this is a delicious and wholesome meal that makes my kid happy every morning.

Chocolate Brownie Cake

I appreciate the time I spend baking with my 7-year-old. 

We combine flour, cocoa, sugar, eggs, and melted butter to produce our favorite chocolate 🍫 brownie cake πŸŽ‚.

We pour the cake batter into a baking dish and wait for the kitchen to fill with that lovely perfume as the cake is baking in the oven.Β 

We have a cozy, scrumptious connection while baking this chocolate brownie cake.

Chocolate Crunch with Caramel Sauce

I enjoy cooking chocolate crunch with caramel sauce for my active 🀩 kid. 

You can combine melted chocolate 🍫 with crunchy rice 🍚 cereal, spread it out on a pan, and let them chill. On top, drizzle some gooey homemade caramel. 

My child’s eyes light up when I give him this lovely gift, and I treasure those times.

Vanilla Cupcakes

Baking vanilla cupcakes with caramel sauce is a genuine joy for me as a mother πŸ₯°, and my son loves them. 

As I make my kid prepare the dessert and learn, we prepare the vanilla cupcake 🧁 batter and eagerly fill each cup. We chuckle as we sprinkle warm caramel sauce over each cupcake to create a miniature work of art as the scent fills our kitchen. 

A pleasant memory to be treasured forever. The next time you see your kid lazing out, you can plan to involve them in this sweet delight! β™₯

Cookie Dough Pizza

I adore giving my child fun and delicious surprises. Pizza πŸ•made of cookie πŸͺ dough is one of our favorites, and I guarantee your kids will enjoy them, too. 

I quickly make a sizable pizza-shaped chocolate chip cookie dough, shape it, and bake it to perfection to create the cookie dough pizza. Then, my son and I have a great time icing and adding sprinkles to decorate it. 

It’s a delightful pastime that encourages creativity and results in a delicious dessert that we both like.

Banana Ice Cream Sandwich

I enjoy surprising my child with a nutritious and scrumptious treat, like these delicious banana ice cream sandwiches. 

Ripe bananas 🍌 should be cut into slices, frozen, and then blended to create delicious “ice cream” 🍧. Between two whole-grain cookies πŸͺ, spread this delicious banana delight to make a simple banana ice cream sandwich. 

This is a guilt-free treat that brings a smile to my kid’s face as they indulge in a nice and healthy food. It’s a win-win for both of us.

Blueberry Muffins

I enjoy making these blueberry 🫐 muffins with my little one. We call it our little tradition πŸ€—. 

While enjoying the fragrant scent, we delicately fold the luscious blueberries into the simple muffin batter we usually make. 

Our house is filled with expectations while they bake. We are both aware that as soon as these golden muffins emerge, warm and brimming with berries, they will make us happy and brighten our mornings.

Mixed Fruit Tart

Making a mixed fruit tart is a lovely 😍 experience for a mum. 

I start by making a shortcrust pastry that is buttery and carefully push it into a tart pan. I prepare a smooth, creamy custard filling, cover the dough with the custard filling, and bake it till golden.

Β The enjoyable part now is to arrange colorful 🌈 slices of kiwi πŸ₯, strawberries πŸ“, and blueberries in the style of edible art. An apricot glaze drizzle gives the dish a shiny touch.Β 

Mixed fruit tart is a lovely, delicious delicacy that never fails to delight my kid’s taste buds and sight.

Pro Tip:

You can add other fruits of your choice to make a variety of mixed fruit tarts.

Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

Homemade chocolate and hazelnut cookies are my kid’s go-to pleasure. They are both easy to make and enjoyable 😁 to eat. 

Cream the butter 🧈 and sugar until well combined, then add the flour, cocoa 🍫, and chopped hazelnuts to make the cookie dough. Make dough balls, bake them, and presto! You get cookies πŸͺ that are chewy and chocolaty with a nuttiness. 

These chocolate and hazelnut cookies are perfect for creating unexpected after-school munchies or spending time together while baking. Additionally, the enticing scent pervades the home and entices my little child to the kitchen.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Making an Ice Cream 🍧 Sundae Bar is sure to be a popular dessert among kids! 

Assemble an ice cream buffet at home with a variety of flavors, sauces, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and other toppings. 

With delight, let your youngster personalize their sundae to foster creativity. It’s a fun way to connect over a delicious treat and make priceless memories that are laced with smiles 😊 and sticky fingers. 

Additionally, this is a wonderful chance to indulge in some delicious pleasure while teaching your kids about choices and moderation.

Unicorn Cupcakes

Making unicorn πŸ¦„ cupcakes is sheer bliss for a mother, and I hope you enjoy making them for your kids. 

I begin by making vanilla cupcakes 🧁 with vibrant inside swirls. I then frost them with the frosting in soft hues and sprinkle on edible glitter to give them an appealing finish. 

Each cupcake should have a fondant unicorn horn on top, with colorful 🌈 sprinkles serving as the unicorn’s mane. My child’s eyes and heart fill with delight thanks to these wacky goodies, elevating any day.

Chocolate and Raspberry Pie

I adore delicious, straightforward dishes. I love cooking decadent chocolate and raspberry pies for our special occasions. 

I make a pie crust, add melted dark chocolate, then top it with fresh raspberries. Then, we eagerly await while it sets. 

My son and I share the same passion for this sweet treat since it combines our tastes for bittersweet raspberries πŸ’ and creamy chocolate 🍫.

Lemon Pudding

I treasure the happiness 😊 we get when creating easy-to-make goodies together. Our most recent endeavor was making a tangy Lemon πŸ‹ Pudding. 

We whipped together sugar πŸ§‚, cornflour, and lemon zest before gradually whisking in milk πŸ₯›and lemon juice. We saw it become silky sweetness as it warmed gently. 

The enlivening aroma of citrus 🍊 filled our kitchen. Our family loves this tart, sweet, handmade lemon custard as dessert since it always makes everyone happy and gives everyone a feeling of being together.

Peanut Butter Oats Energy Balls

The Peanut πŸ₯œ Butter 🧈 and Oats Energy ⚑️ Balls are my go-to for a healthy dessert.

I combine peanut butter, oats, honey 🍯, and small pieces of chocolate chips in a bowl. To make bite-sized balls 🍫, my son enjoys rolling them. 

They are the ideal after-school snack since they are tasty, satisfying, and also high in protein. Additionally, making these healthy goodies with your family in the kitchen is a wonderful time to bond.

Strawberry Chocolate Yoghurt Bark

I enjoy making delicious treats that are also healthy. 

I first spread Greek yogurt on a baking sheet, then top it with dark chocolate 🍫 chips and fresh strawberry πŸ“ slices. Freeze until it becomes firm and slice into pieces to make delicious strawberry chocolate yogurt barks. 

My child receives a treat that is rich in calcium, antioxidants, and a flavor that always makes him happy. Both of us stand to gain from this.

Blueberry Lemon Cake

I treasure the times I spend baking blueberry 🫐 lemon πŸ‹ cakes with my son. We love these blueberry lemon cakes as a treat. 

We combine flour, sugar, and lemon zest to make it. Then, add freshly picked blueberries from our garden. 

It’s a fun activity 🀩 that brings people together, and baking smells and smiles are everywhere. The cake comes out delicious and flavored with lemon and blueberries. It’s more than simply dessert; it’s a shared memory.

Oatmeal Cookies

I combine flour, cinnamon, and rolled oats in a mixing dish to create a cozy fragrance 😌. While they are well combined, add a few drops of vanilla essence, butter 🧈, brown sugar, and eggs πŸ₯š and mix well.

My little child is excited to assist with the chocolate chips. The excitement in my child’s eyes is the ultimate reward for this straightforward yet wonderful gift, and the home is filled with a lovely perfume while the oatmeal cookies are baked.

Pineapple Ice Cream

Making pineapple 🍍 ice cream 🍧 for my child is a great pleasure for me as a mother, and you can try it, too. 

Blend plain Greek yogurt, honey 🍯, and pieces of frozen pineapple till smooth. I then put the mixture in popsicle molds and freeze it to make simple pineapple ice creams. 

This is a handmade, guilt-free dessert that’s rich in vitamin C and calcium. 

My kid loves to indulge in it, especially during the summer, and I love to see their wide smiles πŸ˜„ as they eat this nutritious, sweet treat.

Pro Tip:

I have made this ice cream with different fruits for my kids to enjoy.

Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Cookies

Cookies πŸͺ with raisins and cinnamon are indispensable. 

I combine flour, cinnamon, raisins, and rolled oats in a mixing bowl. I then combine butter 🧈, sugar, and eggs πŸ₯š in another. After mixing the wet and dry ingredients, I scoop spoonfuls of the prepared cookie mixture onto a baking sheet and bake them until brown. 

These cookies are a healthy treat that is rich in fiber, and my child likes them, making snack time both healthful and enjoyable.

Apple Pie Rolls

I’ve found a lovely delicacy, apple 🍎 pie rolls, inspired by what my friend makes for her daughter. 

These apple pie rolls are simple to prepare and popular with my child. I begin by putting applesauce and cinnamon sugar on flattened bread pieces before wrapping them up. They become crispy, bite-sized treats after a brief baking. 

They provide a touch of nostalgia to our family snacks and are ideal for small hands. Additionally, the warmth and pleasure of baked apples fill our house.

Dried Fruits Bar

To make the dried fruit bars – I mix oats, honey 🍯, and a dash of cinnamon with dried fruits like dates, apricots πŸ₯, and raisins. After chilling the mixture, cut them into bars and press it onto a pan. 

These little miracles are naturally sweet and loaded with fiber, minerals, and sweetness. They’re the ideal snack for feeding and entertaining my energetic kid, plus I know they’re receiving a nutritious treat.


I hope you found the article worth it and enjoyed the healthy dessert ideas I have listed for your kids to indulge in. 

Do let me know if you try these – I’d love to hear from you. Also, suggestions and feedback are welcome πŸ€—.

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