40+ Fascinating History Activities that Are Wonderful

As a mother, I understand the need to teach kids the history of their surroundings. This history helps them to broaden their vision👁️ and think differently about different situations. It helps in their development in all aspects of life.

These types of activities help your children make their day more interesting☺️ and productive. They get to spend their time on useful things instead of spending it on phones or TV📺.

Kids love to explore new activities as they get bored🥱 easily. These activities provide your kids with freshness and will add fun to their lives. These activities serve both purposes of enjoyment and education🤓.

Interesting History Activities for Your Kids

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re looking for some entertaining😆 and engaging history activities for your kids!

I would recommend engaging and entertaining history activities that will help them develop their skills in all areas, be educational📚 as well as pleasurable, and make them feel good while doing them. 

It will help them gain some knowledge about their history, which can be useful in the future. Their dull 🥱 day will become fascinating with the help of these activities.

I’ve put together a list of fun😎 and useful history activities for you and your children in this blog article. This blog will undoubtedly assist you in discovering some fresh, kid-friendly activities.

Family Timeline

You can gather your kids together and make them draw their family👪 timeline. Let them name all their elders, including great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and siblings. 

Provide them with chart paper, markers, scissors✂️, and scale. They will have a lot of fun and will get to know more about their family history. This will be an entertaining and fun-filled activity. 

I also made my kids perform this activity at home. Their boring🥱 day got more interesting, and they also got to learn new things. According to me, you should conduct this activity at home🏠 with your kids, as it will serve both purposes of enjoyment and productivity.

Decade Diary

You can make your kids create a decade diary at home🏠 covering all major events in that. Provide your kids with a diary📓, pens, and markers. 

This activity will help your kids learn about their nation’s history and geography. Their writing and observation skills will improve. They can pen down important events like the COVID-19 pandemic, which greatly affected the world🌏.


My kids also performed this activity at home🏠. They created a very insightful and knowledgeable diary covering all major events in our history. This increased their knowledge in terms of the world’s history and geography.

Historical event newspaper

This is a worthwhile and fascinating😆 exercise. You can assign your kids a major historical event. Then, let them do thorough research and analysis on that topic and design a newspaper📰 on it. Provide your kids with chart paper, history books, markers, pens🖊️, and glue. 

This activity will help your kids to gain more knowledge and develop their creative skills. 

I think this is an activity that you should force your kids to complete at home because they will enjoy it so much and learn new skills. You can guide them through this activity as they might face some difficulties while making the newspaper🗞️.

President Timeline

You can assign your children to make a timeline⌛ of presidents. All previous presidents’ names can be written down, along with a note of the significant measures and directives they implemented. 

Your children will gain a better understanding of national politics and the workings of the president’s office🏢 thanks to this. 

They may find this to be a novel experience that they greatly relish and find enjoyable. Provide your kids with chart papers, markers, and black pens🖊️. 

Pro Tip:

I made my kids do this activity at home🏠. It was banter full of smiles and laughter😆. They got to gain more knowledge in the fields of politics and public affairs. You can let your kids do this activity, as it will make their day useful and productive.

Historical Board Game

You can create a board game covering all major historical events and then let your kids play this. It will require cardboard, colored sheets, black chart paper, markers, glue, and scissors✂️. 

This game will require your kids to make strategies and be competitive to win. You can keep some rewards for them to make the game interesting and exciting😆.

 I also made my kids and their friends play this game at home🏠. The joy and happiness they were feeling were visible on their faces. I strongly recommend you try this activity with your kids at home.

Art history Timeline

You can let your kids prepare a timeline covering all the different art styles🖼️ and movements that happened in the past. This can include events like the Renaissance, ancient art, pop art, impressionism, and expressionism. 

Provide your kids with chart papers, photos of art styles, and markers🖊️. They will get to learn more about their culture, beauty, and art forms.

Pro Tip:

In my opinion, these types of activities help kids gain confidence😌 and improve their skills, which will aid their development in the future. You should conduct these activities for the betterment of your kids.

Fashion Evolution Timeline

Nowadays, kids are very obsessed with fashion👚. They love to wear trendy clothes and maintain trendy hairstyles. You can make your kids design a fashion timeline covering how fashion changed throughout the years. 

They can write about how fashion has modernized and updated. This will be an interesting😆 activity and will suit your kids’ interests. 

My kids also performed this activity at home. They were so interested in this activity because they loved dressing up and wanted to learn more about the items they were wearing.

You should conduct this activity at home🏡 for your kids to understand that clothes represent a person’s personality, too.

Historical figures ‘Guess who’

You can make your kids guess important historical events or figures through their photos📷. This will be a fun and exciting activity.

 It will test your kids’ general knowledge and current affairs. This will also provide them a chance to learn more about their history and important events that impacted people’s lives. You can also give your kids some hints or clues if they face any difficulty😥.

Pro Tip:

I also took this test for my kids. It was a very productive🤓 and fruitful activity. I got to know how much knowledge they have about their past. You should also conduct this activity with your kids to test their skills and knowledge.

Historical events as comics

You can let your kids make a comic based on any historical event. This will be a fun😆 and exciting activity. 

Comics are loved and read by most of the kids. They get fascinated by comic characters and their dialogues💭. But have you thought that making a comic will be more interesting? Your kids will get to learn their history alongside having fun making a comic based on it. 

Provide your kids with a notebook📒, markers, scale, and pencil✏️.

Pro Tip:

In my opinion, this activity will provide some freshness to your kids’ lives. Their creative💡 and inventive skills will improve. To help your children do something worthwhile and productive, assign them this task to complete at home🏡.

Scientific discoveries timeline

You can make your kids design a timeline covering major scientific🧪 discoveries throughout history. 

They will get to learn how machines and technology were improved to the current stage. Provide your kids with chart paper, markers, and scale. This activity will make your kids’ boring🥱 day productive and creative. 

My kids also did this activity at home. They were intrigued by technological developments that the world🌏 had made over the years. They had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things through this activity.

Space exploration timeline

You can make your kids design a timeline covering all space🌃 achievements and failures achieved by their nation. They can write about all the rockets🚀 and satellites launched into space in chronological order. 

To create a perfect timeline, they should conduct proper research and analysis on their topic and provide specific details. Your children will enjoy this activity and learn something new at the same time.

Pro Tip:

This was a really fun😆 activity for my kids to do. They gained a wealth of knowledge and enhanced their abilities. It is advisable to assign your children this task at home🏡 as well. Their dull day will become more engaging as a result.

War and Peace Timeline

You can give your children the task of creating a timeline that lists all the major wars⚔️ and treaties that have occurred in their country’s history in chronological order. 

They will learn more about geography and history as a result of this. Major treaties like the Treaty of Ghent, the Battle of York, and the Battle of Plattsburgh may be among them. Give your children a scale, markers🖊️, and chart paper.

At home, I forced my kids to complete this task as well. Together, they had a great time looking through and investigating the past. They had a novel and enjoyable experience that will affect their lives going forward.

Prepare a skit

You can gather your kids and their friends🤝 and let them prepare a skit on any major historical event. You can help them in preparing dialogues and the narration of skits. This will help your kids gain the confidence💪 to speak boldly in public and formal places.

Cheer them when they present this skit in front of everyone; it will make them feel comfortable and more energetic.

Pro Tip:

My kids and their friends did this activity at home🏠. They had a lot of fun preparing a skit together. They got to understand each other more, and their bond got closer and stronger🤝. This skit also got them to relate to that specific historical event.

Natural history timeline

You can let your kids design a timeline covering all changes that happened in nature🏞️ like modernization, deforestation, and development in technology. It can cover all major movements for the protection of the environment🌱. 

Provide your kids with chart papers, markers, pens🖊️, and scales. This will help your kids to gain more knowledge about their environment and the need to protect it. They should know how important it is to reduce globalization and pollution💨 otherwise, the world can be in danger. 

According to me, this is a very fun-filled and educational activity. It will also help your kids to develop good research and observation skills.

Music Timeline

You can let your children create a timeline that traces changes in the music🎶 business. It can discuss the transition of music from record players to mobile streaming. 

These days, kids are really into listening to a variety of musical genres, including pop, jazz, soul, funk, opera, and more. They will become engrossed in this task and give it their all. They will learn more about the advancements made in the field of music🎸 through this activity. 

At home, I forced my kids to complete this task as well. I played a wide variety of music, both old and new. They were interested in learning more. Enjoyment😆 and productivity were the two goals of this activity.

Historical landmarks timeline

You can let your children create a timeline that includes all of the significant historical events. Give your children scissors✂️, markers, pens, chart paper, and scales.

 If they run into any problems with this exercise, you can help. It will assist them in learning🤓 more about their country’s history and significant historical events that have shaped it.

 I think this is a fruitful and educational exercise. To increase your children’s general knowledge, you must force them to perform it at home🏡.

Disease and Medicine timeline

Your children can create a timeline that covers all significant illnesses😷 and the advancements in medical science throughout history. Among these are prominent physicians who conducted studies on the particular illnesses that surfaced. 

Give your children some chart paper, pens🖊️, scales, and markers. It will teach your children more and make them realize how hard it is to find a medical cure.

Pro Tip:

I made my kids do this activity at home🏠. They got to learn a lot of things about medicine and were curious to know more. Overall, this was a very meaningful and productive activity. It helped them improve their concentration🤔 and creativity.


These fun😆 activities, all related to history, will add extra enjoyment and fun to your kids’ day. Your children will learn more and acquire new skills from these activities. 

Without a doubt, your kids will have a great time and learn a lot from these activities. I hope reading about the history activities your kids can do was enjoyable for you. 

Your children will benefit from their enhanced capacity for creativity and observation 🤏. Kids are always eager to try new things because they love the freshness of them.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions for me to address or if you have any suggestions for additional activities to include in this list. I would be grateful to hear from you! ❤️

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