How to Draw a Baboon in Simple Steps!

Welcome back, budding artists! Today’s artistic adventure takes us to the lively world of baboons.

Get ready to grab your pencils and join me as we create a playful baboon step by step. Whether you’ve seen these curious creatures in books, documentaries, or your imagination, we’re turning that inspiration into a fantastic drawing.

Follow along with the simple instructions, and soon you’ll have your very own baboon on paper. Let’s bring these cheeky characters to life and have some drawing fun together! 🎨🐒

how to draw a baboon

Step 1:
Start with the head by drawing a U-shaped curve that will form the bottom of the baboon’s face. This shape should be wide enough to accommodate the facial features and the large snout characteristic of baboons.

How to Draw a Baboon Step 1

Step 2:
Add the baboon’s eyes by drawing two small circles above the U-shape.

How to Draw a Baboon Step 2

Step 3:
For the snout, draw an extended oval shape below the eye level on the U-shaped curve. Baboons have a protruding muzzle, so make sure this part sticks out a bit

How to Draw a Baboon Step 3

Step 4:
Next, sketch the outline of the baboon’s body. Start with the back, which should be a gentle curve from the top of the head.

How to Draw a Baboon Step 4

Step 5:
Now add more details to his arms and legs.

How to Draw a Baboon Step 5

Step 6:
Baboons walk on all fours, so the arms should be drawn long and the hands flat on the ground. The fingers should be relatively short with curved ends for the nails.

How to Draw a Baboon Step 6

Step 7:
Include the baboon’s tail in your drawing. It should start from the lower back and curve upwards, ending with a pointy tip.

How to Draw a Baboon Step 7

Step 8:
Finally, color your baboon. Baboons typically have a combination of browns, tans, and grays in their fur.

How to Draw a Baboon Step 8


To sum it up, drawing a baboon is a delightful and straightforward process. Let your creativity shine! After completing your baboon masterpiece, share your wonderful drawings with us. Enjoy the artistic journey!

How to Draw a Baboon
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