How to Draw a Bald Eagle in Simple Steps!

Hello, aspiring artists! Get ready to spread your artistic wings as we learn how to draw the majestic Bald Eagle. Grab your pencils, and let’s capture the strength and grace of this iconic bird on paper.

Whether you’ve seen the Bald Eagle in the wild, on patriotic symbols, or in your imagination, we’re turning that awe-inspiring sight into an impressive drawing.

So, channel your inner wildlife artist, and let’s soar into this majestic drawing adventure together! 🦅🎨

how to draw a bald eagle

Step 1:
Start by drawing the pointed beak of the bald eagle. Add a curved line to create the tongue.

How to Draw a Bald Eagle Step 1

Step 2:
Add a bucket shape for the head and include a zigzag line for the neck. Sketch in the eagle’s eye and define the area around the beak. Include an eyebrow ridge to give the eagle a fierce look.

How to Draw a Bald Eagle Step 2

Step 3:
Extend a curved line down from the head to form the neck and the eagle’s body. Make sure the body is larger and elongated.

How to Draw a Bald Eagle Step 3

Step 4:
Start from the neck to create the front part of the bald eagle by forming a round shape.

How to Draw a Bald Eagle Step 4

Step 5:
Add more lines to the body for feather texture.

How to Draw a Bald Eagle Step 5

Step 6:
Add a fan-like shape at the bottom of the body for the tail feathers.

How to Draw a Bald Eagle Step 6

Step 7:
Include lines within the tail for detail.

How to Draw a Bald Eagle Step 7

Step 8:
Draw two short lines downward from the body for legs, ending with talons. Eagles have powerful legs and sharp claws, so depict these with a few sharp triangular shapes.

How to Draw a Bald Eagle Step 8

Step 9:
Bald eagles have a distinctive white head and tail, with a brown body and wings, and yellow beak and feet. Color your drawing accordingly to bring it to life.

How to Draw a Bald Eagle Step 9


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How to Draw Bald Eagle
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