How to Draw a Baseball: Step by Step Guide

Hey there, young artists! Today, we’re stepping up to the plate to learn how to draw a baseball. Grab your pencils, and let’s capture the spirit of the game on paper.

Whether you’re a fan of baseball, have played it with friends, or dream of hitting a home run, we’re turning that sports excitement into a cool drawing. Follow the simple step-by-step guide, and soon you’ll have your very own baseball masterpiece.

So, get ready to hit it out of the park with your artistic skills – let’s play ball and draw a fantastic baseball together! ⚾️🎨

how to draw a baseball

Step 1:
Start by drawing a semi-circle.

How to Draw a Baseball Step 1

Step 2:

Now, complete the entire ball by creating another semi-circle. The circle is now formed.

How to Draw a Baseball Step 2

Step 3:
Inside the circle, draw two curved lines that represent the seams of the baseball.

How to Draw a Baseball Step 3

Step 4:
Along one of the curved seam lines, draw small V-shaped stitches. These should be evenly spaced and follow the curve of the line

How to Draw a Baseball Step 4

Step 5:
Draw the same v-shaped on the other side.

How to Draw a Baseball Step 5

Step 6:
Repeat the same process for the other curved seam line, ensuring that the stitches mirror those on the first seam line.

How to Draw a Baseball Step 6

Step 7:
The baseball is ready! Now, color it with shades of red.

How to Draw a Baseball Step 7


Drawing a baseball is a simple and enjoyable activity. Start with a circle to form the basic shape of the ball.

Add the iconic stitching details by drawing two curved lines. Feel free to add shading for a realistic touch.

Once your baseball drawing is complete, share your sporty artwork with us. Enjoy the creative process and happy drawing!

How To Draw A Baseball
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