How to Draw a Bass: The Ultimate Guide

Hello, young artists! Today, we’re diving into the world of aquatic art as we learn to draw a bass.

Grab your pencils, and let’s capture the sleek and swift beauty of this fascinating fish on paper. Whether you’ve spotted a bass in fishing adventures, books, or even on a relaxing day by the water, we’re turning that underwater marvel into an impressive drawing.

So, gear up for a fin-tastic artistic journey and let your creativity swim wild as we draw this incredible fish! 🎣🎨

how to draw a bass

Step 1:
Begin by drawing a slightly curved horizontal line for the fish body.

How to Draw a Bass Step 1

Step 2:
Add a small curved line at the right end of the initial line for the mouth.

How to Draw a Bass Step 2

Step 3:
Outline the fish’s body with a large, elongated oval shape that tapers at the ends, starting from the curved line for the mouth.

How to Draw a Bass Step 3

Step 4:
Draw the tail at the left end of the body with a fan-like shape, making sure it’s proportionate to the body.

How to Draw a Bass Step 4

Step 5:
Add an eye near the front of the body, just above the mouth line.

How to Draw a Bass Step 5

Step 6:
Now, enhance the tail by adding diagonal lines for detail.

How to Draw a Bass Step 6

Step 7:
Add the pelvic fins near the middle, using the same wavy line technique.

How to Draw a Bass Step 7

Step 8:
Sketch the pectoral fin near the bottom of the body, using a curved triangular shape.

How to Draw a Bass Step 8

Step 9:
Detail the fins by adding lines within them to suggest fin rays.

How to Draw a Bass Step 9

Step 10:
Draw the dorsal fin on the top part of the fish’s back, using a wavy line to represent the fin’s fringed edge.

How to Draw a Bass Step 10

Step 11:
Now, add detail to the fin and create the fish gill by drawing curved lines behind the bass’s eyes.

How to Draw a Bass Step 11

Step 12:
Finally, the bass is ready! Color it with shades of yellow and skin tone.

How to Draw a Bass Step 12


Drawing a bass is an exciting and achievable artistic endeavor. Start by outlining the streamlined body, emphasizing its unique shape. Add details such as the fins and gills to capture the distinct features of this fish.

Once your bass drawing is complete, share your aquatic artwork with us. Dive into the creative process and enjoy drawing this dynamic fish!

How to Draw a Bass
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