How to Draw a Bat: Step by Step Guide

Hello, little artists! Today, we’re drawing a bat it’s going to be a blast! Follow my easy steps to create your own bat friend. Whether you’ve seen bats in books or at night, we’re turning that into art. Grab your pencils, and let’s draw a cute bat together! 🦇🎨.

Step by Step Bat Drawing

Step 1:
Start with a simple shape that will form the bat’s head. This is usually an oval or a rounded shape.

How to Draw a Bat Step 1

Step 2:
Add two large, round ears to the top of the head. Inside the ears, you can draw smaller ovals for the inner ear details.

How to Draw a Bat Step 2

Step 3: Draw two big, circular eyes in the center of the face. Leave a small area uncolored to represent the light reflection and give the eyes a shiny appearance.

How to Draw a Bat Step 3

Step 4:
Add a small, cute nose between the eyes and a wide, curved line below it for the mouth. You may include two small fangs protruding from the mouth.

How to Draw a Bat Step 4

Step 5:
To create the body, draw a smaller oval shape beneath the head, ensuring it’s centered.

How to Draw a Bat Step 5

Step 6:
Add a small circle in the middle of the bat to make its stomach, and mark a cross on it. Then, draw legs with three fingers on each foot.

How to Draw a Bat Step 6

Step 7:
Draw the wings, starting from the top of the body and extending outwards with a wavy bottom line to represent the wing’s edge.

How to Draw a Bat Step 7

Step 8:
Attach the wings to the body with a few curved lines to indicate the bat’s wing membrane.

How to Draw a Bat Step 8

Step 9:
Finish the wings by adding more detail to the membrane, giving them a more realistic look with folds and curves.

How to Draw a Bat Step 9

Step 10:
Your cheerful cartoon bat is finished! Color it using shades of black, white, and brown.

How to Draw a Bat Step 10


To sum up, drawing a bat is a cool and easy activity. Start with a basic body shape, add wings, and don’t forget the pointy ears. Get creative with the details! Once your bat is complete, share your awesome drawings with us. Have fun drawing!

How to Draw a Bat
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