How to Draw a Beans: Step by Step Guide

Hey little artists! Today’s drawing adventure is all about beans those tiny wonders full of yumminess! Follow my easy steps to sketch your own beans.

Whether you’ve seen them in the kitchen or on your plate, we’re turning that bean inspiration into art. Grab your pencils, and let’s draw these cute little beans together! 🌱🎨✨

How to Draw Beans

Step 1:
Draw a gently curved horizontal line. This will form the top edge of the bean pod.

How to Draw a Beans Step 1

Step 2:
From the ends of the initial curve, draw two slightly curved lines coming down and converging to a point. This outlines the shape of the bean pod, which should look like a simple leaf shape.

How to Draw a Beans Step 2

Step 3:
Inside the pod shape, draw a row of evenly spaced, semi-circular bumps that follow the curve of the top line. These represent the beans inside the pod.

How to Draw a Beans Step 3

Step 4:
Now, draw a curved line starting from the starting point and connect it to the end corner of the bean’s leaf shape.

How to Draw a Beans Step 4

Step 5:
At the pointed end of the bean pod, draw a small stem. Then, add a tiny leaf-like shape to the stem to give more detail to the pod’s end.

How to Draw a Beans Step 5

Step 6:
To create a sense of depth, draw a few more beans peeking from behind the first row

How to Draw a Beans Step 6

Step 7:
Fill in the beans with a shade of green, adding highlights and shadows to give them a three-dimensional appearance.

How to Draw a Beans Step 7


Digging into “How to Draw Beans” has been a bean-tastic artistic experience! Did the tutorial spill over with creative inspiration or have you cultivated a masterpiece? Share your feedback.

Your insights help us keep the artistic garden fertile, ensuring the drawings capture the essence of these humble legumes! ✏️🌱

How to Draw Beans
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