How to Draw a Beaver in Easy Steps!

Hello little artists! Today, we’re exploring the wonderful world of wildlife as we learn to draw a beaver. Follow my easy step-by-step instructions to bring this industrious creature to life on your paper.

Whether you’ve seen beavers in nature documentaries, storybooks, or even at a local pond, we’re turning that inspiration into art. Grab your pencils, and let’s dive into the fun of drawing a charming beaver together! 🎨

How to Draw Beaver

Step 1:
Begin by forming a round line for the head and a prominent nose in the middle.

How to Draw Beaver Step 1

Step 2:
Draw the eyes as two small circles above the nose, and add a tiny circle inside each for the pupils. Sketch a small line for the mouth just below the nose.

How to Draw Beaver Step 2

Step 3:
Draw a curved triangle to create the ears. Then, draw curved lines to represent fur.

How to Draw Beaver Step 3

Step 4:
Next, draw the beaver’s body by simply adding a curved line starting from the ear of the beaver.

How to Draw Beaver Step 4

Step 5:
For the beaver’s arms, draw two curved lines extending from the lower side of the body.

How to Draw Beaver Step 5

Step 6:
Draw small round shapes at the end for hands. Include little lines to indicate fingers.

How to Draw Beaver Step 6

Step 7:
Next, add the hind legs by drawing two more curved lines at the bottom of the body. The hind feet should be larger than the hands and rounded.

How to Draw Beaver Step 7

Step 8:
For the tail, draw a large, flat, and oval shape extending from the back of the body.

How to Draw Beaver Step 8

Step 9:
Draw the tail, giving it a textured, grid-like pattern for realism.

How to Draw Beaver Step 9

Step 10:
Finally, color your beaver drawing. Beavers typically have brown fur, so use various shades of brown for the body and a darker shade for the tail’s pattern.

How to Draw Beaver Step 10


Diving into “How to Draw a Beaver” has been a dam good artistic experience! Did the tutorial chisel away at your creative block or have you swimming in a pond of newfound drawing skills?

Share your feedback. Your insights guide our artistic flow, ensuring the beaver drawing is as industriously charming as the real critter! ✏️

How to Draw Beaver
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