How to Draw a Belle: The Ultimate Guide!

Hello, aspiring artists! Today’s creative journey brings us to the enchanting task of drawing Belle. Follow my simple step-by-step instructions to capture the grace and beauty of this beloved character on your paper.

Whether you’ve seen Belle in movies, storybooks, or your imagination, it’s time to bring her to life with your artistic touch. Grab your drawing tools, and let’s embark on a fairy tale drawing adventure together! 👸

How to Draw a Belle

Step 1:
Start by sketching a rough outline of the head with a flat base and a curved top, resembling an inverted and slightly flattened egg shape. At the bottom, draw a V-like shape to indicate the beginning of the neck.

How to Draw a Belle Step 1

Step 2:
Inside the head outline, sketch two large, expressive eyes with pupils, a small nose, and a simple line for the mouth. The facial features should be centered and symmetrical.

How to Draw a Belle Step 2

Step 3:
Begin adding details to the hair. Start with the front by drawing a parted hairstyle, and add a bun on top. The hair should frame the face and be voluminous.

How to Draw a Belle Step 3

Step 4:
Place a crown on top of the bun, with several points and circular details, indicating jewels or decorations on the crown.

How to Draw a Belle Step 4

Step 5:
Draw the character’s shoulders and the top of the dress. The neckline should be gently curved, and the sleeves should be puffy, with bands around the arms just below the shoulders.

How to Draw a Belle Step 5

Step 6:
Continue with the dress by sketching the outline of the bodice, which should be snug around the waist and chest. Add details like lacing or stitching to give the dress texture and realism.

How to Draw a Belle Step 6

Step 7:
Now, give more volume to the hairs by drawing wavy lines.

How to Draw a Belle Step 7

Step 8:
Now, draw the hand of the belle. Make pointed lines to create the fingers, and add detail to the wrist as shown in the picture.

How to Draw a Belle Step 8

Step 9:
Extend the dress to create a wide, flowing skirt. The skirt should start at the waist and flare out, with gentle curves to suggest the fabric’s folds.

How to Draw a Belle Step 9

Step 10:
Finalize the skirt by adding more detailed folds and a ruffled hem at the bottom. This will give the impression of a heavy, luxurious gown.

How to Draw a Belle Step 10

Step 11:
Complete the drawing by adding color. The character’s hair should be a warm brown, the dress a vibrant yellow or gold, and the crown can be colored with metallic shades to suggest gold and gemstones.

How to Draw a Belle Step 11


Embarking on “How to Draw Belle” has been a tale as old as time in the making! Did the tutorial dance into your artistic realm or have you drawn with enchanted finesse? Share your feedback.

Your insights help us ensure the drawing captures the beauty and grace of this beloved Disney character! ✏️🌹

How to Draw Belle
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