How to Draw a Bicycle: The Ultimate Guide

Hey, creative kids! Let’s pedal into art by learning how to draw a bicycle. Whether you’ve ridden one yourself or seen them zipping around, we’re going to capture the fun on paper.

Follow my easy steps, grab your drawing supplies, and let’s roll into this exciting drawing journey together! 🚲🎨

How to Draw a Bicycle

Step 1:
Start by drawing a large circle which will be the bicycle’s back wheel. Inside this circle, draw a smaller circle towards the top, and connect it with a straight line across the diameter of the wheel’s rim.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 1

Step 2:
Repeat the process to create the front wheel of the bicycle. Ensure both wheels are aligned and the rear wheel is slightly smaller to give a sense of perspective.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 2

Step 3:
Inside each wheel, draw another small circle for the hubs.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 3

Step 4:
Now, draw straight lines on the back wheel as shown in the picture.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 4

Step 5:
Now, repeat the same steps as done for the back wheel on the front wheel.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 5

Step 6:
Draw a straight line from the back wheel’s hub going upwards to create the front fork.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 6

Step 7:
Add two straight from the front wheel hub.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 7

Step 8:
Now, draw four slanted lines starting from the front wheel’s road and connect them to the back wheel’s road as shown in the picture.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 8

Step 9:
Sketch the handlebars extending up and then curving forwards from the head tube. Don’t forget to add the grips at the ends of the handlebars.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 9

Step 10:
Add a small circle for the seat. Add pedals by drawing a small line on either side of the lower part of the frame where the lines intersect.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 10

Step 11:
Finally, add color and shading to your bicycle to bring it to life. Use light and dark shades to create depth and give the impression of a three-dimensional object.

How to Draw a Bicycle Step 11


Pedaling through “How to Draw a Bicycle” has been a wheel-y good time! Did they capture the sleek lines and graceful curves of this iconic mode of transportation, or have you rolling with artistic satisfaction?

Share your feedback. Your insights help our drawing guide stay as smooth and enjoyable as a ride on a well-oiled bike, with steps that make the creative journey a joyous spin! 🚲

How to Draw a Bicycle
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