How to Draw a Bison: The Ultimate Guide

Hello, budding artists! Today, we’re going to draw a majestic bison. Whether you’ve seen these powerful creatures in nature documentaries or in books, we’re going to capture their strength and beauty on paper.🎨

Follow my simple instructions, grab your drawing supplies, and let’s create our own bison masterpiece together!🦬

How to Draw a Bison

Step 1:
Start with the bison’s face. Draw a large oval shape for the snout, and above it, sketch two smaller ovals for the eyes. Add pupils inside the eyes, and a curved line above each eye for the eyebrows. Just below the eyes, draw the nostrils and a curved line for the mouth.

How to Draw A Bison Step 1

Step 2:
Add the outline of the head around the face. Include small ears on each side and the beginnings of horns above the ears. Sketch a fluffy mass on top of the head for the fur.

How to Draw A Bison Step 2

Step 3:
Add more details to the face as shown in the picture.

How to Draw A Bison Step 3

Step 4:
Draw a large, rounded shape for the body extending back from the head. The body should taper down slightly towards the rear.

How to Draw A Bison Step 4

Step 5:
ketch the bison’s front legs. The legs should be thick and sturdy, with simple shapes for the hooves at the bottom. The front legs should bend slightly forward at the “knee.”

How to Draw A Bison Step 5

Step 6:
Add another leg as shown in the picture.

How to Draw A Bison Step 6

Step 7:
Extend the body line around to form the rear and add the back legs in a similar style to the front legs, but positioned slightly behind.

How to Draw A Bison Step 7

Step 8:
Make sure all four legs show proper proportion and are positioned correctly for stability. Add the bison’s hooves, which should be slightly larger at the bottom of the legs.

How to Draw A Bison Step 8

Step 9:
Draw a small tail at the rear of the body with a tuft of fur at the end.

How to Draw A Bison Step 9

Step 10:
Once you are satisfied with your outline, you can color your bison. Use a combination of browns for the body, varying the shades to indicate muscle and fur depth. The horns can be a lighter, almost ivory color, and the hooves can be a dark grey or black.

How to Draw A Bison Step 10


Roaming through “How to Draw a Bison” has been a wild and majestic journey! Did they capture the strength and presence of these iconic creatures, or have you grazing with artistic delight?

Share your feedback. Your insights help our drawing guide stay as powerful and captivating as the bison itself, with steps that make the creative process a stampede of creativity! 🦬

How to Draw A Bison
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