How to Draw a Blobfish: Step by Step Guide

Hey, young artists! Today, we’re diving into the depths of the ocean to draw a unique creature – the blobfish! Whether you’ve seen pictures of these fascinating fish online or in books, we’re going to capture their quirky charm on paper.

Follow my easy steps, grab your pencils, and let’s create our very own blobfish artwork together! 🐟🎨

how to draw a blobfish

Step 1:
Begin with an irregular, rounded shape for the base of the body, slightly narrower at the top and wider at the bottom.

How to Draw a Blob Fish Step 1

Step 2:
Add two small circles towards the top of the body for the eyes.

How to Draw a Blob Fish Step 2

Step 3:
Draw a large, downturned mouth below the eyes, making sure it’s wide and slightly overlaps on the bottom side to give a three-dimensional effect. Also, draw a “U” shape for the nose.

How to Draw a Blob Fish Step 3

Step 4:
dd a flipper on each side of the body, starting with a curved line outwards and then back in to create a simple fin shape.

How to Draw a Blob Fish Step 4

Step 5:
Repeat the flipper shape on the other side to ensure symmetry.

How to Draw a Blob Fish Step 5

Step 6:
Add details to the flippers.

How to Draw a Blob Fish Step 6

Step 7:
Outline the body to give it a more definite shape, and add a tail fin protruding from the back, using a wavy line for the top of the tail and a smoother curve for the bottom.

How to Draw a Blob Fish Step 7

Step 8:
Sketch in the details of the tail fin, drawing the individual lobes of the fin.

How to Draw a Blob Fish Step 8

Step 9:
Add texture to the body with wavy lines for a gelatinous appearance.

How to Draw a Blob Fish Step 9

Step 10:
Finish by coloring the blobfish, typically in a pale, fleshy pink with lighter shades for highlighting and darker tones for shadows.

How to Draw a Blob Fish Step 10


Swimming through “How to Draw a Blobfish” has been an underwater delight! Did they capture the unique and endearing features of this deep-sea dweller, or have you floating with artistic joy?

Share your feedback. Your insights help our drawing guide stay as whimsical and captivating as the blobfish itself, with steps that make the creative process a bubbly success! 🐡

How to Draw a Blobfish
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