How to Draw a Bobcat in Easy Steps!

Hey, young artists! Today, we’re going to draw a fierce and wild bobcat. Whether you’ve seen these elusive creatures in nature documentaries or heard about them in stories, we’re going to capture their strength and beauty on paper.

Follow my simple steps, grab your drawing supplies, and let’s create our own majestic bobcat artwork together! 🐾

How to Draw a Bobcat

Step 1:
Start by sketching an irregular head shape that includes the ear outlines on top, which are pointed with a slight inward curve at the tips to mimic the tufted ears of a bobcat.

How to Draw a Bobcat Step 1

Step 2:
Sketch in the eyes, which should be almond-shaped, and the nose, which is small and rounded. Add the inner ear details as well.

How to Draw a Bobcat Step 2

Step 3:
Draw the facial markings of the bobcat, which include the whisker pads, the mouth, and additional fur details around the face.

How to Draw a Bobcat Step 3

Step 4:
Extend a line from the head to create the neck and back. Then, draw a wavy line for the tail with a tuft at the end, showing the short, “bobbed” appearance typical of a bobcat’s tail.

How to Draw a Bobcat Step 4

Step 5:
Draw the front leg extending from the bottom of the neck, including the paw details.

How to Draw a Bobcat Step 5

Step 6:
Add the second front leg, slightly behind the first, to give the appearance of depth.

How to Draw a Bobcat Step 6

Step 7:
Draw a curve line starting from the tail.

How to Draw a Bobcat Step 7

Step 8:
Sketch the hind legs with a wider top that narrows down to the paws, ensuring one leg is slightly hidden behind the other for a 3D effect.

How to Draw a Bobcat Step 8

Step 9:
Connect the lines of the legs to form the body, adding curves to represent the muscular build of the bobcat.

How to Draw a Bobcat Step 9

Step 10:
Color your bobcat with appropriate shades, typically varying tones of brown, tan, and white, with distinctive markings on the face, legs, and tail.

How to Draw a Bobcat Step 10


Stalking through “How to Draw a Bobcat” has been a wild adventure! Did they capture the fierce yet majestic appearance of this elusive feline, or have you prowling with artistic delight?

Share your feedback. Your insights help our drawing guide stay as captivating and lifelike as the bobcat itself, with steps that make the creative process a purrfect success! 🐾😺

How to Draw a Bob Cat
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