How to Draw a Boil: The Ultimate Guide

Hello, young artists! Today, we’re going to draw a common skin condition known as a boil. Although boils aren’t the most glamorous subjects, it’s important to understand and learn how to depict various aspects of life.

Follow my simple steps, grab your drawing tools, and let’s create an accurate representation of a boil together! 🖌️🎨

How to Draw a Boil

Step 1:
Begin by sketching a flattened oval shape. Now draw a cloud shape.

How to Draw a Boil Step 1

Step 2:
Above the base, add a layer of smaller, uneven circles and ovals of different sizes to represent bubbles coming out of the pot.

How to Draw a Boil Step 2

Step 3:
Draw a rectangle as shown in the picture.

How to Draw a Boil Step 3

Step 4:
Create the main body of the pot by drawing a large, rounded shape that connects to the base. It should be wide at the top and slightly taper towards the bottom.

How to Draw a Boil Step 4

Step 5:
Draw two small semi-circle to represent the handles.

How to Draw a Boil Step 5

Step 6:
To the sides of the pot, draw two small loops to represent the handles. They should be symmetrical and located just below the rim.

How to Draw a Boil Step 6

Step 7:
Draw a pair of straight lines below the pot, angling slightly outward, to create a stand for it to sit on.

How to Draw a Boil Step 7

Step 8:
Add another pair of straight lines to form a second layer of the stand, giving it stability.

How to Draw a Boil Step 8

Step 9:
Sketch two curved lines at the bottom center of the stand to represent logs that will serve as the fire’s fuel. Also, draw flames beneath the cauldron. Use wavy lines that come to sharp points to mimic the look of fire.

How to Draw a Boil Step 9

Step 10:
Finally, color your drawing. Color the pot in a dark shade like black or dark gray, the bubbles can be left white, and the fire in shades of yellow, orange, and red to represent flames.

How to Draw a Boil Step 10


Exploring “How to Draw a Boil” has been an interesting endeavor! Did they accurately depict the swollen and inflamed appearance of this skin condition, or have you steaming with artistic insight?

Share your feedback. Your insights help our drawing guide stay as informative and helpful as possible, with steps that make the creative process a revealing experience! 🎨

How to Draw a Boil
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