How to Draw a Border Collie: The Ultimate Guide

Hello, young artists! Today, we’re diving into the world of drawing with a focus on the Border Collie. Follow my simple steps to bring this intelligent and energetic pup to life on your paper.

Whether you’ve seen Border Collies on farms or in pictures, we’re going to capture their spirit in our artwork. Get your pencils ready, and let’s embark on this paws-itively fun drawing adventure together! 🐾🎨

How to Draw Border Collie

Step 1:
Start with a simple outline of the dog’s head. Sketch a curved line for the top of the head, a semi-circular shape for the cheek and jaw, and a curved line for the snout.

How to Draw Border Collie Step 1

Step 2:
Add tufts of fur by sketching jagged lines around the head outline for a fluffy appearance.

How to Draw Border Collie Step 2

Step 3:
Outline the key facial features, including the inner ear fur, the eye patch, and the mouth. Draw a rounded triangle for the nose and a line for the mouth, with the tongue peeking out if desired.

How to Draw Border Collie Step 3

Step 4:
Draw the eyes, and nose details. For the eyes, sketch two circles and add smaller circles inside for the pupils, leaving a small white dot for the glint.

How to Draw Border Collie Step 4

Step 5:
Enhance the fur’s texture with more detailed lines to create the fluffy look typical of a border collie.

How to Draw Border Collie Step 5

Step 6:
Sketch the body starting from the neck, making sure to continue the fluffy texture. Draw the chest.

How to Draw Border Collie Step 6

Step 7:
Sketch the back, extending into the hind leg as depicted in the picture.

How to Draw Border Collie Step 7

Step 8:
Continue the body drawing by adding the front legs, making sure they have volume and the fur texture matches the rest of the drawing. Proceed with the hind legs and the tail, paying attention to maintaining the fluffy texture.

How to Draw Border Collie Step 8

Step 9:
Refine the details of the fur, adding depth and layers to the coat. Sketch the fur direction according to the body’s shape.

How to Draw Border Collie Step 9

Step 10:
Add color to your border collie. Border collies typically have distinctive coloring with white, black, and sometimes brown fur. Start with the darker colors for the patches around the eyes, ears, and back. Then, use lighter shades for the rest of the body, blending the colors to create a natural look.

How to Draw Border Collie Step 10


Herding through “How to Draw a Border Collie” has been a tail-wagging adventure! Did they capture the intelligent gaze and energetic spirit of this beloved breed, or have you fetching artistic delight?

Share your feedback. Your insights help our drawing guide stay as lively and captivating as the border collie itself, with steps that make the creative process a woof-tastic success! 🐾

How to Draw a  Border Collie
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