How to Draw a Broly in A Few Easy Steps!

Hey, aspiring artists! Get ready to power up your drawing skills as we tackle the mighty Broly! Follow my step-by-step instructions to bring this legendary Super Saiyan to life on your paper.

Whether you’ve seen Broly in Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super, we’re going to capture his immense strength and fierce demeanor in our artwork. Grab your pencils, and let’s embark on this epic drawing adventure together! 💥🎨

How to Draw a Broly

Step 1:
Start with a simple outline for the chin and jaw, keeping the lines smooth and slightly angular to represent a strong jawline.

How to Draw a Broly Step 1

Step 2:
Sketch the hairline with two angled lines that meet at a point above where the forehead will be. This will create the impression of a widow’s peak which is common in such character designs.

How to Draw a Broly Step 2

Step 3:
Beneath the hairline, draw two downward-tilting lines for the eyebrows, adding angled lines beneath them for the eyes. The character’s intense gaze can be achieved by adding heavy shading to the eyes.

How to Draw a Broly Step 3

Step 4:
Place the ears aligned with the eyes and add details to the face by drawing the nose, smile, earrings, and facial lines.

How to Draw a Broly Step 4

Step 5:
Make the hair spiky, radiating outward from the crown of the head, in the character’s distinct style. Add layers of spiky hair, each one larger and more pronounced than the last, to create a full, voluminous effect.

How to Draw a Broly Step 5

Step 6:
Draw the neck extending down from the ears and include the collar of the character’s garment, which typically stands up around the neck. Outline the shoulders and sketch the upper body.

How to Draw a Broly Step 6

Step 7:
The character has a muscular physique, so use broad, curved lines to represent the chest and shoulders.

How to Draw a Broly Step 7

Step 8:
Continue adding lines to define the pectoral muscles and the abs. The lines should follow the natural curvature of the muscles.

How to Draw a Broly Step 8

Step 9:
Complete the body by sketching the rest of the torso and adding details like the nipples and the creases in the muscles.

How to Draw a Broly Step 9

Step 10:
Lastly, color the character. Usually, this character has green hair and a matching skin tone, but feel free to choose colors that fit your vision of the character.

How to Draw a Broly Step 10


Sketching “How to Draw Broly” has been a powerful journey! Did they capture the intense aura and imposing presence of this legendary Saiyan, or have you channeling your inner warrior with artistic delight?

Share your feedback. Your insights help our drawing guide stay as dynamic and captivating as Broly himself, with steps that make the creative process a super-powered success! 💥

How to Draw a Broly
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