How to Draw a Broom In Easy Steps!

Hello Artists! Today, we’re exploring how to draw a broom—a simple yet interesting subject!

Drawing a broom might sound unusual, but it’s a great way to add detail to your art. Whether it’s part of a room scene or a magical element in a fantasy setting, brooms can make your artwork more realistic and engaging.

Brooms are common but often overlooked. Let’s appreciate their beauty and potential in art. By focusing on their basic structure, you can turn an ordinary item into something special.

For a fun twist, consider drawing a magical witch’s broom. So, shake off any doubts and start sketching!

Let’s get started!

How to Draw a Broom

Step: 1

How to Draw a Broom Step 1

Start by drawing a long, straight line to represent the broom’s handle. At the top of this line, add a small oval for the handle’s tip.

Step: 2

How to Draw a Broom Step 2

Draw a rounded base at the bottom of the handle to attach the broom’s bristles. This is the broom’s head.

Step: 3

How to Draw a Broom Step 3

Begin by drawing a straight line for the broom’s handle and add a rounded tip at the top for detail. Next, draw the bottom part of the bristles as a simple, slightly flared rounded shape. This will be the base for the bristles.

Step: 4

How to Draw a Broom Step 4

Improve the broom’s bristles by drawing multiple lines from its base. Make the lines different lengths and angles to create a bushy, uneven look. This adds detail and makes the broom look more realistic.

Step: 5

How to Draw a Broom Step 5

Make the broom’s bristles look bushier and more textured by drawing jagged lines inside the outlined area.

Step: 6

How to Draw a Broom Step 6

Return to the part where the handle connects to the bristles. Wrap one or two bands around this connection to show where the bristles attach to the handle.

Step: 7

How to Draw a Broom Step 7

Outline your sketch with a darker pen or pencil to make the lines clear and neat. This will get your drawing ready for coloring.

Step: 8

How to Draw a Broom Step 8

Select suitable colors for the broom’s handle and bristles. The handle can be brown or grey, while the bristles should be a darker color, such as brown or black. Add shades to enhance the depth and dimension of your drawing.


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How to Draw a Broom
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